I'm Not The Hero

I'm Not The Hero

by SourpatchHero

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Orrin is NOT the hero of the story. That would be his best friend, Daniel. Somehow they stumbled into this new world with magic. While Daniel is the Hero, Orrin gained a new class Utility Warder. Who brought them here? Why does Orrin seem to have powers even the Hero doesn't? And why does Daniel seem to be pulling away from him?

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Not that different from an unironic shounen Isekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 056

Personally, I did not like the story.

I initially gave a lower rating, but that was a bit unfair towards the author.

I discovered this story while searching for a story that doesn't feature the typical good guy idiot hero protagonist. This story doesn't work for me.

Despite the title, the only thing that makes MC "not a hero" is his class. Other than that he is pretty interchangeable with any run-of-the-mill isekai protagonist.

He is stupid. He is careless. He can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to secrets. He can't put his foot down when pressured by authority. His sense for justice is greater than his sense for self-preservation. He is a follower.

The author gave the typical "but teenagers are stupid" explaination. But that always feels like a copout to me. An excuse to get cheap "character development TM", without having to actually put any real thought into it. Aka make everyone 80IQ so you can sell a 100IQ character as a genius.

Besides that, its the kind of isekai where the mc only wants to get back home to his original world.

I know its not the most helpful review, but I am on my phone and don't want to spend more time writing a more comprehensive critique. The author note asked to please write a few sentences when giving a bad rating, so here is that.


He ain't the hero... yet!

Reviewed at: Chapter 049

TL;DR? What are you talking about, you're a reader of web serials, read the review! ;)

Overall, I'm enjoying this tale of unorthodox isekai where instead of a single character being whisked off to another reality, we have two. The Hero of the tale is a strong, handsome young man who was top of his class, a star athelete, and pretty much the most charismatic teen at highschool.

Daniel's okay.

The real star of the story is Orrin, his neighbourly friend and mate since being a kid. Daniel and Orrin have stuck together for quite a while. That gets a little more intense when they both get sucked into isekai-land.

In a light-hearted satire of traditional LitRPG and isekai narratives, what SourpatchHero is doing with INTH is interesting and fun. I'm always eager to read more about how the system works and what shenanigans Orrin gets up to next.


Whilst some story elements may appear to be darker than some, they're treated with a light hand and the gentle satire comes across fun and enjoyable. Third person narration that doesn't bounce around like a crazed wildebeast.


I know there's a lot more to come, because we're building up to some interesting things here. I like the direction we're going, because the main character is emphatically not the hero, we're seeing the other side of the story that we usually don't see. The Hero goes off doing Hero things... and the MC has to go bail him out. Love it.


The occasional typo, but nothing to get grumpy about. Well written and dialogue is correctly punctuated which is a big bonus. Flows nicely.


The highlight of the story, the characters. The characters have flaws, they have goals and aspirations, they will sometimes do whatever it takes to keep the people they care about safe. That's why they're a joy to read about.

Wait 'til you get to Tony. Tony's great. I can picture him so well because his characterisation is spot on.

INTH is a great start to an interesting tale of two Heroes. Despite one of them insisting he isn't... he so totally is. Silly boy.


While there's some amount of inconsistency with the actions of the characters, this is generally an entertaining story.  As it progresses, the story is improving.  The author would benefit from a rewrite/expansion of some of the earlier chapters to bridge 'inconsistent actions', where decisions or reactions seem wildly out of sorts.

Still worth reading.


Inconsistent but Interesting

Reviewed at: Chapter 041

Interesting world with many facets and history to be explored. The system is altered in a way that's clearly a construct rather than natural and severely limits any kind of user growth unless specific nonsensical exceptions are met. Arbitrary unexplored spell lists with exploits that people have commented on, but don't appear to have researched. 

The characters are sometimes interesting, but constantly shift to behaviors that just don't make sense. People will bring up a point about how something works, then forget about it in the next chapter.

