An A.I Is Such A Cheat In The Martial World!

by Cupcakejess

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Psychological Romance Martial Arts
Ed Sullivan gets transported into Cesar Fang when he dies. But he is not alone. He has a super A.I named Jasmine along with a heavenly treasure with him! In this new world, humans are at war against Desolate Beasts that dominate the planet! With his knowledge, his A.I, and heavenly treasure, nothing will stop him from reaching the top!

This novel is a mix of Against The Gods/I Shall Seal The Heavens/Warlock Of The Magus World with a main focus on True Martial World. It also has a focus in Science and Science Fiction.

There will be Alchemy, Forging, Relic making (From TMW), and Science stuff.

This is my first novel. It will be 18+ Enjoy!
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Death Of Earth ago
Chapter 1 - The End Is Only The Beginning ago
Chapter 2 - I Underestimated This World ago
Chapter 3 - My First Night Of Torture And Realization ago
Chapter 4 – My Pursuit Of Happiness And Strength ago
Chapter 5 - My First Day Of Being A Cultivator ago
Chapter 6 – Expectations And Limitations ago
Chapter 7 – The Rage That Couldn't Be Contained ago
Chapter 8 – The Soul Domain ago
Chapter 9 - YinYang And Fate ago
Chapter 10 - Waking Up ago
Chapter 11 - The Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 12 - The Evolution Is Never Ending ago
Chapter 13 - The Evolution Is Never Ending (2) ago
Chapter 14 - The Short Trip Back To The Village. ago
Chapter 15 - The Formless Fighting Style ago
Chapter 16 - The Arena Of Death ago
Chapter 17 - The Overbearing Difference Between Cultivators ago
Chapter 18 - Calm Before The Storm (1) ago
Chapter 19 - Calm Before The Storm (2) ago
Chapter 20 - Calm Before The Storm (3) ago
Chapter 21 - Calm Before The Storm (4) - Alchemy ago
Chapter 22 - Calm Before The Storm (5) - Heavenly Phoenix Flames! ago
Chapter 23 - The Boundary Of Death ago
Chapter 24 - Complications ago
Chapter 25 - The Eternal Kiss ago
Chapter 26 - Xiantian Profound Realm ago
Chapter 27 - The Blood Ceremony ago
Chapter 28 ago
Chapter 29 ago
Chapter 30 ago

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Though it is only 4 chapters in

I find it amazing,I wasn't impressed by the prologue but when i started reading the other chapters I was amazed .I still haven't seen a typo.Characters are well thought out .Everything is intense and mysterious Good luck and hope u don't drop this

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not honestly all that great

The writing feels elementary and the descriptive language often feels like it's just repeating itself similar someone saying 'the round circle was round'.

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i enjoy reading this good flow as well. Keep up the good work and hope to see more soon.

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i initially did not want to read this cuz there were only 6 chapters out, but since i was soooo bored i did it anyways and boy was i surprised. i say, forget the numbers! those 6 chapters are like 20 chapters of other novels. basically THEY ARE LONG. yeah, so anyways this is good stuff. go read it. right now. OKAY?

Just do it!



EDIT: Actually dropped it at chapter 9 because of my preference in MC mentality, but good story u should definitely read it.

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This is good fiction maybe better that some novel the author took his inspiration from.


there is still 2 problems for me :


1-  chapters are too long, no chapter are never too long but everything the author write is too long be it the lenghty description that is all over the place or the dialogue between character (and I don't really like all the lovey-dovey talk since this is not really funny nor sexy but this is more related to my taste).


2- there is one plothole maybe there is more but this one was easy to see. Lily is too strong, she is so strong that the setting of the story doesn't make any sense. Why are they living in the forest? in the barren land? (there is like 1000 place better to rise and protect a baby) why was cesar malnourished? why was she making arrow?too pay tax, for rice? (seriously)why was cesar not already in houtian realm since the original cesar already had this power before ed took his place,why did she not fed him elite ferocious beast?(she wanted a powerful husband after all). Well I think author did not know how strong he wanted her to be when he started writing.


I complain a little  but this is still a good fiction worth spending your time on it.

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  • Overall Score

good story nice mixture of concept

The  concept is good 

Thr storyline is nice

Use of blue screen would make it even better. 

Keep it up. 


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The mixture of conecept between other ff/ln is brilliant; what I like most is that I can actually visualize the story in my head clearly, which includes the fight scenes.

The thing I liked is that the A.I. Jasmine is not perceived like the "blue screen", but an actual sentient being, who can feel emotions.

Another one is that the MC is not a goody two-shoes; he is caring to the ones close to him and ruthless to the ones who is an ahole looking for trouble. He is also not too naïve like other MCs and that he is suspicious of others, which is a good thing, since he won't be tricked too much. He also knows when he should and should not fight back knowing whether he should fight his enemy head on or through tactics. Although the MC looks Too OP, I think that in the future, when they reach the capital they would still face people who could be their rival, so please no OP haters.

So all in all I see a lot of potential in this ff and hope that it would not be dropped like many other ff's.

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Good story in the beginning, writing could use improvement

There are a couple of issues for me with this fiction, but the only reason m hanging on is cuz of the great plot! Below are my issues, which I hope the author reads and takes positively. I really like the story but it could be better.


Please note, my preferences may or may not be similar to that of others:



Issue no. 1 – Info dump

it’s there all over the place. Example: the chapter where Jasmine first spoke to the MC in the new world, she had a whole ranting session of about 1/4-1/2 a page!? Things like that are all over the place and detract from the story. Your chapters are of a very good length but I end up skimming a lot of parts cuz there’s just so much information which is like an explanation of some subject :/


Issue no. 2 – Over the Top/Flowery Writing? (not sure of what to call it) and no connection to the character…

You explain things with too much emphasis to make sure the reader know just how much the 2 or 3 ppl love each other, are each other’s soul-mates, how special the MC/Lily/AI are!

Things like respect, admiration, shock & awe need to be felt! Writing flowery words saying something doesn’t work as well as creating the setting and subtly steering the readers to reach the conclusion.

There are many emotional scenes, like where Lily is showing her “deep sorrow” etc. As a reader, I have been informed of this by you, but you fail to make me connect to the character. It’s partially due to the rushed way the characters are developing. We have not had time to get to know the character but the characters have already started with their love-development or telling us feelings abput the past.

Also the Writing is over the top at many times

Eg .

Even her teary face looked refreshed and reborn. She looked down at me like a goddess and said “When I wished for a family Cesar, I had wished ********  I wanted to be loved, and I’ve never felt more loved than I have now.”

Why does she have to look down like a goddess? She was crying right before this :/ she went from emotional to goddess?

Many such instances are there…


——- And now even the heavens fear the AI? —— ugh! this is getting out of hand :/

m gonna stop reading now