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As Cesar was feasting on the deliciously cooked King Ranked Ferocious Beast meat and making small talk with Lily, people and Cultivators started converging around them. Lily and Cesar were bright flames of life that attracted everyone to them. The old Cesar would have treated them like flies being attracted to the bright and glorious sun, himself; since he was the center of the universe. The current Cesar however, didn't show them contempt nor pity, but treated them like the humans they were.

Cesar enjoyed the hot food as it filled him with vitality and warmth. Since the food was cooked by Lily, it also filled him with a certain level of love and care. There was also something about food that connected with the human element inside Cesar. It seemed like the pattern recognition went beyond just physical pattern and need, since Jasmine had already removed them. No, this went deeper. DNA? The Soul? Cesar didn't know. But it was just an aloof thought and he simply enjoyed the meat.

Cesar noticed that Lily enjoyed talking and socializing with people. She was beginning to develop a radiant and loving personality that seemed to draw people in. Just like her mother. Or maybe it was the personality that had been long since locked up inside her heart, and it was finally showing its face. It had been years since Lily had engaged in relaxing and socializing behaviour. The curse of her families death had hung over her head, and if it hadn't been for Cesar being her bright light of life, Lily would have killed herself. Years of depression had taken a toll on her, and now, since the mournful chains had been removed, Cesar saw that she was returning to her true bright and colourful self. The traumatic situation with her family had advanced her mental maturity beyond her years but she had also wasted years of her life making arrows to pay the village tax and barely living life at all in the little hut.

As Lily opened up and talked with the villagers and Cultivators, Cesar also learned more about the overall situation of the village and the world. The human villagers, while themselves being human, understood the overall situation more comprehensively due to their vulnerable position. The villagers were ultimately forced to depend on the Cultivators of the village to ensure their lives against the Ferocious Beasts.

They considered themselves lucky for surviving so far due to their meager human strength and the overall strength of the village. A few King Ranked Ferocious Beasts could have come to their village and killed everyone. They understood that the weak were eaten while the strong lived. Laws of the jungle haunted their daily lives. This meant that Lily and Cesar were now bestowing them the opportunity to live. Before, their fates weren't in their hands. Now, their fates were partly in their own hands. The villagers knew that they didn't have access to great Cultivation techniques, so they knew their futures were bleak. Not to mention, children of the villagers truly gained a changing fate because of this opportunity. Foundations for Cultivation were built in a persons childhood and most of the villagers had passed that point due to their age.

They were no longer the truly weak and helpless. They had grown from rabbits who waited for their deaths to wolfs, who had claws and teeth to fight back. It would be still be a perilous journey of survival ahead of them, but some hope was better than none at all.

Cesar looked at Lily. She had told him that she didn't have Cultivation techniques for males to use. At that point in time, he didn't question the information. But now, after learning more about her family and her situation, he did. It wasn't that she didn't have Cultivation techniques that he could use. It was most likely that she couldn't tell him. The power of her family was beyond Cesar's imagination. Practically the entire human and Cultivator race in this world depended on the Storm family. Cesar didn't even try to guess the amount of people within the beck and call of the Storm family. It was impossible for Lily, the future heir and leader of the family, to not know the Cultivation techniques of her Storm family. Not only that, but Cesar knew that a powerful family would have different levels and sections to their family. The outer members would naturally get weaker Cultivation techniques compared to the inner and core members. He also understood that her powerful family would also have a pavilion or library of other techniques they may have acquired over the years.

Cesar didn't worry about her hiding information from him due to malicious reasons. He was beyond that. It was actually more likely that Lily had a powerful soul seal placed on her. It even made sense. At that time, she was just a child. Even with expensive and precious elixirs advancing her mental and physical maturity, she hadn't experienced the world enough. Her family feared that someone in their family, most likely the outer region, would force her to spill their core Cultivation techniques and other family secrets. Her own Bloodline was her families greatest fear. So a temporary, powerful soul and mind seal would get rid of their worries. It would also act as an inner seal, not allowing another Cultivator from forcefully remove information from her mind. Most likely, the plan of the Storm family that when Lily reached a certain age, they would remove the seal. Now that her family was dead, that seal was permanently placed on her soul.