Pacing seems quick, but 40 chapters in with very little progress to show, it's kind of on the slow side with the full story likely being several hundred chapters long.

There's an attempt at an larger conspiracy, but it's too spread out and completely out of flavor of the main story that it holds no emotional weight. It'll take a pretty big genre shift to make it a main point and will likely just be not anywhere as interesting to reach that point.

I'll likely come back after another 40 chapters to see how it's changed.


Spock-mode for the win!

Reviewed at: Chapter 034

A side-kick story where a truck-kun isekai's two teen best friends. I initially gave this story a try for the review contest and was impressed at the unexpected quality of the work. Though a fun isekai progression romp at it's core, it becomes clear later on that the author has put a fair amount of thought into planning and executing the story.

Style 5.0:

Great style. The text seems simple like a light novel,  but it's clear SourpatchHero has been honing his skills for some time, and it shows in the work. I particularly appreciate that he does a great job using action to attribute dialog instead of overusing dialog tags and takes care to give characters things to do to keep them involved in scenes—avoiding characters fading to the background as tag-alongs.

Story 5.0:

The Bromance is strong with this one, which is a fair bit of the humor and early tension. The  side-kick main character and his hero friend both bring baggage from their backstory with them into the new world and much of the initial arc of the story involves character growth as they work through their issues and adapt to the new challenges and envirionment. The initial start seems as if it's headed for an OP MC plot but there are [reasons] for the early developments that lead to twists later. The author's creative use and subversion of the common tropes of the genre was a pleasant surprise.

Characters 4.5:

Colorful and dynamic characters that are more than the sum of their stereotypes. The portrayal of Orrin's spock-mode was well executed and I didn't suspect a thing until the reaveal toward the end of the first arc.

I wanted to give a 5.0 for this category, but there are a few places where guards are treated more as game mechanics than people.  

Grammar 4.5:

The author knows how to write, and while typos have been somewhat frequent when chapters are released (as expected for the writathon), the author is quick to fix any pointed out, so for late-commers the grammar will be a smooth ride.

John Doe 123

Just what you want from a Fantasy Isekai & LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 039

Written at chapter 39

“I’m Not The Hero” gives you just what you want from a Fantasy style Isekai/LitRPG;

* A likeable MC with a powerful ability that scales - weak at first but gets stronger.

* A classic fantasy world with magic and monsters which the MC explores.

* A cool system with stats, spells, skills, and abilities, with a lot of potential for getting creative both for the author and for the readers.

* Monster fighting, dungeon crawling, meaningful and exciting levelling, intrigue and politics, and a Hero with a quest to save the world.


All of the above gives a solid skeletal structure to build a story on and, in my opinion, “I’m Not The Hero” uses it fully to deliver a solid piece of fiction.
We follow Orrin from a third person view when he and his childhood friend Daniel end up in another world. Daniel becomes a Hero with a quest to save the world, while Orrin seems to have been a ‘happy little accident’ and he ends up with a new unique class and some form of influence on the system that governs classes, levels, skills, abilities, spells, stats, and quests. (I.e., the full system package, don’t come here and say something is missing in that department!)

Orrin and Daniel struggle with the stress of this new existence and do what you do: explore the world, try not to get taken as slaves by power-hungry nobles, and grind so they become strong enough to accomplish their task.


Style 5/5: The author is great at showing the world from Orrin’s p-o-w and the system (which I consider part of Style in a LitRPG) is top-notch. It is largely based on an ability shop, which lets you buy and upgrade abilities, skills, and spells. It is done very well and allows for a lot of considerations from the characters and lets them choose meaningful upgrades every time they level, which makes it exciting to follow their progress.

Grammar 4.5/5: If you begin reading the story after this review is written, you will likely not notice any flaws in the grammar. The earlier chapters had more flaws, but with helpful commentators, almost nothing remains, and the author has also improved recently. The story is well written, and the errors have mainly been punctuation and typing errors. I still feel a 5/5 is a bit misleading though, so I settled on 4.5/5.

