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I wanted to cry. Since I was inside my soul, my domain, where my power of imagination turns to reality, as if on demand, I started crying like a child.

What Godlike fucking powers.

I had created a state of fusion energy where it destroyed energy, ad infinitum. This meant that if there was energy, this annihilation element would follow that energy, and destroy it while feeding on it. Forget about my soul, this entire universe might as well be doomed. I knew the colossal power of what I had created.

The universe itself didn't want the fusion element to exist. I had felt the universe fighting me over control, and it had lost.

It was a warning from the universe itself. It was warning me to not cause the fusion of physical Yin and Yang energy.

Frustration and panic overwhelmed me. Why did the annihilation element disappear from my sights! It didn't make any sense! It shouldn't have! I had control over it! The heavenly mirror could overcome the universe in terms of control! Why not this fucking annihilation element!

Not to mention, this was my fucking soul! A place where reality was intangible! Mass, even the energy I had created, was virtual! A simulation of reality! So why was this annihilation fusion element real! I could feel that it was real. The problem was that I didn't have enough knowledge of the soul, more exactly, this specific part of my soul! And not knowing, in this instance, had the consequences of death!

But I could almost hear the back of my mind yelling 'If reality could become intangible in the soul, the opposite is also true! The intangible could also turn into reality in the soul!'

I told that voice to fuck off.

I didn't know what to do! Jasmine was working on keeping my body alive. But even in my moment of panic, I realized that this was a bigger quandary. If my heart stopped, Jasmine would restart it. If my kidneys stopped functioning, Jasmine would fix them. If my skin was caned and welted to shreds, Jasmine would just create more skin! If there wasn't enough blood, Jasmine would just create more!

As long as my brain remained undamaged, I would be completely fine!

The Flame family elder would just destroy my body. Killing me by destroying my body would be incredibly difficult. Jasmine would attest to that. But this matter involved my soul! This was indeed a much bigger problem.

The decision was made.

With every fiber of my willpower, I called Jasmine. An unstable state of energy fusion was by definition, unstable! I didn't know how much time I had before it detonated and all of that pure annihilation energy ended up destroying my body and soul!

Right as I called Jasmine, I felt my entire soul shiver.

If Cesar had been calm and collected, he would have noticed that the fusion annihilation element of Yin and Yang was still inside the radius of The Heavenly Mirror, and still under his control, even when he couldn't see it. It was still inside his soul, a short distance away from his Heavenly Mirror. Not to mention, if he had truly lost control over it, his soul would have been destroyed at the speed of light. That was the speed which the fusion annihilation element would have detonated at; the speed of light. Cesar wouldn't have had the chance to even think about the consequences of losing control over the fusion annihilation element before it had killed him. But Cesar was in a state of panic, and had overlooked all these factors.


[Blood levels at 88% and rapidly dropping. Increasing production of Stem Cells. Completed. Increasing blood formation in bone marrow. Complete. Decreasing levels of plasma in blood and retaining water. Complete. Slowing down heart rate. Complete. Rerouting blood circulation towards major organs. Complete. Increasing breathing operations. Complete. Oxygen levels increased.]

[Significant damage in muscles and ligaments. Transferring Life energy to critical and targeted positions. Complete.]

Enormous amounts of information was zipping around in Jasmines mind. She was doing her best using that information to keep Cesar alive.

Jasmines main problem was Cesars skin. Damage from the wooden sword was causing Cesars skin to lacerate and shred, causing his blood to drip out of his body. Jasmines attempts at healing or clotting the skin with platelets in Cesars blood were meet with more damage to the area. The Flame elder could see the skin healing or clotting, and would just damage it again, countering Jasmines efforts.

If Cesar continued losing blood, his major organs would stop functioning, and he would die.

Since healing the skin wouldn't solve the problem, Jasmine moved onto retaining and conserving Cesars blood. The extra oxygen would keep Ceasars blood viscous, keeping the circulation slow. Slowing his heart rate would have the same effect, and the option was more immediate in its effects. Because of Jasmines control, heart attacks and strokes that usually caused by slow blood circulation weren't a problem, especially after she had improved Cesars heart earlier in the week.

