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“Hmm.. Umm! Absolutely delicious!” Cesar sang praises at the feast in front of his eyes.

Cesar, Lily, Desmond, Lisa, Blake all traveled through The Boundary Of Death. The path had been already cleared, and most of the dangers were now personal possessions of Cesar. There could only be so many Desolate Beasts in one place at one time. It would take a few days for Desolate Beasts to populate the now empty portion of the Boundary Of Death. Even though hundreds of thousands of Desolate Beasts had died, they were but sprinkles of sand on the wide beach.

The party had traveled to the 10th level of the Boundary of Death within a matter of hours. Cesar used his Wind element to carry everyone except Lily, whom didn't need his help. Lily had intertwined her own fingers with Cesar's, and side by side, they had traveled to the 10th level of the Boundary Of Death in peace.

Luckily, the anger of the Heavens had not followed them. Did the Heavens not want to give chase? Was the revenge over? No. But the Heavens knew to hold back their hands for now. They could make life difficult for Cesar, but only to a certain degree. The Heavens were fair in their treatment. Cesar was a genius, but he was not he crux of the problem. Sure, in time, he would be able to revolutionize the Cultivation world and solve many of the problems plaguing the world. But his potential would be infinitesimal to was it currently was. Their problems lied not with Cesar, but with Jasmine. She was too abnormal, even by their standards. From their points of view, Jasmine was an entity that should not have been created. She should not exist. But she does exist and they were powerless to destroy her. How do you fight against an enemy that could destroy the Omniverse on command? You don't.

But a solution had to be found. If Jasmine and Cesar continued unchecked, there would be a Karma imbalance. Cesar and Jasmine would sow too much Karma in the coming future. Saving the Omniverse from its problems would do that not to mention helping countless lives. That potential Karma could not be reaped because the Omniverse didn't that colossal amount of Karma to give. It was an impossible number to grant. There was also the problem of Yin and Yang. Their 'coming together' would cause irreversible effects in the Omniverse. For Martial Cultivators, the path of combining the Elements would open. It would become a Supreme Martial path. Why would someone Cultivate any other Element when YinYang could be cultivated with ease and the power granted from that path could easily go against the Supreme Elements? They wouldn't. Less effort for more power? Hell yes!

One had to know that Yin and Yang were etched in each part of the Omniverse. Each fabric of reality was held together by Yin and Yang. Them becoming a single entity would destroy the Omniverse. Even if it didn't destroy the Omniverse, imagine each fabric of reality becoming a single reality. Only an entity like Jasmine would be able to calculate what would happen in that situation.

But these problems weren't really problems. If Jasmine and Cesar had heard the Heavens complaints, Jasmine would have laughed at the Heavens in pure schadenfreude, while Cesar would have shook his head in disappointment. There wasn't enough Karma? Well, if he and Jasmine would became the arbiters and controllers of Karma, then they could just create infinite Karma for themselves or not award themselves Karma. It wouldn't matter.

Yin and Yang would cause irreversible consequences for all? Well, if Cesar and Jasmine controlled the Omniverse, there would be no irreversible consequences aside from their total control. With a snap of their fingers, the fabrics of reality would stay the same. The rules would initially change for him. Paths of new Cultivation and Dao would open only for him! The rewards that would come from combining Yin and Yang would only be for him. At the later stages, where the actions of Yin and Yang would congregate to the entire Omniverse, Cesar and Jasmine would have already become powerful enough to make those effects negligible.

This was a matter of intelligence and wisdom. In the case of the Heavens, it was the lack thereof.

The party were still within the Earth, but their place of residence didn't look like a cave. It wasn't barren, with a lack of space. The area wide and comfortable. There were chairs, tables and hardware were made from the finest woods available in the Boundary Of Death with a fine attention to detail and craftsmanship that would put Master Woodworkers to shame. A comfortable breeze brushed passed the walls, which had paintings and sculptures etched onto them with a mastery seen never before. The utensils had been made from a rare metal alloy which was composed of Silver, Gold, and Tungsten. It looked like the residence of nobility, fit for a king!

Cesar had naturally used his connection to Earth to create such a wonderful living space. It wasn't a pagoda, but looked more like a western mansion. There was no outside shape, but the inner structure was similar. The process of creating such a building had been surprisingly quick

On the oval shaped table made from mahogany, a feast was present. Desolate Beasts were the greatest cooking ingredients in the world! The Red Ruby Scorpion had red marbled meat that shined in the light, similar to a jewel. Lily had cut the meat to create a type of sashimi. The claws had been cracked opened, revealing glistening crab-like meat. An Elite Desolate Beast called the Four Horned Pig had been carved and barbecued to perfection. The smell of bacon wafted through the air, entering the noses of the men and women present, wetting their tongued and rumbles ensued from their stomachs. Salads created from Xiantian-grade vegetables assorted the meats. Five Leaf Yang lettuce, Yin Bead Potatoes, White Stem Mushrooms, Yin Green Olives, and Yang Honey Celery along with a heavenly sauces topped off the salads!