The look she gave Cesar when the villagers mentioned Cultivation techniques answered all his question. Now he had another reason to study Soul Seals and mental bindings. His original goal was to study them. He could use his Soul Domain to dismantle the seals and study them piece by piece. Since they were virtual, they wouldn't effect his soul. With a little help from Jasmine, he would completely understand them. But it wouldn't end there. Cesar then wanted to alter them to his liking, with the final goal of being able to place them on any living creature without their consent. Cesar knew that there was room for improvement in the soul seals and mental bindings. The soul and mind were too complicated and unknown to the Cultivators of this world.

The reason Cesar even wondered about the Storm families Cultivation techniques was not because of him. It was because of the village. If Lily could impart the lowest Cultivation techniques she possessed, then the fate of the village would drastically change. The people of the village would go from surviving to thriving and more importantly, General Calix didn't need to die of old age. The old man had grown on both Cesar and Lily. While it was true that Cesar wouldn't die of old age, that wasn't because of his Cultivation. It was because of Jasmine regulating his body. He didn't know how many years Cultivation added to the age of the physical body, but he knew at the level of The Xiantian Profound Realm, it couldn't be more than 150 years. The estimation and extrapolation of such knowledge was due to Cesar seeing the state of General Calix's body.

Cesar understood that he didn't need Cultivation, not the Cultivation of this world anyways. It was just one way to reach the top. He had scientific knowledge and Jasmine with him. But he liked the concept of Cultivation. Taking the energy of the universe and incorporating it and taking it for yourself. It favoured personal power. The fate of a person was put into their hands to some degree.

Cesar also didn't need to focus on any one particular energy. Yang and Yin energy weren't the most potent energies that Cesar had knowledge of. Anti energies and Chaotic energies that were discovered on Earth were much more lethal, not to mention Void energy. An Energy Converter or an Energy Generator could also accomplish what the Cultivators of this world spend all their lives doing. This also meant that he didn't need to compete for the available Yin and Yang energy already present in the world. Of course, the future iterations of Yin and Yang energy were absolutely equal to the hierarchies of the energies Cesar knew. The power of Corrosion and Mutation, not to mention Annihilation and Creation, were the powers of Gods.

This allowed Cesar a type of freedom no one possessed. He wasn't chained down. But Cesar had decided that he would use both his knowledge and the Cultivation of this world to advance himself. He wanted to experience all the world had to offer before he became too powerful to care about such things. Before he no longer cared about mortality. This included the boring and the difficult. He had emotions, impulses and dreams of his own. He wanted the journey of his life to be eventful and colourful.

Not to mention, if one knew the type of energy and its properties, then creating techniques was just a matter of applying that energy in different situations. With his Energy Vision, Cesar was sure that he could better the Cultivation techniques for the village. He just needed to study how General Calix and Desmond Cultivated, and compare them to the Cultivation method Lily used.

Cesar had already extrapolated that Cultivation of the Diantian, the internal arts, or the process of taking the energy of the universe involved a Cultivators Aura, Spiritual Connection, and their ability to control the element of their Cultivation.

A person's Spiritual Connection was like their physical domain. Even though Cesar had complete control over Yin and Yang, he couldn't just grab the energy from other living Cultivators. This was because the energy was personal, connected to their living, breathing, conscious body.

But Cesar knew that once dead, the energy in a Cultivators Dantian could be his.

Such a world and its diction also gave insights to the Creator of this universe, 'if there was one' Cesar thought. It showed that the God of this universe wasn't a complete tyrant. The Creator was allowing the inhabitants of his world to take his energy, allowing them to rise beyond their born status and power. The methodical and intelligent process of Cultivation also showed love and compassion to his children.

