I am jolted awake by the sound of loud music. I sit up and look around my room before I realize it’s coming from down the hall. I groan as I slide out of bed and wipe my face. I'm still feeling tired, but I’m awake now, so here I go. I make my way over to my dresser to throw on a tank top and sweats before plopping back down onto my bed, grabbing a half-smoked joint from my night stand.

I glance around my room as I light up the joint and begin to smoke it, seeing some posters for bands I like, mostly rock or metal. My bed is messy as always, but I don’t care. My wardrobe is just as disorganized, with clothes shoved into drawers and loosely hung up. Hooked up to my smart TV are a couple of game consoles, and below them is a stereo with a few stacks of CDs piled atop it.

As I finish smoking, I toss the stub in my trashcan and walk out of my room, spotting a couple of our house cleaners already at work in the hallway. I look down the hall to see Angel, my bitch of a sister, exiting her room, still wearing her nightgown. I can see the outline of her “perfect”, curvy body through the fabric before I turn and make my way downstairs.

Upon entering the open and large living room, I look over to the TV on the wall, which is even larger than the one in my room with the fancy couch in front of it. A large and extravagant chandelier hangs from the ceiling. I walk past a few pictures and paintings of us, not caring to give them any attention beyond simply acknowledging their existence.

Once in the dining room, I spot my mother already sitting at the table, her shoulder-length black hair still wet from a shower. She looks up at me with a smile, her big blue eyes shining slightly in the room’s light. My gaze falls to see her wearing a robe so loosely that her entire cleavage and, if she were standing, her crotch would probably be visible too. Whore.

"Glad you could join me for breakfast, Amethyst. Is Angel coming too?" She asks, just in time for Angel to bump into me as she walks by.

"I’m here, mom. What’s for breakfast?" Angel responds as she takes a seat, waiting for Mom’s reply.

“Scotch eggs and some waffles.”

I take my seat across from Angel and silently wait for the food to be brought out, checking my phone for any texts from Jonathan but not seeing any. I put my phone away as the food is brought out for us, neatly set down in front of each of us before the cooks exit the dining room.

I began to eat, glancing up at Mom and Angel occasionally. Mom is mainly focused on eating and her phone, while Angel is pretty much staring me down with her bright blue eyes.

"So, how many guys did you suck off during Winter Break, sis?" Angel asks, brushing her red hair out of her face.

“Angel!” Mom looks at her in surprise, setting her phone down.

"What? We both know she does that for her drug money." Angel claims, speaking so casually you’d think she'd just asked about the weather.

“Fuck you!” I yell out, standing up from my seat and storming out of the dining room.

As I rush back to my room, I can hear Mom yelling at Angel, but it's too late for that to matter. I slam the door of my room and run over to my bed, angry at Angel and Mom as I sit down, wanting to just go yell at them but knowing it won’t do anything, it never does. After a few minutes, I get up and begin to get changed, taking a glance at myself in the mirror before looking away. I hate looking at my fat, ugly body.

As I’m about to put a bra on, I hear my phone vibrate and check it, seeing a text from Jonathan.

"Hey babe, whatcha doing?"

"Getting changed for school"

"Can I see?"

I look at my phone uncomfortably. I don’t get why he likes to see me naked, weirdo. I extend my arm and somewhat cover my breasts with the other, taking the picture and sending it. He responds almost immediately.

"Oh come on, I wanna see more than that"

"I don’t feel comfortable"


My stomach drops as I read that, and I take a second picture, showing off more of myself despite not liking it. I feel anxious as I send the new picture and toss my phone away before I can see his response.

I put my clothes on for the day; a black baggy hoodie with some food stains, black jeans, and some heavy boots. Additionally, I grab a choker and put it on, glancing at myself in the mirror once more before grabbing my phone and pocketing it, not checking my texts.

I come downstairs to the living room to find my mom waiting to take me to school. We ride together since she teaches there. She smiles at me and gestures for me to follow her out the front door.

"Come on, Amethyst, we don’t wanna be late."

"We won’t be late; school doesn’t start for another 2 hours."

I make my way out of the house after her, shielding my eyes from the sunlight as we walk towards her SUV. She enters the driver’s seat as usual, while I climb into the back seat on the passenger side, staring out the window so I don’t have to look at her while we drive.

"Are you okay, honey?" Some of the fake concern she always has is audible in her voice.

"I’m fine."

"Is it about Jonathan? He’s too old for you. I know you turned 18 in November, but he’s still 24, and you’ve been dating for over a year."

"No, he’s great, just shut up!"

"I know things are hard right now, Amethyst. Your dad just left on his trip... Well, it’s more than a trip, but you know what I mean."

Yeah, I do. Dad fucking left to go try and buy out other companies in person all over the world. He’s not expected to be back until fucking August.

"I’m fine, Mom, just get us to school so we can move on with our days."

"Okay, honey, I love you."

"Yeah, whatever."

I lazily watch the city pass us by as we continue towards school. I wonder how shitty the rest of today will be.


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