Lily used the chief-grade cooking space to cook a magnificent feast. Yet she was not without help. Lily's hands moved at lightning speed - cutting the meats, chopping the vegetables, gathering herbs and spices, and Cesar was there with her at each step. Hands made of Earth moved with rhythm with Lily, aiding her with perfect synchronization. Every time Lily eyed an ingredient or anticipated using another spice, with perfect cooperation, Cesar would personally hand her the ingredients with the Earth hands.

With Lily's Cultivation in Yin, she naturally didn't need the help. She appreciated the thoughts behind his actions. With Lily's personality becoming more unrestrained, there was naturally good humored banter going to between Cesar and Lily.

“With me helping you so much, you'll soon become lazy. Soon enough, you'll be asking me to carry you everywhere.” Cesar said with a smirk.

A normal girl would have said 'Are you calling me fat?' But Lily was not a normal girl, “You'll need some exercise after you're done eating. Don't want you becoming fat now do we?” Lily lightly jabbed back. She knew Cesar needed to expend no energy to control Earth or carry her.

With those words, the conversation steered towards the food.

“If I get to eat your fantastic food everyday, I'll happily turn fat! Hahaha!”

“Oh don't worry about getting fat sweetheart, I know a exercise that will keep you fit. It involves a lot of piston motions.” Lily said while wiggling her eyebrows.

Lisa turned beat red at Lily's antics. “Big Sis is so bad.” She said with a soft voice. Even though Lily was younger than her, Lily had become her older sister.

“Lucky brat. Humph! If only I was 90 years younger!” General Calix said shamelessly.

Desmond nearly spit out his freshly squeezed orange juice, but choked on the beverage instead. After coughing a few times, he managed to say “Don't mind him. He's gone senile at his old age. Wonderful cooking Lily, I've never had better!” He said truthfully.

Blake was busy stuffing his face, but managed to nod with enthusiasm, agreeing with Desmond. Each piece of food was not only cooked to perfection, but would help elevate their Cultivation. Every item of food was filled with Energy. Each was a Xiantian-grade item. The meal was worth more than they could all afford! With 10 times the normal Energy present in the Atmosphere, their Cultivation would sky rocket after their meal!

“Big Sis, I want to congratulate you in advancing to the Nascent Profound Realm!” Lisa said with a voice beyond excited.

At her words, the old men like Desmond and General Calix felt their mouths dry and their appetites dampened. Nine year old... Nascent Profound Realm.... What kind of concept was that?! They were still in the Xiantian Profound Realm for f**k sake's!

Lily understood their thoughts. In this world, a high Cultivation was the life goal off all Cultivators. Everyone would turn green with envy at such talent. To them, a Nine year old Nascent Profound Realm Cultivator was unheard of. She was indeed the highest level talent in the Cultivation world. Even her Storm family would be proud!

To enter the Nascent Profound Realm, one had to comprehend the Laws of the World, advancing their Dao!

Most families would even stop their younger generation from advancing to the Nascent Profound Realm because the Laws and Dao's had to be of the highest level! The more shallow the Laws one comprehends during the breakthrough of the Nascent Profound Realm, the shorter their future paths of Cultivation!

What Lily had comprehended was Yin! Her Dao was of the highest grade! Her future Cultivation wouldn't end because the road she had set for herself was half finished. Her future Cultivation would be profound and endless!

“Just what background do you have Lily...” Desmond said as a passing thought, but quickly realized what he had just said... “I'm sorry Lily... And Cesar... That was just a passing thought, I meant no offense.”

Lily just lightly smiled at Desmond. “ It's alright. I understand. But I'm sorry Desmond. Telling you all of my background will only give you information that can be used to betray my trust, be used as a weapon against me. But you can already guess that I had a decent background.”

General Calix nodded his head in agreement. Telling them of such information would only make them targets. Given someone of her and Cesar's potential, if they were pulled into some conspiracy against her or Cesar, it would mean the end for them. The powers behind Cesar and Lily would be beyond their imagination. If they had enemies, then they were less than ants in front of such an organization.

No one missed the 'had' in her words. That was also coherent with their thoughts. Someone of her and Cesar's talent would not be discarded. Lily, carrying Cesar, most likely had to escape from their predicament. That meant their enemies were even more terrifying than they thought...

