An A.I Is Such A Cheat In The Martial World!



Chapter 22 - Calm Before The Storm (5) - Heavenly Phoenix Flames!


Authors Note: Real life really is getting in the way of writing but there's nothing I can do except ride the turbulent and calm waves of life. Cheers!


Lexis Flame invited Cesar into the his personal Alchemy room.

From Cesar opening the door, and stepping into the room, only 3 seconds had passed.

But in those mere 3 seconds, the creation process of Alchemy had been firmly planted in Cesar's mind.

Due to the overload of information and the influx of thoughts inside Cesar's mind, those 3 seconds seemed like hours.

In those 3 seconds, not only had Cesar understood the process of Alchemy, but he had played the process in his mind over and over again. Since mental thoughts and simulations automatically accumulated into physical muscle memories, Cesar felt like he had already been an Alchemist for years.

Being able to turn the process of Alchemy into muscle memory was an ability Alchemists dreamed of. There were huge differences with simply learning Alchemy, and knowing it to the point of muscle memory. Cesar, who had watched just one Elixir being created for the first time, had already procured muscle memory about Alchemy. Not to mention, it wasn't normal muscle memory. Due to bad foundations and bad repetition, unwanted muscle memory could be built. But what Cesar had was selective, upgradable muscle memory. Since Jasmine could just get rid of any unwanted patterns or muscle memory on command, Cesar would only advance his talent, and not accidentally deteriorate it.

In the same amount of time, Cesar had also created a mental list of the advantages he harboured over other Cultivators in Alchemy, including Lexis Flame, the Flame family Patriarch!

The problem was the amount of talent Cesar could show Lexis. Cesar couldn't show too much since it might become a problem in the future. Even with Mental Bindings and barriers stopping Cultivators such as Lexis from spreading or revealing information about him, there was still the chance that the low level bindings the village currently used were just not enough.

Cesar wanted some more time to think about the upcoming situation and his wish was granted.

Lexis had been one of the few Cultivators that had not seen the current Cesar. He had heard that Lily and Cesar had brought back tamed King Ranked Ferocious Beasts along with hundreds of King Ranked Ferocious Beast corpses. His understanding of the situation was that Lily had done all the work. Since she was a powerhouse he had never seen the likes of before. The last time Lexis had seen Cesar, he had been just a boy. Now, Lexis saw that Cesar had become a fully grown man, handsome beyond compare. Cesar had blossomed, and Lexis could tell that even the current him was no match for the young adult before him.

Cesar had gone through a metamorphism in only a week.

Lexis had never seen such a sight in his entire life. So in his moment of incomprehension, he just blankly stared at Cesar.

After a few moments, Lexis seemed to collect himself in embarrassment. This had been the first time in years since he had left himself completely defenseless. Cesar could have walked up to him and used his hands to crush his neck and he wouldn't have been able to react.

Not bearing to look at Cesar for the moment, Lexis took out a scroll and handed it to Cesar.

“This is our Flame family technique for summoning and controlling Yang flames. We'll need to give it to villagers who have talent in Yang flames and since you're my personal disciple, for what that's worth, you won't have to go through a soul and mind contract.” Lexis said.

After a moment, Lexis thought for a moment and just looked at Cesar, and asked “Do you even need our technique?”

“No.” Was Cesar all he said. He didn't want to mention that he didn't need a technique to use and control his Yang flames. He just wanted to let Lexis assume that Lily had given him a godly technique. Since he'll also be using Yang energy and flames in the capital, he didn't need to be secretive with his Yang flames.

“Show me your flames” Lexis said apprehensively. The look on his face gave conflicting messages. He didn't want to assume much, but knowing the power Lily had shown him, he knew not to underestimate Cesar.

'Like attract like'. Monsters attract monsters. Geniuses congregate geniuses. This was almost common sense in the world.

Cesar brought out his hand, and summoned his Yang flames. They were pure golden, almost the majestic sun itself.

Lexis breathed deeply as his eyes opened in surprise, once again. “Heavenly Phoenix Flame!” He exclaimed!

As soon as Lexis realized what he had just said, a touch of envy, jealousy, and madness entered his eyes.

