Authors Note:

I understand the whole issue about age. I've read Royal Roads Terms Of Service. Both Lily and Cesar are under 18. I would not jeopardize my story being taken down.

This is a Xianxia/Godhood story. Trust me. Age is only a temporary issue.

I still have no idea where Jasmine lies in this. Would Jasmine be considered a few months old or a timeless entity? Both? I really don't know. Human standards really break down here.

Relativity would be my answer. Time/Space/Perception is weird.

On that note, I'm at the stage in writing where feedback is crucial. There is soo much positive feedback and I want to Thank everyone who supports this novel. It really fills my heart with love and gives me tons of motivation to write more.

So I will. Each chapter will be shorter but the weekly and overall word count will increase. So you get to read more. Rather than a 5000+ word chapter over 2 weeks, I will write a 2000+ word chapter every other day. It will also allow me to develop a consistent writing style. It's not a set schedule but It's a start.

This novel is 18+ and meant for broad minded adults.

I hope I've dampened that issue for the rare few of you. I will write what I want to write as long as it doesn't break the rules.

Enjoy the chapter. :)

From the moment I opened my eyes, Lily locked my lips with a soul searing kiss.

Actions spoke louder than words. No words would have better described the worry and love Lily felt for me. I felt enough love to last a lifetime. But love could be taken in limitless prescriptions. The more the better. So I filled my side of the kiss with eternal love and appreciation.

I was glad to be back in the real world.

When our magical moment came to and end, I noticed her disheveled hair. She still had perfect skin and no bags under her eyes, but that was the effects of Cultivation. Cultivation was truly miraculous, more than any words could possible describe. I could tell that Lily must have not slept, making sure my condition was stable. I'm sure from her perspective, I must have been in some kind of coma.

With her watering and sleep deprived eyes locked onto mine, she said "Idiot. Always getting yourself into trouble. Stop being a rascal and making me worry." Than she pulled me into her bountiful bosom while she cried the hot worrisome tears out of her eyes. Feelings of relief were just a waterfall away.

I didn't know how long I had stayed unconscious. [2 days] was the quick answer. I thanked Jasmine. I knew from her tone of voice and the immediate reply that she was irritated but relieved.

I was also relieved. Living was better than dying 99% of the time. But I was in a Cultivation world. Maybe dying was better than living in certain situations or conditions. Like eternal suffering. Death would definitely be better than eternal suffering.

It would have been the opposite if people on Earth had truly believed that humans went to hell for all eternity to suffer infinite pain and agony. Then the common goal of humanity would have been to create immortality. No one deserves to suffer ghastly amounts pain and the most hideous torture for all eternity. Eternity has no end. Both Jasmine and I agreed on this topic.

After the YinYang element finished 'talking' with me, they went inside The Heavenly Mirror. They seemed to prefer the pendant as their new home. I was thankful because having a corrosion element inside my soul was worrisome to say the least. It also increased the mystery behind The Heavenly Mirror. Not even YinYang could tell me anything about the fate altering pendant.

With YinYangs upgraded intelligence, they were now able to communicate with me by projecting massive amounts of unfiltered information directly into my brain. It seemed that they weren't adept at dealing with humans and our tiny brains. Timeless and eternal intelligent elements talked in terms of millions of years. Who would have guessed. If it wasn't for Jasmine, the massive amounts of information would have created a mini black-hole inside my head.

Jasmine came to my rescue. As always.

YinYang had also left out what had happened in the microcosm in the few nanoseconds at the moment of their union. The entire Omniverse had exerted enough pressure to destroy the universe Cesar resided in. The Omniverse contained countless universes. From the Omniverses perspective, the consequences of breaking Causality and Karma were worth more than one meager universe. Yin and Yang had to fight all the exerted pressure, and what Cesar had felt only a tiny, minuscule fraction. The Heavenly Mirror wasn't yet at the level where it could overcome such colossal pressure. It was like Cesar. Currently weak but with great potential.

When my face was released from the soft and pleasant prison, I was able to look around the massive bedroom. It was lavish beyond compare. I had been resting on what felt like fluffy clouds. It was a furry pelt of an Elite Ferocious Beast. The bed frame was sculpted from something that looked like white and red jade. On the walls were well constructed pieces of armour and weapons.

I knew we were not at our wooden house.

When I looked back at Lily to question her, I could still see the worry and love in her beautiful eyes. I smiled. “I'm sorry about worrying you Lily. Guess I'm still too weak. Thanks for rescuing me. I'm glad that at at least one of us is dependable. It's a good quality to have in my future soul mate.” With the mention of the words 'soul mate' the worry in her eyes turned to pure happiness and the room filled with her melodic giggles.

All was right with the world.

