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The streams of Blood Energy and DNA released by Jasmine traveled throughout Cesars body, attaching themselves to every inch of his skin. Then slowly, Cesars skin started absorbing the vigorous streams of energy. This caused his skin to convulse and vibrate.

Jasmine had found the 'skin' DNA and had decoded it all in a matter of hours. Cesar thought that it was amazing.

[Don't get your panties in a bunch. I've only started to analyze the DNA. Since I was actively looking for the skin DNA, I found it. Right now, I need to set up a system of evolution, making it easier in the future. Remember, this is a work-in-progress. But it's really exciting isn't it? I've even started learning about how organisms on in this world interact with a direct energy source. It's all quite fascinating... and I've found the DNA for Ferocious Beast eyes. Ferocious Beast eyes are multitudes times better than human eyes. I'll also a few more features...done]

So another stream of DNA was released from the Blood Pill, making its way into Cesars eyes.

Cesar felt a stinging pain in the optic nerves behind his eyes. He grit his teeth. The pain he felt was reduced by Jasmine. Cesar almost shuddered when he imagined how high the original amount of pain would have been.

Currently, Cesars skin and eyes were partially evolving. Jasmine was changing his 'skin memory'. The human body is a collective machine. Each cell communicates with each other. In a simplistic way, the human body works like a bee-hive, with the brain being the queen bee. The collective orders from the brain are stored with-in each cell in very  simplistic and basic way.

Humans call it muscle memory.

It was the same for Ferocious Beasts but the effect was more accumulative.

Jasmine had just introduced a foreign element with-in Cesar. She knew that this would effect his personality and behavior. It would make him more ruthless. It would also give him a '6th sense'. A predisposition about feeling extensive danger. Cesar already had this feeling, but his was an upgraded version. Ferocious Beasts lived in life and death. They had been born in it, molded by it. Their feeling of danger could be the difference between living and death. It was why it was eons ahead compared to humans of this world. Jasmine had passed that feeling onto Cesar. His confidence would also become borderline arrogance. From the moments he opens his eyes again, Cesar would instinctively feel like he's the ruler of this world. She would control and monitor that arrogance, making sure it didn't hinder him.

Currently, Jasmine knew his personality wasn't fit for survival. Cesar didn't see the worst in people. He wasn't innately wary towards other humans or Cultivators. He gave them the benefit of the doubt. It was a part of his personality that Cesar had kept from Earth. For now, Jasmine knew Cultivators and humans were a greater threat to Cesar than Ferocious Beasts. Both could be malicious and vile, but currently, only one of them had advanced intelligence.

Simple, dumb and strong were easy to counter. Complex, intelligent and viscous was a tough nut to crack. One represented Ferocious Beasts, while the other Cultivators.

Jasmine knew one enemy was currently greater than the other. Cesar didn't see it. He soon would.

This would change when Cesar started facing Desolate Beasts. They were beasts with intelligence and power.

Jasmine couldn't directly alter Cesars behavior. It would trigger a part of his brain that looks for suspicious behavior. Jasmine had greater control over Cesars body, not complete control. It was a matter of trust. If the control was given, it could be taken away. She didn't want to fight with that small part of Cesars brain. Jasmine knew she'd win. But Cesar also need that small part of his brain. It was vital to daily functionality. Turning off his emotions wouldn't solve this dilemma. She didn't want Cesar to become a psychopathy. Jasmine wanted selective and decisive ruthlessness and caution, because Cesar would soon need it.

Cesar would soon go through a process of 'selective breeding'. Physical military style torture, constant killing, and massive amounts of competition would break Cesar down and rebuild him into a Desolate Beast killing machine. This would be the fate that awaited Cesar and Lily if they signed onto a Cultivation military. Jasmine knew it was just a matter of time before it happened. Lily would be fine. She had felt some of the worst emotional pain possible. Right now, Cesar was her crutch. But Jasmine wanted to prepare Cesar. Jasmine knew the next few years were going to be hell. It was the price Cesar was going to pay for strength. He didn't need to, but it had been his choice, and she was going to abide by it.

Point being, Cesar had physically changed. But his mentality had yet to fully catch up. This was just a little push from Jasmine towards the right direction. The direction of a predator.

So she turned to Ferocious Beast DNA. This way, the change would be indirectly caused by the DNA, and his own body would act against him, or for his betterment since this would help Cesar adapt mentally to his new environment.

And so Cesars skin changed. His thin paper like skin turned coarse and thick like a lions mane. His skin felt soft to the touch, without a blemish. Jasmine valued perfection, and it showed with Cesars skin. It was as if someone had ripped the skin off of a Greek God and had perfectly attached it to Cesars body.

