Empress of the World

Empress of the World

by NobleQueenBee

From a young age, Aurora wanted to be different than her domineering mother, Empress Zephyra. When Aurora unexpectedly inherits the throne, she is left behind with two words: be better.

And she tries. But just as things seem to have settled, Empress Aurora of Valiant receives a vision: the entire world will be destroyed. Along with her friend Devrim, Aurora makes the bold decision to travel to the Fates in the land of magic to find the answers she seeks. To be better, the new Empress must place her own life on the line to stop the coming doom.

*participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge*

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Word Count (15)
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
Group Leader (IV)
Table of Contents
280 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
The Announcement ago
A Cold Empress ago
The Gift ago
Bad News ago
A Piece of Cake ago
A New Development ago
A Fateful Visit ago
Be Better ago
The Council's Advice ago
Finding a Friend ago
Finding Her Voice ago
An Unconscionable Suggestion ago
A Makeover and a Surprise Meeting ago
Leading up to the Announcement ago
The Secret Passage ago
The Power to Name ago
The Vault ago
The Coronation ago
Dawn of a New Empress ago
A Birthday Surprise ago
An Unexpected Rescue ago
A Run-in with Lord Turpilius ago
A Chance to be Normal ago
A Familiar Sound ago
A Charming Dance Partner ago
A Magical Evening ago
Who Was He? ago
Revisiting the Vault ago
Opposition--Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures ago
Another Problem with the Councilman ago
The Dream ago
The Decision ago
The Argument ago
Saying Goodbye ago
Leaving Home ago
The Inn ago
She's a Girl! ago
Talk like a Man ago
Call a Doctor! ago
What Now? ago
Negotiations ago
Emotions ago
The Gnome's Motivation ago
Pick Your Poison ago
A Deadly Drink ago
Another Visitor ago
The Stag ago
A New Concern ago
Pas de Deux ago
What's a Selkie? ago
Singing in the Moonlight ago
Oh What a Night! ago
The Boatman ago
Meeting a Mermaid ago
Back at the Palace/ On the Road ago
Acquiring a Boat ago
The Men and the Merfolk ago
Finding Home ago
The Ice Barrier ago
Interrogation ago
Into the Land of Magic ago
Retreat to the River ago
Define the Relationship ago
The Tables Have Turned ago
Entering the Elven City ago
The Feast ago
The Feast II ago
Shall We Dance? ago
Meeting the King and Queen ago
An Indecent Proposal ago
A Concerning Conversation ago
Forming a Plan/ A Unicorn Ride ago
Fall Fairies ago
Confrontation with the Queen ago
Where Have They Been? ago
The Elf's Dilemma ago
Making an Escape ago
Making an Escape II ago
Through the Wall ago
A Moment of Peace ago
Meanwhile... ago
The Empress is Dead ago
Speaking of Dead... ago
Standing Trial ago
Back to the Mission ago
A Unicorn Encouner ago
Meeting the Gnome King ago
In Prison Again ago
A Narrow Escape Plan ago
An Unexpected Reunion ago
Danger ago
Dew Mountain ago
The Mystic Spires ago
The Gnome and the Guardian ago
Onward ago
An Unlikely Trio ago
Meeting the Fates ago
Ascending the Stair ago
Aurora's Journey ago
A Question and a Reunion ago
All Together Now ago
Preparations ago
A Wedding....and a Funeral ago
Returning Home ago
Into the Passageways ago
Gathering Information ago
Forming a Plan ago
A Plan in Motion ago
It's a trick! ago
Battle on the Stairs ago
Securing the Little Royals ago
A Grand Finale ago
Conclusion, Celebration and Epilogue ago
Volume 2: A New Plan and a New Problem ago
Family Day ago
The Meeting ago
Family Affairs ago
A Son's Deception ago
The Storehouse ago
A Dinner for Two ago
To Catch a Thief ago
Interrogation ago
The Argument ago
An Escape and and Intrusion ago
Lover Boy and Princess ago
Jewelry ago
Dishonesty ago
Science and Magic ago
Departure and Discovery ago
A Bump in the Road ago
Meeting the Captain ago
A Trip into Valiant ago
Survival ago
A Gift ago
The Prince Returns ago
A Present for the Princess ago
Security ago
The Party Begins ago
