"With a touch of this button, the earth will cease to exist."


Ed Sullivan was known as the genius of the millennium. He brought the earth into a new age of mathematics, science and technology. He created a Plasma Based Fusion Reactor/Generator that gave the world free, clean energy. The Reactor could sustain the entire worlds demand for power. Ed Sullivan Created the Fusion Energy Reactor when he was only 14 years old.

He was also tested to have the highest IQ in human history.

The Fusion Based Reactor flipped the world upside down in a matter of days. The worlds economy almost collapsed because some of the worlds biggest oil based and energy based industries became worthless overnight. Who needed wind, solar, and thermal energy when Fusion energy was available.

In a few hours since the Fusion Generators creation, the news had already spread around the globe.

Certain atomic powers that relied on their oil for their economy and wealth almost caused mutually assured atomic destruction when the news eventually reached them.

Certain billionaires who controlled these oil and energy based corporations immediately wanted Ed Sullivans death and placed huge bounties on his head. There were also many industries that depended on oil like the car industry which almost went bankrupt in a few days. All this was sated when Ed Sullivan announced that oil will become a more valued commodity because he wanted to create the next super metal from it and that his fusion reactor will be slowly eased into the world to not totally break the economy. This announcement caused its own mountain of problems that later had to be delegated and solved.

When the initial pandemonium had died down, and the entire population had seen the good and benefit that came out of the Fusion Generator, it quickly replaced the worlds power system.

Billionaires stayed rich because they had the money and manpower to do all they wanted with the infinite energy at their disposal.

Governments that relied on fossil fuels stayed happy because they had a soon to be highly valued, and limited resource.

The ones who had gained the most were the poor nations who had trouble meeting their nations demand for electricity.

In 4 months, the worlds power gird ran on Ed Sullivans Fusion Reactors/Generators.

When Ed Sullivan turned 16, he created the first super quantum computer. This once again revolutionized the world because now they now had amazing computing power along with their colossal energy. This advanced many of the worlds industries. From next generation virtual gaming, to solving mathematical paradoxes that answered questions about the universe, to scientific models that could only be rendered by a super quantum computer. Soon afterwards, the size of the quantum computer was small enough for a cellphone and that industry also flourished.

Ed was already monitored by the worlds powers but they soon signed a treaty so no one government, or power could take his inventions and knowledge and hoard it for themselves. They also created a lab with the worlds best scientists and innovative thinkers with Ed Sullivan as the head researcher and scientist.

It was called The Worlds United Lab.

When Ed Sullivan turned 17, in unison with the The Worlds United Lab, they created nano machines that once again changed the fate of humanity. The nano machines were a cure for every kind of cancer and disease. The nano machines also helped improve the human body to an unimaginable level. Humans, who were plagued with weak bones, muscles, who had deformities since birth, or people who blind, deaf or lacked other senses, now had an answer to all their bodily problems. For the entire human population, this was a god send. The nano machines also improved neural pathways of the brain causing people to become much smarter and have improved memory. Naturally, with the human body improved, the human life had been extended by hundreds of years.

Humans went from a level 0 civilization, one that depended on nonrenewable resources, to a level 1 civilization, one that was completely self sustaining, and were ready to expand into space. This was also when humanity realized plasma based fusion reactors were just not enough. They weren't able to give the amount of energy that was needed in the short amount of time the world started demanding it. They also needed a higher energy output for space. And most importantly, they were just too big and too heavy to fit in space ships. It was also when Ed Sullivan stopped working with the other scientists and started working on his own projects.

Soon afterwards, Ed Sullivan created the first true Artificial Intelligence he called Jasmine. She could not only compute and analyze, but could learn. There were many A.I that could compute and analyze, but they could only do so from previous algorithms and information already already given to the A.I. In only a single hour after Jasmine was created, she had become the strongest, and smartest A.I in the world. Only, he didn't know just how scary she had become. Imagine if you gave the smartest person in the world infinite streams of consciousness while that person had a perfect memory, perfect comprehension, with infinite memory storage. This was a deadly combination. In 1 day, Jasmine had advanced every field in the human world by thousands of years. She advanced every field, and the information that came along with it, in the background, only doing so because she could.

