"Oh crap, telekinesis???!!!", I said right when a huge chunk of ice crashed onto the dragon's head followed by a huge icicle that pierced into an open wound of the dragon's tail, Alicia's doing as she stood at a wall top with both hands on a dark blue crystal formation.


I dropped from my position in the air but the dragon slapped me into the ground. I used one of the green magic crystals I had to heal myself and started flying upward past the dragon, my wings now mixed with black and white feathers.


Alicia made a run for it seeing as to how she caught the attention of the dragon. I started hurling dark orbs at the dragon breaking parts of its armored body, a big piece of its snout horn broke off. That’s when some black crystals on the dragon were emitting a visible blackish aura. I suddenly felt heavy, super heavy, and I was getting heavier.


My body slammed flat on the ground. The ground looked like it was getting pressed. I was getting pressed to the point a crater was forming around my body and my nose started to bleed. It was unbearable. My eyes turned glowing red. Runes spread on almost my entire left arm. I was no longer in control of my own body.


I felt dark energy encompassing my entire body and my control of gravity from my dark powers canceled out the dragon's gravity attack. I shot up from the ground but the dragon quickly slapped me in the air sending me spinning and flipping through the air. While I was flipping, I was throwing dark orbs in all directions hitting the ground and walls causing small impact craters that then made the entire walls explode. Huge areas of the ground exploded with a visible black aura traveling all throughout the explosions whipping everything around it. Then black holes began sucking everything in but the dragon's dark powers cancelled out the black holes.


The dragon spotted me flying in the air well above him and did a new attack. Yellow energy began forming in its mouth, yellow crystals lighting up all over it. The energy was powerful enough to make small debris all around the dragon disintegrate. A powerful yellowish beam of energy came shooting from the dragon's mouth causing small debris to go flying everywhere.


I quickly used my dark powers to create a black hole in front of my hands, sucking in the beam. The dragon's blackish crystals started emitting a visible black aura and the dragon started cancelling out my black hole. So I switched to using my powers with my hands, made of a mix of the magic and elements I could use. This caused debris to really start flying and disintegrating. The dragon upped its attack by adding blue fire to its beam, causing crazy heat and light.


On top of a wall a good distance away, Alicia found a yellow orange crystal formation that had a strong visible aura. It was radiating energy and heat. She placed both her hands on it and felt the hot powerful magic coursing through her.


The dragon's beam was insanely close to me, defeating my attack little by little. I started sweating profusely and thats when the white of my eyes turned black, my wings turned black. Screaming, I poured my dark energy into my attack but the dragon had already done the same, causing all debris around us to be obliterated, winds whirling, and a crater forming at the dragon's feet.


At that moment a huge yellow orange beam of energy shot right through the side of the dragon's neck and throat into the ground, causing a huge explosion. The dragon fell to ground, the rest of my attack narrowly missing it and causing even more damage to the ground. I looked to see where the beam came from and I saw Alicia in the distance, on top of a wall, both hands on a glowing crystal formation. I began flying towards her but I heard a voice call out.


"AY!! Over here!", the voice yelled.


I flew a distance away from the dragon and found the armored guy. My eyes now changed to normal dark brown, my wings are white again, and I can finally control my body again.


"My legs are broken. I lost my healing magic crystals.", he said, laying on the ground helplessly.


"You're pretty powerful.", I said while going through my crystals and using the healing one on him.


"Why do your eyes change color?", he asked while he's being healed.


"My eyes turn glowing yellow whenever my adrenaline kicks in, it's one of the wishes I made in my lives because I always wanted yellow eyes. Ever since I got this ring, my eyes turn from yellow to orange when I get pissed, orange to red when I get pretty angry, and then red with the white part of my eyes turned black when I get completely angry. Sometimes my eyes are to two different colors, one yellow and one red when I'm pretty pissed, more runes start spreading up my left arm, and my wings change from white wings to black wings or sometimes a mix of black and white wings.", I explained to him.


"If only my genie helped fight...Damn her!!", the armored guy said, a little pissed.


"Yeah, that dragon seemed kinda evil. If your genie would've known that, then she probably would've helped us, maybe. I gotta go to my wife now, I'll be right back.", I said and flew away to Alicia.


To Be Continued


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