Acts of revenge were widespread once people realized that the people that they hate were back alive. More than ever before, people were equally capable of attacking and defending themselves and others. After a while, rumors spread worldwide of what people thought the afterlife was and their experiences. After a long time, wishes became a common goal, obtaining magical abilities, exploring portals and new worlds became an obsession. Technology is thriving and survival is more equal now that almost all life can communicate and think like humans.


In a forest, a man flicks the plastic tip of the pipe tobacco plastic tip thin and slim cigar that he just finished smoking. It lands near a small something that has cyan color. While getting a closer look, he sees that it’s a small 14 sided cyan and white dice die. Upon touching it a magical scene takes place. An old man appears to have been summoned.


"Sup genie, how's heaven?", the young man asked while extending his hand for a handshake. He noticed the old man is wearing shades and he didn't react to the handshake gesture.


Whoa are you blind? He asked sincerely.


How are you this old and still blind? You know a simple wish can cure that, why haven't you done it?


"I was born blind. I did wish for eyesight once but I erased all memories of having sight except for the memory of choosing to erase those memories. I remember that having sight scared me so bad that I thought about committing suicide. I ended up making myself blind again before I erased the memories. So heaven's great but I can't tell you what it looks like.", said the blind old man pulling his beard.


"I'm Yogi and I see you're not new to having wishes granted.", the old man said.


"I'm Jeff. Yea I had quite a few wishes granted. They were mostly to get powers and abilities. The more abilities I get, the better prepared I am to compete in magic power competitions and to hunt legendary creatures." Jeff explained.


“I see,” said the blind old man, “I’ve heard that the best and rarest things can be obtained from places and creatures and things. But legendary creatures are no joke, they’re monsters.”


“Da MoNSterESt.” Replied Jeff.


"Did you win any competitions? How many legendary creatures have found?", asked the blind old man curiously.


"Well I lost every competition that I've been in but I came in fourth place in one of them. They're always fun though. I managed to obtain manipulation and creation of elements like fire, water and wind through wishes. I also wished for magical angel wings “that magically appear and are magically attached to my back” right after whenever I make my tongue do a triple fold and they disappear right after whenever I make my tongue do a triple fold while I have those wings. So I’m able to fly. But I did find something that gave me a new power without a wish. It's a ring I found on my travels and I think it's cursed. I'm not able to take it off but I've been able to use dark powers since I got it. I'm able to create orbs of dark magical energy, black in color, that when I throw it or shoot it at something, it makes almost the entire thing explode with no fire or smoke and then forms a tiny black hole that sucks what ever exploded into it. The black hole disappears within seconds. I managed to learn how to use this power to make things explode without the black hole part. I've used it on an enemy and it didn't make him explode but made his entire skeleton fracture and break. The curse is that whenever I get too angry or feel rage, I lose control of myself. It's like I'm a spectator to someone else controlling my body and abilities. My powers are much more powerful in this state, especially the dark powers.", Jeff informed the old man.


"Maybe you should wish to have that curse removed.", replied Yogi.


"I plan on it, but not yet. As for legendary creatures, I never faced any but my wife was killed by one once. My wife's name is Alicia and just like me she's made wishes to gain powers. She's got water manipulation and water creation along with being able to breathe underwater. She's a coin collector and finds a lot of things in a huge lake near where we live. She was killed by a legendary sea creature in that lake. This was before I met her. Anyway, after me and her met, she told me about her experience in what she called heaven. She did the genie duty thing and then decided to leave heaven to live on Earth again. I also found out about what happens when you die from other genies." Jeff told Yogi.


"Well you're young, I'm sure you'll slay a legendary creature eventually.", the old man responded.


"I'm older than you think.", Jeff said.


"Aren't we all.", said Yogi.


Ok, now for my wishes. I think it's about time I locate Eric. Do you know him? You know, the one who changed the universe." Jeff asked with a confident look.


"Yea I think I read his name before but I don't know much about him.", answered the old man a little confused.


Alright. My first wish is for a portal to be set up here that goes to Eric's current location. The same Eric that made this simulated universe.", said Jeff grinning.


"Yea I don't know what you're talking about but let's see if this works" replied the old man and in a magical display, a portal appeared in front of them. Wasting no time Jeff walked through the portal and the old man followed behind.


"How did you even know that I walked through the portal, let alone where the portal is? Asked Jeff shocked.


"I can feel my aura pull in certain directions so I go those directions. It's like it sees for me. It also defends and attacks for me like it has a will of it's own. Who knows how powerful it is now that I'm a genie.", said the old man now grinning.


"That's crazy. Wish I... Whoa! Almost made a wish there!" Jeff responded only now realizing where...


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