But before we continue with the discussion between the leaders, here are some general pieces of information about the tower. The tower rewards everyone who crosses over certain floors. The first reward is given after successfully crossing the 1st floor.

At the same time, the tower pays attention to the following aspects. For how long no one has crossed the floor and how many monsters the person on that floor has killed. Rewards are adjusted to this.

The rewards can be anything from weapons and armor to books, bloodlines, mana core awakening. Everything, your heart desires. At the same time, after crossing some floors, the tower offers a chance to leave it. Everyone who leaves the dungeon can also join in later again. There are many long-term as well as short-term reasons for leaving the dungeon. Some people exit it to gather some funds, weapons forever, or even temporarily to upgrade equipment.

If you only leave the tower temporarily, you will end up in the same hallway again. But if you exit it for a long time, joining and surviving in the dungeon again will be more difficult. You'll end up in a different hallway where you are below average compared to the monsters. Furthermore, as a punishment, the rewards will be significantly lowered.

Most people who leave the dungeon in the long run never plan to enter it again anyway.

"Sit down," said the princess, and Gab did as he was told. At the table, two other men and women were seated. "Everyone at the table has at least 50 subordinates," the princess commented. "I have invited all of you to the table to discuss our future cooperation. You will all be under me and serve me. Does anyone have any objections to this," the princess told the rest of the leaders at the table.

Gab was silent. But one young lady stood up and simply replied, "I didn't join the Dungeon to serve a princess." The boy with a light stubbly beard only asked, "Your Highness. I respect your noble goal of climbing the tower, but I hope to leave the pact. I would even give you my army except for 10 soldiers."

"The princess slowly looked coldly into everyone's eyes. Gab felt a shiver running down his spine as she stared at him with her golden eyes. "Does anyone else object to my leadership or want to leave?" she questioned with a slight sigh. The other two leaders stared at each other briefly as well and raised their hands.

"Well, so be it," she murmured, and suddenly the hiss of arrows being fired was heard. Anyone who had anything to say against the princess was shot down.

Gab laughed at the sight of the dead leaders that died without being able to say anything.

At the table, one saw how the remaining four leaders were nailed against the table. About 20 shots pierced each of them. Distributed in the skull, shoulder, and chest area.

The arrows were dipped in liquid because yellow stuff was visible on the arrowheads.

Slowly Gab pressed his fingers into the wounds of the dead leaders and sucked their blood without blinking. "At least their blood is a lot better compared to the mutants," Gab muttered to himself.

Everyone present had to swallow at the sight of the blood being sucked from the dead. In the end, only shriveled dead remained.

"Then it's just you and me," the princess replied with a smile and had some guards clear the dead leaders from the table. Gab just swallowed. "To be honest, I would have least expected you to submit, because after all, you didn't even know who I was at the last meeting," she commented.

"I may be naive, your highness. But I have seen every one of your archers since I entered here. If you're in the lions' den, you have to dance to their tune," Gab responded, shaking his head. "So that's how it is. You may call me by my name. My name is Enota," she replied with sparkling eyes. "Your Highness, my name is Gab, and I look forward to our future cooperation," Gab replied.

Enota, the princess, just nodded and extended her hand to Gab. Gab took her small and soft hand. But only after grasping it, a current shot through his body. Although she did not even squeeze his hand, Gab's palm hurt a lot. "Your Highness," whispered Gab lightly while gritting his teeth. "It's all right," she replied, gently slapping his right shoulder several times. Only after she let go of his hand and kept walking did Gab gasp. "Compared to her, I'm nothing. She could clean the dungeon by herself, but she refused. She's the real monster I have to be afraid of," Gab thought.

Enota just waved to Gab and gave him a sign to follow her. Puzzled, Gab followed her to a podium.

"So my subjects! From now on, you will either be under me personally or under your new leader Gab," the princess called out. After her words, she just looked at Gab.

Gab immediately guessed that she wanted him to deliver a speech.

"My dear ones, we have all suffered together in this tower. Together we shed blood and sweat trying to kill mutants. Now is not the time for us to fight each other as we do outside. We must be united to kill the mutants to be able to climb the tower. Some of you were slaves, and some of you were nobles. But look at yourselves. What are you in this tower," Gab shouted to the silent crowd.

"The only thing I see are heroes. You have all made sure that the next generation of courageous ones will have a better chance to cross the tower. I am proud of each of you, and believe me. My heart aches for every single person I could not save. But I hope that you will be as brave in the future floors as you are today. I hope that your souls will never rest. That you will never tire as long as even a single mutant survives," Gab spoke to the silent human troop.

After his speech, the group applauded, and Gab asked the princess if she could pass them some leftover bones. Fortunately for him, the other groups had finished off three large mutant beasts. The black bones were used to create more, and better armor for everyone.

Time to conquer the other floors.


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