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Cesar was able to not only use his eyes to see the energy around him, but also flick through the fabrics of reality like T.V channels.

This was another advantage that Cesar had not used to the massive potential it contained.

Normal Cultivators would at most be able to sense the energy around them, particularly, the specific energy they Cultivated. They might have Cultivation techniques that allowed them to have night vision or heat vision.

What Jasmine had given Cesar was fate changing ability. If it had been a technique that could be learned, then not to mention the human Cultivation world, even the Desolate World would have went to war trying to gain such a heaven shaking technique.

The World was made up of infinite 'fabrics'. Being able to see, interact, learn and eventually alter those 'fabrics' gave unparalleled advantage to the person being able to directly see them. This was especially true in the future Realms of Cultivation, where learning the Profound Laws of the world crucial to advancing and having accomplishments.

If a person was able to see the Profound Laws in action in front of them, then learning about those laws would only be a matter of time. This was an advantage Cesar had.

Since Lily had known what Cesar was about to do, she smiled warmly. A few tears even rained down her eyes. It hurt her emotionally, mentally and physically at not being able to help Cesar with his Cultivation. Even though Lily knew that Cesar was doing this to better the Cultivation techniques of the village, learning about her Cultivation technique would also help him immensely in the future with his own Cultivation.

The Cultivation technique she was currently using was the accumulation of the tens of thousands of years of hard work, countless resources, and the blood and sweat of the entire Cultivation world. Millions of Cultivators had made themselves into experiment subjects over the tens of thousands of years to better the technique she was using.

Lily knew that Cesar wouldn't reveal the secrets he would learn from her Storm families Cultivation technique. She worried a little however, because he didn't have a powerful mental barrier set up.

Cesar would just better the existing Cultivation techniques of the village. He might even better the Storm family Cultivation technique, which was already the apex of the Cultivation world. That was just Lily's personal hope however.

As Lily closed as her eyes, went into a calm state of mind and started Cultivating, Cesar shifted one eyes into his energy vision along with being able to see Aura, and the other eye went into seeing Lily's Spiritual Connection.

As Cesar began decoding Lily's, or rather, the Storm families strongest Cultivation technique, he saw a majestic sight.

Lily began with projecting her Aura into the space around her in a spherical shape, trying to reach as far out as she could. She projected her will on the world, claiming the space for herself!  

This was the first step in the Cultivation of the Dantian. Taking personal hold of a small part of the universe!

Then her Spiritual Connection overlapped the projected Aura. This seemed to give Lily authority over the space. It also seemed to connect Cultivation base to that area! Since Lily Cultivated Yin energy, all the Yin energy inside the space, as well as the Yin energy traveling through that space, became attracted to Lily!

Lily became the center of the space she had created! She became the center of her small universe!

Cesar, seeing the process, immediately yelled 'The Laws of Attraction!' inside his mind.

'Like attracts like.' The Spiritual Connection and Aura were different sides of the same coin! They were both domains! They weren't Yin and Yang, where opposites attract, but where the similar attract to each other!

The blue coloured swirls of Yin energy seemed to see Lily as their Empress, and willingly marched towards her, wanting to become a part of her Cultivation seemingly on their own volition! They were soldiers becoming the army and power of Lily!

But it didn't end there. Lily purposely seemed to slow down the steps of her Cultivation, allowing Cesar to see the extraordinary secrets inside her Cultivation method!

The concoction of Aura and Spiritual Connection started spiraling into a vortex, becoming a raging tornado that pulled the Yin energy towards Lily at an amazing speed. This increased the absorption of Yin energy many times over. The Yin energy seemed to scream in glee while riding the roller coaster Lily had created.

The Yin energy was not longer marching towards her, but running at full speed!

The spinning vortex became faster, drawing even more Yin energy towards Lily!

The Yin energy seemed to go towards 11 different directions.

'The Meridians!' Cesar exclaimed. He was learning more and more about the process of Cultivation.

The soles of the feet. The knees. The palms of the hands. The elbows. The shoulders. Lily had opened 10 Meridians, and she also used the breathing of her nose to directly absorb the Yin energy. These were the 'directions' that the Yin energy went to.

Unlocking each Meridian was exponentially more difficult than the last. Lily, having opened 10 at such a young age, was definitely a genius! Not to mention, the openings of the Meridians had occurred years ago, when the Storm family had been still alive!    