“The Heavens are truly unfair.” Lexis said between his teeth. But a certain piece of information entered his mind at that moment. Cesar was his personal disciple! Even if it had been a joke before, Cesar was his personal disciple, no matter how that had come about!

His personal disciple had Heavenly Phoenix Flames!  

Lexis started laughing hysterically. Every time he would pause a moment to catch his breath, he'd see Cesar's Heavenly Phoenix Flames and would just go back to laughing! Lexis no longer thought that the heavens were unfair. He even thanked his past life's Karma.  

Cesar didn't think that Lexis had gone mad. He just waited for Lexis to explain what was so special about his flames. He knew they were different. His flames were pure golden while the flames Lexis used were red in colour. His flames were of a higher grade, in terms of purity and intensity compared to the flames Lexis used, but they didn't seem special enough garner such a reaction from Lexis. At least, Cesar didn't think so.

“Heavenly Phoenix Flames are a true treasure Cesar. Gaining accomplishments in Alchemy will only be a matter of time. Forget the Capital, even if you go to reclusive Alchemy clans or dominant Kingdoms, you can still have an esteemed position! Come, let's get you started on Alchemy immediately!” Lexis said. He had a change of heart. It seemed some sort of twisted fate, gaining a personal disciple with Heavenly Phoenix Flames in this small village.

“I know you want to know more information on the Heavenly Phoenix Flames Cesar. But I am not qualified to tell you. The world of Alchemy is vast. I'm a mere qualified Apprentice. You are destined to have a vast future in Alchemy and go far beyond I have. You have to learn about the Heavenly Phoenix Flames by yourself or allow a Grand Master Alchemist to teach you. Regardless, allow me to welcome you to the world of Alchemy.” Lexis said.

The beginning Titles of Alchemy were Apprentice, Master and Grand Master. After being an Alchemist for all his life, Lexis was still only a qualified Apprentice. That showed the steep mountain and endless road that was Alchemy.

The next 20 minutes were wasted with Lexis explaining the pure basics of Alchemy to Cesar. Cesar's only choice was to listen since he didn't want to explain why he already knew the information.      

Lexis also seemed to hurry with the explanations. Learning from practical experience was always better than explaining with words, Lexis understood that. But in those 20 minutes, Cesar learned more. Even with his talent and numerous advantages, he was only beginning his journey with Alchemy.

Lexis then explained what he wanted Cesar to create first. It was a simple Food Replacement Pill but it was crucial to Cultivators. A single mistake could make the Pill poisonous and Cultivators always made sure to have extra in their pouches. In the world of Alchemy, it was a Pill that Alchemists started their journey on.

It was made from 4 herbs. Those herbs were common and the Pill could be made in batches.
Lexis demonstrated the process of creating a Food Replacement Pill. At the same time, he demonstrated the entire beginning process of Alchemy. Cleaning the Cauldron, preheating the Cauldron to the correct temperature, and preparing the ingredients. The preparation was as crucial as creating the Elixirs themselves. The process became repetitive to the point of becoming a ritual.

Lexis made sure that Cesar also learned the ritual. It was integral to Alchemy.

Because the Pill was simple to make, Lexis talked about the process of Alchemy along with the creation of the Pill. Cesar carefully listened, and incorporated the information into his own understanding of Alchemy. Of course, Cesar was also using his Energy and X-ray vision to gain the maximum understanding the words Lexis told him.

What Lexis showed Cesar were the basics of the basics. Even the Elixir Lexis had created before could be considered low level Alchemy.

It was soon Cesar's turn to make the Pill. Lexis knew better than to assume Cesar would do well since it was his first time. But Cesar's thoughts went in a completely different direction. He was forcing himself to do worse than what he could actually do in reality.

Cesar began with summoning his Flame and surrounding his Heavenly Phoenix Flames, which were the purest Yang flames possible. Lexis seemed to worship the flames with his eyes.

