Accidental Interstellar Bride

Accidental Interstellar Bride

by Aila Aurie

After oversleeping, space and time hopping researcher Liyanne Zhuma, from the Pleiades Star System, rushes to her transport location to return home after a five year stint on the field.  At the secluded waterfall pool that perfectly reflects the moon, she has just a few minutes before the sun rises to get home.

She is literal steps away, only to be pushed in by a man running from a swarm of bees.  Her robe made of lunar fabric is ripped and her transport fob - disguised as a jade pendant - is broken.  Without them she can’t get home...but there is another way.

She just needs one thing: silk woven by moonlight to replace her ripped robe.  

Duke Zhang Shenwei of the Zhun Dynasty returns home from war and stumbles upon a woman bathing after accidentally pushing her into a pool while being chased by bees. He is determined to be responsible for her by marrying her despite her protests.  

He can give her anything, but all the strange woman wants from him are silkworms and a place to grow them.  He agrees, but has another reason he wants to marry her: he needs a diversion to keep marriage proposals at bay while he settles his estate.

[Valentine’s Day 2022 Short Story]

[Fake Marriage] [Friends to Lovers] [Light Scfi & Wuxia] [Supermarket Romance Novel] [Short Story] [COMPLETE]

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Aila Aurie

Aila Aurie

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It's a sweet little Sci Fi Romance. One part Wuxia, Two parts Science Fiction and Three parts love story.  Watch as a practical couple forced together get more involved with each other and find true love.  You are being warned : Short but enjoyable romance with a happy ending.  


Historical Sci-fi Fantasy Romance? I'm in!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: That's When I Saved Your Life

This author is really one of the best.


I also got to read ahead as a part of the Patreon, so I know a bit more of the story.


This story is super cute, and has some elements from all of my favorite genre. It isn't an insta love, but a slow build of small bits of love between the couple. You have interstellar travel, yet a humble historical-ish setting.


This reads a lot like a light novel, honestly, which I am a fan of for shorter stories. Thankfully, the writing is similar in style to Tori Transmigrated (by the same author) which I am a huge fan of.


I really enjoyed this. Had me in tears at places and smiling at the end. 

Given the fact that there are only 7 chapters romance is reasonably fast paced, however it is logical and not forced.

nothing else really to say just need to get this review to fifty words long.


There were some fun moments, some sad moments, a little bit of world building, and the romance was believable.

Even if it was short, it kinda felt like the perfect length. If it had been too much longer I think it would have started dragging, but if it was shorter it would've felt rushed.

Overall, this was a really nice read.


This is an adorable little love story between an interstellar lady proficient in all areas of medicine and a handsome, relatively strong, and small-time rich man.

This story doesn't drag out the minor conflicts, nor does it cross the line into explicit romance. I recommend this for those that like children's fairy tale bedtime stories. 

Entitled Infracaninophile

Pleasantly reminded me of Inversions from Ian M Banks's Culture series. We have a benevolent advanced Contact agent becoming involved with a medieval lord, and all kind of shenanigans ensuing. Light reading, characters reportedly are nice on the eye as well. And they lived happily ever after... Fun, entertaining, complete, and recommended!