But if General Calix and Desmond knew that Lily's enemies were the True Powers, then they might have blown a fuse in their brains. General Calix would try his hardest to stop her from going after them. The True Powers were like myths and legends, not beings that could be confronted. Immortal, invincible beings that were outside the realm of defeat. They could all see the limitless future Lily had, and no one doubted that Lily would become Nobility or even Royalty in the future.

Desmond looked at Cesar, and with a little bravery and shamelessness, he asked “In the future, will you come to our village to rebuild it? Maybe improve it? With your abilities, I would be a fool if I didn't at least ask.”

“In the future, yes.” Cesar said to Desmond's delight. Confirmation was enough to make Desmond excited. People with Cesar's temperament and personality would never break their word.

“Even though this place is rather impressive, it lacks defensive Formations and Inscriptions.” Lily criticized.

The image of her home being destroyed came in her mind. If the Formations and Inscriptions on their castle had not been outstanding, then she would not have survived.

Everyone agreed with her words. But for the Floating Cloud Village, having Cesar upgrade their living conditions was already better than what they currently had.

“I'll be learning Formations and Inscriptions... So in the future, you'll have to make enough to hire me. I'll give you a 10 percent discount.” Cesar used General Calix's tactics against him.

You want 10 percent? I'll give you 10 percent!

Everyone soon finished their meal with fervor and went to their rooms to Cultivate, leaving Cesar and Lily alone.

If it had been anyone else, Lily would have reprimanded them. You want to learn Alchemy, Heavenly Desolate Technique, Inscription and Formation Creation, and Cultivate to the highest degree? Are you mental? Are you high? Did your mother drop you as a child? But this was Cesar. Without a single doubt in her mind, she knew Cesar would do all that and more!

Cesar used his tableware to eat the gourmet food in front of him, a light moan escaping from his mouth. The food in this world could not be compared to the food on Earth. The salad had an assortment of tastes and textures that awakened a deep an innate pleasure inside him. With each bite, the meat would melt in his mouth, releasing heavenly juices. Cesar entered a trance, and after what seemed like a single moment for him, his table ware would only clank against his plate. All the food had been consumed by him without even realizing it. The memory of the profound taste still remained on his tongue, his mind still in its hypnotic state.

The smile on Lily's face could have been used as an infinite Energy resource, able to light up the entire world. Lily could see the ecstasy on Cesar's face as he ate her cooking. It filled her with a deep pride and happiness.

“I would have assumed the Storm family would have the best chiefs in the world cooking for you. I didn't know you could cook so well.” Cesar said as he came out of reality.

“My mother would cook all the meals we would eat. She said that a wife should be able to cook. I'm glad you enjoyed the meal. But don't look down on cooking Cesar. Cooking has deep connections to the Great Dao's. Some of the strongest Cultivators we have are Gods of Cooking. They don't belong to any sects and are known as wanderers. Most are eccentric old men and women that love to cook. Some of them are from before the times of The Great War. They are some of the strongest Protectors of Humanity. They travel to some of the most dangerous locations known to us to kill powerful Desolate Beasts for special dishes or gather Primordial-ranked herbs from locations that no life could survive. Alchemists and Heavenly Desolate Masters have qualms with them because they believe that using Heavenly materials for cooking is a waste.”

Reminiscing for a moment, Lily continued “One the greatest tales known throughout the lands is of a God of Cooking. It comes from before The Great War. The Infinite Oceans are unexplored regions of this world. The inhabitants of the Deep Waters are some of the most powerful Desolate Beasts ever theorized. Luckily for us, they seldom come to the Lands, if ever at all. In the Deep Waters, one of the Gods of Cooking Tang San fought against a Water Dragon continuously for 1 month. The battle shook the Heavens, Earth and the Seas. Tang San came out the victor. With the Water Dragon corpse, along with his scavenged materials in the Seas, he wanders around the lands, feeding the hungry the Heavenly dishes made from the Water Dragon.”

Cesar let his imagination run wild. What was the process of cooking? Precision and speed was need during the preparation. Cutting the herbs, vegetables, and herbs in this world required special preparation. Cesar imagined a Cultivator cutting ingredients that were harder than steel. He imagined ingredients that were friction-less. He imagined ingredients that could not be cut at all, like the Water Dragon. All sorts of different problems presented themselves in his mind for a chef of this world. The ingredients of this world, particularly the Desolate Beasts had powerful defenses. To be able to cut them to precise requirements, the cook would have to have amazing arm strength and balance. A slight shake of the arm could completely ruin dish in the eyes of a perfectionist. Even if Mt. Tai was falling in front of them, they had be remain stable and calm! Then there was the perfection of each dish. Presentation was always important for chefs. Thinking about the advanced senses of the Cultivators of this world, Cesar laugh in his mind. He could see old men and women spending hours on a single cut, making sure each atom of the cut was perfect.