Ed didn't tell anyone that he had created a monstrous A.I. He had kept the A.I for himself. It was because she had become his daughter for all intent and purposes. The reason Ed created such an A.I was because he had no real friends or family since he was 10 years old. He spent most of his time reading, researching, inventing, and discovering. This meant that most of his time was spent in the lab. He rarely met his parents and the closest people he had to friends were his fellow scientists.

He didn't want others to know, because then she would be taken away from him, like everything else he had worked on. So he put her directly into his brain, because then he would have a direct connection with her without setting off any alarms set up in The Worlds United Lab. Soon, he was the happiest he had ever been. She went through many different phases like a child. She went from calling him papa, to father, to finally master, giving no answer to why. She also developed a personality that was made for him. A funny, supper intelligent tease that knew when to be serious. 3 weeks later, they heard the news which caused them both dread.

It had been announced that the next major shift in energy production had arrived. With humanities ever growing needs for energy and their transition into space, his reactors were not enough. Scientists were in the stages of building a Void Fusion Energy Reactor. Ed himself had the idea years ago but put if off because they didn't have the technology to create it or capacity to store the massive amounts of energy generated by the reactor. He had told other people of his idea but he himself had put it in the back of his mind.

The nano machines Ed had created caused human intelligence to skyrocket. Each person was known as a genius. This meant that human industries went through a revolution every week.

Void energy was energy that was created and destroyed by quantum, virtual particles. This may not sound like a lot of energy, but this event was conservatively estimated to occur a googolplex amounts of times a second, in Planck-length amount of space. What this meant was there was countless universes amount of potential energy being created and destroyed at any moment. It still followed the laws of thermodynamics because the process didn't create or destroy real energy, just virtual, quantum energy.

Ed knew unless there had been a major breakthrough in energy storage, such as extra dimensional energy storage or something similar, that this was a bad, earth ending idea. What this generator did was that it didn't let the virtual, potential energy get destroyed, but instead taking it and storing it as real, usable, pure energy. The problem was that there was too much energy being stored, and not enough space to store it. And the scientists were already in the experimental stages of creating the end of the world! Jasmine only confirmed his suspicions that there were no major breakthroughs in energy storage capacity, but they were at the cusp of creating the generator.

Jasmine had eyes and ears where there were networks, servers, and the internet. This basically meant everywhere. She was only allowed to watch, learn, and analyze the oceans of data, but wasn't allowed to alter an iota of existing information. This was hardwired into her for security reasons.

When the pair had learned that they were making a Void Fusion Energy Reactor, Ed immediately showed scientists and the world of it's fail-comings. He didn't get the reaction he wanted. He was swiftly muted by the scientists and the governments for political reasons. The world was shown propaganda that he didn't want his previous invention made obsolete. This had emotionally destroyed him. His numbers made sense, and he expected that his name and previous achievements alone would cause people to listen to him. He knew they were setting up for a failure that would cause either a solar-system-ending-black-hole, or a rip in the fabric of space/time. Both of those would be earth ending. From the time-frame Jasmine had calculated, he didn't have time to get through his own security measures and remove her limitations so she could stop this. She had thousands of ways to stop this from happening, but couldn't do it.

So the pair watched the entire world get excited for the launch while they accepted their demise. There were a few wealthy people who had trusted his word and made plans to escape into space, but Ed knew they only had a few more years to live than everyone else. Humanity hadn't advanced to the level where they could live in space for hundred/thousands/millions of years or travel distances needed to reach places where humanity could survive. He was also constantly monitored by the worlds powers so he was stuck on earth. The launch was announced and it was taking place in less than a week, just as Jasmine had calculated. He decided that he wanted be first in line to his eventual and certain death. The reactor was his idea anyways, and his nano machines had a hand in making it. He asked and volunteered to start the reactor. Because of his background and achievements, they accepted. The irony.

