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Cesar felt his blood boil to a melting point. While he was on top of Mother Wolf, he saw the strong and colossal Ferocious Beasts looking at him with hungry and provocative eyes. Some looked at him like prey, while others like entertainment.

The Ferocious Beasts were the pinnacle of their kind. They had innate arrogance.

Cesar looked like an ant compared to the gigantic Ferocious Beasts. Yet compared to his self imposed stature, the Ferocious Beasts all looked like peons.

The eyes of the Ferocious Beasts were neither scared or cautious. Cesar knew that if Lily and him wanted, they could tear through this place with ease. Lily would defend him while he would wreck havoc and go on a killing spree.

But the Ferocious Beasts seemed too calm, too confident in the supposed rules set up. They felt no real danger from either Lily or him. Cesar himself could tell it was the case. There was something instinctively wrong about that. No matter where, the weak feared the powerful. Cesar could understand if the Ferocious Beasts didn't fear the current him, but Lily was another matter all together. At this level, her might was absolute.

[Correct. They don't seem to fear you or Lily... Hmm... It seems like there is a powerful Desolate Power behind this junction. That would explain their confidence and their lack of fear. Be careful. And no Cesar, you and Lily wouldn't be able to go against the hundreds of the strongest Ferocious Beasts present. You would get yourself and Lily killed. You are her weakness, and your defense is atrocious. She'll die protecting you. Don't get cocky. Stay put and watch for a couple of minutes, until you fully know what your getting yourself into.]

Jasmine had an ominous inkling in the back of her mind. This place seemed to be set up as entertainment. That meant that something powerful should be watching the festivities, but Jasmine felt no lingering eyes or an abnormal existence in the vicinity. Jasmine needed to make sure Cesar sided on caution. Breaking a single rule could be disastrous. Jasmine knew that Cesar and Lily could kill every single Ferocious Beast here. A simple strategy of Cesars formidable aura and Lily cleaning up would be enough. But Jasmine felt doing that would be a death sentence.

Lilys comment about there being more powerful sections stuck itself in the back of Jasmines mind. If there was any validity to that claim, then Lily and Cesar were in enormous and grave danger. Ferocious and Desolate Beasts hated humans to the core, even the ones that had Ferocious Beast DNA in them.

But there was risk in reward. This was a change to get more Ferocious Beast DNA and practical fighting experience for Cesar. There was also the lack of chaos. The no killing rule outside of the arena also worked in favor of Cesar and Lily.

Cesar himself wanted a battle to the death. The simulations inside his mind were ongoing, and his body itched, wanting to recreate them. Lilys interruption had been premature, and Cesars fighting spirit had yet to dampen.

But Cesar listened to Jasmine. Her word was gospel and he was an honor role seminary student.

As Mother Wolf made her way closer to the pit, Cesar realized that he had been wrong about the size of the arena. His angle of view had been at fault. He had extrapolated the size by watching the numerous Ferocious Beasts at the edge of the pit. But he was wrong. They only covered some of the crater. The size of the Pit was over 15 kilometers in diameter. 15 times his original estimate.

The more Cesar watched the different battles, the greater his appreciation for the arena became. Each fight awakened the Ferocious Beasts latent potential. Strength, technique and intelligence decided the battles. The winners lived, while the losers died. But there was an exception to the rule. Sexual selection. If the winner made the choice, then the loser would become the beta sexual partner of the winner.

Natural and sexual was at work. It was beautiful. The strong lived, copulated and the overall strength advanced while the weak were consumed by the strong, advancing and becoming a part of their power. But since the fights were against two Ferocious Beasts of the same 'power level', the differences and advantages in every fight were minuscule. Yet those small advantages decided the fights.

Life and death were a hairs away for each fighter. It also caused a deeper caution to creep into Cesars heart. The entire arena had been orchestrated into a strengthening factory. It was a continual machine for advancing Ferocious Beast power. There were also other food and water sources near the arena. It wasn't an accident that the Pit had become a hub for strong Ferocious Beasts.

'Something this elaborate and intelligent cannot be an accident... I would have expected something like this from human Cultivators...' Cesar thought inwardly.

[Oh, you'll get to experience something similar in the military camp. I expect it to be a few times worse. Deliberate human torture and punishment. You know. Evil human stuff.] Jasmine cheekily answered.

That's when Cesar noticed the gazes of respect being aimed at Mother Wolf. That wasn't outside his speculations. Mother Wolf had taken the brunt of his aura and still had the resilience and the will to fight back. She was particularly strong for a King Ranked Ferocious Beast. Since she had led Cesar and Lily to the arena, it also made sense that she had once been an active part of the arena.