As Cesar's flames surrounded the bronze coloured Copper Cauldron, Lexis was forced to take several steps back due to the intensity of the flames. Cesar's own flames were harmless to him. His cloths however, weren't fireproof and Cesar had secretly coated the insides of his cloths with water to prevent them from catching fire. Slowly, Cesar did as instructed and added in the herbs in proper order. The difficulty in making the Pill was timing. But Cesar, who could directly see inside the Cauldron without the Flames obstructing his vision, could add the ingredients in order with complete ease. Not to mention, there was no focal point in Cesar's vision. This meant he could see the entire state of the Cauldron at once. Cesar made sure to burn some parts of the ingredients but not completely char them.

It was in this moment that Cesar saw the first advantage of his Heavenly Phoenix Flames.

Lexis could only alter and affect the physical states of the ingredients inside. He wasn't able to alter the energy state. Cesar however, was able to alter the energy states inside the Cauldron. Cesar was able to add the pure Yang energy of his flames inside the simple Pill!

Cesar could turn simple Pills into Cultivation Elixirs...

So now, not only did the Pill become a replacement for food, it also gave the Cultivator the purest Yang energy possible.

How that Energy would react with the physical herbs in the Cauldron, and then the Pill would end up interacting with the physical body... Cesar had no idea.

Alchemy changed both the states of matter and Energy. Cesar would only know the intricacies by experimenting... Which he wanted desperately to do! He wanted the ingredients, a lone room with a Cauldron, and time to hone his talent! Some peace and quite would also be beneficial.

Soon, the entire concoction of ingredients had turned into a cesspool of liquid without the tiniest bit of impurities. After only letting tiny bits of his Yang energy pour into the Pill, as would the situation normally occur, did Cesar complete the Pill. Cesar opened the compartment and let the liquid flow into the cooling compartment.

Cesar calculated that the Pill would be 35% effective. The Pill that Lexis had created, was only 60% efficient. 100% efficiency was the perfect Pill. In this case, a 100% efficient Food Replacement Pill would be the greatest Food Replacement Pill possible. Cesar thought 35% efficiency would be enough to demonstrate his talent without overwhelming Lexis.

But it didn't matter to Lexis. Once the Pill had hardened, Lexis shot off like a rocket with the excitement he displayed. He went from speechlessness, to singing words of praise about Cesar's control and talent, to examining the completed Pill and going through the entire motion all over again.

But Cesar's mind was in another place. There was a single piece of advantage Cesar had thought of that overwhelmed him. It made him excited beyond compare. It was combining his talent with Alchemy along with Lily's ability to control and purify Ferocious Beast Blood.

At this exact moment, Lily had hundreds of tons of liters of Elite Ferocious Beast Blood which were completely purified. The plan was to sell all that blood in the Capital... But Cesar imagined the outcome of turning the purified Ferocious Beast Blood into either Yang or Yin energy! Cesar couldn't wait to tell Lily his idea! Not to mention, with his ability of control, the Blood Essence wouldn't degrade in the conversion!

But he calmed himself down. There was still too much to learn and Lexis was just getting in the way. He couldn't bring out his full potential and Cesar wanted to start experimenting!

So Cesar just asked for a separate room with a Cauldron and the ingredients. Lexis couldn't be more happier! He didn't care about the cost. His future 'face' was at stake! He was the first master of such a genius! He gave Cesar his personal room, the ingredients as well as a tome of the general knowledge of common ingredients and recipes! He told Cesar to stick to the book because going off paths could lead to hazardous situations like creating poisons and other dangers. Of course, he would stay in a nearby Alchemy room since he wanted to be close enough to Cesar to help him in times of trouble and continue doing his own Alchemy. Cesar and Lily would be leaving in a few days and Lexis wanted them to have enough Elixirs and Pills to have a safe journey. How would the Capital meet his genius personal disciple otherwise?!

But Cesar was smiling instead. He was now alone with the Cauldron... Along with Jasmine being with him. This was the first time Cesar would be doing science in this world, and he was doing it with Jasmine. She was always watching, even if she was occupied with something else.

The memories and nostalgia went through Cesar like tidal waves. Being a scientist was a core part of him. And now, he was put into a position where his strengths would shine brightly! His thirst for knowledge raged through him like a virus overtaking his mind, turning him into a single purpose being!

Cesar put himself into Alchemy with abandonment. His journey into Alchemy had started!  


This is it. This is the last 'calm' chapter. The next chapter will be a short time skip! From this point on, there will be constant action and suspense!

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