I've been going to the labyrinth with the same group for a month. During this time, I used almost all the money I received from Sofia in potions for myself and the members of my group; and although they also contributed with a large part of what they obtained in the labyrinth to buy them, which is not little since they had always active the loot bonus since I monopolized the enemies with silver names; I still pay most of the expense. Of course, they don't know anything about the latter, and I only told them, as an explanation for the number of potions we could buy, that I knew an alchemist who sold me potions at a cheaper price. This is only a half-lie, because I really bought the potions at the Ozymandias store. With this, we were able to go much more often to the labyrinth, and spend more time inside the upper floors.

I could have gone alone and not wasted money on my companions, but then I would not have the experience bonus and I would spend a lot of money on potions for me anyways. Since, being alone, it would be difficult for me to face large groups of enemies and my life points would drop more frequently.

In the end it was worth it, as I reached level 25 with all my classes. Azur reached level five, now gaining about half my stats. Thanks to which he can help us in close combat in his drake form, which now reaches the size of a large dog, since he acquired the ability to change size to a certain extent with increasing levels.

I distributed my stat points mainly on "Strength" and "Agility", bringing me to 36 and 38 respectively for those stats. In "Constitution" and "Will", I only added 8 points to each stat, with what I reached 26 of "Constitution" and 26 of "Will"; since I still remember the incident with the guild token, when Sofia saw the drastic distortion of health and mana points between the day I registered and the day after. In "Intellect" I did not add any points, since, although Azur has a facility for magic, at the moment I only know two spells, and both require me to concentrate for a moment before using them due to my lack of level in the skill "Magical sense", so I don't use them much in combat. However, despite not using them much, I kept practicing my spells. My "Magic Bullet" spell is now at level 6 and the "Imbued weapon" went up one level, reaching level 8. Of my passive abilities, only "Sword Specialization" leveled up, reaching level 6. It's lucky that the guild has no knowledge of the classes or their levels, since it would be very awkward to try to explain how I climbed almost 30 levels in three classes in just one month.

I am currently on my way to the Ozymandias store to buy supplies, as I am going on a trip with my group. The idea was suggested to me by Ragnar, saying "I think going on a trip could be good for you... It would help you assimilate the idea of ​​your new capabilities and you would see something of the world by the way. It seems that being here, you only think about going to the labyrinth... Focusing on a single objective is good, but there are times when it is better to stop for a moment to gain some perspective" after seeing me destroy several things in the house due to lack of habit with my new strength. When he told me that, I nodded without thinking, embarrassed by the problems I was causing him, although I didn't quite understand what he meant by 'perspective'. When I mentioned it to Joseph, he got excited about the idea and immediately organized a trip. We must go to the Crossroad Town to bring arms and armor to Agustín's uncle, since he plans to open a store taking advantage of the fact that there is now a labyrinth in the town; and to a nearby village to bring certain tools and equipment to some clients of Agustín and Joseph's parents. And, although I don't like going back to Crossroad Town, I can't complain as Joseph organized the trip to help me. So, today early in the morning, after saying goodbye to Ragnar, Julia and Mia; I left in the direction of the Ozymandias store, whom I already consider a friend, after spending so much time talking and trading with him throughout this month.

I arrive at the store and when I enter I see a very strange elf talking to the owner, who is already growing brown hair. The stranger's skin is dark, his hair is ash gray, and his eyes are amber with black sclera. He wears dark-colored clothing and a long sword at his belt.

"Hello" I say, looking at the elf, surprised by his appearance.

I had never seen an elf of these characteristics, and it must have been reflected in my face, since he says in exasperation "what? Have you never seen a dark elf? I guess you thought that all elves were blond and blue-eyed, right? That's racist!!! that's why I prefer not to mix with humans, they are all a bunch of racists ..."

"N-no..." I try to apologize hastily, worried about ruining Ozymandias's opinion of me, but the stranger interrupts me fiercely.

"That's why I can't stand humans, they're all disgusting egocentric racists... they sure think only they can have different skin tones" he says, snorting. I raise an eyebrow at the contradiction of what he just said, looking at him amused. I don't know what Ozy thought of me because of the way I looked at his friend, but I don't care anymore.

"Excuse him, he's a friend. And while he can be a jerk at times, he's a good person." says Ozymandias winking at me, also with a funny expression on his face.

"Yes, I know... I also have human friends... It's just that sometimes they fill my patience with their racist prejudices, they are so primitive and disgusting!!!" says the dark elf, misinterpreting his friend.

Ozymandias sighs and says "Xelean, this is Volgar, a friend..." but the other elf interrupts him by waving his hands in front of his friend and holds out a hand to me"Let me introduce myself, Ozy. Let's start over... "he says looking at me with a half-smile "Hi, I'm Volgar, a humble carrier"

"Hi, I'm Xelean, a client and friend of Ozy." I say, amused, and turning to him I continue "I have come to buy potions. I am going to go on a trip for a few days and I would like to be prepared"

"Well... I let you do business" says Volgar and looking at Ozy as he walks into the back room, he adds "Ozy, do you still have any of that special wine?"

"Yes" answers Ozymandias, with an expression of boredom, and sighs "you know I rather prefer beer from that area." He turns to me and, changing his expression to a business smile, asks me "what potions were you planning to buy? If it's for a trip I recommend you..."


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