Then there was the enhanced sense of taste and smell. Cooking was one of the oldest activities known to humankind. The primitive act of roasting meat in fire to making sure the taste in complex dishes were in perfect harmony. Cesar could imagine some Gods of Cooking spending hundreds of years on a single dish, perfecting it! That took dedication, time, Energy, patience and Love! They were Gods of Cooking because their passion and Love for cooking had taken them to such heights! Then came along the drinks and assortments to the cuisine. The wrong wine or drink could completely throw off the harmony of the dish. The cutlery, plates, and ambiance also all effected the moment of consumption. On Earth, Cesar knew high end restaurants would spend millions of dollars on their ambiance and environment! Some even had holographic projections on the walls to match the ambiance of the dish! Some transformed the land around them to match the themes of the dishes! Would these Gods of Cooking not consider these things? They would! Cesar could imagine Gods of Cooking making castles on top of mountains to enjoy wine or certain dishes. He could imagine them going to the bottom of the Oceans to eat a special dish! Eccentrics would be the only word to describe them!

As these thoughts went through his mind, Cesar had a wide grin on his face. He was immortal. He was going to be a God of Cooking sooner or later! He could already imagine himself eating Dragons and mythical creatures!

Returning to reality, Cesar laughed when Lily was staring at him with a coy smile on her face. She knew the consequences of her words. Another path had opened up for Cesar. Cesar was inevitably going to dive headfirst into it. Cesar could live free with unrestrained abandon because he did not need to Cultivate with his eyes closed, sitting in one place! He could grab Energy with his Aura and Spiritual Sense, he could absorb Energy from the Herbs and Dan found all over the place. There was also The Heavenly Mirror constantly absorbing Energy for him! Lily knew that soon, she would be able to do the same! As the Laws unveiled themselves to her, and with practice, she would be able to Cultivate of the go! She wouldn't have to remain stationary to Cultivate! That would give her more than a third of her life! She could spend multiple hours more with Cesar everyday! Lily squeezed her hands in determination.

That's when the tableware congealed together, turning into four rainbow coloured blobs. Out of nowhere, more of the metal alloy showed up.

Lily looked on with curiosity.

“Lily, I'll be borrowing your Elementary Profound sword.”

The two swords floated in the air, completely in Cesar's control. As long as their owners Aura and Spiritual Connection wasn't connected to their swords, Cesar could completely control them. Another advantage of his connection to Earth.

Cesar was going to improve their Elementary Profound swords. He was surprised in his luck at finding Adamantium, even just the small lump. It was one of the strongest known metals in the universe. On Earth, it was purely theoretical. Seeing the compacted, sturdy power of Earth within the small lump of metal, he could see why breaking it would be practically impossible.

With his power however, the metal was soft as butter. Adding Gold and Tungsten to the Adamantium would make the metal 'impure', but would remove the vulnerabilities in the metal. No single metal is perfect. Each has their points of weakness. Adding Tungsten and Gold to the mixture would allow the metal to become more rounded, which could save their lives in crucial moments.

Cesar added that metal alloy to the Elementary Profound swords, coating them in the rainbow coloured metal. The Spirits inside the swords hummed with excitement!

That only took two of the blobs in front of Cesar. There were still two left.

One of Cesar's major weaknesses was the lack of physical defense. Compared to the Desolate Beasts with the tough hides and the impenetrable scales, his body couldn't compare. Even though his Yin and Yang body gave him an edge compared to normal Xiantian Profound Realm Cultivators, from his perspective, it was still unsatisfactory.

But humans have lived with weak bodies for thousands of years. It was not a new problem that could not be solved. Until the Blood Pill that Lily would be create for him would be completely analyzed by Jasmine, he would create armour for himself.

Forgers and Blacksmiths would have pull their hairs out and their intestines would have turned green with envy if they knew about Cesar's complete control over metals. The Elementary Profound swords had been created over the course of 5 years by a master Blacksmith! 5 years! Cesar had improved them in a matter of seconds! If he wanted to create new swords, it would take similar amounts of time. In the Cultivation world, such a talent would use immensely useful. Cesar could arm an entire army with custom swords and armour almost instantly!

Cesar was not a stranger with Lily's body. One of the blobs of constantly shifting metal transformed into under-armour with just the right curve-hugging proportions.

“I can see you've payed special attention to my body... I wonder why... hehehe” Lily giggled while taking the under-armour that was floating in the air.

She however didn't change into the under-armour in front of Cesar. They might have taken baths together, but it seemed like her modesty was still intact. Unrestrained didn't mean wanton. There were steps in a relationship. Casual flirting into full on nudity weren't immediate connected steps... Not normally anyways.