Cesar also noted that Mother Wolf seemed more emotionally developed than normal King Ranked Ferocious Beasts.

After 20 minutes of Cesar enjoying the festive atmosphere, one of the King Ranked Ferocious Beasts which had been constantly watching and monitoring Cesar, made its move.

It was a 30 meter tall Long Tailed Monkey. A King Ranked Ferocious Beast. But one characteristic from the Ferocious Beast particularly stood out. The 50 meter tall tail, hence the name. The tail was robust, able to cut through rocks like butter. The tail was also agile, fast and accurate, never missing it's mark.

It was an annoying enemy.

The Long Tailed Monkey had a miraculous plan of fighting against the small human. It would go in front of the small human carrying a big rock with his tail, obstructing the small humans view. Then the small human would become angry, challenging the mighty Long Tailed Monkey to match. Then he would kill the small human.

The Long Tailed Monkey thought the plan was perfect.

As The Long Tailed Monkey carried out his plan, Cesar watched with amusement, even though he had a remote expression on the outside. Cesar had been paying attention to the Ferocious Beasts which had been intently watching him, so he had seen the stunt coming.

But Cesar wasn't ecstatic with the lack of respect. Even his pet, soon to be companion since Mother Wolf had bonded with Lily, had more respect than him. But he knew, respect had to be gained, and not expected. That was especially true in the Ferocious Beast world.

“Now... Let's see if we can fix that.” Cesar softly whispered.

Cesar was intelligent and devious in his vengeance.

As the Long Tailed Monkey continued with his annoyance, Cesar directed a quick burst of dread Aura into the Monkey. Instinctively, the Long tailed Monkey took a step back, fearing for his life. Since the Long Tailed Monkey was at the edge of the Pit, it stepped back into nothing and tripped inside the arena.

Cesar quickly directed wind under his feet and shot towards the Long Tailed Monkey inside the Pit.

Since numerous Elite and King ranked Ferocious Beasts had been paying attention to the farce, they had seen Cesar step into the arena.

The thunder-like roars of the Ferocious Beasts began. Their excitement shook the air.

The Long Tailed Monkey was quick to recover his footing. There was utter hate in his eyes as he watched Cesar leisurely walking a little deeper into the Pit.

“Come on Monkey. There isn't enough space to play around. Come a little deeper. Afraid?” Cesar mocked.

With a loud roar, the Long Tailed Monkey leapt after Cesar. Wasting no time, the Long Tailed Monkey used its tail like a whip and aimed it at Cesar.

The Long Tailed Monkey wanted to cut the small human into small pieces. How dare the small human cause the great Long Tailed Monkey embarrassment!

Cesar, as if he had eyes in the back of his head, causally dodged the tail by mere centimeters, continuing his slow walk deeper into the Pit.

With blinding rage, the Long Tailed Monkey repeated swung it's 50 meter tall in Cesars direction, creating a storm-wind of dust and rock. Unknowingly, it had also followed Cesar deeper into the Pit.

“ little Monkey. Lily bought me these cloths. So don't get them dirty.” Cesar had stopped going deeper into the Pit, deeming the space wide enough to play in.

Slowly. Ominously. Dreadfully... Cesar walked towards the Long Tailed Monkey with his sword unsheathed. Cesar deemed his time precious. Cesar knew the Long Tailed Monkey was going to die by his hands. He just needed to squeeze the most benefit off it's already dead corpse.

The Monkeys tail was lightning swift as to only leave a blur when moving and unpredictable to most. To Cesar eyes however, it was predictable and clear as day. It could attack from any angle and that was what Cesar valued. It was the perfect practice partner for his Formless Fighting Style.

So Cesar continued to cause the Long Tailed Monkey dread by slowly moving towards it and attacking it small amounts of his aura. Cesar wanted to give it the hint and taste of death, so its latent potential could be brought out. Cesar craved to use the creature at its best, then discard after its potential had been squeezed out.

As the Long Tailed Monkey felt death approaching, its attacks became more aggressive and viscous. As its tail cut the wind and attacked Cesar, the Monkey watched in dread at its attacks hit thin air.

The Ferocious Beasts and Lily watched Cesar in utter confusion. Cesars movements were confusing and utterly unpredictable. He would sometimes look like he was going to take a step in one direction, but would then move in the opposite direction while still being in the same physical position. Cesar seemed to move everywhere and nowhere at the same time. A lifetime of pattern recognition suddenly was of no use. The dissonance caused by Cesars strange movements made the Ferocious Beasts extremely nauseous. Instinctively, they felt like such movements shouldn't be possible or even exist. Lily looked on with complete awe. The movement technique Cesar was using completely stumped Lily. She had never seen anything like it. Even compared to her Storm family techniques, it was unique. She saw the enormous benefit it contained. She also saw the potential. Like the Ferocious Beasts however, she couldn't watch for too long. Her advanced eyesight was working against her, and she felt her nausea uprising.