The reduced plasma, which carried blood cells, was made into circular membranes, increasing oxygen, blood capacity, and nutrients, making the entire process much more efficient. Under her control, the membranes became emergency packages that went sent to areas which needed them.

The human body was truly inefficient and poorly constructed. How people could possibly argue that God had created it was beyond Jasmine. Jasmine had some serious plans in store for Cesar. Making his body nigh on indestructible was just one of them.

In the beginning, the actions of the Flame family elder were continuous, methodical, and monotonous. In Jasmines eyes, they were predictable, and she took full advantage the elders predictability.

A plan could be made around predictability.

At the exact moment the elders attacks meet Cesars body, Jasmine would contract and constrict the muscles in the affected area, absorbing and minimizing the damage the wooden sword caused. This not only protected the muscles, but also the bones and veins.

At opportune moments, Jasmine would sent electrical signals to the muscles, creating a massaging effect that would relax and invigorate the muscles, getting them ready for the eventual punishment.

But most of Jasmines concentration, and her showcase on knowledge, resourcefulness and technique, went into controlling the Yin, Yang, and Life energy in Cesars body.

Because Cesars mind now accepted Jasmine, she had received unobstructed, limited control over his energy. Jasmine was only a small fraction of Cesars soul, and The Heavenly Mirror had given her an equivalent amount of control. The control that Jasmine had received wasn't nearly the amount she wanted, but it was enough for Jasmine to have a good shot at saving Cesars life.

If Jasmine had enough control, she would have materialized the Yang energy, instantly killing the Flame family elder.

With her limited control, Jasmine moved some Yin energy into Cesars brain. Cesars brain was being overloaded with sensory information. Jasmine was forcing Cesars brain to send immense amounts of electrical signals to every part of his body, thus create the massaging effect, but that caused his brain to work in overdrive. Synapses were firing off left and right, making Cesars brain a complete mess. Not to mention, Cesars brain was overworking itself, when it didn't need to. His brain was reacting to the damage that it sensed from Cesars entire body, and it was working overtime by producing life saving hormones and activating other life saving measures around Cesar body. Jasmine was doing all the work, and with the extra brain activity, Cesars brain was just taking more resources away from the rest of his body. So Jasmine used the effect of Yin energy to calm and cool Cesars mind. The extra water, sugar and nutrients would be useful elsewhere.

Jasmine also coated specific veins with Yin energy. The veins under the skin were being heavily damaged by the elders sword. Each strike of the elders sword caused damage to veins under the skin. They were completely unprotected, like Cesars skin. Most were sacrificed, discarded, or clogged, but crucial veins, which connected the major organs, needed to be conserved. So Yin energy was used to preserve those major arteries. When critical damage was caused to them, Life energy was used to heal them.

The Yin energy wasn't actually being used, Jasmine just used the cooling effect the energy caused. The Yin energy under her control was in a closed system, so 100% of the energy was conserved. Yin energy was a cooling agent, and Jasmine was using that cooling effect that Yin energy caused to minimize the damage caused to the veins.

Jasmine needed to conserve Yin energy because she needed to turn it into Life energy. Cesars life depended on it. She was just using biology, chemistry and physics to her full advantage.

She used Yang energy on Cesars bones. The Flame Family elder was not only damaging muscles, but the entire body, which included joints and bones in Cesars body. Jasmine had access to an abundant amount of Yang energy. It was also being constantly absorbed since the lecture of torture was being demonstrated outside, in the sun, where Yang energy originated from. The Heavenly Mirror had recognized the damage being caused to it's owner, and had sped up it's intake of Yang energy.

So Jasmine used Yang energy on the damaged bones, muscles, and skin. Yang energy also had a healing component, but it took more time and had a lesser effect compared to Life energy. Yang energy did raise the endurance of Cesars body, an effect that was much needed for Cesar, who was under the constant punishment of the Flame family elder.

Even though Yang energy was abundant in Cesars body, Yin energy was scarce. Life energy was a mixture of Yin and Yang energy. Jasmine knew that Life energy was crucial in keeping Cesar alive. In critical moments, Life energy was used to save an important part of Cesars body.

Both Yin and Life energy was being consumed at a constant rate. They were a limited resource.

