Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG

Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG

by Eligos

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Choosing a college when your family is struggling can be difficult, but it isn’t supposed to be world ending. And the falling meteor is seriously limiting Matt’s options. 

Now in the aftermath, his home city is locked down by a mysterious dome, corporations are looking to monopolize a wealth of new untapped resources, and people are suddenly developing powers via a system that seems to have borderline sinister intentions. In the chaos, he decides to stick to what he knows: stay out of the spotlight, grind, and survive.

Watch as Matt is dragged into a dark LITRPG set in the real world, where the price of failure is death, and the prize for winning is beyond his wildest dreams. 


There’s a couple big influences here: Solo-Leveling, Squid Game, and Code Geass. If you enjoy LITRPG stories with morally gray characters, high stakes, and smart protagonists who start weak and eventually become powerful in a unique way, you’ll probably find something to like. But be forewarned. It won’t be easy.

I'll be writing this fast, so keep in mind there's likely to be typos that we'll correct as we go.

Developmental Editing by Lev.

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A Refreshing Real-World LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

As a patreon reader of Eligos' other story, I was excited to see something new coming from this author. Upon reading these first couple chapters I can hardly wait to see what's coming next. We are immediately introduced to a main character who's cynicism is relatable in todays modern world, but even as that world comes crashing down around him we find a glimmer of hope as he adjusts to this new reality. A real world RPG happening in present times is exciting to me as a reader struggling with real-world challenges, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the protagonist deals with his own in such a setting. A fantastic start!

The style is fast moving and easy to read, quickly drawing us into the plot. With a first person perspective we are given direct view of events unfolding as they happen. The author gives us immediate action, pulling us into the story with a tone that fits the genre well.

Story moves quickly and is engaging and does not waste the reader's time. With the inciting incident occurring early in the first chapter, we are quickly introduced to a parallel reality through the protagonist's eyes. There is a intriguing struggle to accept this reality as the main character thinks on his feet, managing a non-stop barrage of story development. The result is a relatable and exciting read.

Grammer is sophisticated, edging on being too much so at times, but is not inaccessible to the average reader. Sentence structure is engaging and loyal to the first person narrative voice. We find clever references to real world topics such as philosophy and art. Overall, this makes for a delightful read that draws in the audience.

We are given a cast of characters here that are very real-world; namely, the protagonist. I admit to being a bit unsure of what I would find when seeing the antihero tag on this story, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a protagonist that is, understandably, worn down by the challenges of modern life, yet still caring and compassionate for his friends and loved ones. As we journey with him through the inner monologue he experiences while facing a new reality, and even his own mortality, what we find is a character that is closer to our own inner voice than a typical antihero would be. Above all, these characters are undeniably human, and I found this to be refreshing, especially in the LitRPG setting.


Interesting premise, but becomes more generic

Reviewed at: Chapter 63

The premise of the story is quite interesting, with the city slowly turning into a dystopia. There are quite a few good pieces of world building here on how this turns out, and the main character cynical take on it is quite refreshing.

It's then a bit of a shame that the "leveling" part of the story is so disconnected from it, with the interesting things happening in dungeons that are so much higher fantasy than the urban setting the author was exploring. It's not that the dungeons are badly written, to be honest they are quite interesting and seeing a cynical and healthy paranoia is still fun, to me personally they just detract from the rest of the story.

Warning: Spoiler ahead



It's still a nice story, but it's not a story where if I see a new chapter I am feeling the urge to immediately devour it.


Character-based LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

A really interesting take on the genre.  The characters are what has really made this for me.  Placing these sorts of personalities into what is an often brutal system makes for some compelling reading at times.  I would like to see more of the system take shape (though I am only at chapter 8 at this point of writing).


Well written but the story itself is lacking

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

Obviously a lot of effort has been put in, and the story is well written and doesn't suffer from being too number-heavy like other litRPGs. But the main thing I can't get over is the character, and his lack of critical thinking. 

I don't expect him to be perfect of course, but he just has too many flaws and I don't see anything that makes up for them and encourages me to keep reading. He's far too impulsive.

His depressing background, anger issues and social anxiety can all be accepted, but I feel his lack of thought - for someone who is supposed to be intelligent- is too unbelievable. He leaps into situations without even testing his new abilities, first going after a bounty without knowing what his skill does, then going into a dungeon without even testing his crossbow. Where is the logic??

