Traveling realms for lost brothers

Traveling realms for lost brothers

by unknownking

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

In a world where mages stand above the peasants, the nobles, and the law, it is not surprising that everyone wants to learn magic. Five siblings from a village in the middle of nowhere felt the same.

Unfortunately, a dragon brought ruin to their home, eventually cornering the five blood brothers. Luz, the eldest brother, ignored the warnings of his ancestors for the sake of their survival. Using an ancient teleportation spell, he and his siblings were sucked into a portal leading to God-knows-where.

In a foreign place far from home, Luz carries the burden of disobeying his ancestors and losing his younger brothers. He sets off to reunite his siblings and slay the dragon that destroyed their village while only being equipped with one useless space spell that drains all his mana after one usage.

Author's note: Daily updates are to be expected. I've already written around 80 chapters, so be fearful since I'll be updating up to five chapters a day, till we catch up.

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