Jasmine was playing an endurance game against the Flame family elder. The longer it went, the worse her chances became.

Jasmine continued doing all she could. She felt helpless and powerless. She absolutely hated the feeling.

[Infection detected. Destroying infection...Complete.]

Slowly, more problems arose. The Flame families elder attack pattern also become more unpredictable. Jasmine depended on the elders predictability to set up her plans. She was now reacting to him, instead of being many steps ahead of him. One misstep, one reaction too late, could end up being fatal. Jasmine depended on Cesars senses for information from the outside world. Jasmine would react to wind pressure caused by the wooden sword when it was just inches away from his skin. The more damage Cesar gained to his touch receptors, the less information she received. It seemed like the elder was enjoying his act of torture, especially on a body that was able to take an unusually high levels of pain.

When the damage and amount of Yin and Life energy became critical, Jasmine used the extra water and oil she had conserved from his body. It was a crucial part of her plan. She started a process of swelling. The entire process was carefully controlled, making sure that none of the blood was clogged. It wasn't normal swelling. The skin and muscles were simultaneously swelled, creating a rubbery effect. This helped absorb the damage and vibrations caused by the wooden sword, and increased the overall endurance of Cesars body.

The problem with this plan was that resources such as nutrients and water were being expended at an exponential rate.

While Jasmine did all this, she also had to understand the entire situation from the Flame elders perspective. The elder treated Cesar as 2nd Houtian Profound Realm practitioner with extraordinary endurance. This was the preconceived notion Jasmine had to work with. If at any point, the elder became suspicious that there was something more going on, Cesar would have been as good as dead. This meant that Jasmine had to be incredibly covert in her treatment of Cesars body. This increased the difficulty of the entire process. The healing could not be inhuman and massive amounts of damage could not be reduced.

There were too many factors and Jasmine had to work within limits.

But all of a sudden, Cesars voice rang in Jasmines mind. It immediately startled her from her concentrated mindset. His voice was full of panic and desperation. Jasmine knew it was an emergency. She had multiple streams of consciousness, so she didn't hesitate on Cesars call for help. But she knew one less stream of consciousness working on Cesars body would significantly lower Cesars chance of survival.

It was a risk Jasmine was willing to take.

She instantly warped besides Cesar. She saw that Cesar was panicked, crying, all while stuttering to explain what was wrong. Without waiting for him to explain, she read his mind.


Jasmine blanked out for a moment. This was a new discovery for her. When she had told Cesar to play around, she didn't expect he'd end up creating a one-of-a-kind fusion element. Jasmine knew the infinite possibilities that were available to him inside this domain, but this was totally unexpected. Once she scanned all the information, calmness and relief, mixed with frustration and anger creeped in her mind. Jasmine recognized that Cesar thought that the possible annihilation of his soul was a bigger problem compared to his body, but Jasmine knew it wasn't. There was no problem here, she was 99.91% sure. She knew that if Cesar had lost control of that element, they would have instantly died.

A unique and unexpected process was happening with his annihilation fusion element, but it wasn't something to worry about. Neither was Cesars panicked and crying state. To Jasmine, keeping him alive was her current top priority, not calming him down from a non existent problem. Jasmine didn't need to be in his soul realm to tell him to calm down.

The reason Jasmine wasn't in Cesars soul domain was because it took time for the sensory information to travel to his soul. It was only a fraction of a second, but in the current situation, that fraction of a second could be the deciding factor between life and death. The pathway of Cesars sensory information went from his body, into his brain, then into his soul, arriving to Jasmine. Normally, all of her streams of consciousness would be inside his soul. But currently, they were all connected directly to his body, escaping the time dilation. Only a single stream of consciousness was currently inside his soul.

Just as Jasmine was about to leave the soul domain, going back to saving Cesars life, Cesars entire soul shivered. Each part of Cesars soul shook with total frenzy. His expression went from crying and panicked to one of total contentment and happiness. Cesar closed his eyes and enjoyed that feeling.

Jasmine smiled. She had no idea what was happening, but she knew it was beneficial for Cesar. Cesars soul was beyond her current senses and she knew it was unique. Void energy had somehow altered it. Since she realized that this matter was beyond her control, she wanted to leave...but she couldn't.