You buy a crossbow, go into a place filled with monsters, and you haven't even used your weapon once? 
He also has this strange obsession with American tests - he references the LSAT and other tests in practically every chapter. I'm starting to believe the author is taking these tests, and this whole story is simply him procrastinating from studying. 

Don't get me wrong, even with all of these things, I can't deny this is very well written. Grammar is good, the words and pacing is also excellent, it's just the character and his decisions that really let the whole thing down. I feel if this was revised and plotted carefully, it could really be a great story, and I hope the author will keep writing and improving. 


Very interesting entry in a genre clogged with medieval fantasies and isekais. Matthias, the MC, is compellingly placed in an awful situation with a unique power set (he is the MC after all) and has to make the best of it. He's doing alright so far, and his loyalty to his family is mostly compelling him to do the right thing.

style: Gets in the head of the MC really well. You feel his anxiousness and train of thought. Sometimes it can feel choppy, which seems intentional but doesn't always read the best.


story: Very good! A nice example of "Integration to System" without having the System be just some sort of impersonal thing existing solely to exist. However, it seems like the irrationality of people who are afraid has been extremely highly emphasized, which is not necessarily wrong but is a bit tiresome. I just want some normal people!

Grammar: Solid. I'm going to add some words to this section because I need to hit the 200 word requirement, since I'm not super verbose in my reviews.

Characters: MC is a paranoid jerk in an awful situation and knows it. At least he loves his family. Others are good so far but see my comments on story for my thoughts in the trends of people.


Chss, mate!...Nice stuff over here!

Reviewed at: Chapter 73

It's too early to write a proper review of this work, but a perfect oportunity to express an opinion of its strong points, give some feedback to the author, and offer an useful recomendation to those of u that, like me, tend to browse the review section before trying new drugs.

Fist of all, read the tags, ALL of them, they aren't there as filler. They promised and so far (Chapter 73) I can comfortably say that they have delivered.

Second, my lord, have been waiting for a work like this for far too long. A modern setting LITRPG with an MC treading the SOLO route and playing the anti-hero rol not by reaction but principle. Thanks author.

Grammar is consistently good, some small errors here and there, but they are truly minor and don't affect the reader's experience at all. Regardless this was a topic previously announced by the author himself on the blurb and justified as a necessary evil to mantain a healthy and fast level of uploads in the chapter department. Honestly, I was expecting a lot worse, and really prefer this set Up to a longer gap between new chapter releases , specially after tasting the new cliffhanger trending that has developed recently (glares spitefully at author).

Characters are really well cared for, a truly gush of clean air here on RR. They all feel organic, relatable, even those like MC who border the limits of mental normalcy, are well thought-out, explained, developed and properly justified. To the date not a single POV has been used, but readers have a detailed psycological overview of nearly all characters that have featured in the story, and they number not lower than 15. Why not the 5 stars you will ask, well that's me being cautious. As I said before is early to know the ways author's gonna evolve the main characters, expecially our protagonist. I've read enough anti-heroes turned heroes, special and unorthodox personalities "cured" into "norm" ones, and solo adventures transformed into party harems or kingdom building "adventures", to not feel at least a little bit afraid when I saw some hints lending in that direction (Though they may have been a tool to achive a stronger reaction from readers as of light of recent developments, fingers crossed there). So I stand agnostic, waiting for a signal to truly believe and change the rating.

Story, hmm.......This category feels dificult to properly explain.......Not a really original one, I mean a lot of LITRPGs out there, lots of them on a modern setting too, dark ones? Yeah lots (at least initially), psycological deviant MCs? Less, but there are some, lots of them anti-heroes as well (again, initial setting), deviant class? Already done, MC keeping secrets or double identity? Yep, etc...So original idea is not really the gem of this story, and you read right, I wrote gem, that gem's they way the story is developed. You can literally feel the care, the thought and the incredible amount of work author has put in every aspect of the story, and the result deserves It. Still holding the full stars mark for a posible future that I hope won't ever come.

Finally Style, what can I say, It's truly good, the story feels organic and alive because of It, characters look real thanks to the way they interact, dialogues are natural, not forced and sometimes they are there just to give psycological background about those characters themselves, like in real life interactions. System is somewhat not your usual good natured AI, so extra points there from my book. And the psycological paraphernalia doesn't feel forced either, It's even welcomed and necessary along the ride.

