An A.I Is Such A Cheat In The Martial World!

by Cupcakejess

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Psychological Romance Martial Arts
Ed Sullivan gets transported into Cesar Fang when he dies. But he is not alone. He has a super A.I named Jasmine along with a heavenly treasure with him! In this new world, humans are at war against Desolate Beasts that dominate the planet! With his knowledge, his A.I, and heavenly treasure, nothing will stop him from reaching the top!

This novel is a mix of Against The Gods/I Shall Seal The Heavens/Warlock Of The Magus World with a main focus on True Martial World. It also has a focus in Science and Science Fiction.

There will be Alchemy, Forging, Relic making (From TMW), and Science stuff.

This is my first novel. It will be 18+ Enjoy!
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Death Of Earth ago
Chapter 1 - The End Is Only The Beginning ago
Chapter 2 - I Underestimated This World ago
Chapter 3 - My First Night Of Torture And Realization ago
Chapter 4 – My Pursuit Of Happiness And Strength ago
Chapter 5 - My First Day Of Being A Cultivator ago
Chapter 6 – Expectations And Limitations ago
Chapter 7 – The Rage That Couldn't Be Contained ago
Chapter 8 – The Soul Domain ago
Chapter 9 - YinYang And Fate ago
Chapter 10 - Waking Up ago
Chapter 11 - The Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 12 - The Evolution Is Never Ending ago
Chapter 13 - The Evolution Is Never Ending (2) ago
Chapter 14 - The Short Trip Back To The Village. ago
Chapter 15 - The Formless Fighting Style ago
Chapter 16 - The Arena Of Death ago
Chapter 17 - The Overbearing Difference Between Cultivators ago
Chapter 18 - Calm Before The Storm (1) ago
Chapter 19 - Calm Before The Storm (2) ago
Chapter 20 - Calm Before The Storm (3) ago
Chapter 21 - Calm Before The Storm (4) - Alchemy ago
Chapter 22 - Calm Before The Storm (5) - Heavenly Phoenix Flames! ago
Chapter 23 - The Boundary Of Death ago
Chapter 24 - Complications ago
Chapter 25 - The Eternal Kiss ago
Chapter 26 - Xiantian Profound Realm ago
Chapter 27 - The Blood Ceremony ago
Chapter 28 ago
Chapter 29 ago
Chapter 30 ago

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just fucking read up to the 24th chapter in one sitting was so good keep up the good work


now im sad cause o gotta wait just glad for quality/fast releases.


Got to chapter 24 and go to hit next chapter and realize its not out i cried a little when i found out

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Not much to say. Excellent character development, story, grammar and text is just easy to follow and read.

Bit better than "Spirit god shura" which was my previous best xianxia in rrl. This one feels like story is going to be more complex and invokes much more feels.

This is also in my top 10 xianxia's of all time, though based only in these first chapters. But if story is going to continue as exciting as its now its definitely there!

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Even though you have combined a few novels, where others fail you still manage to make it really good. In my opinion, this story is easily on the same level as the best of the CN xianxia novels!

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>"I am now going to rip off 4 famous works and combine them"

 - author's summary, paraphrased.

This doesn't sound good, but I was willing to give it a try in hope of being positively surprised

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I was surprised, by how much worse it is than my expectations


  • Overall Score

Let there be eternal love!

Loving the story so far and especially the romance between the characters , i may be horny but the interactions and lovely-dovely scenes just makes my blood boil! I know you have much planned for the future ( i hope ) but i still wanted to say : Never stop on making romantic scenes and let them occur as frequent as possible! Cant wait untill it gets even more hotter with the mature interactions between the 2 genders, its my type of guilty pleasure! Oh and it would be great if they were also frequent and detailed as much as possible. That aside , I think your world is very interesting but it also feels... abit cramped ? Like the only thing that feels out of place is the whole "Issth" reference with heavens and other wordly things having a persona ? But that's just my opinnion mostly because i prefer the true martial world more. Just so you know i really like ur ff and made the account and post my first comment here so i can express my desires!

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While there are only 27 chapters written for now and xianxia readers know that for xianxia novels that is not much (since xianxia novels are really long), but story does show potential.  It has good story, badass mc, interesting and strong female leads, good action and an interesting world. Chapter are quit long and I like it....longer and more detailed chapters are always good.


p.s. there is only one thing I want to add. I hope that as the story progresses and MC's cultivation increases gradually he will be less dependent on jasmine.

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One of the best stories on Royal Road!

Good story!  The MC’s are a little overpowered, but it fits well with the story.  


The story grabs your attention and paints a good picture.  If you don’t believe me, just read chapter 7.

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  One of  the best  novels I have ever read . But you shouldn't  copy  to much from the other novels because it will look like another work from the authors of  the other novels.And      it looks a bit stupid that a four years kid kisses a nine year girl . Its just to early .


Also  explain the realms a bit more ,I mean  he is at the 2nd houtian profound realm .You said that  the strongest is at the upper houtian profound realm but  at which rank is a upper houtian profound realm ?


Also    explain the beasts ranks   because from what you said there are normal beasts,elite ones and king ones what about  further ?


But I also like your story a lot so don't drop it .

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I really wanted to read something like this when I started reading ATG WMW and TMW and found this really interesting if you keep going at this pace it will improve into a very good web novel fiction.


Character explanation is superb and really like the concept, where earth is at new level only in imagination but I really liked the research did by MC which gave me new understanding.


The story line is really nice and mc's nature is really genuine gentleman type. He really makes me feel like an really Genius person.


Good novel fiction .........

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A cut way above the usual Xianxia with a mix of fantasy world themees. It puts ATG to shame

Cheesy title but great story with potential being in the top best rated FFs.

-1 star on Style as it can be inconsistent at times; the style changes from first-person perspective to third-person perspective narrations without any indication. A quick temporary fix would be to put the third-person narration in Italics.


Most notable features being that the MC is not sexist and the relationships feel a lot more natural and full of love.The heroines are not treated like tools that are to be conquered or objects to be added to MC's collection but they are badass.


So far, the balance of love and lust has so far been a massive cock tease with the tension between  the abundance of sexual innuendos and pure feelings during dialogue and whatnot. But since some of the relationships are young it's understandable that they are kept busy with events that also serve as chances for good character development. 


The characters have insane potential in the martial world but they still feel very human by being bound by chains of relationships and human nature. Heck even the A.I. is capable of showing raw emotion in the more recent chapters. The best bit is that they're aware of this but instead cherish the chains that hinder them but at the same time binds them to their currently weak and fragile lover.


The physics is well thought out which is quite interesting since a lot of Xianxias don't do this; instead, most Xianxias just have the author trying so hard to emphasise how good their MC. Whereas the author of this FF doesn't forget to knock the MC down a peg when he gets too arrogant; MC's potential might be ridiculous but his lack of time and focus for growth is constantly made clear by his helplessness during situations when his ass is saved by loved ones.