Dungeon Devotee

Dungeon Devotee

by Nixia

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Through all of Linaria, no dungeon holds such a grip on the dreams of men as the Eternal Depths.  Hundreds throw themselves against its trials each day.  Dozens survive, walking away with power and wealth beyond their wildest dreams… until they go back for more.  One way or another, they all eventually feed the Depths.

Edmund Montgomery Ahab has sworn to destroy it.

Underleveled, undertrained, and underprepared, Edmund steps into the maw of the world’s greatest predator, a sword in his hand and vengeance on his mind.  At first his task seems impossible, but with every level he earns, every piece of loot that drops, every secret he uncovers, and especially every bit of power he can squeeze from his mysterious connection to the Aspect of Madness, Edmund crawls closer to accomplishing that insurmountable feat.

With nothing else to lose, Edmund has already given the Depths his life.  All that remains to be seen is whether he takes the dungeon’s right back.

Dungeon Devotee is an episodic serial.  It will never be taken down for KU.  Each chapter details a single floor of Edmund’s journey through the vast Eternal Depths, with all the levels and loot and lack of cliffhangers that entails.  New chapters come out on the first of each month.

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Ketan 33

Started good then turned into wish fulfillment

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: No Lost Little Girl

First of all, i have read all the chapters available on rr as well as patreon. So this is a review after reading around 350 pages of this webnovel. 

The start was really good. I loved the first few chapters alot hence joined the patreon. But then the story turns into wish fulfillment. Like the mc becomes so overpowered in a span of few levels or chapters that i was literally baffled by the progression of the mc. I won't spoil but the guy have super luck and he finds something rare or hidden or unique thing on every level of the dungeon. Like the way the story was going, i wouldn't have been suprised if he became a god in the next 20 chapters. 

And then there is the guy we were seeing who was revealed to be the dungeon itself. Like does the almighty dungeon have nothing better to do. My main complaint is that the progression feels very easy and too fast. The mc doesn't really face a really hard boss because the rare and unique bosses become a regular thing in this novel and there isn't really much at stakes. In the last few chapters it was the loot, unique levels and him meeting the princess which let me going.

So that's it. It was a good story but the progression was too fast for me. Maybe I'm picky and the author wanted to write it that way but i don't love fast progression so that's it.

Ps: sorry for my bad English. It's my third language. 

MK bk-201

A great story about a man with a single purpose, destroy the dungeon no matter what it takes, even his sanity

Like the title says, its dungeon diving at its purest, each chapter is a floor and its well paced, although the aspect system is a little hard to follow is an amazing story


The story is very simple, a obsessed man goes into a dungeon to slay monsters, on a quest to slay the dungeon itself. What makes the story special is the execution. Each dungeon is well written, creative, and intense. The story is on monthly installments but I eagerly look forward to each new episode.


Having each level be its own complete level is a strength of this story, but it's also a weakness.

In some chapters it keeps the narative flowing, but in others it rushes things.

But with a single update per month, giving any floor multiple chapters would slow things down to much. (A mere 120 floors will take 10 years at the current update rate)



There was always something nagging at the back of my mind throughout. It was like I had missed something, I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong until the chapter Interlude 1 (hasn't been released yet but its on patreon).


On reading the chapter, it all clicked. Edmund constantly talks about ending the dungeon since it reaps so many lives. In Interlude 1, Edmund talks about the hundreds of people queueing for death up at the entrance. He talks about how they'd rather take a chance on the dungeon rather than 'face their own empty bellies for another day'. He seems to think this is the fault of the dungeon.


Lets move away from the story and examine the real world in this same vein. At some point or another people realize there is something deeply wrong with the world. Going to college, trying your hardest, and all you receive at the end is meagre pay and a job you will most likely hate. You see how the richest have over 70% of all the wealth in your country, you acknowledge the immense unfairness of it all. There are two paths here, you understand its a systemic problem or you can go down a rabbithole of conspiracies and blame it on a single person, a single entity.


The Nazis of yore called this ultimate evil the Jews. In this story, we call it the dungeon.


The dungeon is ultimately open with its deal. It tells you the chance of you dying and offers wealth, power and status. Every single person queueing up there is innately aware that they might die. The dungeon never attempts to lie or fool.