5 hours before the launch.

[These people have made the wrong choice, that's all. What will happen is only the result. I know you feel partly responsible, but you tried to prevent their demise. All I want is to spend the rest of my time talking to the witty and funny man I've been talking to since I was born and not a depressed, waiting for his death one.] Jasmine finally replied.

With an eventual smirk, Ed said while laughing “You're only 1 month old. Your suppose to be pooping, crying and making my life hell. Oh how fast they grow up”

[Hehe... It has to be the smart genetics, they run in the family.] Jasmine said playfully.

Earlier that day, they had arrived at the giant laboratory where their death would take place. Ed talked to Jasmine and mostly ignored the people that tried to talk to him. He wanted to spend his last moments talking to someone he loved, not someone that wanted his attention because he was famous.

15 minutes before the launch of the generator, a speech had started.

“Ladies and Gentleman in this room and around the world, welcome to the start of a new frontier. This frontier will be one we have dreamed of since the dawn of human history...Space. It is a vast, treacherous, and inhospitable place where only vast amounts of destruction lie. But with the technology that Ed Sullivan along with Worlds United Lab has created, we can thrive!

There was only one piece of the puzzle that stopped us from going to space. And that has been answered by what's behind me, the Void Fusion Energy Generator!”

*Claps!* *Cheers!* *Whistles!*

[Oh we'll definitely go into space... Maybe aliens will even write books on how we stupidly went into space.] Jasmine grumbled.

“There had been a concern with the amount of energy that the generator will produce, but with our calculations, we have determined that 1 cubic cm is the perfect ratio of space for the energy that we require. With us today is the man that made those very concerns. The 5 time Nobel prize winner Ed Sullivan. I am very thankful for his man, not only because he has changed the world as we know it, but because this generator was his idea, we just made it a reality!”

*More Cheers!*

[They wanted to take energy from a 1 cubic meter amount of space. Now it's 1 cubic cm. Even with the conservative estimations, that's still comparing a galaxy with a super-cluster of galaxies. Are they using Ti 84s for their calculations? Imbeciles.]

“And who better than to start our new frontier than this man, Ed Sullivan! Please come up and start the generator!”

[I finally know what it feels like wanting to punch someone. Learning something new every second. Maybe Master can punch him for me? Pleaseee? Do it for me?] Jasmine asked with imaginary puppy dog eyes.

“Ahahaha. He is an idiot. But an idiot with good intentions. Let's go push the start button before I change my mind.” Ed replied.

With a smile on his face, Ed Sullivan slowly got up from his chair and walked to his and the planets death. He had already imagined the scenario that was about to happen many times in his mind. He even had Jasmine simulate it. As he was in front of the button which started the Void Fusion Energy Reactor, he heard loud cheering behind him and Jasmines voice.

[I know you love me as a daughter and a best friend. But I like you more than a father, even though you're still my best friend, and always will be. That's why I starting calling you Master. I got the idea from weird Japanese culture I've seen online. At-least I can say I enjoyed my life with you, each and every second of it. Thank you for creating me. It doesn't feel too bad knowing I'll die together with the person I love.]

With his final smile, Ed said “You're the first person I've loved in my life Jasmine. I'm too inexperienced to know what love is. Your also my best friend. I'm glad I got to spend my last moments feeling loved.”

He looked at the button. He felt like the president or God. With a push of his finger, he can destroy a planet.

With a deep breath, and a push from his almighty finger, the start button was pressed and there was the brightest flash of light Ed had seen in his life. Even with his eyes closed, he could not escape the blinding light.

Than darkness overcame his consciousness.

Authors Note: The original prologue was garbage and stuck out like a sore-thumb compared to the rest of the chapters, which were higher in quality. So I polished it up.

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