Then there was Cesars new eyes. Ferocious Beasts were innately connected with Energy.  Their bodies were designed and had evolved from birth to absorb Energy. Compared to humans, Ferocious Beasts and Desolate Beasts had an unbreakable bond with Energy. Since the eyes were part of the body, this connection with Energy also carried onto them. Jasmine had seen the fabrics of the universe from Cesars memory, with particular attention towards the Energy fabric. This was Jasmine coding, programming Yin and Yang energy to constantly feed into his eyes. This would partially reveal that particular fabric of reality. It would overlap with his current vision. But that current vision had also advanced.

Humans viewed the world through a blind lens. Their eyes only saw the visible light spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they weren't that good at it. Not to mention that their eyes focused onto a singular point at any moment. A camera had a more cohesive view of the world than human eyes. This was a flaw in the human eye. Focusing on something should reveal a greater and more detailed picture of that particular focal point, not an observable one.          

That's what was happening to Cesars eyes. They were turning into the ultimate camera. Greater Field Of Vision. Acute clarity and definition across the observable world. Greater intake of light. Greater distance viewing. Vision across the different electromagnetic spectrum. Vision through the fabrics of reality.

It was a complete upgrade.

And this was only the beginning stages. Jasmine wanted Cesar to experience the world. Experiencing the world happens through the senses. So the solution was simple. Upgrade the senses and experience more.

Jasmine smiled to herself. On earth, Cesar had her simulate what he would now be directly experiencing, a world through a greater lens.  

Jasmine then thought about the entire process. It was all set up to circumvent the expenditure of energy. If Jasmine had greater amounts of Energy, then all this wouldn't be necessary. She would be able to directly upgrade his senses.

Jasmine had decided. When Cesar enters The Xiantian Profound Realm, she would take 80% of the energy, not 10% as she was currently doing. She was spending most of it on Cesar anyways. She currently only had 0.01% of her original computing power. Her reserve battery was now at 95%. When it reached 100%, then her goal would be 1% of her computing power. In this world, without any restrictions, computing power had infinite uses. For an analogy, It was the greatest 'Cultivation' route.

Her saving grace had been that she had kept the 'common sense' and instinctual intelligence that she had developed on Earth. She missed her advanced algorithms and instant learning capabilities. Still, 0.01% of her power was within typical A.I capabilities.

Jasmine also had learned a lot in her time on Earth. The information was all locked up. The vaults were just waiting there to be opened. It was only a matter of time, which wasn't a matter at all.

So a minuscule yet seismic change occurred in Cesar, both mentally and physically. One of those changes activated and Cesar felt the impending sense of danger, and slowly opened his eyes.    

The act of opening his eyes was done with total pride and relaxation. Cesar knew that danger was the feeling that something interesting was about to occur. So he looked around, and sensed the changes that occurred in his body.

Cesar didn't react to those changes, he just internalized them. The approaching danger was more interesting.

Then he saw the perpetrators that had enacted his upgraded danger sense. A slight smile rose from his face.

It was a family of Silver Furred Wolfs. There were 4 in total, 2 adults and 2 children. The pact leader was a male King Ranked Silver Wolf. His female mate was another King Ranked Silver Wolf. The Pride towered at 40 meters. In the evenings orange glow, the silver fur looked like flames.

Both the children were Elite Ranked. They looked exactly like the Silver Furred Wolf that had been killed by General Calix near the village.

The Silver Wolf looked at Cesar like prey. Seeing that, the slight smile on Cesars face deepened. He knew better.

For the first time, Cesar felt connected with Ferocious Beasts. He understood them at an instinctual level, as if he was a part of them.

The reason for their appearance was a matter of territory. Lily and Cesar had trespassed onto their territory, and they had come to scout out the potential competition.

Ferocious Beasts had a strict sense of hierarchy. The strong ruled, and the rest submitted.  

“Let me.” Lily passively said. That's when Cesar noticed that Lily could also feel the invisible hierarchy and the reason for the Wolf family visit. It must have been the Ferocious Beast blood in her Bloodline. It had also changed Lily.

As Cesar felt her move, he calmly said  “Relax and sit down Lily.”

Lily could feel the change within Cesar yet was still confused. Two King Ranked Ferocious Beasts weren't enemies that Cesar could currently handle. Yet, she accepted his word and sat down beside him with keen vigilance.

