Dust in the air obscured the view of everyone. The loud breathing of the monster could be heard. The group only saw the glowing red eyes of a monster. It ignored them and roared out loud. The roar was so strong that all the dust, as well as sand, was thrown away. The ears of all present began to bleed, and a few weak ones were flung away.

What stood before them was a monster that had a size of about 10 meters. It resembled a dragon, although it looked like it was made of several mutants combined. At the same time, it had different heads. There were three long necks with dragon heads. Human heads, on the other hand, seemed to grow out all over its body. The arms and legs of humans also seemed to grow from the body.

One of the soldiers fell hopelessly to the ground and muttered with tears in his eyes, "What in God's name is such a monster. God, if you exist, please protect us from such a thing..."

"I don't know if we will survive this battle. But I do know one thing, and that is, such a monster should not only enrage the gods but all of us. It is the duty of every man to kill such a monster because of its disrespect to man," Gab shouted to convince the rest of the soldiers to fight.

His words seemed to affect only a few, and the trio as well as the muscular one from the other group could be seen running towards the monster. At the same time, the archers let it rain arrows onto the monster. The one-eyed and the female magician began to cast spells from a distance. You could see lightning and a blinding light being conjured from afar. The muscular one jumped on the monster and swung his giant ax with two hands. He cut the dragon's tail from its body with only one swing.

The dragon only roared loudly, as he swung his arms around. The blonde girl seemed to have blinded the dragon for a few seconds. It started spitting acid frantically, hoping to hit something. Luke, on the other hand, ran in front of the dragon. The dragon noticed Luke's existence and tried to bite him with its head. Two of the dragon's heads grabbed Luke's armor and tried to tear him to pieces. However, Luke shot sharp bones out of his body that pierced through two of the dragon's heads.

"Two heads down," Luke shouted. Evie, on the other hand, ran to Luke and swung her greatsword at the two dragon necks, severing them in one blow. Blood spurted out from the necks, and the remaining dragon head roared loudly. Gab, the actual main character, on the other hand, cut human heads off the sides of the dragon. He also tried to draw the dragon's attention to himself.

All of a sudden, a sphere of green acid formed in the open mouth that grew and grew. Gab, who immediately realized the seriousness of the situation, jumped on the dragon's back. There he swung his two axes at the lower end of its neck. Although Gab did not have the strength of Evie, he was fast. "If one blow isn't enough, then I will hit him three or four or five times," went through Gab's head as he swung two axes quickly at the neck until the last head fell off.

"The dragon is dead," Gab shouted loudly, and the cheers were there for a moment. But only temporarily, as human-sized mutants began running in through the other openings. Their screeching and stomping reminded the group that the dragon was only the appetizer and not the dessert.

"Shit, shit, shit," Gab was heard roaring as he signaled for arrows to rain down. "If this continues, we're all going to die," Gab cursed. Luke, Evie, and the muscular one each ran to an entrance. They all tried to stop the onslaught of the coming mutants. Luke definitely had it the easiest, because he just stood in front of the entrance, stabbing with his spear. When too many mutants came at once, he shot sharp bones from his body and pierced them like paper. Gab, on the other hand, took advantage of his speed and dodged the mutants. He also severed limbs or heads with each swing he took. The free melee fighters helped while a few of them protected the archers. The blonde girl stood in the middle of the field, with her eyes closed, and just muttered a spell to herself. The one-eyed man was dropping lightning bolts on mutants. The party members were forced further and further into the cave by the mutants running in. "We're all going to die," Gab cursed as he did his best to make sure no mutant left the tunnel alive.

The fight went on like this. But after half an hour, most of them got tired. Fortunately for everyone involved, the blonde's spells helped against the fatigue and eased the pain of all involved. Luke, on the other hand, merged with the entrance of the tunnel to form a bone wall with spikes, which prevented the mutants from entering the tunnel. Gab, on the other hand, was the only one who didn't get tired, because the floor was soaked with blood, which poured into him every second.

His eyes became redder, but the longer this fight lasted, the faster Gab became. By now, he was already twice as fast as Evie, and the longer this fight dragged on, the faster Gab became. In the beginning, he still had problems and was grabbed by the hand of mutants from time to time. But by now, he dodged every hand without having to put any effort.

By now, even the archers had run out of arrows and switched to their melee weapons. But fortunately, fewer and fewer mutants came through the corridors.

"Time to see how Evie is doing," Gab muttered and ran to her. Evie was no longer acting like a human and more like a possessed monster in human form.

She swung her greatsword as if it were a dagger and at the same time punched mutants who came too close. Her fists were strong enough to make the mutants' heads burst.

"The more I watch her, the more scared I am of her," Gab whispered, slowly running towards her. Evie swung her giant greatsword at Gab herself, but he jumped over it.

"Evie get control of yourself," he shouted, but Evie just grabbed him and threw him against the ground.

"Ugggh," Gab groaned and immediately rolled to the side to avoid Evie's kick.

"You know what, I'll leave you alone," commented Gab, who suddenly ran away. "I'd rather take care of the mutants than Evie," went through his head.


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