The Immortal Soul Harmony really works. Zach had tried it with his Thousand Flames Sutra, and many other lower graded techniques he had with him, and it actually works fine with every one of them; though it needed to be mentioned, he could only practice two cultivation techniques with his current level of understanding in the scripture.

Still, it was something outrageous. He only practises the Thousand Flames Sutra for now as it was the only higher-ranked art he had with him and was perfect for him. The thousands Flames sutra practises only fire and all fire as the name suggested.

The rank of cultivation techniques are divided into five ranks: from the bottom, copper, Bronze, Iron, Silver, to the highest Gold. But his Thousands Flames sutra did not belong to any of the ranks.

His master had given it to him about a decade ago, and in his peak he had not even reached the fourth rank of the technique, considering the technique has six ranks in total.

That aside, he had to bring down the urge to practice another art together with it. Though he had fairly high ranked techniques, none of them gave him the same feel of Thousand Flames sutra, which was an unranked technique.

It had been three weeks since he had turned into a baby, and in these three weeks, he had done nothing but cultivating. He had successfully broken through from the realm of Martial Apprentice to Martial Master and was only a step away from Martial Grandmaster. All the credits of his fast achievement go to his own understanding that he had previously.

Even though he could break through the ranks of Martial Grandmaster now, he did not try, as consecutive breakthroughs might have an adverse effect on his baby body. Moreover, normal people were not allowed to practice cultivation until they turn twelve, as it has some drastic effect on their body before it could even develop properly.

Zach was overly worried about it and with the control of his powerful spirit body, he was able to negate all those adverse effects from his baby body. Another thing that he had found out surprises him extremely; even when he was not cultivating, the cells in his body were automatically sucking in spiritual energy stored in his body, as well as digesting it. Though it was rather slow compared to cultivation, it was something to frown on.

His body was growing fast, with all the nutrition and energy present in his body. In these three weeks, he had grown half a foot more and looked a couple of years older. According to his calculation, he would look like a fifteen-year-old boy within a year, though he would like to get a better answer from his master.

Moreover, he has to train this new body as well, though that has to wait until he reached teenage in the body. Fortunately, it would be a lot faster than his last time, or else he might still have to go through his master's masochistic training.

Just as he is thinking about his master, the formation of the cultivation space shook. He had especially input all the heavy defence, just for the sake of his junior sister or others not finding him out, though she had not come here in these three weeks.

Zach stood up and heard a voice from outside of the formation.

"Open it up," his master said. "Let me see what kinds of idiocy you have pulled this time."

"In a second, master," