The Worst Was Approved!?

by RagedEclipse

Original HIATUS Comedy Romance School Life Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
At a very prestigious school a man just barely manages to get in and is considered the worst of the worst. To make matters even more unbearable, he accidentally trips and throws a bottle of water on to the school's idol.

It is a known fact that the school idol's father was a very strict man, and that if the school idol wanted to date anyone she would have to bring him home for her father to judge, if he was judged as inadequate, they would disappear. The girl brings the guy back to her house to get rid of him.


(However, you may choose to skip any 18+ chapters, as it will not affect the story too much.)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Intro ago
Chapter 1: Entrance into the Best School ago
Chapter 2: Is this how it's supposed to happen!? ago
Chapter 3: Wedding Day and the Morning After!? ago
Chapter 4: First Day of School!? ago
Chapter 5: Choosing a Club!? ago
Chapter 6: This Is a Honeymoon!? (WARNING! 18+?) ago
Chapter 7: It Took Them This Long!? ago
Chapter 8: The Perverted Maid!? ago
Chapter 9: Is this a flashback!? ago
Chapter 10: This isn't a game!? ago
Chapter 11: Wasn't this a shopping trip!? ago
Chapter 12: An Unexpected Ally!? ago
Chapter 13: Just a normal day!? ago
Chapter 14: I get some disciples!? ago
Chapter 15: A slight burning sensation!? ago
Chapter 16: Is this a Birthday!? ago
Chapter 16.5: A bit further!? (WARNING 18+) ago
Chapter 17: An unexpected development!? ago
Bonus Chapter: Valentine's Day!? ago
Chapter 18: The past is the past!? ago
Chapter 19: Is that how it is!? ago
Chapter 20: Are the pieces falling together!? ago
Chapter 21: Is this a festival!? ago
Chapter 22: Is this a scavenger hunt!? ago
Chapter 23: Is this a Halloween party!? ago
Chapter 24: Is this a normal party!? ago
Chapter 25: Won them over with a story!? ago
Chapter 26: What kind of meeting is this!? ago
Chapter 27: Who are you!? ago
Chapter 28: An abnormal situation!? (Part 1) ago
Chapter 29: An abnormal situation!? (Part 2) ago
Chapter 30: We got side-tracked!? ago
Chapter 31: A crash course in cooking!? ago
Chapter 32: Is this the start of something good!? ago
Summary change and possible title change. ago
Chapter 33: Is this the first stop!? ago
Chapter 34: Is this the breakfast!? ago
Chapter 35: Is this the beach episode!? ago
Chapter 36: Is that a challenge!? ago
Chapter 37: Is this the setup!? ago
Chapter 38: Is this the staging!? ago
Chapter 39: Is this the calm before the storm!? ago
Chapter 40: It ended like that!? ago
Chapter 41: I’ve returned!? + IMPORTANT ago
Is this the Final Chapter!? ago
A new story!? ago

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Its great, albeit lacking in a handful aspects.

You probably noticed the five starts despite saying there is a lack of some things, what I lacked is "Epicness" however this is rather difficult without packing it with action. It would simply break the story to introduce some real action, but I believe that the author can build up something, I would love to see some Epicness without action… is that even possible?


Before reviewing I would like to point out that we are reviewing on an Amateur Web-Novel level, not the top writing level a la Tolkien or Rothfuchs. This especially affects Grammar and Style as there is no professional proofreading here. You can't review with that standard, it's like hitting a fly with a nuke. I have some references to mufarasu's review.

Onwards to the review!

Style: I would like to point out something Mufarasu mentioned, albeit he went a bit to far for my tastes. The Dialogue-Thought style perfectly fits with this story, for the simple fact that this story is built upon characters where surroundings play a minor role. Although there is a lack of visual descriptions I would see this as an plus here, it's a charm of books that you can have an visual image just by personality. The image (I have) of some side characters is more detailed and deeper then what authors literally dump you with information. And lastly, "World Building"… Seriously man? It is playing in our world, you don't have some "world building" in a story like this, which additionally focuses around a fucking romance!

Grammar: A few things here and there, maybe hitting two keys where one should've been. The grammar is one of the best ones I know.

Story: Now, "Nothing Special" you say? At this point your review lost every bit of value. You cannot judge a story just by saying "Ah I saw similar stuff somewhere!" you probably belong to those who drop in rating when it's a story following a cliche. There is a reason why some things are popular, for me there barely were any of these clichés rooted deeply within the story. It is original, far more original and creative then some of the higher ranked stories that made it by sheer luck (No Offense). Additionally it was done without supernatural or SciFi elements, that alone deserves the rating I gave.

Characters: Beautiful! (Remember Tokyo Ghoul, the dude which sniffed on the handkerchief with kanekis blood? Enough to pull of this reaction!) It was mentioned that there was a lack of development, which deserves a backhand slap. Alexander (Scot… Scotson… How was he called? Damn your complex naming sense!) showed some extensive developments as did amy, The father displayed some deep background and Ryan went down the drain. Dominick didn't have to much of development, alas he didn't have to much screening time. I am curious about the siblings. Claire (I mistook her name didn't I. The wife, curse my goldfish name memory!) showed some extensive development, the abrubt change wasn't as explosive as you said, two days is a lot of time to change attitude, should you think a bit more you will probably see some reason behind it, a book is meant to be though with else go back reading a children's book or whatever.


Lastly, I reccomend this story to everyone who wants a bit of variation from Action, Fantasy, SciFi, Virtual Reality, Reincarnation and what else is dominant over here. Don't be scared of by someone who likely didn't even read the whole story and failed to comprehend what he read. The development of characters takes a bit more of thoughts which some failed to give, so I declare. I reviewed at 30 something.

  • Overall Score

Something to Fall in Love with

Rom Com is very uncommon in RL 

But you are the pioneer from now on

Tue Story is great , you got me hooked from the beginning

All i see is great potential for this story

Ps - Great sense of humor 

---- by Filthy Heather lol

Nimble Llama
  • Overall Score

I love it. its an adorable little story that creates a nice warm atmosphere whilst reading it.

There's great humor, puppy love and character development and moves at comfortable pace.

Definitely worth giving a try at the least.

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Mediocre, but Refreshing Nonetheless

This review will contain minor spoilers. 



Can't say I'm a fan. The majority of each chapter is character dialogue and interaction. Really lacking in description just about everywhere. I think I read somewhere that the author is being "vague" about things on purpose or something like that, but still. It's okay to be vague about some things that maybe you don't feel confident enough to describe, or you feel your readers will be better off imagining it on their own. However, there is just too much that's left open. Descriptions are necessary as both filler content and material for world building. As it stands now, the story flow feels way too fast as there are no descriptions that help to slow down the pace.


That being said, character interactions is where this story really stands out. No beta MC, or furiously frustrating heroine here. Despite the cliches and typical character archetypes that abound this story the characters have vastly different attitudes compared to most other contemporary works of simlar genre leading to a work that is both refreshing and pleasing to read... for the most part. It is also nice seeing an atypical genre on this site.



The story itself is nothing special. If you've watched romcom's before then chances are you've seen similar settings and characters being used. Though I will say it's nice seeing a married couple that match each other age-wise with the only gimmick being the rich girl and poor (relatively smart) boy getting married. No real deeper plot besides day to day shenanigans as of chapter 14.



I'm not a grammer expert, so I'll never give anyone five stars for this category. I will say that I haven't noticed any glaring errors, however there is always room for improvement. 



Again characters are typical archetypes used in this genre. The selling point of this story is their interaction. That being said there is quite a bit of room for improvement in this category for the author.

First up, our MC apparently freezes up when interacting with strangers. From what I've read this trait has only been used when it's convenient for the author as our MC seems to interact fine with some people and then freezes up with others during which the author will interrupt as the "narrator." It's a real peeve of mine when authors interject themselves into their own story when it's unnecessary as is the case here. I will also say the the whole free running thing doesn't seem realistic for a character in his position as described in the story. It seems like the author is just trying to make the MC interesting without regard to his previously established personality.

I also wanna say that I felt the end of the wedding where he ran off with her and jumped down the stairs felt silly to me. One, he'd break his knees doing that, and two, it just felt out of place from how he was previously acting nervous and worried. I was ready for it to all be a hallucination, and the ceremony had not yet started at that point.


Next, our heroine does a complete 180 attitude change in the beginning of the story. It's so bad that it's still jarring up the most recent chapter (14). Now the author did say he or she will explain it, but I have yet to read anything that does so satisfactorily. There's a short heart to heart talk in the infirmary after he gets food poisoning, but you can hardly get away with writing off that kind of change with a couple sentences. Her introduction is just too strong for that. An element that adds to this confusion is how the MC mentions being looked at like an insect when they are getting married. This is confusing because later she says that she began falling in love with the MC during the wedding rehearsal, so why was she looking at him like that during the wedding itself!?

Other than that she acts lovely dovey with the MC most of time. Unrealistic for a new relationship, but I'm willing to write that off due to the delayed "love-at-first-sight."


Other characters have been introduced, but haven't been developed away from their archetypes.

  • Overall Score

This story is like a breath of fresh air, great humor, fun characters, as well as a nice flow. If you want to relax, have a nice laugh and simply enjoy the interaction of fun characters, than this is a story for you.


  • Overall Score

 good romcom. This is done perfectly in the japanese style. Its not original but that's not a problem since it is done well. Unlike other stories(litrpg) that feel exagerated copies of eachother. 

Not much to say on the plot, its as descriped in summary. Unfortunate boy meets girl idol, chaos insues. 

Only 2 18+, its nothing crazy.