Like Jasmine, Cesar now also wanted to meet the Creator of this world.

Cesar released a sigh towards the direction of his thoughts and returned to the reality at hand.

The villagers continued to talk about the overall situation of the Floating Cloud Kingdom.

The Desolate Forest was a small part of The Desolate Wilderness. Compared to The Desolate Wilderness, The Desolate Forest was like a grain of sand on a beach. It was where the weakest creatures lived. In the grand scheme of the Desolate Beast world, Ferocious Beasts were the weakest of creatures. They were the toddlers of the Desolate world.

The Floating Cloud Kingdom occupied just a small part of The Desolate Wilderness and The Desolate Forest. The Floating Cloud Imperial Family was the current ruler of this territory. Before they took over, the entire area was called The Barren Lands. It was without a ruler. There was anarchy and small families fended for themselves. Rumour has is that The Imperial Floating Cloud Family was an exiled family from another Kingdom that united The Barren Lands. The lives of the people had gotten better since then because of the Imperial Family.

The Barren Lands had turned prosperous.

The reason Lily wanted them to join the military was because unlike other factions, a Soul Contract wasn't required to join. It was also a place where people who had a singular goal went. The goal of killing Desolate Beasts. The goal of winning the ancient war. Wealth, prestige, reputation and fame were simultaneously gained. They were not goals, but simple trophies that were gained in the journey. The entire Cultivation world was joined in the effort. Lily's destination however, wasn't the Floating Cloud Military. They didn't have the resources nor was it the place where Lily wanted to be. For the Space Meteorite, one of the negotiating points Lily wanted was complete sovereignty over themselves. She didn't want either her or Cesar to make any type of oath towards the military. Not to mention, it would also help them get into that place. To gain entry to that place however, Lily and Cesar needed to have accomplishments in the Floating Cloud Military and had to resign themselves to starting there.

Gaining access to that place, one had to rely on their Cultivation, talent, and accomplishments. Bribery was useless.

As long as there has been life, there has been war. Each side believes they are upholding justice. Each side believes the other is evil. Cesar understood that Lily's entire family had been killed by powerful Desolate Beasts and she has a personal vengeance against them. The reason she doesn't hate Ferocious Beast is the same for not hating the children of the enemy. They are children, plain and simple. The toddlers of the Desolate world are Ferocious Beasts. Revenge should be sought with the perpetrators themselves, who were still alive and dominant. Lily also still had her morality and sanity.

But Cesar knew the greater picture. This was a war of resources. And it wasn't even much of a war. The Desolate Beasts were the stronger side. The Desolate Beasts were resources that Cultivators wanted, and vise versa. The land that Desolate Beasts occupied was also precious. The Dantian of Cultivators was also just as valuable to Desolate Beasts. But Desolate Beasts also hunted each other.

Cesar also knew that the Mens Rea, the malicious intent, most likely faulted with the human Cultivators. Humanity was a species of contradictions, through and through. Martyrs and tyrants, capable of every single act in the broad moral spectrum. Giving humanity power didn't change them, just increased their already elevated extremes.

Earth, before Cesar had been born, was a prime example.

The discussion of the village continued onto The Exhibit. The Exhibit was a temptation that was slowly killing off the village and putting their lives in jeopardy. Many years ago, there had been a hero that had been the greatest genius the village had ever produced. He had made a name for himself in the Capital, and had joined the war against the Desolate Beasts. He killed many powerful Desolate Beasts and made their village rise in fame and reputation. In a fierce battle however, he had died. Ever since then, the Floating Cloud Village had been sending their younger generation to gain back their honour and prestige by competing in The Exhibit and joining the military. The younger generation was their lifeline, their future, but were repeatedly sent to their death by going to The Exhibit. Each stock of competitors in The Exhibit were stronger than the last while the village became weaker as time went on.

