The Bartender at the End of the Universe

The Bartender at the End of the Universe

by Spencer Havens

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Ted is nothing special. In fact, despite his good grades in high school ten years ago, many people would consider Ted a loser. One day, Ted accidentally gets sucked into an isekai portal, but without having died he can't be reincarnated properly! Instead of figuring out a solution the eldritch beings who unwittingly kidnapped him just throw him onto an abandoned space in-between worlds.

This upheaval of his mundane life leads Ted to pursue alcohol to cope only to find out he has a passion for handcrafting fermented drinks others enjoy. Trapped in-between universes, who knows who will drop in next? With his basic formula of water, sugar, and yeast, and his time machine he can craft any alcohol his heart desires. So long as the evil monsters who keep appearing bring ingredients with them. What will happen as this tiny mistake grows and grows as the space in-between feeds on the defeated villains of multiple universes? When will the smiling man's mistresses' plan reveal itself? Who knows, because this is a lighthearted adventure examining life, friendship, what it means to be good, and, of course, what the best drink in the multiverse is.

Primarily a slice-of-life above all else, with a heavy dose of mystery. Feel free to skip the prologue to ignore some darker setup and just get to the fun, slice-of-life, villains meeting at a bar schtick. 

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A breath of fresh air in the transmigration genre.

Reviewed at: Ch 9: Is There a Doctor in the House?

I am loving the story so far. The interaction between each character is great and I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of the story. Loving the brewing tips as well. Like any good slice of life, there is an overall mystery coupled with small bursts of curiousity. However, I do hope we can see some bar rebuilding or decoration in the future.