As we enter the adventurer's guild I'm hit with a very strong pungent smell of bodily odor. I'm forced to realize again that in this world for some reason some women consider smelling bad as a good thing, note to self, avoid entering closed spaces that have a large number of women. Laura and Yuu noses are twitching a little as the smell is probably stronger to them because of their wolfkin race but it seems like they are already used to this smell, I really can't thank them enough for them having a habit of washing themselves daily since they never considered it before trying to smell bad as a mean to attract a male before because of how they used to see themselves as 'ugly'.


Everybody inside takes a look at us for a second and then resumes doing whatever they were doing, save for a single group of people who are giving us, the twins more specifically, surprised looks.


A very large beastkin woman, with lioness features, approaches us from that group and gives both girls an apologetic look.


"So you survived. I won't apologize for my decisions back then since my main party was my priority, you should already know the risks of being an adventurer, but know that I am relieved to see you two alive." She said in a very prideful manner and left before any of us could say a thing.


I asked the twins what does she means and they explained to me what happened before I fell from the sky on top of them two days ago. My first reaction was to get angry since she essentially decided to sacrifice my girls so that she and her party could escape more easily, but the girls calmed me down since the lioness woman's party was the only one in the guild who accepted taking them in a quest and it also led them to meet me.


I'm still a little mad at that woman but I try my best to let it go as we approach the reception table.


"Hello handsome, what can I do for you?" A fat dwarf woman with a very bushy mustache and big ears says to me with a flirty tone from the other side of the counter. I threw up a little in my mouth when she tried to give me a seductive smile and I saw the color of her teeth, there was a few black ones lost in the middle of deep yellow ones.


"Hi... burp... I wanna join the adventurer's guild." I say while trying to hold my puke back, her rancid breath is clearly not helping, please woman, for the love of god, close your mouth!


"Okay, your first attempt will be free but after that, it will cost you one silver coin. Let me get your paperwork ready and set things up, you can wait in the sparring ring in the training hall. It is the first door to your left." She said as she got closer and closer to me, putting her elbows together trying to show me her cleaved but I quickly avert my eyes when I see that there is a tuft of hair coming out between her breasts... I think a little vomit leaked from the corner of my mouth.


I rapidly nod my head and get away from that dwarf as fast as I can moving to the hall that she pointed out, I can hear her muttering "Oh a shy one" while giggling.


I was waiting in the corner of the sparring ring with my girls for about 15 minutes when the receptionist and two more women entered the hall.


"Hello there I'm Carmine, I'm a retired adventurer that works here as an instructor, I'm going to be judging your combat capabilities when you face Kiara here in a mock battle. She is a rank D adventurer and the leader of the Sword Haven party." Carmine says as she points to the lionkin woman from before who left my girls to fend for themselves against the big slime.


It must be karma, this way I can teach her a lesson about what she did to the twins, I think while completely forgetting that she probably has way more combat-leaning stats than me.


Kiara just went for the weapons rack near the ring and picked up two blunt swords while Carmine was explaining the rules to me. "You can pick any weapon available in the rack there, you are also free to use your traits in combat but the fight must be stopped at the moment I say so. This mock battle will last for five minutes or until I deem one of you as not fit to continue fighting or if you fall outside the ring. Am I clear?"


I nod my head at her, going for the weapons rack, I actually don't have a single clue in how to use any of these weapons here so I decided to take a wooden staff that seems to be the easiest to use since it has a nice reach and I can use to block a few blows.


I enter the ring and ready myself while the girls are a little nervous for me, they told me about Kiara's haste trait and how ruthlessness it can be when she uses it in combo with her double-sword style, throwing several slashes with her weapons in a flash. I start to lose my confidence when I hear that but I won't back down now.


"Ready? Start!" Carmine says and I enter a staring contest with my opponent, she is only wearing the infamous bikini armor on her upper body that can barely hold her humongous boobs and a gladiator-style leather skirt on her bottom half. We both waiting to see who makes the first move. After looking at me for a moment, Kiara just shakes her head in disappointment and moves at a speed that my eyes can't follow, appearing by my side and striking me in my ribs with a single sword attack before I can even react.


I went flying and almost fell off the ring. I painfully get up with the help of my staff, while trying to stay alert when holding myself from contorting in pain from her blow. She looks a little mad that she couldn't take me down in just one hit and prepared to move again. Fearing taking another painful hit I flinch and end up closing my eyes involuntarily when she lifted both swords in preparation to attack me again.


Static Master activated. Cooldown - 19 seconds


I open my eyes and see that I now have a metal buckle attached with a belt in one of my hands while Kiara is on the ground in front of me with a very surprised look. It seems that my trait decided to activate on its own the moment she started to move and I ended up pulling her belt from her, making her trip when her skirt fell down to her knees.


I can't waste this opportunity and tried to strike her with a downward thrust with my staff, she recovered quickly and rolled to dodge my attack, I missed her, striking the floor with my thrust, but my staff somehow got itself between the strap of her bikini armor and her back, making so that when she rolled to evade my attack the hook of her chest piece brook open.


