Lost souls, will be rewritten soon. (Old version)

Lost souls, will be rewritten soon. (Old version)

by unknownking

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

In a world where mages stand above the peasants, the nobles, and the law, it is not surprising that everyone wants to learn magic. Five siblings from a village in the middle of nowhere felt the same.

Unfortunately, a dragon brought ruin to their home, eventually cornering the five blood brothers. Luz, the eldest brother, ignored the warnings of his ancestors for the sake of their survival. Using an ancient teleportation spell, he and his siblings were sucked into a portal leading to God-knows-where.

In a foreign place far from home, Luz carries the burden of disobeying his ancestors and losing his younger brothers. He sets off to reunite his siblings and slay the dragon that destroyed their village while only being equipped with one useless space spell that drains all his mana after one usage.

Author's note: English isn't my first language and this is the first novel I tried writing, which is why some of the earlier chapters aren't that good, even though I grew better over time. I'm still in the phase of editing a lot of my earlier chapters. But unfortunately, I haven't yet found any time for it.

Daily updates are to be expected till we reach chapter 100. If your comment motivates me, I might upload up to five chapters.^^

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Highlord of terra

Word Count (11)
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
108 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Teleportation (new) ago
1.5 new place… ago
2. The escape ago
3. a new beginning ago
4. a new home ? ago
5. Theory and Symbiosis ago
6. Parasite and symbiosis ago
7. waking up ago
8. Eating and working ago
9. Conversations ago
10. Second day of working ago
11 The herd ago
12. Two brothers. ago
13. Az and his group ago
14. Getting sold ago
15. Tower of misery and the Forgotten ones ago
16. I just wanna leave this god-forgotten place ago
17. What's happening in the tower? ago
17.2 What's happening in the tower? part 2 ago
18. Magic theory ago
19. the escape ago
20. a stupid fight for survival ago
21. Call me mommy ago
22. My subjects ago
23. Strength does not come for free ago
24. You damn idiot ago
25. Look at me, I got obese within a day ago
26. From fat to thin to fat again ago
27. Consuming Mutants till we're full ago
28. The mistress ago
29. only vacation? I want more than that ago
30. Apes together strong. ago
31. What in gods name is this ago
32. Loosing control ago
33. Gab, you changed. ago
34. End of the 1st floor ago
35. army leader Gab ago
36. the second floor of the dungeon. ago
37. Do you three want to serve me? ago
38. you should not have messed with us ago
39. Az goes to the guild ago
40. Time to leave the guild ago
41. Satoshiiiiiiiiii ago
42. magic potion ago
43. a promise between children ago
44. Family drama ago
45. I want to make my own decision. ago
46. A farewell gift ago
47. Talking ago
48. The farewell ago
49. Be patient, my child. ago
50. The tragedy of Raph part I ago
51. The Tragendy of Raph part II ago
52. The Tragendy of Raph part III ago
53. forcing a soul contract part I ago
54. forcing a soul contract part II ago
55. eating (boring filler chapter) ago
56. space theory lesson part 1 ago
57. space theory lesson part 2 ago
58. an interesting surprise ago
59. writing a letter ago
60. leaving the guild. ago
61. Your Location and How to Change It ago
62. just a normal hunting trip part 1 ago
63. just a normal hunting trip part 2 ago
64 just a normal hunting trip part 3 ago
65. maybe, it never was a normal hunt ago
66. getting kidnapped by a creepy girl part 1 ago
67. getting kidnapped by a creepy girl part 2 ago
68. Run boy, Run. ago
69. showing off. ago
70. Your soul contract is worthless ago
71. Devouring trillions of souls part 1 ago
72. Searching for Luz part 1 ago
73. Searching for Luz part 2 ago
74. Are you really trying to negotiate with me? ago
75. Where is he? ago
76. putting a master mage under house arrest. ago
77. Placing a curse onto someone ago
78. A man in his primes argues with a child. ago
79. an old diary ago
80. Gimme my book back ago
81. Devouring trillions of souls part 2 ago
82. Devouring trillions of souls part 3 ago
83. an enraged beast gets loose. ago
84. Visiting the village again. ago
85. writing back ago
86. A pile of corpses ago
87. Conversation with a princess part 1 ago
88. Conversation with a princess part 2 ago
89. discussion at the fire pit ago
90. choosing a mage talent. ago
91. Only we two. ago
92. Where are the others? ago
93. Unlucky ones. ago
94. Green skins. ago
95. stop drinking! ago
96. My body… It hurts ago
97. becoming a mage apprentice ago
98. You can't ignore problems forever, I guess ago
99. story time ago
100. story time part 2 ago
101. Golden Cage ago
102. Some people make deals with the devil. I offer devils deals they can't refuse. ago
103. Someone else also had a deal with the devil, which they definitely won't regret. ago
104. Maybe there are no monsters on this dungeon floor ago
105. Can’t we edit the deal or so, pleaseeeee ago
106. a benevolent lord. ago

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