Lily practiced the 2nd iteration of Yin energy, Frost/Ice Cultivation. As the Yin energy traveled through the Meridians, the energy became compressed, purified, and traveled into her Dantian.

Cesar couldn't see what occurred inside Lily's Dantian but he could see the circulation of Yin energy inside her body. Lily wasn't using her Aura and Spiritual Connection to block Cesar's vision of what was occurring inside her body.

The Spiritual Connection covering her Dantian was beyond Lily's control however.    

Cesar noticed that Lily circulated the Yin energy throughout her Meridians, which acted like filters, until the energy reach a certain level of purity. Then, Lily would direct the energy into her Dantian.

The Yin energy also followed a special circulatory system inside Lily's body.

On the outside, without Cesar's unique vision advantage, Lily just seemed like she was sitting cross legged with her eyes closed.

'Brilliant' Cesar thought. As he understood more about the methods of Cultivation, Cesar could see the impressiveness of Lily's Cultivation method.

If Lily had heard Cesar's words of praise, she would have disagreed. The Cultivation technique was the result of countless sacrifice. Oceans of blood and sweat were behind her Cultivation method. It was the fruit of thousands of years of hard work. The result of trail and error. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that tens of thousands of her ancestors lives were lost because of the errors made along the way. There was no brilliance involved, just desperation and pure determination.  

Lily was the final member of her family. The weight of the thousands of years of history was on her lone shoulders. It was her duty as the Family Head to advance and revive the glory of her family. She owed it to her mother, father, siblings and ancestors.  

Lily just opened her eyes and nodded at Cesar. She had done her part, now, the rest and the eventual result was now in Cesar's hands.  

Since General Calix's hut was right beside theirs, Cesar decided that he would first compare Lily's Cultivation method to General Calix's.

General Calix, like Lily, was silently Cultivating, just without the aid of Elixirs. A certain couple had solitary control over the Elixir production at the moment. Sensing Cesar coming towards him, he opened his eyes and a warm smile appeared on his face.

“I would call you a brat, but you no longer look like one. But you're still a brat.” General Calix chided while smirking.

“Glad you haven't gone senile yet old man. But I guess it's only a matter of time before you go bonkers.” Cesar jabbed back, displaying a similar smirk.  

General Calix was one of the few people Cesar could joke with. This had created a bond between the two that Cesar had appreciated.

“Ah... It seemed like only a week ago where you were small enough that I could give you a spanking for disrespecting your elders.” General Calix said while laughing. “What can I do for you lad.” He continued.

“I'm actually here to do you a favour Calix.” Cesar said seriously.

“You've already done enough for this old man. But I'd be a fool to turn down a free favour, especially from you.” General Calix said with a glint in his eyes.

“Use your Cultivation method step by step, slowly. Don't ask for details or more information. The instructions are quite simple really.” Cesar said. He knew, the more information he revealed, the more dangerous the situation could become in the future. There wasn't much danger in the situation but it was just a safety precaution on Cesar's part.  

General Calix just nodded as he saw the seriousness Cesar displayed.

When General Calix slowly went through his Cultivation method, Cesar saw the massive difference between the two Cultivation techniques. The Aura General Calix projected was contained close to the body. General Calix didn't use his Spiritual Connection to attract the Yang energy. He only had 3 Meridians opened. He didn't even use his Meridians to absorb energy, and only used his nose and breath to absorb Yang energy. He also only circulated the Yang energy a single time throughout his Meridians before he transferred the energy into his Dantian.

Just a few pointers later, only 5 minutes of changing the technique, looking for limitations and making other small alternations was all it took, was all that was needed before the technique General Calix used improved over 5 times the original technique.

Not to mention, Cesar pointed out the location of 7 more Meridians. That information was priceless.

Cesar learned that talent was important for Cultivation. Some of the improvements, like more control over his Aura or Spiritual Connection, or better control over the Yang element, weren't possible for General Calix. Cultivation also depended on a persons talent and potential.

But General Calix, who had improved the Cultivation technique he had been using most of his life, in mere 5 minutes, by over 5 times, had a moment of complete incomprehension. He had an idea of what Cesar was was planning, but the miracle Cesar had created had blown over his head. His mind just refused to accept the situation or the reality in front of him.

