The moment Cesar had opened his eyes, he felt power coarse through his veins. A paradoxical, comfortable warm and cool feeling seeped out from his pores. His Dantian was 20% full.

The Xiantian Profound Realm was where the Profound Laws, the Nomological Truths turned into power. It was where intangible information was worth more than any sword, Elixir or treasure.

Cesar was not like the Cultivators of this world. His journey of enlightenment was not ignorance into understanding. He had already lived another life. The knowledge from Earth was already contained in his mind. This knowledge was profound and explained the core Essence of certain Energies and phenomena. This meant that there was already information present in his mind that could be called Nomological Truths.

But there was an unique aspect to the Profound Laws he felt. They were weak and unsubstantial, almost as if he was grasping on straws. But they felt like physical power, which could affect the physical plane. This was not how Profound Laws were explained to him nor how they operated.

Suddenly, everything that had occurred while he was in his absent minded tranquil state was revealed to him by Jasmine. The ceremony, the Elements, the kiss, not a single piece of information was left out.

Cesar figured out the reason for the change. Inside his Soul and Mind, the True Body of Jasmine was etched with such clarity to the point of being life like. Yin, Yang, and Earth were also present, but they were all located beneath Jasmine. Yin and Yang didn't offer any insights into themselves, because with Jasmine, they would be an open book to Cesar. The Heavens wouldn't allow such blatant help. Cesar would have to figure out their Profound Laws by himself. But Yin and Yang would nurture his Soul. This would also help Jasmine...  

The past. The present. The Future - was all just information or potential information. The Material, Ethereal, and Spiritual were likewise, all information. The Heavens – The Earth – The Omniverse, all information. Everything was information.  

This was a powerful and profound notion. A mind would never be able to comprehend such a revelation. Not even a mind like Cesar's. But he didn't need to understand, because Jasmine could understand for him while he would gain the benefits. She was the Goddess of Information after all.

The brand of Jasmine being etched into his Mind and Soul would actualize the Nomological Truths! The Profound Laws would see light in the Physical Plane!

This also presented relief in Cesar's ever worrying mind. Due to Karmic relations, no other entity, be it Cultivator or otherwise was able to see the Elements or their affect on his Dantian during the ceremony. The Yin and Yang fluctuations would naturally attract attention but it was the anger of the Heavens that would attention of powerful Desolate Beasts. Fluctuations of Yin and Yang did not usually occurred in breakthrough, but rather in confrontations and battles!

The anger of the Heavens was a rare event. So rare in fact, that even the ancient families of The World didn't know the cause of this anger. Naturally, the Heavens would not act out without reason. A heaven defying treasure? A forbidden Cultivation technique? A Dark Dao? They didn't know. If they were able to understand the reasons for anger, they would become closer to understanding the Heavens.

It was this anger that Cesar feared would bring a type of trouble that he would not be able to deal with. It would only be a matter of time before reclusive and powerful Families would come to investigate! Not to mention, powerful Desolate Beasts would do the same!

His Yin and Yang bodies and Meridian Veins would stay concealed as long as he covered his body and Dantian with his Aura and Spiritual Pressure. Even covering his body in Energy would do the trick. In front of a truly powerful expert however, Cesar feared he would become an open book to read, that the powerful expert would be able to over power his Aura and Spiritual Pressure!

Lily sat behind him. He could feel the fluctuations of Yin energy staring to occur in the atmosphere. She was entering the Nascent Profound Realm! The fluctuations were much more viscous and overbearing compared to his breakthrough. He didn't know how long the breakthrough would last.

Cesar used the little time remaining to prepare. He didn't know just how much his body had advanced when he entered the Xiantian Profound Realm. But he remembered that killing thousands of normal Desolate Beasts had cost him his life multiple times. He had also used each ounce of his strength which he could not currently do. If Cultivators show up and see him using multiple Elements and Supreme techniques, it would jeopardize his and Lily's life if that information were to spread to powerful Kingdoms and families.

Yet their lives were now in danger. The more time he spent fighting in the same place, the more enemies that would come to investigate. While Yin and Yang fluctuations might confuse Desolate Beasts, the Yin energy fluctuations wouldn't. They basically told any Desolate Beast that a breakthrough was happening, a powerful one at that. A calm resolution filled his every pore. Yang energy filled Cesar's Elementary Profound sword and it released a humming sound in excitement.

The first enemy to reach Cesar did not come from the air or land, but from within the ground. Even though multiple Aura's covered Cesar, Desolate Beasts wouldn't all attack at the same time in fear of this being a trap.

