One in a Billion

One in a Billion

by Finlegost

My name is Xelean, since I can remember I always saw strange shapes floating in my field of vision. When I asked my parents about it, they looked at me concerned, perhaps thinking that I had a vision problem. Seeing his reaction I quickly said that it was all a joke. However, when I learned to read, I understood a little better what those images with letters were thanks to the following message:
'Congratulations soul of the multiversal soul flow!!! You are the soul number 1 Billion that will be born in the world to which you were destined, in consideration and because the current situation of the world, certain benefits will be granted:
[User interface]
[Accelerated balanced growth]

Sincerely, The Hive.'


Author Note/Warning:
English is not my first language. One of the reasons why I started writing this is to improve my writing skills, so if you see any errors, please leave a comment.

In this work there may be similar things/references to different novels (from webnovel and outside of it), role-playing campaigns, movies, anime and manga; since they shaped the idea that I have of the stories and I think that, in part, many of the ideas that I have in mind are consciously or unconsciously inspired by them.

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