Cyber-Multiverse Milieu

Cyber-Multiverse Milieu

by OmniThoughts

Eric is given the opportunity to modify/create a world for him and others to live in. He can change the laws of nature, physics, reality and anything else that he wants for his new world. He adds magic and other things to his new world but he realized that he can connect his world to other worlds created/modified by other people who were given the same opportunity. Join Eric and others living in his created world as they try to figure things out. The future is unpredictable due to things like Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, and mutations. Things like these provide true randomness/entropy. Do imaginary things interact with non-mental reality? No. Would Quantum Physics still be a structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world if mind, imagination, and consciousness didn’t exist? If there is suddenly a way for only you to know (unless you choose to inform others) the exact day and time that you will die, would you choose to know? Any implementation of taking away any of a person’s mental privacy in a way where that person has no choice on the matter, is actually a pro-anti-freedom thing. How can it not be? 

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Pickle Reviews

Intriguing concept giving birth to a cool story and an interetsing MC.

Lot of informations to process, but kinda loved the fight with the first monster.  The story is only at the begining, so too early to judge.

The prose and the grammar are relatively flawless. The chapters are short and well-constructed, leaving you on the dge of your seat during action scenes.

A lot to discover about the characters but their introduction hooked me enough to continue.

To follow