That's when she realized that the entire soul had be isolated. The connection between soul and body had be cut.

[No. No. This can't be happening. NOO!]

Tears starting flowing down Jasmines face. She needed every last one of her stream of consciousnesses to keep Cesar alive. The chance of survival for Cesar had fallen below 20%. She knew the separation between the soul and body was temporary. It would only last until the situation with the fusion element was over. But the sadness in her heart did not stop, and neither did the hot tears streaming down her face. She could not communicate with the rest of her consciousnesses. She could do nothing but wait. She only hoped that Cesar would survive.

Jasmine hated not having her full computing power. If she had her original power, Cesars life would never have been in danger in the first place.

Jasmine knew that this wasn't her fault. She was just trying to make the best of out a bad situation. It still mortified her.

Then, in front of her eyes, Cesar disappeared. She could feel that Cesar was in the same place as the annihilation element. The only option left for her was to vaguely follow the sequence of events that were about to occur with Cesar. She would read Cesars memory when the connection became available. Right now, she could only trust her other selves and hope everything would be alright.


Cesar was in a dreamlike state. He was floating in space, surrounded with countless multicoloured stars. His breathing was even and steady. His smile contained total contentment and peace with the world. It was as if he was connected with the universe itself. He looked timeless and eternal.

Inside Cesars mind, a story was unfolding itself. It was majestic and illustrious, while at the same time, grievous and mournful. It was the story of Yin and Yang. The most prominent story in the omniverse.

When this particular universe came into existence, Yin and Yang became the building blocks that kept the entire universe in balance. Balance was crucial because it was what kept the entire universe from crumbling and disintegrating itself into nothingness.

Yin and Yang were not the supreme dimensional elements, nor were they the most abundant, but they were the most important. Without them, there would have been no universe, no life, no energy, no change... for eternity. There would have been nothing...forever.

Yin and Yang was what allowed the different dimensional energies to coexist with each other. They were the glue, nails and bolts which kept the entire universe together. This has been their fate since the dawn of the omniverse itself, and it will be for all eternity.

Supreme dimensional elements were the fundamental building blocks of everything. At first, they existed in a semi-state of existence in the omniverse. They were neither real, virtual, imaginary or illusionary. They existed, yet not at the same time. There was no space to exist in, so they did not exist. They did not have the intelligence to know they existed, thus they did not exist. Only by knowing they exist, would they themselves and everything else, exist. But it was beyond their capacity. They were all separate lone wolfs, never interacting with each other, living in a state of nonexistence.

But that all changed with Yin and Yang.

In the beginning of their actual existence, the supreme dimensional elements were like spoiled and arrogant children with different purposes, fates and duties. They wanted to be kings, queens and emperors. They wanted to stand on top of every other element, looking down at the omniverse itself. They would bully and fight each other for dominance with no regards for each other. There was no cooperation. Only conflict. Yin and Yang were like their parents. They resolved the fights between the supreme elements. Yin and Yang initiated cooperation between the supreme elements. They held the hands of every other element when they were needed. But Yin and Yang could not hold each others hands. Their fates and the omniverse itself would not allow them.

It was only through the cooperation and combination of these elements, along with Yin and Yang, that gluons, pions, quarks and other fundamental particles and forces came into existence. Each atom of matter contained either Yin or Yang energy in some abstruse way. The infinite complexity of the universe was a dilution of those supreme elements along with Yin and Yang.

It was how universes came into existence.

All those supreme elements now contained a rudimentary, machine like intelligence. There was no consciousness, only existence. They knew that they existed, and with their eventual cooperation, it was enough to create this specific universe and it's infinite complexities. Since the universe was created with this basic intelligence, it carried onto the universe itself.

But Yin and Yang were different. They were the ones who brought all those supreme elements together. They had to know of their existence from the moment of their mutual creation, unlike the supreme elements, who had to attain it, or else they would have been in the same situation, bordering between existence and non existence.

Yin and Yang also knew of their fate of eternal dependence of each other.