What we must examine is why these people would gamble on their lives. Ultimately this is a fault of the people in power at the top. The kings and emperors, the dictators and presidents.


What Edmund wants is to give these people a better life, one where they dont have to face death for food. But what he doesnt realize is that even if the dungeon is destroyed, the problem itself persists. The people still starve and now they have less avenues to feed themselves.


What must be changed is the system that enables this itself. The royalty teared down, power once again settled in the hands of the people. We see this time and time again in real life, people find the world unjust and riddled with fault and they are slowly radicalized to believe it is because of a single group. Perhaps the blacks, the immigrants, the Muslims or the Dungeon.


All this is not to say that the dungeon is without fault. Edmund is completely in the right in his attempt to destroy it, his motive is suspect. Perhaps a better motive is just revenge for his fallen family.


Ultimately, I think as long as the dungeon is open about the chances of death inside it - the choice rests in the hands of the people who delve. As long as the dungeon doesn't take advantage of people's vulnerabilties ( as it does currently), I cannot see the problem with it existing.



First impression good, after that mee

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: A Field of Blades and Blood

So basically I have read as far as currently possible with chapter 22 and can tell you I am not impressed. 

The first chapter gave me hope. The dialog seemed promising and life like and I hoped for a good story even though knowing about the problem these kind of storys will eventually have : becoming repetitive and boring grinding. The one reason to read a chapter after some time is for the loot and aspect at the end while one could almost skip the in between. The Author tries to change this up with

The romantic relationship he is getting into 


 but this doesn't really help as the appearant depper character building from the first chapter seems to only be a fluke.

While my criticism might appear harsh it is still a enjoyable story if you don't want to think too much and pass your time. And evidently something gripped me for otherwise I wouldn't have read this far and given it such a high rating, therefore give it a try but don't expect much. 


With one last note for it is the main reason I wrote this comment:

NO, fighting a rat for two weeks and then another one some spiders DOESN'T MAKE YOU AN EXPERIENCED FIGHTER, OK!? 



Dungeon Devotee by Nixia is an engaging, gripping tale of Madness made manifest. One man's fight against the impossible. 


Edmund is chasing after the Eternal Depths, a deadly dungeon that generates loot and claims lives in a carefully calculated balance. It is unclearable, adventurers and the desperate delving into their depths for fame and wealth. 

Edmund has a personal grudge against the dungeon, and will stop at NOTHING to see it finished, cleared, and slain - however a dungeon is killed. It is his own personal obsession, his own Moby Dick. (The author has a nice nod to that with his middle name being 'Ahab'!)

It's an engaging, face-paced descent into madness, and all the horrors and traps that lie within.

Overall - 5/5. Love the story.

Style - 5/5. Fantastically done, you can feel Edmund's obsession and madness around the issue, without it getting weird.

Grammar - 5/5 no errors that I noticed.

Story - 5/5. Simple premise executed well

Characters - 4.5/5. There's Edmund, and... that's pretty much it. He goes solo, more or less, and the rest of the characters aren't terribly fleshed out because they get so little screen time. 


Worldbuilding - carefully thought out and planned, Nixia has gone through great efforts to make the implications of an endlessly-loot generating dungeon clear, along with how they work.

Overall- go read it!


My main problem with this story is the main character.he goes to most dangerous dungeon of world without knowing anything about it without preparing anything and without having any power.if this is not being a complete moron I don't know what it is. And even his goal(destroying the dungeon) doesn't make sense. If people go there knowing there is high probability of death it's not dungeons fault it's peoples.mc is ignorant and arrogant to think he will be able to do what others can't and without any preparation and being ready for death. It just gets me off. World building is good but it needs more time .so if you can ignore these problems it's not that bad. 


Not something all would fancy, but yeah, if you like someone undertaking herculean tasks in solitude and unbreakable determination, this is for you. 

I have my own misgivings about a few stuff, but it's not strong enough to warrant me to voice them. 

And, since every chapter covers a floor of the dungeon, there ain't any cliffhangers, which is a huge PLUS as well.


Mostly, the story is good. I like the aspect system a lot, but aspects are also a problem. The Madness aspect in particular. His best aspect. The problem is, it twist his character. At this point, I only read to see his newest aspect. The characters basically seem like cardboard cutouts.