But finally, when he accepted reality, he immediately brought out a mental barrier and Soul seal from his Spacial Ring, and used them. The conditions placed on the seals were information about his newly improved Cultivation technique, any information about Cesar or Lily, and the favour Cesar had just bestowed upon him.

General Calix knew the severity and the value of the information Cesar just gave him. General Calix had lived long enough to know processing such precious information without having the power to protect that information was provoking death.

General Calix knew that this wasn't just a mere favour that Cesar had bestowed upon him. It was changing his fate, evolving his life and opening doors for the future, where they had been all closed just minutes before.

General Calix felt like he owned Cesar and Lily too much. The debt was too high to be paid back. Even the total worth of his life wasn't enough. Hell, he knew some old bastards in the capital that would start wars over the information Cesar had just given him.

What General Calix didn't know was that Cesar just made minor improvements to his Cultivation technique. He had left out a plethora of improvements that could have been made.  

General Calix sighed. Some people were just blessed by the heavens. Cesar and Lily belonged in that category. No. It was the other way around. That phrase had been created for people like them.

General Calix thought about what he could offer in return, and came up short. Even the Spacial Ring on his finger wasn't enough. Even the value of his life fell short.

“I'd give you my Spacial Ring, but it'll still be useless to you. Even if I sever my Spiritual Connection along with my energy connection, it's still bound to me by blood.” General Calix sadly said.

As Cesar processed the information, an explosion occurred in his mind!

Jasmine could decode General Calix's blood like she did the Ferocious Beast blood! Since General Calix was human, it would be even easier! Blood was no longer an obstacle!

Several thoughts and ideas flashed in Cesar's mind.

“Old man. I'm going try something. Take out the important and personal items in the ring.” Cesar simply said. Taking out the items was just a precaution.

General Calix didn't even try to assume what would happen next. Since he didn't have anything much of value, he took the junk out of his Space Ring. General Calix was certain that Cesar didn't want the items in his Spacial Ring.

So after General Calix was done with the task, he waited to see what miracle Cesar would preform next. Seeing General Calix's bright eyes, Cesar felt like a magician in front of a child, preforming his next magic trick.

Cesar's next idea dealt with The Heavenly Mirror and the absolute control over energy he acquired from it. The connections to the Spacial Ring that were still in the way were energy and Spiritual connections. Right now, he wanted to tackle the dilemma that was the energy connection!

Cesar summoned his own Yang energy, and tried to sever the energy connection General Calix has instilled over the Spacial Ring.  

Normally, this would be impossible but Cesar had The Heavenly Mirror along with his energy vision!

The energy connection General Calix had placed on the Spacial Ring snapped with ease under Cesar's Yang energy.

General Calix was startled when he felt the energy connection fade from the ring. Since the Spiritual Connection was used to gain entry and brand the Spacial Ring, Cesar knew that if he wanted, if could take General Calix's ring and gain control over it!

Even without a drop of General Calix's blood, human DNA was 99.9% the same! The Spacial Ring didn't have limits on the number of tires of gaining entry. This meant, sooner or latter, Jasmine would go through every combination of unique human blood until she would create a connection with the Spacial Ring!

With a drop of General Calix's blood however, access to the Spacial Ring was much simpler.

This brought about a world of possibilities for the future!

General Calix was confused with what happened, but somehow understood it was important. He knew that Cesar had once again done the impossible. He wondered just how many times Cesar would obliterate his view of the world.

Since it was evening, Cesar knew that he still had time to take a look at the process of how Alchemy was conducted, even if he didn't learn anything. He bid goodbye to General Calix, who was looking at Cesar with a strange look.

From General Calix's perspective, Cesar had acted like a deity, changing his fate for the better and asking nothing in return. Cesar didn't act like a devil, and didn't demand his soul or his life.

General Calix felt more thankful to Cesar than humanly possible. He knew, Cesar and Lily would shake the Cultivation world and become the focal points of the war against the Desolate Beasts in the future.

General Calix hoped that the Cultivators, families and clans would see the couple as an asset, and not make enemies out of them. General Calix had a feeling, an intuition, that making enemies out of Cesar and Lily was one of the worst possible outcomes imaginable.

Cesar, at that moment however, was planning how to covertly steal Spacial Rings in the future. The idea of killing Cultivators became more enticing, with reasoning applied to the situation of course.    


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