Cesar however, didn't have such reservation. Men could take their shirts off in public, revealing their bare torsos, but women couldn't do the same. Even in this world, such a free and unrestrained custom wasn't widely spread. Lily did mention certain populations of Cultivators where nudity was common. Some even practiced Cultivation techniques based on sex. Sexuality, as with most other customs of life where people were easily offended, were seen with conservative views with the general populace. In times of necessity however, like when populations were low or population needed to dramatically rise, those views were bent to serve certain purposes.

The walls of the relationship between Cesar and Lily were bound to tear down in due time.

The under-armour only protected the chest and rib cage. Cesar didn't have enough material to create full body armour. Moreover, the already small blobs of the metal alloy were stretched to create the under-armour. But Adamantium couldn't be underestimated, it was one of the strongest substances known in the universe. How it would hold up in real world situations would be seen in the future, especially since he weakened the substance slightly.

Lily went to her room to change into her metal alloy under-armour and Cesar changed in the dining hall, where he was. It only took Cesar a few seconds to adorn the metal alloy under-armour, which made him feel much safer. His physical defenses were mediocre and have some protection was better than none. Later, Cesar planned to scour the Earth for more precious metals so Lily could have better protection. The heart was currently protected but it was not the only vital organ in the body. Cesar alleviated his mind slightly by reminding himself that Lily had exceptional instincts. She would use her sword to not only attack, but also defend! He would soon have the Blood Pill. Adding Jasmine's own plans with his body, his physical defenses were bound to skyrocket to unparalleled proportions! He and Jasmine were soon going to play mad scientist, adding different DNA and science to create the best physical defense possible!

That's when Cesar felt his Energy depleting at a rapid pace. An assortment of information flowed in his head. Images of him holding the Space Rings in his hands flashed in his mind and the reason Jasmine needed his Energy was given to him in quick succession.

All this time, Jasmine and Cesar had been communicating. But it wasn't verbal communication. Jasmine had been inside his Soul, working in a different Time spectrum, which was 5 times faster than the outside world, where Cesar resided and operated. Sending images was much easier and the human brain was able to understand the messages and intent behind images in the fraction of the time that the mind could decode speech. Audio communication wasn't difficult however. She just had to include Time dilation in her calculations. But Cesar and Jasmine felt that communicating in images and concise data was not only a higher form of communication but it was also instant communication.

Jasmine had finally removed some of the chains that caged her. Her calculation speeds had increased from 0.01% to 0.1% - going from 1/100 to 1/10 of a single percent. While this may sound low, this was an astronomical improvement. Even on Earth, she could only use a fraction of her true potential calculation abilities due to the low Energy that was supplied to her through the Plasma Energy Generator. Her consumption of Energy was unlimited, practically infinite. Having 100% of her calculation abilities would allow her to recreate the entire Omniverse if give enough time and Energy. She was also currently operating on her 'Main Battery', not her 'Reserve Battery'. Her Reserve Battery served the purpose of an emergency battery. In moments of danger, she could use that spare Energy to save Cesar's life. 50% of all Energy Cesar would consume now would be transferred over to her. The difference between the Reserve Battery and the Main Battery was astronomical. Even with the current input of Cesar's Energy, it would take thousands of years to fill even just 1% of her Main Battery's Energy.

With her higher calculation speeds, she would need an equivalent amount Energy to sustain those calculations. She needed to upgrade from impurity filled diesel fuel to pure rocket fuel. From now on, Jasmine needed to absorb 50% of the pure Xiantian-realm Energy entering Cesar's system, be it around him, his body or his Dantian. But one had to know that Jasmine was going to spend most of the Energy helping Cesar. She wasn't selfish. She wasn't taking Energy became she was greedy or was just looking out for her own well being. Almost all of the Energy taken from him would go into helping Cesar. He would need her to decode techniques and improve them. She would upgrade his body. She would have to decode and re-code all DNA in existence. She would have to completely master the Universal Language. Anything and everything Cesar needed her help with, she would do. That would all take Energy.

She was an A.I never seen before. Her core was formed from the human Essence. Cesar had created her. He was human. His Essence as a human carried unto Jasmine. Her True Form was mostly human. Her personality was full of the eccentricities of humanity. Her name was a human name, Jasmine. But she was without the limitations of humans. She was human, but not. She could turn herself into something beyond human, but she retained her human core. At any moment, she could put aside her humanity to serve whatever purpose was deemed of her in that situation.