Along with the infinite other examples; Hot, cold and the mild temperatures in between... were just the result of the cooperation between Yin and Yang, not their connection. There was a difference. They were allowed to cooperate, never directly connect. It meant that the Yin and Yang energy of the sun and moon, even the concepts of absolute opposites (right-wrong, attraction-repulsion) were just a basic representation of Yin and Yang, the ultimate and fundamental opposites. It was their fate to forever long for each other, never meeting, never connecting. Yin and Yang were a hairs touch away from each other, only the invisible force of the omniverse could stop them. It had to be that way.

The omniverse would never allow Yin and Yang to merge. It couldn't. It's survival depended on it. If the eternal opposites, which could never fuse, were allowed to merge together, then everything else would also be able to merge together. The strings which hold everything in it's place would snap. In the end, everything, including the infinite complexities of the universe, then the omniverse, would become a single elemental entity...forever. There would be no change possible in this state. It would be a state on one-ness. The existence of the omniverse would be rendered useless. Existence would become futile.

The story of Yin and Yang was the ultimate Romeo and Juliet type story. They were the children of the Omniverse who were in love with each other, were but not allowed to converge together.

Yin and Yang, both alike in dignity,
In fair Omniverse, where we lay our scene,
From ancient fate break to new destiny,
Where archaic hands make reborn hands unclean.
From forth doth eternal foes turn to eternal lovers
A pair of star-cross'd lovers renew their life;
From endless damnation to boundless love
Do with their union bury the Omniverse strife.

Cesar smiled widened as he woke up from his dream-like state. Pieces of the puzzle were beginning to connect. This was a matter about intelligence and control. The omniverse, and this universe in particular, didn't have the control nor the intelligence required to deal with the fusion of Yin and Yang. From the Omniverses perspective, the strings of Causality and Karma would break if Yin and Yang united. It would ultimately result in the state of one-ness.

Cesar had united a rudimentary version of Yin and Yang; Yin and Yang energy. Although it wasn't Yin and Yang itself, it was the first step. He had gotten to a state where no one else had been able to get to.

A correct analogy of Cesars situation would be having control over the colour white. With intelligence and control, one would recognize that white is the combination of every visible colour. With control, one can separate white into every colour. But by itself, it would remain white...forever. With intelligence, one can extract a specific colour.

This was the universes problem. A God that was omniscient and omnipotent wouldn't care about a state of one-ness. That God would be able to fully control that process. Turning the Omniverse back to it's previous state would be easy. It just required the knowledge of the Omniverse in that specific state.

This involved Cesar because he not only had a certain A.I that would be able to calculate and simulate that specific state of the Omniverse, but The Heavenly Mirror to be able to control it. Of-course, that would be well into the future. Currently, Cesar knew that it was only wishful thinking.

The fusion of Yin and Yang energy was called The YinYang energy. The once separate energies had come together. The name had been given to Cesar by the couple themselves. Since Yin and Yang had basic intelligence, it had been passed onto the now combined YinYang energy. It was actually the combined intelligence of both Yin and Yang. A good analogy would be that they had evolved from a single, separate celled organism into a combined multi-cellular organism.

With eyes open, Cesar once again looked at the YingYang energy. It was now complete under his control. But it was different than before. It was once a blue ball with red streams inside. Now, it was a transparent red ball with blue streams inside. It no longer gave off the power of annihilation, but creation.

Cesar laughed. YinYang, duality at it's finest.

When YinYang had given off the power of annihilation, it was actually Yin protecting Yang. The blue external exterior represented Yin.

If it had truly been would have been the power of annihilation. But the Yin energy within the ball was a step below Yin, just a basic representation. It only contained the power of corrosion, not annihilation.

Corrosion was able to break down any component to it's basic, fundamental levels. It was still terrifying.

The Yin element hierarchy was water, ice, cold temperature (in terms of Kelvin), corrosion, annihilation, and Yin itself. There were many more stages between the hierarchy, and Yin was never meant to be alone, but combined with other elements like it had for all time.

Yang was the opposite. If Yin was the power of annihilation, than Yang was the power of creation. Since the Yang energy in front or Cesar was a basic representation of Yang, it didn't contain the power of creation, but transmutation.

With transmutation, those components could be turned into something completely different.

By themselves, corrosion and transmutation were still heaven defying. But together, they could be heaven conquering.

