Ever since he was young, Jack had always known that he didn't belong; however, that did not stop him from being accepted by the people that surrounded him. Throughout his younger years, he had been interested in magic and discovering the world around him. It wasn't as if he had no desire to make friends or was even disliked, but he was more interested in discovery and magic than people. 

At the young age of five, his mother kneeled before him, gave him a smile he would never forget before she petted his hair, and gave him a goodbye, "you must live, understand? Forget your old name; you will be known as Jack Kane," she said as she vanished before his eyes. At the time, he had no idea why he would have to change his name, the boy always liked the name his family gave him, but he quickly realized it was for his protection from the Queen that ruled Haven, the human kingdom. 

That was one of the last memory he had of his mother, but anytime he thought about her, he would smile. As if a great blessing had washed over him every time she came to his mind. It was refreshing for Jack. Though he was upset, his only family abandoned him; he never gave up on hoping that he would see her again. 

Leaving a young child was never an easy task, but he was left in the care of the village's church that worshipped the goddess of creation, Unara. They were strict in their teachings but patient and kind otherwise. Even with the church's knowledge in the village held, it was enough to satisfy Jack's thirst for knowledge. Even at a young age, he could tell that even the history books did not tell the whole story of their creation; he was adamant that there was more than they learned. 

"Can anyone tell me who the god of darkness is?" The instructor in a white robe standing in front of the class asked the students. 

The Seven-year-old Jack Raised his hand quickly, "Ovran," He answered with a smile as he was called upon. The instructor smiled and nodded at his answer. To Jack, this was an easy question; he had studied the history books independently. In this case, the scripture was considered historical evidence of the world's creation and the gods' actions. Jack had read through it many times over; he had more questions with each read-through. Yet, with all the problems that ran through his head, he never bothered to question the instructions; he was worried that they would send him off somewhere for asking what they believed in. 

He sighed, his hands rested upon the table as he watched the other students, some chatting away in the corner of the classroom, others paying attention, and one who had kept falling asleep near the window, which made Jack chuckle and shake his head. The classroom was small, with only about fifteen students, but it always seemed peaceful. 

When Jack returned his attention to the instructor speaking more about Ovran, he was interrupted by a sudden loud bell from the town's center. Panic ensued, the kids lost all common sense and began to run out of the small classroom, and the instructor followed, hoping to calm them down. However, Jack stood up calmly; he looked out of the window in the hopes of seeing what was going on. The bell was only to be rung in emergencies, and Jack saw nothing; he was too short and quickly followed his classmates outside. 

 As he and his classmates ran out, he noticed an armored knight, "Get the kids to safety," the Knight commanded as the panicking students and teachers flooded the church's the outside entrance. Within seconds, the lonely Knight was accompanied by more knights who raised their swords against the creature, a creature that Jack could not see until he was outside. 

The creature only smirked at the knights that had quickly surrounded him, "Surrender now, and we won't kill you," A knight said as he got into an offensive stance. An attack such as this was not a rare occurrence for a small village that was easy prey for the creatures of darkness. Towns like Jack's were lightly protected and mostly abanded by the Queen as they are of unimportance to her, considering the villages such as Jack's have weak or little to no magic wielders, which make them list priority.

"Silly Humans, if you give me your souls, I'll spare the children," the creature spoke, his voice echoed throughout the town and caused shivers down the spines of the knights and the townsfolk. Jack's eyes scanned the beast, and quickly his mind had begun to analyze the monster before him. 

"Demon," Jack whispered under his breath. 

"That's right, how did you know?" His instructor above him asked in awe. It was not something they had yet learned, but Jack was reading ahead. 

"Jack smiled; he looked up at his instructor, "It was in the scripture, demons, the feeders of the weak," he said proudly and turned back to focus on the scene in front of them. 

The creature stood tall, its eyes black, its form similar to a human being, but it was not a human; Jack could feel it, he could sense the mana within the monster; it was created by darkness. He watched as the brave knights began their attack. 

As the knights threw up their shields, the creature only laughed in return; unmoved by their decision to attack, one Knight struck with his sword but was quickly knocked back by the Demon's force. "Fools, you have condemned your village, so be it, if you do not willingly give me your souls, I'll happily sell you as slaves to our kingdom," he treated and laughed. With the end of his words, three knights launched attacks against him; he could only dodge two of the swords before a sword impaled in his stomach. The three knights fell to their knees quickly, weakened by the Demon's counter-attack. 

"is that all?" he said with a laugh as he pulled the sword out of his stomach; his stomach quickly healed as he threw the blade at the unconscious Knight's feet. "I see why even your Queen has abandoned you; you are all weak," he said as he smiled and rose his hand, "It's my turn," his wrists locked in place, his fingers pointed forward in the shape of a sword and chopped the air in front of him at a knight who quickly was decapitated causing the students to cream and the knights to yell in frustration. 

The students quickly covered their eyes in horror as the blood splattered all over the knights, as well as turning the fountain into a fountain of blood. The students promptly covered their eyes; the knights had begun their second attack, yet Jack was intrigued, and his eyes did not stray away from the Demon. His seven-year-old mind did not understand how the Demon could slice the air as he did. TI was as if the wind carried the Demon's attack towards the Knight. This was the first time Jack witnessed a man's death. 

His mind quickly flooded with questions of his own, where would he go when he died? What will happen when all these knights fall? are we going to be taken into slavery? A scream of defeated knights knocked him back to reality. 

One by one, the knights in white armor fell; some lost their heads and limbs, but all lost their lives defending the town. Jack was horrified by the scene he witnessed, and the Demon stood victorious in the middle of the dead bloody knights. "it's almost sad how easy that was," The Demon boosted and laughed. 

Jack Glared at the Demon from where he stood; he grew tired of how cocky the Demon was and how he had casually murdered the knights of the village. His tiny hand formed a fist and smashed the wall in frustration. He felt helpless, his blood boiled, then his eyes began to turn red, a light shinned around him that blinded the children and teachers that stood near him. 

The Demon quickly took notice of the light that had appeared and rushed towards it. Jack glared at the charging Demon and lifted his open Palm aiming directly at the Demon; as the light vanished, a grimoire appeared in its place that floated in front of him; as he read the ancient language, his Palm began to shoot out light-filled arrows that quickly struck the Demon's body. 

The Demon screamed in pain as the light-filled arrows struck his stomach, his leg, and finally his heart, "Impossible, none of you are supposed to have magic, especially not like this!" he yelled as he fell to his knees, looked up to the sky, and vanished.

As the Demon was utterly obliterated and swept away by the wind, the grimoire vanished, and Jack fainted into the instructor's arms, leaving everyone confused and in awe. The magic he wielded was too strong for his body and rare for someone from the town. 

This was only the beginning of Renegon's true power. 


About the author


Bio: I have been writing since I have been younger. I was the type of guy who would read and write during break (recess). I fell in love with writing around 14-15 years old and wrote my first book when I was 16 and self-published it when I was 18! (it's not great.) Now, 27, constantly writing daily and wanting to share my work and get some feedback.

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