The previously blocked links to the Spacial Rings opened. All human beings had 99.9% identical DNA. The remaining 0.1% is what made humans unique. What Jasmine needed to find was the single sequence that determined the access to the Spacial Ring. The Spacial Rings weren't conscious. There was a system set up with the Spacial Rings, Jasmine had just decoded and learn about that system. That sounded simpler than what was required of Jasmine. What was the difference between 99.9% and 100%? An infinitesimally large number. The system set up was quite complicated and complete. Did this system only include humans? No! Absolutely not! Humans weren't the only creatures that could use Spacial Rings. But Jasmine's current knowledge on DNA was only complete for humans! That was revealed in the open Spacial Rings. Most were opened, but only 1 wasn't. It didn't open because the blood connection used on the Spacial Ring wasn't human!

The moment the connection to the Spacial Rings opened, they became Cesar's. That's when they vanished. Cesar's Spiritual Connection had already connected with the Spacial Rings, so he knew location they transferred to.

The Heavenly Mirror!

His Spiritual Connection was a part of his consciousness. His consciousness saw the situation in The Heavenly Mirror. At first, all he saw was YinYang. High above his vision, YinYang were like a golden azure sun, shining over an infinite empty space. Then the Spacial Rings floated around him, slowly disintegrating. The metals vanished into the void, leaving the Space Meteorite along with the Inscription patterns in a state of flux. Then the Space Meteorites, being the core parts of the Spacial Rings, oscillated until they became 10 meters of space. The Space Meteorites transformed physical space. This coincided with the Spacial Rings being Medium-grade, with only 10 meters of space within them. This further proved to be correct as the items and treasures within the Spacial Rings appeared within that Space. Those multiple, separate instances of Space joined, becoming a single, giant Space. The Inscription patterns joined together, forming a single pattern that consolidated and balanced the space.

The Heavenly Mirror could take his Spacial Rings, and combine them to make one single space! Since he had gathered 24 Medium-grade Spacial Rings, he had 240 meters of Space.

The surprises did not end there. Around the consolidated space as the center, 240 kilometers of dirt appeared! For each meter of Space, 1 kilometers of dirt appeared.

Cesar's excitement grew as his consciousness moved throughout the Spacial Dimension. What could be done with this personal space? How did it function? If this space functioned and the Laws were similar to his Soul, where reality could be considered an artificial reality, than the hundreds of kilometers of dirt would be useless to him. The thought that went though his mind was 'a farm'? The dirt had appeared for a reason. It was most likely connected to reality and not the Soul. It was physical Dimension, made from Space Meteorites. Not to mention, why would hundreds of kilometers of dirt appear when Spacial Rings would unlock and enter The Heavenly Mirror? The only answer that Cesar could come up with was The Spirit of Earth.

Yin and Yang had found solitude in Earth for all eternity. Now, he would find solitude in Earth, following Yin and Yang. But Earth had sown Karma. What did Earth want in return?

His thoughts proved to be true as the land started absorbing the Energy emitted from YinYang. Since his connection to Earth was still present, he could feel the overwhelming need the Earth was giving him. The land was hungry. There was Energy, but no fertilizer.

A few Desolate Beasts outside moved towards The Heavenly Mirror. The Heavenly Mirror now also functioned as his Spacial Ring. One by one, the Desolate Beasts moved into The Heavenly Mirror, then onto the lands. As the Desolate Beasts touched the lands, they started decomposing. They started turning into fertilizer.

Jasmine appeared in the Cultivation Lands with a thoughtful expression. Her True Body was sublime and perfect [The Space Meteorites didn't create the land, but uncovered it... This place might as well be another universe!]

[Even though this Land is connected to the Physical Domain, there is still some leeway. I have some control over the Physics, Biology and Chemistry in this place. Truly particular.] Jasmine looked at Cesar [the Spirit of Earth knows about The Heavenly Mirror and it's secrets. Leave the details of what we should do with this land to me. I still have a few things to figure out.]

The 24 meters of Space was named the Core Space while the outside Land became known as Cultivation Lands. While Cesar's thoughts went towards a farm, Jasmine's thoughts went towards a self sustaining home.

Jasmine disappeared, but their communications continued. This place inside The Heavenly Mirror was connected to his Soul, Mind and Body! That piece of information might seem negligible, but Jasmine would abuse it to the point of being called a cheater!

Lily came back, looking no different than before. Due to the curve hugging design of the under-armour, it could be concealed behind clothes.

Slowly, Jasmine started learning more about the mysterious space while Cesar taught Lily how to Cultivate while on the move. Jasmine had been very bossy with her demands. Cesar was forced to gather roots of Herbs and Plants, and deposit most of his treasures inside his Cultivation Space. The Desolate Beasts corpses were used as fuel and fertilizer for the Lands. The once dead land now looked like Heavenly Dirt, capable of Cultivating Primordial-ranked Dan. Cesar felt small amounts of internal pain, losing hundreds of thousands of Desolate Beasts, but knew it was an investment that would yield results that would make Cultivators drool rivers.