A feeling of pride welled up in her heart. Cesar, her future husband, was a complete and unparalleled genius.

'Hmm... It seems the Monkey had run out of juice. Since its usefulness has ended, so has its life.' Cesar thought.

It had been 15 minutes since Cesar had used the Long Tailed Monkey as his living practice dummy. Even though he had been dodging each strike of the tail, Cesar himself had been slowly making his way towards a particular goal. The Monkey.

Cesars movements had been as unpredictable as a butterfly in the sky. Weaving, meandering, yet moving towards a particular direction.

As Cesar moved towards the Long Tailed Monkey, Cesar could see dread fill the Monkeys eyes. As Cesar stepped in front of the Monkey, the creatures attacks had ceased. It knew that they were useless. It had learned that they were useless. At first, there was fear in its beady eyes, knowing death was a moment away. Then as the Monkey realized how it had gotten in the predicament, it started to regret its decisions.

Cesar just looked on with a remote expression. He had caused the creature embarrassment and earned respect from the Ferocious Beasts who would also soon die. The situation of the weak angering the strong had played out to a T.

Cesar looked in the Monkeys eyes as he gave the creature a few moments of closure, then Cesar instantly sliced the Long Tailed Monkey in two.

Before the blood could escape the body, Cesar swiftly grabbed the two pieces of the Long Tailed Monkey and threw them at Mother Wolf, accurately controlling the procedure with his Wind ability. As the corpse landed in front of Mother Wolf and Lily, the blood draining off the corpse started being subconsciously gathered by Lily, who was still looking at Cesar with awe.

Cesar himself, stayed within the arena.

He himself looked around the Pit, gazing at the King Ranked Ferocious Beasts who had looked at him provocatively. And with disrespect. Those Ferocious Beasts no longer met his eyes. The rest looked on with fear and respect, acknowledging the strong.

Cesar felt that the universe had aligned itself again, with himself being the centerfold.

But Cesar now knew, that no other Ferocious Beast would get inside the arena with him. No creature would willingly walk to its death. He couldn't break the rules, but human ingenuity, creativity and cunning contained no limits.

Cesar smiled. Rules and Laws were meant to be broken, one way or another. If the Ferocious Beasts didn't want to come into the Pit by their own volition, then he only had to force them, making sure to not attack them in the process.

Rules had loopholes, and for this particular instance, his abilities were its Zero Day Vulnerability.

Instantly, time slowed down for Cesar and his oppressive aura covered each Ferocious Beast. For a single moment, the Ferocious Beasts had felt unimaginable danger coming from Cesar, and each cell in their body tried to run away.

But it was too late. They felt a mountain of pressure on their bodies, gluing their bodies to the ground. But there was no pain, and it didn't register as an attack on their bodies.

If the rules had been broken, then the information would have been received by The Creator. The rules had been etched into the space itself.

Cesar himself had no idea how close he had come to unimaginable danger.

Cesar loosened and warmed up his body as he controlled his Wind element. Encasing a single King Ranked Ferocious Beast, Cesar moved the creature inside the Pit.

This was what Cesar had planned. He would fight and kill every single Ferocious Beast in the vicinity. He would use them all...

'This is my right as the Strong!' Cesar thought.

As Cesar released his Aura from the King Ranked Ferocious Beast, the creature made no signs of attacking. Its eyes pleaded with Cesar. It knew, fighting with Cesar would result in death. The creature knew it didn't have the strength nor the speed to injure Cesar, much less kill him. It had seen the difference between them. It also couldn't escape. Either the pressure would trap it again or The Creator would torture it to death. Death was better than angering The Creator.

'What human like eyes' Cesar thought for a moment as he looked at the pleading eyes of the Ferocious Beast.

With a voice that rippled through the air, Cesar exclaimed “Listen well. Injure me and you live. Fight with all your strength. Your life is in your own hands!”

Cesar spouted words of encouragement and hope. Yet Cesar laughed inwardly. There was no hope for the Ferocious Beasts... Only false hope. Yet he wanted his practice dummies at their full potential.

As the Ferocious Beasts eyes filled with determination and resolution, Cesar smiled.

'Let the games begin.' Cesar chuckled.


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