Since Desolate Beasts used Energy to strengthen their bodies, their Aura's were used more as a tool for scouting purposes.

Cesar felt the vibrations coming from deep within the Earth. A cold smile surfaced on his face. He could feel the Earth in a 10km deep radius as if it was his own body. Beyond that was point, only blurry images came back to him.

He could see the Desolate Beast coming straight towards Lily. It was an ambush. It would swallow Lily in a single bite and run back to its territory to infuse her Energy into itself.

The hard ground seemed like a swimming pool as the Desolate Beast dug through the hard rock with ease and speed. It looked like a 6 meter tall scorpion, smaller than Cesar would have predicted. Its body was pure red, as if carved from a giant ruby. Cesar could tell the protective measures of the Desolate Beasts body were no joke.  

Normally, the Red Ruby Scorpion would never come into the lower levels of The Boundary Of Death. But the situation was too unusual and curiosity got the better of it. When it sensed the powerful Yin fluctuations, the Desolate Beast become ecstatic at its luck. Only an idiot would turn down a free gourmet meal that would ensure a rise in power!

Cesar didn't want to meet the Desolate Beast underground. He wasn't afraid, but he needed to become a one man fortress. If he went underground, who would protect Lily from Desolate Beasts that would attack Lily from the air or land? No one! She would die. General Calix, Desmond, Blake, Lisa, they would also all die!

No. Cesar could not go underground. But he looked at his sword. He could feel the mental connection to the sword. Elementary Profound swords were used as flying swords. No matter the distance, as long as a mental connection was present, a Cultivator would be able to control them!

Cesar looked at the Desolate Beast with a cold smile. He started obstructing the Desolate Beast with more Earth. It wouldn't stop the Desolate Beast, but it would slow it down.

Cesar took a stance, placing his sword above his head, aiming it towards the ground, his eyes squared on the Desolate Beast with hatred. Yin and Yang energy started to swirl around the sword like a drill. Underneath the Yin and Yang energy, Lightning traveled through the metal surface of the sword, which acted like a conductor. Pressurized Water coated the metal surface of the sword, which also amplified the Lightning!

Pressurized Water was used to cut Diamonds on Earth! Cesar hadn't used water in attacking purposes because all the methods were lethal beyond compare! In the different states of matter, water had infinite uses! They were a part of his trump card!  

Lastly, his Will entered the sword.

Elementary Profound swords reacted to their handlers with intelligence. Spirits were usually placed in Elementary Profound swords. This meant that the swords each had enough intelligence to obey their masters orders. The orders within Cesar's Will were simple.


His muscles tensed. Time slowed down. The path of the Desolate Beast was calculated. With perfect usage of his muscles and tendons, Cesar threw the Elementary Profound sword in his hands like a spear!

Time had slowed down due to the increased flow of information in Cesar's mind. This not only helped Cesar see the situation with more clarity, but with the greater presence of mind, it allowed Cesar to preform multiple actions within the short time constraints. He carefully controlled the Earth, splitting the Earth open, opening a pathway for his sword! There was also no wind resistance obstructing the sword since he could control Wind!

It would be impossible for Cesar's attack to reach the Desolate Beast if his sword had to plow through the hard rock. Even if it did reach the Desolate Beast, the Energy in his sword would have long dissipated. That would be like attacking the Desolate Beast with a wet noodle! Useless beyond compare!  

On one side, the Desolate Beast was clawing towards Lily with hunger in it's eyes. She was advancing towards the Nascent Profound Realm. That meant she already had a foot inside the illustrious Realm. If the Desolate Beast devoured her Dantian, it would greatly increase its strength!  

The Elementary Profound sword raced towards the Desolate Beast like a silent ninja, with a deadly killing intent! The Desolate Beast dare have malicious intent towards Lily? Death upon it!

The Desolate Beast sensed danger but it was too late!


The Desolate Beasts shell was too hard! The Elementary Profound sword couldn't directly cut through the Desolate Beast like butter! Hundreds of years of infusing Energy into its armour shell had made it tough beyond compare! But the resistance only lasted a moment! The Yin and Yang energy, the Lightning, the pressurized Water were just too much! The attack was just too well thought out! The Desolate made sounds of death while it was cooked, frozen, and all its neurons and cells were treated to the power of Lightning!

The attack hadn't been aimed towards a non consequential part of the Desolate Beast's body like the arms or legs. The attack was perfectly calculated as it aimed towards the skull, which contained the brain!