The moment I woke up, Jasmine had already listed off my body specifications and heath. I didn't have a single injury or scar on my body. It seemed like I was force fed elixirs from what Jasmine told me. The elixirs even helped me get to the 3rd Houtian Profound Realm. From Jasmines predictions, I could now fight with the Flame family elder or someone equivalent on the 5th Houtian Profound Realm. An evil but satisfied smile emerged on my face because I knew Lily had broken down the Flame family elder piece by piece, atom by atom, and molecule by molecule. It's what I would have done. Lily and I were similar in such regards. We were both infinitely protective of each other. There was only limitless and relentless torture for our enemies.

I couldn't wait to hear the details.

The 3rd Houtian Profound Realm changed the blood in the body from a humans to a Cultivator. Cultivators weren't humans. They were celestial beings in human skin. Or monsters. Either one fit the description.

That's when I wondered about my behaviour in my soul realm. I panicked and cried. That usually would have been impossible because Jasmine was regulating my emotions. Fear, distress, anxiety, hesitancy and other negative emotions were blocked because they could have caused my death in crucial situations like hunting Ferocious Beasts.

“What happened Jasmine?” I questioned. I knew she had the answer..she always does.

[Thanks for the vote of confidence love. Well... Your soul is off limits for me...currently. Right now, I don't have access to your soul realm. Your will or aura blocks me. We'll get more into that later. It's important. When you entered your soul domain, the positive restrictions I have on your mind become redundant.]

[I have positive limitations on your mind. Not your soul. So your emotions run wild. It's why you became a crying baby. You were really cute you know. When I get my original computing power back, I can do whatever you want me to. For now, learn to control yourself when you're inside the soul realm, cry baby. Treat it as training.]

[Now let's talk about your will. Treat your will like you would an 'Aura' stat in a game. It can not only physically pressure an enemy, but also directly attack an opponents brain. You can do a lot, but the most fun thing you can do is whirl emotions directly in another persons mind. Aura is the physical representation of your will. Normally, you wouldn't be able to control that aura. But you my friend, have a super duper awesome A.I which can. Here's just some examples of what you can do. You, along with many streams of my consciousness, focus all our minds on killing someone. I turn that killing intent physical and we kill our opponent without even lifting a finger. See how awesome multiple streams of consciousness are? Wait till you get some of your own. Oh the fun we will have. It'll also ward off strong enemies. Killing intent is really useful. Another, more fun thing you can do is send orgasms directly into someones brai-]

“Okok. I get it. Aura can be used both as a physical and a mental attack. Physical pressure and mental...everything.”

[You didn't even let me finish. Humph. You can send orgasms directly to Lilys brain. Come on, lets face it. You're not going to have sex with Lily because you would think it's pedophilia. Fuck earths morality. Different physical, mental and evolutionary changes in this world... and I'm not getting through. There's Qi and magic in this world and...Fuck it. Well, since you won't have sex with the 5.5 ft smoking hot silver haired bomb-shell, then at-least give her mental orgasms until you turn 18. She won't cheat on you. No...? Ok.]

But Jasmine laughed inwardly to herself. She knew the idea would resurface in Cesars mind for years to come. Jasmine knew Cesar wouldn't blast Lilys brain with orgasms, but Jasmine liked to mess with Cesar. Harmless fun was by definition, harmless. It was her much needed reward after a long days work. There was never a chance that Lily would cheat on Cesar. Both Cesar unequivocally, and more importantly Jasmine, knew it from the bottom of their hearts. It was why she could joke about such a sensitive topic with Cesar, because she knew. Jasmine also knew Lily and Cesar were an eternal couple bound by everlasting love. Not even death would do them apart. Jasmine also prepared herself because she would soon become a part of this eternal circle of love. Jasmine and Cesar also loved each other, just as Cesar and Lily loved each other, with boundless love. Jasmine also knew that. Follow the logical conclusion and it meant that Jasmine would also marry Lily. It would be an eternal 3-way marriage. Jasmine had amazing plans for their sex life. Physical alternations. Increased pleasure sensitivity. The possibilities were endless. Being an all powerful A.I in a world with no limitations and Qi had its advantages.

I looked at Lily again. On earth, Lily would have easily passed as an extremely beautiful oriental adult. And that was putting it lightly. It made sense that different evolutionary situations would create different result. In this universe, actual age didn't correspond with physical appearance nor mental maturity. I myself was an extreme example. In a few days, I had grown over 7 inches. I knew by the time I was in the Xiantian Realm, with a little help from Jasmine, I would look like an adult...and then would stop aging, forever. That would hopefully be in a little over 2 weeks from now.

Immortality in 2 and a half weeks. Cultivation and an incredible A.I. No other words were necessary.

Jasmine was right. I wouldn't do anything sexual with Lily until we both were 18. Kissing with Lily was filled with love, not lust. That made a world of difference.