The Show Must Go On ago
Divide and Conquer ago
Trapping the Empress ago
The Princess's Evening ago
Taking Charge ago
Breaking the Spell ago
The Party's Over ago
An Underground Escape/In the Infirmary ago
The Aftemath ago
The Empress Awakes ago
Departure ago
Being Followed ago
Being Followed II ago
Parting Ways ago
Back to Business ago
Budding Scientist ago
Excuse Me ago
Meeting the Princess ago
Another Song ago
Plan B ago
A Meeting and a Message ago
In the Workshop ago
Attack ago
The Attack II ago
Dawn ago
Water ago
Return to Castle Valiant ago
The Scientist Problem ago
Answers and Questions ago
Home of the Gnomes ago
Meeting the Gnome King ago
Meeting the Gnome King II ago
Eavesdropping ago
Seeds of Doubt ago
The Seeker ago
Back to the Boatman ago
Boatman or Businessman ago
The Box ago
Cave Rats ago
A Trial and A Shallow Grave ago
Remorse ago
Duel ago
A Rock and a Hard Place ago
Water, Water Everywhere ago
Scientific Inquiry ago
Dinner and a Show ago
Disturbance ago
Hold onto the Potato ago
Assassins ago
To Oblivion ago
Danger ago
Hospitality ago
A Journey Home ago
A Message? ago
A Day in the Life ago
Delayed News ago
Control ago
Omission ago
Healing Water ago
What Now? ago
The Key ago
Stones to Bread ago
Misapprehension ago
Incoming ago
Freefall ago
Chaos ago
Failure ago
Alliance ago
In the Tunnels ago
The Spectators ago
The Dragon Heir ago
Glorious ago
Volume 3- Pirates! (Chapter 211) ago
Glory to the Emperor ago
Shipwreck ago
Prisoners ago
Hope ago
Rescue ago
Rescue II ago
Jealousy ago
Discovery ago
Battlefield ago
Revelation ago
Zan's Story ago
Zan's Story II ago
Zan's Story III ago
Trial ago
The King's Side ago
A Treaty ago
Warrior Princess ago
Lost Princess ago
Stubborn Princess ago
The Entertainer ago
Storytelling ago
Hunter or Hunted ago
Hunter or Hunted II ago
The Council ago
His Own Path ago
That's What Friends Are For ago
The Beggar ago
The Anna Rescue ago
Planning ago
A Kiss ago
Illusion ago
The Curmudgeon ago
A Warm Welcome ago
Fairies and Unicorns and Nymphs, Oh My! ago
The Fairy Assembly ago
Contrary and Contankerous ago
Who Doesn't Love a Good Song ago
A Wave of Confusion ago
Ambush ago
Men of the Dunes ago
The Chieftain ago
Gentle Hands or Viper Fangs ago
The Fates' Dilemma ago
Diversion ago
Prison Break ago
Prison Break II ago
Circle of Light ago
Turning Point ago
The Final Straw ago
Resolve ago
Compliance ago
Southward ago
My Son ago
Halfway ago
The Water's Flow ago
Banished ago
Dizzying Heights ago
Meeting with the Maker ago
The Challenge ago
The Assassin ago
A Father's Revelation ago
Mirror Messages ago
Mirror Messages II ago
A Dance or Two ago
Confession ago
Sandstorm ago
Leadership ago
Fate's Dilemma ago
Awake Again ago

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This book grabs you from the begining. Making you invested in the interest of the characters rooting for them to succeed. Sad when they fail, and angry when they are betrayed. The author does a wonderful job of world bulding. Making this land of  magic something you wish to visit to see for one's self. Adventure romance character growth trials and tribulations take you on a wild ride from begining to end (lastest chapter In this case) . I highly recommend. Most female leads I've experienced tend to be to fluffy or have erratic character development. This is not that. Aurora goes from a timid young girl thrust in way over her head, in a situation she had absolutely no control over. To the empress of the world. I highly recommend. I don't love every character ( I'm looking at you alaron& zoltan.You too cockroach) but the ones I do love make everything worth while. Hmm I seem to need two hundred words. So .The way magic works in this novel is different from the norm. in the sense that each race from elves to fairies to nymphs each have thier own brand of magic. While humans use enchanted items. I won't spoil but magic plays a big part in the story of some of our lead characters that lead to alot of turmoil and trials to overcome.