The pressurized Water went to work, ending the Desolate Beast's misery and pain. The skull and brain were soon made into sludge. Sensing that the deed was done, the Elementary Profound sword dislodged itself out the Desolate Beast and made it's way back to Cesar.  

All the while, Cesar was using his Wind element to cover Lily's ears. No sound wave would reach her ears, allowing her remain in a perfect mental condition to breakthrough. The chair that Lily sat on served a similar purpose, but absorbed vibrations instead. This would place her in a make-shift vacuum!

His Aura was constantly sending Love, Calmness, Security and other positive emotions into Lily's mind. During times of tension, mental demons could cause irreversible damage in Cultivation. Lily would naturally worry about Cesar and the danger she was subjecting towards him. For all she knew, Cesar was fighting with his life on the life! Of course Lily wouldn't be able to concentrate on her breakthrough!

Cesar's attentive care towards her showed results, and soon he sensed Lily had calmed down and entered an absent minded state!

"Do you best Lily. I'll be here for you!" Cesar thought.

Cesar stopped projecting his Aura towards her, because any influence might awake her from her meditative state. He needed to let her concentrate towards her breakthrough.

The Tribulations of The Heavens were not always direct. The Heavens wouldn't send Lightning bolts that would put the Cultivators life in danger. No, the Heavens were more subtle. The Heavens would subject the Cultivator to danger. Danger didn't have a single face. It wasn't a singular enemy. It was like increasing the difficulty on a video game. Enemies become more dangerous and frequent. Time limits are shortened and a plethora of other dangers would appear. It was an overall increase, and that was more dangerous because Cultivators wouldn't be able to predict what would happen next!

Cesar was in that situation. The Heavens could have retracted their anger, but didn't. It was on purpose!

Soon, more Desolate Beasts had appeared as enemies. They didn't attack Cesar, but waited for an opportunity. They surrounded Cesar, Lily and the party like a cage. They had all heard the miserable cries of the Red Ruby Scorpion and had no desire to attack, so stayed at a safe distance. But there was strength in numbers. All the Cultivators in the Boundary of Death had made their way to the Capital. It was a single Desolate Beast that put Cesar's hairs on end.


Cesar's eyes radiated intensity that bordered on madness as he watched the King Raven that was 10 meters wide with a wingspan that was another 20 meters! It was an Elite Desolate Beast! The King Raven's feathers reflected light like darkened steel and each feather was like a sharpened dagger!

The King Raven looked at Lily with unyielding greed as it floated in the air! Even to an Elite Desolate Beast, the Dantian of a Nascent Profound Realm Cultivator would greatly help the King Raven's Cultivation! Cesar had no choice but to stay in the same position! He couldn't move out, because it would leave Lily in a vulnerable position to attack but it allowed him time to plan out his next moves.

As the King Raven swept its gaze towards Lisa, Blake, Desmond and General Calix, they all uncontrollably shivered! It was a natural response, and the King Raven treated them like ants, completely ignoring them.

"D... Do... Do your best Cesar" Blake stuttered his words of encouragement.  

"We're having roasted bird tonight!" General Calix said. There was no amusement or lightheartedness in his words. His tone was bleak.

The others however, just looked at General Calix with a blank face. From their perspective, his tone and words were said in utter confidence! Like mere facts! Even in the desperate situation, they ended up cracking small smiles. Their weapons however, were tightly held in their hands. Even if they were to die, they would die fighting!

Show weakness to hide strength! Cesar did not project his Aura in a threatening manner like a mother bear protecting her cub! No. Cesar waited and bid his time. Desolate Beasts dare have malicious intent towards Lily? They might as well be walking corpses!

A single look from the King Raven made Cesar's bones shake! Just the presence alone sent chills up his spines.

Calculations were speeding inside Cesar's mind. Jasmine had stopped working on decoding the Blood Pill, creating another stream of consciousness and his other personality. Instead, she had linked her mind with his, so Cesar would instantly get the results of her calculations! She was putting her entire brain power towards the situation, and with that, a cold threatening smile lifted itself from Cesar's face because the odds Jasmine had calculated were currently in his favor. But he could no longer hold back. Each ounce of his strength was needed to survive and defend.

As a scouting move, the King Raven flapped its wings with purpose, which dislodged several sharp feathers that headed towards Cesar with full intent to kill! Even though this looked like a simple move, the flap of it's wings and the few sharp feathers were enough to kill a 1st stage Elementary Profound Realm Cultivator!