Cesar felt like a king. Even the hostility of two King Ranked Ferocious Beasts didn't change the feeling. But the hostility being directly towards himself irked him. Hostility could only be shown towards enemies who could feel threatened, who would submit. It was an act of dominance and superiority.  

The position between the two groups had to conform to reality. They were not equals. Cesar decided to show the difference.

Cesar didn't move, didn't act, he only calmly looked at the family of 4. Then he opened the flood gates of his aura. The superiority and dominance shone through his aura which pressed onto the 4 wolfs like a golden mountain.

The two Elite wolfs immediately caved and dropped onto their knee. When they made howls of submission, Cesar relented and released his aura from the 25 meter tall, two young pups. They lay down and turned their faces towards the ground. It was the sign of submission.

The King Ranked Silver Wolfs, whom could easily dismantle lower Xiantian Profound Realm experts, didn't easily submit. The pack leader had to maintain it's pride. He had to fight for his family, his territory. But Cesar knew the King Ranked Wolf was fighting a losing battle. Yet Cesar understood. A lot was on the line. Fighting was the only option.

With a flash of utter hate in his eyes, the pride fell onto his knees. The pride knew that he had failed. He had now lost his freedom, his territory, maybe even his life. But he recognized that it wasn't the small humans match.

Cesar released his aura from the pack leader.

Yet the mother wolf remained standing. She looked onto her children with parental love. She held the gazes of her children for a few moments and slowly walked toward Cesar under the cracking of her bones. It seemed like the mother wolf would fall over any moment, yet each step was filled with utter determination.

That moment tugged at Lilys heartstrings. The mother was offering herself as a sacrifice for her family; her children.

With a slight tremble in her voice, Lily asked “What are we doing with them?”

Cesar simple said “Transportation.” He could see the resolution in the mothers eyes. He smiled warmly. Mothers were truly the heart and soul of a family.

As Lily and the mother wolf meet each others gaze, they seemed to go through a silent form of communication. After a few moments, the mother turned her eyes towards Cesar.  

Cesar saw no hostility in the mothers eyes, only acceptance. The mother, seeing Cesars clear eyes that held no hostility or vengeance, slowly made her way towards him.  

For the mother, it was a gruesome trial. It would show her determination and loyalty towards her new owners. Each step pressed her further into the earth. Each step was filled with resolution. It was a chance. There was a possibility that the enemies will see her effort, and reward her by letting her family free. She wanted her children to retain their freedom. She wanted her children to roam the lands, living freely. Every mother wanted the best for their children, she was no exception.

With the last of her energy and willpower, the mother wolf stepped in front of the tree where Cesar and Lily sat. Then she turned to look at Cesar with pleading and begging eyes.

Cesar simply closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about his choice. As Lily watched him in anticipation, Cesar looked down at the mother wolf and nodded. He also retracted his aura from the mother.

The eyes of the mother wolf flared with happiness for a moment...then acceptance. She turned her neck, looking at her children for a moment. Then she straightened her neck, lifted her face, and howled with all her emotions. The mother wolf had lost her freedom, yet had protected her children and family. Her howl encompassed those mixed emotions.

It was at that moment, what the male pride thought was a moment of distraction, that he leapt wards Cesar with all his strength.

The male pride had thought that it was his chance. An opening. It wasn't. Lily had been vigilant, and was ready to kill.

Before Lily could even make her move, time slowed down for Cesar. With complete ease, he brought his right hand forward.

In front of his claw like fingers, a golden lightning bolt formed and fired in an instant. It was the Lightning attribute mixed with Yang energy. Mid leap, the King Ranked Silver Furred Wolf was sliced symmetrically in half.

The mother wolf and children only looked at the pride with pity. They had known the difference in power.

The blood from the King Ranked Ferocious Beast slowly separated itself from the body and Lily used it to separate the King Ranked Ferocious Beast into different pieces. When Lily was finished, she used the same blood to create a rope around the pelt, bones and meat. Weight was not an issue as Lily carried the ingredients and loaded them on the mother wolf. The mother wolf showed no emotions and just accepted our actions.  

“Let's go Lily. I think we should drop off the ingredients at the village and come back.”
Lily nodded. Now that we had a King Ranked Silver Wolf at our disposal, the travel time had reduced dramatically.

It had taken us half a day to get to our current location. It would take 30 minutes to make it back to the village.

The children Silver Wolfs watched as Lily and Cesar rode Mother Wolf towards the village. That had become her name.

[Sigh... I guess it's time to learn the Wolf language.]

Cesar smiled. The feeling of potential and imminent danger had come back, and this time, it was coming from the village. It seemed the day was not yet over.

What an interesting day this was turning out to be.

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