Desmond, who had also joined them, spoke up. “It's true. But this year, I'll only allow Cesar, Lily, Blake and Lisa to join The Exhibit. The rest who want to come will simply experience the journey to the Capital and will have their views broadened by spending some time in the capital.” Several appeased and angry voices rose up, especially from the younger generation. The elders were rightfully appeased, while most of the younger generation was angry. Too many of the younger generation had already died and the more experienced elders knew it had to change.

Desmond looked at Lily and Cesar for their opinions. Lily nodded towards Desmond and continued his words. She had recognized the other two Cultivators, 'Blade and Lisa' were the Cultivators of the younger generation that were advancing to the Xiantian Profound Realm. Only they qualified to have the small chance to live during The Exhibit.

“You all have an opportunity right now, don't waste it. Cesar and I have done our best to help you all. Now, you have to take advantage of it. Take this time to get stronger. Fight against Ferocious Beasts. Advance your Cultivation. Join the Alchemist Association or join the occupation of your choice. Don't run towards your death. There is no pride or honour in death. And Desmond...” Lily looked at him, “You'll be getting 5% final price at our eventual trade in the Capital.” Making sure not specify the Space Meteorite, “Make sure to invite some powerful people from different trades, either from the Capital or your family to the village. Think about the future of the village.” Lily gave some words of advice. This decision had been done with Cesar's permission.

The village was at a crucial point. They now had resources but had deteriorated over decades. While their strength would advance, Desmond, as the Village Head, needed to make use of the new found strength and resources to jump start the village.

Everyone in the village who was a human, would soon be a Cultivator. They would naturally have different strengths, aspirations and talents. Some will have talents with Yang flames, allowing them accomplishments in Alchemy. There was also tailoring, forging and other occupations. The point was that Lily didn't want everyone that was going to become a Cultivators to join the village military with General Calix. There had to be a certain balance in maintaining and advancing the village.

Desmond himself however, was lost in a moment of incomprehension. Not with Lily's words about the state or the future of the village, but because she said that he would get 5% of the price for the Space Meteorite. He didn't expect that. His jaw opened and he looked at Lily blankly.

Desmond thought that he would personally gain nothing from the Space Meteorite. But soon, as the realization hit him, he started shivering from excitement. With all the corpses of the King Ranked Ferocious Beasts being at the village, he would have had little to work with in the Capital. Over the years, Desmond had spent most of his personal wealth on developing his son. He was actually quite poor. The journey now meant more to Desmond. Now, not only would he reunite with his family, he would now have vast amounts of money to help the village. Desmond had still heard Lily's words of advice, and in his moment of euphoria, nodded with tears in his eyes. 5 percent of the final price of the Space Meteorite was enough to establish a major power in the Capital, let alone advancing his small village.

Now, Desmond knew that his Floating Cloud Village had a wonderful future ahead of it. This didn't even include his merits with his Imperial Family. Since he initiated the trade with his family, and he was even introducing unparalleled geniuses to his family for the military, he would gain an extraordinary amount of merits with his family. This meant that he had more leverage in the family. He could only see a bright future ahead of him.

Desmond had also thought about The Exhibit. Right now, it was a crucial moment for the younger generation. If he let most talented of the younger generation go to The Exhibit, the opportunity Lily and Cesar had bestowed upon him would be wasted, since they all would end up dead. Blake and Lisa however, were two of the younger generation he had confidence in. They had the talent to survive in the Exhibit, even if they don't have the strength to enter the military or gain the higher rankings of the tournament. But he also wanted to bring them to the Capital since there would be Lily and Cesar with them. The journey to the capital was often perilous and extremely dreadful. But it also allowed the younger generation to advance and temper themselves in moments of danger and life and death. Even if Blake and Lisa didn't join The Exhibit, he knew that they would greatly advance themselves by being near Cesar and Lily along with the other talents of the younger generation.

But Desmond could never have imagined that in the time of absence from his family, the entire Floating Cloud Imperial had gone in a state of upheaval. It was no longer the same Floating Cloud Imperial Family that he had grown up in.


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