Cesar used his element of Earth to slingshot compressed rocks along with his Wind element to change the feathers trajectory. He couldn't show too much of his strength, which is why he redirected the King Ravens feathers and not stopped them in their tracks. This would show that while Cesar had strength, it wasn't enough to stop the King Ravens full assault and power. Cesar had to wait for the King Raven to come within the range on his Aura, then he could gut the stupid bird feather by feather.

As it was previously mentioned, Cesar's attacks transcended Cultivation. The reason for this was because his attacks were based in logic and the Laws of Physics. They transcended Cultivation, just like the art of killing did.

Yet the King Raven didn't irrationally dive towards Cesar. A young boy capable of controlling wind and Earth? What an unusual combination. Not to mention, the young Cultivator wasn't in despair being surrounded by such a force like a trapped rat.

The King Raven coerced the other Desolate Beast in attacking Cesar with the threat of death and a piercing gaze.

So the siege started. One after the other, Desolate Beasts fought against Cesar with their lives on the line. Yet this was the wrong tactic against Cesar. A war of attrition was the worst option. With Jasmine regulating his body, fatigue wouldn't ever be Cesar's enemy. After about a dozen deaths on the Desolate Beasts side, the King Raven also realized that prolonging the battle wouldn't help. Not to mention, the there was a time limit until Lily would no longer be vulnerable. The Desolate Beasts had to consume Lily's Dantian before she makes her breakthrough, because afterwards, Lily would most likely kill all the Desolate Beasts in rage and contempt.  

"Holy shit!" Blake exclaimed. His fear was turning into excitement.

"Strong." Lisa held back her true judgement. Genius wouldn't even begin to describe her evaluation of Cesar. Her eyes were glued to the battlefield.

General Calix and Desmond looked at Cesar with wide eyes. They simply had no words left in their mouths.    

No risk? No reward! Strength was even more important to Desolate Beasts who lived in the laws of the jungle their entire lives!

With a majestic battle-cry, the King Raven seemed to give morale to the other Desolate Beasts. Hearing the plight of the Elite Desolate Beast, the normal Desolate Beasts all rushed in, trying to overwhelm Cesar. They all felt danger, but they would found imaginary security in their superior numbers.

Cesar waited with a calmness that seemed to defy reality. Closer and closer they came, until finally, they were all in the confines on his Aura. Even the King Raven had rushed in from the air, thinking it had the superior position!

The mind was a complex yet delicate system. Jasmine had once told him that an Aura could be used to activate the pleasure centers of the mind, causing an instant orgasm. The Aura could be used as an emotional language. It was almost at the state of low level telepathy.

Yet, if there were pleasure centers in the mind, there were also pain sensors and centers. What Cesar used on the Desolate Beasts wasn't a physical attack, but a mental one.

Using perfect control, Cesar broke through each Desolate Beasts mental defenses like paper. While their physical defenses were extraordinary, their mental defenses couldn't compare. That wasn't to say that their mental defenses were inadequate. No, against someone who didn't understand the mind as well as Cesar, their mental defenses would have sufficed. This wasn't a matter of power, control or finesse, it was a matter of knowledge!

The Desolate Beasts stopped dead in their tracks and what followed were a symphony of wails.

But screams were words, which simply bellowed in the wind, extinguishing in vibrations.

The Desolate Beasts felt like their entire bodies were set on fire. While that might not have killed them, they could no longer fight back! They were defenseless, utterly at the whim of Cesar's will!

Their fates had been decided. Cesar took that moment to not relish in their torment, but to know that their malicious intent towards Lily had been punished.

Since the Desolate Beasts could no longer resist, Cesar simply squeezed his Aura around their minds, turning them to pulp. Instant death. They all dropped dead to the floor, bleeding from their ears, eyes, nose and mouth. The King Raven had the frozen look of unimaginable pain as it dropped to the ground at terminal velocity.

All the Essence was collected, but not absorbed. Cesar used his control over Earth to gather the corpses into one place within the ground, leaving only bloodstains on the land as evidence of the massacre.

Another wave of enemies were making their way towards Lily's position. She had still not broken through to the Nascent Profound Realm.

It seemed the Heavens wrath was still not over. Over the horizons, Cesar could see dark clouds forming, churning.

A storm was brewing.            


I tried to be rational with the Nomological Truths, an improvement from the Chinese Authors (TMW) I hope. The Main Character should already have the basic inklings of some Nomological Truths since he's already lived another life on Earth.

Thank you for the kind words about my fathers health. I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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