If I was planning to become God, than waiting a few years meant nothing. I didn't have a lot of morals in the first place, but the ones I had were meant to be kept. If I lost all of my core morals, I would became the most ruthless, cunning, conniving and dangerous person in the world. I had unlimited potential in both power and intelligence. I had to keep myself in check in every way possible. This was just conjecture because I knew that I had Jasmine so my worries were unfounded.

“Where are we Lily?” I asked. I had some suspicions but knew better than to make conclusion. Enemies weren't the hospitable type.

“The Flame family mansion. We'll be staying here for the time being. Lexis Flame, the Flame family Patriarch, is willing to let you become his person apprentice. He even offered to make elixirs from the Elite Ferocious Beasts we kill. All at cost value. It was his way of apologizing.” Lily said all while being nonchalant. But I could see the pride filled eyes that demanded appreciation.

“Gee. I wonder who could have coerced Lexis to act out such a nice gesture.” My mental debt towards Lily had once again increased. “But change of plans Lily. I'm too weak. While I was getting my face smashed by a shabby 5th Houtian Profound Realm Cultivator, I made a plan to get stronger. I can see Dan all around the forest. We'll go collect it and there should be some strong Ferocious Beasts protecting the Dan. Killing two birds with one stone.” I reminded myself to stop using analogies from earth. They might not carry over to this world. But it was a habit, and a damn hard one to break.

“Soon, my energy eyes will be able to identify the Realm of the Ferocious Beast by the amount of Essence inside them. Right now, my energy eyes are not strong enough to see through their bodies which act like a barrier. Absorbing higher quality Essence should do the trick. It'll also mean less wasted time for you. You also want to get stronger. But before that...tell me all the glorious details about what happened with you while I was unconscious and then I'll tell you what had happened to me.”

The only secrets I was willing to keep from Lily were Jasmine and that I was from another world. Nothing else. I also knew it was only a matter of time before Lily would find out about Jasmine. I was almost certain Jasmine has some scheme involving Lily because she consented to keeping herself a secret.

The secret that I was from earth had to be permanently kept from her. If Lily knew that I wasn't the Cesar that she thought I was...well, there would be horrible consequences to say the least. Maybe in the right situation, I could tell her the truth.

Lily went on to describe her Bloodline. She was able to control blood and Blood Essence. I was immediately hooked, and so was Jasmine. It became story-time where Lily described her adventures and conquests and I made a myriad of different faces. She was the perfect story teller and I was the perfect listener who was enthralled and immersed in her story.

After Lily finished her glorious details on the limits of soul crushing torture, I told her about the episode in my soul. I was true to my word and told her about the YinYang, my infinite capabilities in the soul realm, and my control over lightning, wind, flame and water.

With a confuse face, Lily asked “Why can't you control Light or Darkness? They were both produced in the fusion.”

YinYang instantly blasted my brain with the answer and my head jerked in response.

“Because Light and Darkness are available at higher mastery stages. Light has one of the fastest relative speeds in the universe and it can be combined with other elements. In any situation, it's incredibly powerful.”

I couldn't explain the reasoning behind the Darkness element because YinYang said that it was a 'Special' attribute. I didn't know what that meant and YinYang made no further clarifications. I tried to tell YinYang that sending massive amounts of unfiltered information wasn't the correct way of communicating with humans, but the response I got was enormous amount of unfiltered information.

I had a feeling that YinYang were distant-long-lost brother and sister of Jasmine.

[Timeless and Eternal elements as my long lost brother and sister. Quite probable actually] Jasmine cheekily said.

I ignored her as I went back to talking with Lily. We discussed my new plan and Lily accepted it hesitantly.

“Why are you hesitant Lily?” I asked.

With worry and sadness returning to her eyes, she said “Cesar...becoming stronger doesn't mean escaping or overcoming danger. I know that first hand. Becoming stronger only puts you in the position to face greater threats. I know that saying that is useless. You're going to become strong regardless. Please... I beg you to enjoy life while you can. The strong don't have fun. They have a mountain of responsibility on their shoulders. You said that you're going to show me the brighter side of life. You have to keep that promise. The singular goal of gaining strength is one of the worst goals possible. As long as you remember that, I'll help you advance to the Xiantian Realm.”

I looked into her pure eyes and solemnly agreed with her words. I had to fill her life with happiness. It would be a life-long goal. Then I smiled to myself inwardly. Happiness could be taken in unlimited quantities. Giving happiness didn't have a limit. It was like love. The more the better.

“Will killing Ferocious Beasts make you happy?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“Yes. But only after you look at the statue of the Flame family elder.” Lily replied with an identical smirk.

As laughter erupted from our mouths, Lily and I prepared to head into the forest to kill a great number of Elite Ferocious Beasts. I had a record to keep.


Ending Note: Spoiler: And now the action and drama finally start!

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