I was thinking of adding a non-invasive fully mental telepathy system (The telepathy system will only allow sharing of mental audio (such as one's inner voice or music being mentally played) set up in someone else's simulated world (a world that, like Eric's world, has full mental/thought privacy because having a lack of mental/thought privacy was made impossible) (Full Mental Privacy Telepathy capability example: a telepathy system that lets one mentally speak while having mental background music playing while said one is mentally speaking but said one can share the mental speech part while not sharing the mental background music that said one is playing during said mental speaking) but I found that there's no way for fully mental telepathy to be completely non-invasive.


The question I asked myself is:


Is a mental telepathy system that lets one share mental audio in real time, but only the parts of the mental audio that they want to share (for example: mental background music playing while said one is mentally speaking but said one can share the mental speech part while not sharing the mental background music that said one is playing during said mental speaking) possible?


The only way to make that work in the simulation would be for an ai program to be always reading everybody's brain data to deliver the parts of mental speech and parts of imagined things to who the ai is aware (because of the brain data) that the person wants to communicate with.


If that ai doesn't make it's presence (and what it does) known, then everyone in the simulation would just think it's non-invasive mental telepathy.


That world would make the task of teaching a class insanely difficult. A world of cheaters. And I guess it would be a gossip fest.


I'll make it so that, in that world or worlds like that, there is a device, the size of a pen, that was placed in everybody's house, that when used on anyone, magically turns telepathy on or off (unable to send and/or receive telepathic communication) for that individual. It can also be used to check the status of if telepathy is already on or off for any individual. This will make cheating in school less doable. Whenever a person who isn't simulated uses the pen device, that person will be asked, by ai, for that person's consent for to have mental-privacy-invasive technology to be used on that person. If consent is given, then that person can use the telepathy system. The range that one can telepathically communicate is within a 100ft radius from said one's exact current location.


If psychics are able to know all of someone else's mental/thought activity, and if there is a device that is the size of a pen which can be used to turn psychic on or off for any individual, then if a psychic plays the board game Chess against someone with said someone's psychic turned off, the psychic has unfair advantages like knowing said psychic's opponent's every strategy at all times. The pen-sized device makes things fair. Without the pen-sized device, a world where some people are psychic and others are not, is unfair. Everyone not having the same psychic abilities (mind-reading, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.) as each other is unfair. To keep things fair, I would make everyone equally psychic (which is hive mind if said psychic includes mind-reading and/or if said psychic includes knowing someone else's mental/thought activity), or I would set up my preferred telepathy system that I mentioned earlier. Hive mind lacks things like the ability to have surprise birthday parties and it causes a permanent inability to avoid toxicity of others due to inability to not know everyone's mental/thought activity. It would also make things like showing off and impressing people much less doable. It would really take away from originality and individuality as they are today.


When you make spoken words be mentally spoken in your head but you're doing it to analyze your friend's spoken words that you heard from long ago, does that make the mentally spoken words your words, even if the mental voice sounds like that friend?


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