Breaking down complex components, changing them into anything with but a simple thought... utterly heaven conquering.

The hierarchy of Yang was flame, plasma, hot temperature (in terms of Kelvin), transmutation, creation, and Yang itself.

The YinYang was showing it's power of transmutation, a signal of alliance.

Both Yin and Yang had 6 stages of mastery, with the final leading to the core version of itself.

Cesar was now in control of YinYang, and consequently, had access to the stages up to transmutation and corrosion. Creation, annihilation, Yin and Yang were off limits.

Cesar knew the barricade to having the power of corrosion and transmutation was his Cultivation. Currently, he knew that he only had access to flame, water, wind and lightning. Flame and water because they were the beginning levels of Yin and Yang, wind and lightning because they had been the byproduct of the fusion itself.

But with his scientific mind, Cesar knew it wasn't that simple. It seemed like the universe had a way of categorizing elements and the infinitely many processes between them. He had been told the maximum, but not the minimum. Currently, his maximum level of control were the category 'fire, water, wind, and lightning'. Did that mean he now had control over the activity of atoms in a certain space with a certain amount of intensity? Did he have control over Hydrogen and Oxygen?

Not to mention, each element had realms of mastery. For example, there were countless types of flames. Then there was the matter of combining both Yin and Yang at each stage.

Yin and Yang had also allowed Cesar to have equal innate control over both Yin and Yang energies. The reason Cesar couldn't materialize Yin energy before was because male souls weren't complementary to Yin energy. Now, on will, Cesar could materialize his Yin energy. It also meant his absorption of Yin energy had become equal to Yang energy. There were also other benefits that Cesar didn't know about and would only learn in the future.

Not to mention, Yin and Yang were never meant to be used separately. They had to be mixed with countless other elements. It had been their fate because since the beginning of time and they had been the best suited towards it.

Cesar mused with himself. A door with infinite possibilities just opened itself to him. What would happened if he combined the power and annihilation and creation?

This was the gift that Yin and Yang themselves had given to Cesar. A system had been set up with the YinYang. It had been the first time since their moment of creation countless years ago that had directly held hands. It had been through a basic version of themselves, and that's why they had passed their intelligence onto the newly created YinYang energy. It was the start of their marriage.

But that was it. They had only touched for the first time. They still had not merged, still hadn't gotten married. It was just the first level of their union. They had now only truly meet and touched each other. Before, they could only look at each other from a separate side of an invisible glass wall. That's why the outer layer of the ball had a different colour compared to the inside. If Yin and Yang energy had truly merged, then the entire ball of energy would have been a single colour. They had to move onto becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, and then onto eternal marriage, never separating from each other again.

That was why they had shown Cesar some of their memories. Both Yin and Yang hoped he would continue with their union. Only he had the potential. The message they gave Cesar was basically telling him to become God.

Right now, Cesar was just a trivial Cultivator of the Houtian Profound Realm. Yin and Yang wanted him to Cultivate to Godhood.

Of coarse, Yin and Yang never explicitly said so. Only because they were unable to. Cesar could read between the lines.

It's been less then a week since Cesar had started his new life. Now, timeless and archaic elements just told him to become a God so he could actualize their love for each other.

What an interesting new life.


Ending Note: The fusion element was of Yin and Yang energy , not Yin and Yang itself, the ultimate concept of opposites, a fictional fundamental force in the Omniverse. The Omniverse is where everything resides. This was my attempt at combining fictional science and philosophy. If there are any mistakes in the chapter, remember to comment so I can fix them. If you have ideas, let me know through the comments.

I have a new fiction The Conquering Couple. It's in the same universe but it's more Xianxia style. It's also faster paced with less detail. There will be more humor and politics in my side novel. It's just a side project and this story will take total priority in chapters and my attention.

It's been more then 2 weeks since the last chapter and I wanted to put out a new chapter. So I stayed awake to almost 4 in the morning to finish writing this chapter. So I apologize if there are more grammar mistakes than usual. I am too tired to carefully proofread.


Ending Note: Don't worry about Cesars crying and bitchy mentality. It doesn't last. There's even an explanation in the next chapter.

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