When she stood up again she was completely naked, save for a big thong with a leopard pattern that was barely covering her twat. My dick was confused if it should stand up or keep down since her face was very unattractive and her tights and armpits were very hairy, but her lion-like furry ears and tail still looked cute while her giant tits were bouncing up and down in the open as if they were trying to hypnotize me.


At first, she look at me very angrily but seeing how my eyes were fixated on her boobs she gave me a smirk before making an attacking pose and moving at the same speed or even faster than she did before when she hit me the first time. In a surprising turn of events that shocked her and even myself, I was able to follow her movement this time, well... at least the movement of her melons, lifting my staff with both hands and blocking her strike while only being pushed back a little. She quickly broke free from her surprised state and moved even faster this time, slashing at me again and again.


I was somehow able to block all of her flurry of strikes, not moving my eyes from her dancing jugs for even a fraction of a second. She started to pant heavily and look very frustated. She then decided to take some distance from me before running and jumping very high for someone of her size putting all of her strength in a downward cros-slash with both of her swords. Still looking at her big nipples I held my staff up with both hands horizontally to block her strike in the last second. Her blow was so powerful that even though I was able to deflect it away from me making it go over my head my staff broke in two and she fell on top of me almost crushing my bones with her weight.


She gave me a victorious sneer and dropped her swords deciding to pin me to the ground whit her hands firmly holding on to my shoulders while she was literally mounting me I frantically was trying to break free from her and hoping that my pelvis didn't decide to shatter from the pure pressure her ass was putting on it, I moved my hands up, accidentally groping both of her breasts.


Static Master activated. Cooldown - 19 seconds


"HMMMMMMMMMMM!" Kiara gave a loudly moan that echoed in the whole hall while she spasmed and started gushing out from her pussy and splash my groins and belly, wow we got a squirter over here!


When she eventually stopped spasming I felt her alleviating the strength in her hands that were pinning me down as she started to slowly fall on top of me. I summoned all of my might to push her off me since I don't feel like being completely flattened. She ended up falling off the ring when I pushed her, I didn't even realize that she was pinning me right at the border of the ring.


"That is the end of the match! The challenger is the winner" Carmine yelled signalizing that I won the mock battle.


"I am glad to welcome you into the adventurer's guild, judging your battle and your trait I declare that you should start as a rank E adventurer." She also told me.


The twins were happily hugging me as they congratulated me, while Starly was jumping on top of my head with joy. That was when Kiara stood up from the ground, grabbed her outfit from the ring and came, still naked, to me.


"Humu, it was a good fight. Feel free to challenge me again if you want to get more fighting experience, I can also give you some private 'training' if you want it" She said looking at me like I was a piece of meat with very carnivore eyes.


Laura and Yuu got in front of me, shielding me from her view. Kiara just gave them a loud laugh and moved away. My boner is still confused by the way.


After that the dwarf receptionist guided me back to the reception table and gave me a paper form, telling me to write my information on it. I just wrote my name, the girls' house as my residence, and marked what class best describes my fighting style from a multiple-choice option. It was optional to list your level, stats, and traits. Only if you were eligible for a rank C promotion that you would have to allow the guild to use a status measuring crystal, a rare drop item that can scan all of your attributes information if you wanted to rank up. I choose the ranged class from the multiple-choice options, both girls told me that they were registered as supporters when they concluded their trainee course just a few days ago.


The dwarf woman finally gave me a thin chain necklace with a dog tag attached to it after asking me to make a little incision on my thumb and smear a little blood on it, making it shine for a second, she explained that with that it was linked to me. The tag displayed my name and my adventurer rank. After that, I registered a party with both girls and also registered Starly as my tamed monster. I wrote there that it was a common slime, since 'Devourer of the Abyss' looked like wouldn't fit in the space, oh well. Our party name was temporarily registered as Daniel's party, we will try to think of a cooler name later.


I said goodbye to the dwarf while trying my best to politely decline her invitations to come back here when her work shift was over tonight. The more excuses I gave her the more she insisted, someone please give her a mint drops! The women here don't seem to care even a little that I already have two girls with me, a few bolder ones even grabbed my butt when they passed near me while I was filling in the paper forms on the counter table. Laura and Yuu were trying to choo them away from me without much success, I would've been flattered if it wasn't the case that each one was uglier than the other, the only few real pretty gals here that I noticed were covering themselves with cloaks and never once took a look at me, they were too busy trying to make themselves look invisible while minding their business.


We left without checking the quest board since we are mostly interested in monster hunting quests so that the girls can level up faster and the city still is in lockdown mode, making us have to wait for it to end before we can take these kinds of quests. The gate for the inner walls was right by the side of the guild and we were quickly allowed to enter right after having our dog tags checked by the guard at the gate, who happened to be a centaur woman. I'm not gonna lie, I never once in my life tried to picture what a fat centaur would look like but this woman's appearance surely surpassed all of my wildest imagination. Her huge belly poking away from her lean horse body looked completely unnatural. Her towering size over me also gave me the privileged angle that allowed a clear view of all the hair poking out of her huge nose when I looked up to her. Combining that with the smile that she gave me with her hideous face while staring down at me was nightmare-inducing.


Still a little shaky from my first encounter with a centaur in this world I enter the merchant district with both girls by my sides, their soothing presence calming my scarred heart... yep you are also helping Starly, please stop messing up my hair.



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