A Dance With Death

A Dance With Death

by Merdoc Mer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

I have lost everything, my family, my status, and now my freedom. This is my story, a story of an enslaved assassin fighting against death, despair, and madness.

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Merdoc Mer

Merdoc Mer

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For your information, I am a flatmate of the authors, so I am biased, but so far, it is looking interesting, and it's well written. It paints a vivid image but can seem overly flowery in parts, and the tenses can be a bit messy too, but it's an excellent job in general. The novel seems dark in nature, and so far, we just know the mc is an assassin against his will. He is looking after his sister in a feudal eastern setting and trying to stay alive??? Although the MC has a brutal job, he is still very empathetic and sorry for what he has to do. It seems he would have probably killed himself if it was not for his sister, to avoid having to harming innocent lives. Other than that, there seems to be cultivation and magic. The system laid out seems both complex, intuitive, and unique, so I look forward to seeing how it is implemented into the story. Before the protagonists life went to hell, he seems to have come from a noble family, yet they are now all dead bar his sister, who he cares for especially deeply now. So I recommend you to read this novel and support my friend. ; )