In the end, what I did that first day at Ragnar's house became my routine. I trained sword movements during the day with Julia and at night I practiced magic, although I could not do much of the latter because of how slow my mana was recharging. After the first month I began to have simulated confrontations with Julia, during which she advised or criticized me depending on the situation. Mia stopped running away from me after the second month, but she still doesn't speak to me. When I realized a year had passed, I got used to living in Ragnar's house. My relationship with Mia improved a lot since now we communicate normally and, from time to time, I helped her in her learning to read, write and calculate.

These months of training made my classes go up to level 3 with what I obtained 6 skill points that I put in 'Strength' after judging the descriptions of each stat and what they increase. 'Strength' seemed the easiest to understand and to put into practice since it simply increases my physical capacity. The change was instantaneous and evident when I added the points: my punches have more force, I can jump higher, etc.

I also acquired a new passive skill called [Sword Specialization], which increased to level 3 and it increases the ease with which I handle the sword, as well as the prediction of the movements of other swordsmen. And finally, but not the least, my only magic ability went up to level 7, reducing its cost to 6 mana per second.

Ragnar refused to take me to the labyrinth during these months, since Julia always argued that I was not ready, but today at last, after so long, I was able to convince him by asking him to see me practice. I am lying in my room and a smile arises when I remember it.

"He's ready darling, at least as ready as he can be... I don't know your expectations, but I doubt that this boy can improve any more without real fighting" says Ragnar, rubbing his forehead with two fingers.

"He's just a kid!!! We can't let him go to the labyrinth dad" argues Julia while still opposing the idea.

At this I frown, if she has no intention of letting me go to the labyrinth then why am I training and learning to fight?

"Look daughter, this boy is already better with the sword than you were when you were about to finish the military academy and I want to remind you that the academy takes the students to the labyrinth to practice." Ragnar counter argue impatiently "Besides, I'm going to be watching him and you know I have experience teaching newbies to survive"

"I want to go! And if Ragnar does not take me to the labyrinth, I will go on my own" I say with all the firmness that I can. Hating myself for how childish it sounds, but I have been locked in this house for a year under the pretext of my safety and I want to see the capital. Also, I need to put to test what I've been learning during this year of confinement.

Julia sighs when she is overcome "okay, go with dad next time... but take care of yourself, I have grown fond of you in these months and I would not like you to die"

"And I appreciate it, really, but don't worry. I wouldn't like it either" I say laughing


Despite having convinced Julia, I still had to wait two more days because Ragnar said that he wanted to include me in the new group of rookies that was about to train and thus learn with a group in which I could continue with, after the training week.

The equipment that Joaquín gave me fits my body perfectly. It seems that it is a function of the interface because if I do not equip it through it, boots are small for my feet. The equipment consists of a leather vest with shoulder protectors, knee-high leather boots, trousers made of a sturdy-looking fabric, leather bracers as well, but with a small triangular steel plate on one of them and a double-edged steel short sword. Also, I wear the pendant that Ragnar bought for me on the first day, so people will see me with brown hair and black-dark eyes.

Today, finally after so much waiting, we went to the labyrinth. I let Ragnar guide me through the capital. When we get to where we are going I see a huge circular construction with several entrances which is bigger than the military academy.

"That is the adventurer's guild, the place that is in charge of managing the labyrinth-related issues and there naturally is the labyrinth inside" says Ragnar pointing it out to me.

We enter the building and I see a room with a very high ceiling supported by thick columns. There are many people serving people behind counters arranged on the walls with all kinds of articles. Ragnar sees the direction of my gaze and says "at those counters you can sell what you get from the labyrinths, they take care of getting the materials to those who need them. They charge a fee for their services, but it's better than walking away with all the loot and wasting time finding buyers for each item. You can also buy equipment, but most people prefer to ask a professional who can make a specific item, instead of buying it from the guild where all is standardized. However, there are things that it does not matter if they are standardized, such as potions "

The center of the room is occupied by a labyrinth, just like the one that fell in my town. At some distance from him I see people appear and disappear. But Ragnar does not go in the direction of the pillar, instead he points to a column where I see a group of three people waiting, a girl and two boys, all three older than me.

The girl has straight black hair down to her waist and purple eyes, she looks like the oldest of the three, she wears leather armor similar to mine and doesn't seem to be carrying any weapons. The oldest of the boys has wavy brown hair and orange eyes, wears iron armor, as well as a mace and a large rectangular shield, he has very muscular arms. The youngest has the same orange eye color, but light green wavy hair. His pointed ears poke through his hair, identifying him as an elf, he wears armor similar to mine, but with studs and his weapon is a bow that he carries on his back.

"You must be 20-year-old sorceress Sabrina, 18-year-old warrior Agustín and 17-year-old archer Joseph, right? I am Ragnar and I will be your instructor this week. This boy is Xelean, he is 15 years old and he also wants to learn about the labyrinths, I thought it was good to include him in the group "says Ragnar as he pushes me forward for the group to see me.

"You are the expert, but are you sure it's a good idea to bring someone so young into the labyrinth?" Agustín asked, dismayed.

"Don't worry, as you can see, he's a swordsman and he's perfectly capable" he says pointing to the sword that I wear on my belt "and he also knows how to use magic" hearing this Sabrina snorts, but does not make any comment. " I'd rather you don't prejudge him because of his age, since from my perspective, you are all children. After all, none of you are over twenty years old."

I didn't think people would care so much about my age. I guess it's not the best way to start, but they'll see… I'll show them that I'm perfectly capable of defending myself... or so I hope.

"It's true. Please excuse the attitude of my cousin" says Joseph hastily, pointing to Agustin and interrupting him, since he was beginning to reply at the mention of his age "and my friend, Mr. Instructor. The truth is that neither of them is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​entering the labyrinth and they are only here to help me, so maybe they are a little nervous, can we start the lesson?"


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