Realizing that the portal led them to another forest area, Jeff stood there confused.


Jeff : What's with this place. There's portals everywhere here but no sign of anybody nearby.


"Do you see Eric?", Yogi asked, wondering why Jeff was silent.


"No, but he has to be near by or else the wish wouldn't of made that portal. I guess we're in another forest but there are portals all over the place all near this particular area. They aren't all the same size.", I responded.


"Any sign of people?", asked Yogi.


"No, there's trees, rocky areas, a pond, and random wildlife.", I said while realizing I gotta keep track of which portal we came from.


"I'm marking the tree behind our portal.", I replied back to Yogi as I carved my name into the tree with wind magic.


"We should be on our guard since we don't know what we'll encounter here. Things like elves, mermaids, fairies, vampires, werewolves might exist since Eric made new kinds of life exist. Plus anyone could wish them into existence, but they'll be pretty rare since you can only make one exist per wish. People have even wished characters and creatures and things from TV, video games, and cards into existence.


I'm gonna fly up to get a better look at the place.", I told Yogi.


I took off my hoodie and tank top undershirt, made my wings appear, and in one jump, with the the help of wind magic, I took off zooming upward. I could see paths and trails in the forest that lead to bigger trails outside the forest into big fields of grass. It looks like there might be a town in the distance. I dropped back down landing safely next to Yogi.


"Alright I'm back.", I told Yogi putting my hoodie and tank top undershirt back on.


"What'd ya see?", asked Yogi.


"It looks like there's no one nearby, but i saw a lot of magic crystal formations of different colors all throughout the forest with different color auras that I could see. I guess there'll be magical creatures here if creatures stayed in those auras long enough. People gain powers just by living in magic crystals’ auras long enough. That’s why people like to live within large magic crystal formations’ auras.", I informed Yogi.


"Maybe you should collect some pieces of those crystals. Just holding them lets you use the magic they possess until they run out of magic.", Yogi suggested.


"Yeah let's go back through the portal for now. I'll eventually come back with Alicia to see what’s up with this place. Hold up, let me check my phone. ...according to this we're near Lake George, New York. Well I grew up in New York but I don't know Lake George very well. At least we're still in the United States. Let's go back to New Jersey through the portal." I said to Yogi as I guided him back through the portal.


I carved my name into the tree that was closest to the portal in New Jersey now and called Alicia to let her know we're having company. Since I came to this forest by flying around from my house, I took off my hoody and tank top undershirt, carried it while flying, and I flew back home carrying Yogi through the air with me using wind magic.


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