Story 5/5: The story is very well paced and switches up often enough that the characters don’t get bogged down doing any one thing. As already mentioned, there are elements of monster fighting, world & city exploration, dungeon crawling, and politics, as well as researching and understanding what the world and system is like.

Characters 5/5: The main character Orrin has a little bit of most common negative traits; a little bit insecure, a little bit timid, a little bit untrusting, etc., but it doesn’t become obnoxious or overly hinder him. To me, it just makes him a more relatable and human. He is a little bit weak, but he also has his strong sides and often proves to be competent and caring.
The other Isekai character Daniel is a bit simpler and seems to be a bit of a dick, but it’s reasonable to be on edge when your whole life is flipped on its head. The dynamic and conversations between Orrin and Daniel help explain to the reader what is going on, and I would like to write more about their relationship, but that would require a boring spoiler box.
Other characters are also well done and there is already growth in both the two Isekai characters and the other major characters.


Overall, I consider this to be a well-done example of a classic Fantasy style Isekai/LitRPG. Its unusual take on the MC as an accidental bonus to the Hero means that it doesn’t feel like a rewrite of everything else. I believe fans looking for more of what they like about the genre(s) will find this to be just what they want (no harem though if you were looking for that).
I recommend giving this a read, and I believe that if this story continues as it is, it could end up as one of the more popular stories on Royal Road.


Seems interesting so far

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

The premise so far has been pretty fun to read, it's not something that I personally read much that's too similar to, and I haven't noticed any major issues with the writing or plot in general.

I think that for the most part whether or not the story is good would be decided much further in than it's currently at, but it's likely that it'll continue to be pretty good


Fun reading without hiccups.

Reviewed at: Chapter 058

So! Hero and plus-one get isekai-ed to a world with a system. The hero gets the cheat class Hero and the friend gets the Cheat Class by being picky.

So far, so good. Threaded, already done and little cliché. 

Originality apart, the book is good, really good. The protagonists look real, they have feels, ideas, and talk like real people. Holy shit is hard to find a good dialogue actually.

My only concern was the moronic rule of "only dps in a party", but I've played MMORPGS for more time I'm willing to admit and if these braindead button pushers could get away with it, they will leave we healers to dry without remorse. 

Most realistic part of the novel so far.

Great book, very recommended, loving it 

PS: Mr Sour, you owe us an EPIC pillow fight.

PPS: at chapter 56 there is a torture scene. The gore tag is there, so don't be squeamish. 


Preliminary Rating - Obviously

Reviewed at: Chapter 039

This is a rather solid story that could potentially be polished a bit more to be even better. Thus I will rate it as I would a first draft.

Characters, Magic, LitRPG, and so forth are all rather "standard" but packed in a new and interesting package with a new spin on some things. And if you like LitRPGs you will most likely like this one.

The only issue I have with this story is consistency, but it is rather minor and something another iteration would most likely fix - but isn't needed as of right now.

I got great enjoyment out of reading up to here so definitely give it a try if nothing I or the other reviews have mentioned is a dealbreaker for you.

PS: I sense a badass budding Bromance which I dig.


I like almost everything about the story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 033

I like having two characters summoned.  The world building is coming along.  Magic and skills system is good.  Pace of the book is excellent.  Really wanted to give 5 stars but one tiny flaw bothers me.  To me, the only flaw is I don't love Orrin.  The best stories draw you in, make you route for the hero, identify with the hero but for some reason I just don't feel it with Orrin.  I wish I could pinpoint why but I can't get more specific.  This is an unfair comparison but for those old time fantasy readers there was a series by Stephen Donaldson with mc Thomas Covenant that was the best fantasy series I've read where I actively disliked the main character.   As much as I admired the Thomas Covenant series I did not love it.  Orrin is not nearly as bad as Thomas Covenant but I just don't find myself cheering for him.