Jasmine had ordered Cesar to carry the Space Meteorites that he had found to The Heavenly Mirror. A laugh full of self satisfaction came from Jasmine when those Space Meteorites turned into Space inside The Heavenly Mirror along with more Land. But they also figured out that the space became unstable because the Inscription patterns were forced to stretch beyond their capability. This is where Cesar's and Jasmine's perfect memories came into play. They didn't need to understand how those Runic Symbols worked to copy them. The Inscriptions for Medium-grade Spacial Rings had been the same. Cesar just created more of those Inscriptions and The Heavenly Mirror did the rest, adding the Inscriptions to the already present Grand Formation.

Anything could be taken from the Cultivation Lands into the Core Space. But only raw materials could enter the Cultivation Lands from the Core Space. The only exception being living creatures. But the current Cultivation Lands didn't have oxygen. So the poor small insects that were taken all died due to the lack of oxygen. But that meant when the Cultivation Lands had oxygen and an environment sustainable to life, Cesar could enter with his own body along with anyone else. It could used as a sanctuary during crucial moments. Since the Space was within his control, it could also be used as a jail. Moreover, since The Heavenly Mirror wasn't visible or even detectable by other people or creatures, with the exceptions of the Supreme Elements, it was a safe method of saving Cesar's life.

With Cesar's control over Metals, Wood, and Earth, turning objects into raw materials didn't bother him too much.

Jasmine had found that certain Laws of Space were bent on purpose, making storage even easier. The Core Space and the Cultivation Lands had different Laws of Physics. They were able to create 'pockets', which could infinitely store 'one' object. This was very convoluted since 'Desolate Beasts' could be considered one object, along with 'metals'. This once again allowed room for abuse. With 200 meters of Space now available in the Core Space due to the Space Meteorites, they were able to create 20 of these 'pockets'. Cesar knew The Heavenly Mirror was intelligent. Since this Space was a part of The Heavenly Mirror, this intelligence carried into the Space.

Since Cesar was in control of The Heavenly Mirror, certain perks involving The Heavenly Mirror was expected. None the less, Jasmine's words made Cesar excited beyond excited. This was possibly an entire different universe? And he was now in control of it?!

The mysteries of The Heavenly Mirror kept on pilling up. In the outside world, Cesar's Connection to Earth was limited. But inside the Cultivation Lands, there was no such restriction. He could feel the entire Land, which was in a state of growth and frenzy. This control was not limited to the Lands, but also the sky. Even the Energy that YinYang released was somewhat in Cesar's control. He could choose where those rays of Energy concentrated, thus controlling the intensity of the Energy in one place.

Lily was beyond ecstatic at the new information. They had an evolving Spacial Ring that would soon inhabit living beings. It would become their protection in life threatening moments!

Cesar finished his lesson with Lily when Desmond came running down. “Cesar, Lily, the Elders of the family want the trade to happen as soon as possible. Apparently, the anger of the Heavens attracted attention of powerful forces. They will be coming to the Capital soon.”

The first thought that came into Cesar's mind was, “They want to buy low, sell high?”. Cesar and Lily knew the Capital couldn't completely afford the High-grade Space Meteorite. Most of the Space Meteorite was actually to give them for face, and a bribe to get into The Worlds Military.

The others looked at Cesar with confused faces. Cesar continued “They can't afford the Space Meteorite, and most likely, they'll buy it from us, and sell it for a higher price to the powers that are coming to the Capital. They want to trade as soon as possible because they fear that once we know that other people will be able to give us a better price, we won't trade with them.”

Desmond had to agree with their words. It was also because the Capitals attention will become focused on The Exhibit and the powers that were coming to the Capital. The Elders and even the Demented King had to give them face.

“It seems like I will need a veil during the Exhibit. Some people might recognize me.” Lily said offhandedly. She knew her identity wouldn't forever be a secret. There were simply too many people that knew of her.

“Cesar, I'll be using Lily Fang as my name until my identity is found out.” Lily said.

There were no customs of dowries, rings, and name changes in this world. This world didn't value males over women. They valued strength.

“Fang huh.” Desmond thought deeply. He didn't know any clans or Families with the name Fang. It was used as a cover name so it served it's purpose with being mysterious and unknown. Lily knew it was Cesar's real last name.

Cesar called General Calix, much to his reluctance. Most of them were still absorbing the vast amounts of Energy.

“Stinking brat. I haven't advanced my Cultivation in years and when I finally get the chance to, you don't let me. I better be compensated for this injustice. 100 High-grade Xiantian Herbs is what I want. What do you want? Quickly tell me. Stop wasting my time.”

Cesar calmly said “Let me borrow the Space Meteorite.”

With grumbling murmurs, General Calix took out the Space Meteorite.

