I'm Not An Angel, I'm A Knight

I'm Not An Angel, I'm A Knight

by NathanJWriting

Upon his defeat, the Demon Lord placed a cursed on the entire land that infested it with thousands of clones, "fakes" as they call them, of each of the Nine Heroes who defeated him. Our main protagonist is not one of those nine heroes, rather, she is one of those fakes who, after realising that chasing after the original was foolish, decides to change and become her own self.

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Neat Premise; Bit Cartoonish

Reviewed at: The People Of Fake Town

This story has a real neat premise. The eponymous demon lord on his death summons thousands of weak, tattoo numbered copies of the nine heroes who defeated him. Why? Who cares, I've got ten thousand idiot hooligans clogging up the streets of my city and I'm not quite sure if they're human. 

I really appreciate that it takes a standard setting and then goes off on a really quirky but mundane direction. The protagonist is one of these fake copies who decides to be a bit more individual and not just a copy. Giving up the weakened powers of the original, she resets her skill tree and becomes a knight summoner. There's a fair bit of a psychological angle as she struggles with her identity and loss of even her small amount of power. She also has some bad self esteem problems and can be fairly low agency for a Protagonist. 

I also appreciate that the exposition is kept fairly low. It's a fairly common setting, so that is all assumed and not explained, with only the deviations being explained. So glad to see someone do that. 

I should note that the world is very game like. Also, the protagonist comes across as a Japanese shojo protagonist. So, two style featured to mention. 


Review must have a title

Reviewed at: Afterwards

Some spelling issues, but nothing major ('bare' instead of 'bear' for example) but a good read so far.


Not mentioned but litrpg extra lite, but it's a neat little system so I like it.


Spoiler: Don't read, just review padding.

Now as an aside, reviews needing to be 50 words long is really dumb I can't be like 'Like your story!  Keep up the good work dude!' instead I am forced to do things like needlessly pad the thing with stuff like this or just be a faceless amount of stars which may or may not leave the author feeling like they're chucking words into the void despite decent ratings.


Dang thats a cute cat

I'm not good at writing reviews but imma go try (this is only my 3rd and one of them was All the Dust That falls)! 
so I may be a bit of a 2D person but there aren't any flaws that jump out at me. I did see some grammar mistakes but they were infrequent and didn't hinder my reading experience at all. 

I love the premise and unlike many books, the execution doesn't fall flat.  The characters feel real to me as well. 

ah what the heck am I doing this is a good book you should read it give it a follow and favorite. Doesn't update that frequently because the author is a casual (#authorsupport) but it'll make you smile when you see that there's a chapter available. Do both me, the author, and mostly yourself a favor and give this a read. Just do it. Click that freaking read now button now, ok? Ok! 
why are you still here?





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Very nice story, the plot is about a demon king who created clones of the hero's after his death and this is the story of one who decided to be unique. She becomes a knight summoner and eventually lives in a village of others like her.


Why is the review min so long? Filler filler filler filler filler