All in all a MUST READ work, great expectations for the future, nice writting speed on author's side and only a single real complaint on my mind:

      -Please introduce romantic interests. I know, romantic tropes destroys a lot of good novels, but not asking for a long relationship here, just some affairs along the way. I'm really tired of ascetic monk MCs. Live is struggle, adventure, action, intrigue, food, sleep, growth, sadness, loss, hope, and so much more, but is also love, sex and attraction. Please don't deny that to MC.


WOW doesn’t happen so often.

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

It's a good read, author is sensible and writes from a human perspective, as much about relationships with between characters as for advancing the plot. 
I highly enjoy the world building as a shadow of the plot instead of the main objective. 
Also, no repeats of status screens is always nice 😎


I am really enjoying this story. We have a smart main character who is used to taking care of problems and doing so in an objective way. Usually when this happens the MC is barily mentioning his feelings, going pure rational decisions and dealing with the new system primarily alone. This guy has a family he is responsible for (by choice) and knows the value of working together(even though he seems like a loner at first). His emotions also play a role and the times they don't it's with a good reason and not necessarily a good thing.

Story itself is interesting and a bit different than the usual earth-gets-system fiction. Grammar is no problem and the style is easy to read, understand and be immersed in.

Characters are also good. We don't know many so far but the ones we do have their own traits, personality and goals.


Reads like a padded webtoon Wrote:TLDR: I weep uncontrollably for hours regretting the waste of potential this story is. Started out almost like a normal story and devolves into debauch Korean Litrpg web novels. The author can write really nicely but the plot so far is draining the oxygen from my head.

From the author of RE: MONARCH, so you know that the grammar and style would bang. The issue: a foray into litrpg that follows the pitfalls of all Korean webtoons, with like 10% actual cognition. The character suffers from being almost a blank slate, not a lot of strong characterization or decisions, i.e. I can tell what the character is going to do because he's pretty boring. Mc is alluded to be on the anti-social spectrum but decides to play Gary Stu about 10 chapters in. Derived from my stash of disgusting webtoons, I can predict the MC will: solo just about everything, be pushed into situations above his level, come back to the normal world as pretty OP, deciding to dedicate items to his family instead of just talking and being a normal person, start playing civ 6 with everybody but then realize its boring as hell and just solo more dungeons, be built like a shadow cringe assassin regardless of anything else listed. 

My biggest gripe so far is the intelligence stat, any litrpg reaching into the realm of realistic cannot have nonsensical statistics. This means that a separate stat for statistical values such as strength, agility, and toughness don't make any sense, and a mental stat that doesn't entirely change the way people think also doesn't make sense. In WTC we see an actually aware mc grapple with the very real consequences of an increasingly broad mental cognition, in this story, our mc has a brain blackout and no noticeable change in thinking, in fact, I'm pretty sure he's gotten dumber.

Individual categories: 

Grammar: 5/5, this author knows English, and cares enough to make sentences flow and/or listens to Grammarly

Style: 4.5/5 Still good, feels different from RE: MONARCH due to modern terminology.

Story: 2/5 A catastrophic fail, on the edge of subverting the litrpg genre and becoming one the savvy litrpgs like WTC, but it feels like the author just gave up after the first 5 chapters. The rest of the story would predictably follow any Korea manhwa out there.

Characters: 2/5 Another sadness, as the character starts out as someone we can predict would be sharp and on the anti-social spectrum. Almost 180s into a near Gary Stu, unaware of his own situation except for the brief tangents of cognition that gets bestowed upon him. 



Attempt at apocalypse LitRpg

Reviewed at: Chapter 73

I love genre selected for this novel.

We have apocalypse that leads to people getting introduced to system and powers. System, just by existing, puts people in situations where thay have to consider killing other peolpe. That leads to tension, wich works really well for novel.

Our MC tries to stay away from all drama that follows, and control situation from shadows. This is very ambitious design for novel. Much harder  design than "MC got levels, kill enemies, is OP".

Becouse of this choice for theme, this novel has very high potential. The problem is, it is also hard to write.

I hope author manages. But some warning signs can be already seen.


turns into edgy cringe fest.