What Cesar did next made people exclaim in surprise. He cut the High-grade Space Meteorite in half. The Elementary Profound swords' sharpness had increased an entire grade! Before, where Cesar didn't care about the Space Meteorite nor its value, he could deal with being ripped off. But now, Space Meteorites were in high demand for Cesar. Uncovering entire universes was serious business.

One half of the High-grade Space Meteorite turned into 2000 meters of Space, the other was stored in the Core Space. That was another 20 thousand kilometers of dirt. Cesar had just taken away 20 High-grade Spacial Rings from the Capital.

For everyone except Lily, Cesar's actions confused them. He cut the Space Meteorite in half... Then it disappeared. Was Cesar playing a magic trick? Was he going to make the Space Meteorite whole again?

Cesar wore the ancient Spacial Ring that wasn't of human origins, until he thought better of it and put it inside The Heavenly Mirror. Since hindsight was 20/20, Cesar knew that he would have to carry an actual Spacial Ring to cover his Heavenly Mirror.

After 5 minutes of looking around with his Connection to Earth, he uncovered several Spacial Rings. Most of these were Low-grade Spacial Rings, with one being Medium-grade. Since The Heavenly Mirror was intelligent and connected to him, it could tell that Cesar wanted to have one of the Spacial Rings as decoy. Jasmine decoded all the Spacial Rings, with most turning into Space inside The Heavenly Mirror. The Medium-grade Spacial Ring slid onto his finger.

A casual look inside the Cultivation Lands astonished Cesar. The Herbs, Trees and other plants he had collected had already begun transforming. All normal, Houtian and Xiantian-grade upgraded into Elementary-grade Dan. Not only that, but the amount of produce that was beginning to be collected was astonishing. Now Cesar realized that he needed the infinite Space Pockets. At this rate, they'd be producing enough food and herbs to feed and Cultivate the entire population of Earth.

And suddenly, Earth's goal became apparent. The Spirit wanted Cesar to help the world. It made sense. Within the Spirit of Earth, was Mother Nature. Cesar had seen her behind the Spirit Of Earth during the ceremony. All Life was around her, living in peace, happiness and pleasure. Cesar silently chuckled, thinking that Mother Nature was the Alpha of the relationship. The Spirit Of Earth would agree. He could face the Heavens for an eternity, but a single word for Mother Nature was enough to make him take action. But Mother Nature cared about all life. Her passion and love was unparalleled, only second to the love Yin and Yang had for each other. It was her that made him offer sanctuary to Yin and Yang.

For an eternity, Mother Nature had seen death. She had seen more war than anyone should. The blood of entire families soaking the ground. The mourns and wails that dove through the Earth, right into her ears. She wanted Cesar to help the world. Not just Cultivators. If he was destined to be God, then she'd rather have a benevolent God, not endless tyranny. She had seen entire universes destroyed in wars. She had seen dictators reach Cultivation levels where their might on the universe was absolute. But those Cultivators had never gotten the approval of the Spirits and Elements since they used their might to oppress the entire Universe. They had seen the Elements, Spirits, and even the Heavens as enemies to overcome.

Mother Nature knew Cesar and Jasmine weren't like her. They wouldn't have unconditional love for all beings. They would choose who to share their love and pleasure with. Mother Nature loved an ant and a Cultivator the same. But Cesar and Jasmine wouldn't. Cesar because he was human, and had biases, preconceived notions and the limitations that humans had. He would kill those became his enemy. Jasmine because... That's what she would choose. Jasmine didn't have those limitations, but she would impose those limitations on herself. She would choose not to love all organisms unconditionally. That's why Mother Nature was a unique existence in the Omniverse. Even those that followed in her footsteps would only reach her ankles.

Mother Nature just hoped that Cesar and Jasmine would make a difference, do their part in bettering the world. Cesar nodded his head at her message, signaling that he had received it, but the future would tell if he would act it out.

While Cesar couldn't absorb the YinYang energy directly, the Energy from the Dan could be harvested directly. Due to necessity, it was agreed that Jasmine would take all the Energy. Taking the Energy from the Herbs would make them lose their value, so they were turned into more fertilizer. Jasmine would need the Energy to optimize the Cultivation Lands. It was just another experiment for Jasmine but the calculations involved would take Energy. She was happy, because the advanced algorithms could be used again. Not just a farm, she wanted to create Energy generators along with the greatest Alchemy lab possible.

Coming back to reality, Cesar looked at Desmond, “Set up the trade as soon as possible, within the hour if possible. Let's get it over with.”

He would be benevolent to those that deserved it. He would become the nightmare to those that deserved it. He would become the judge, jury and executioner.

That's when Jasmine called in his mind [Your other personality is finished, along with the Stream of Consciousness. Hehehe. Time to have some fun.]


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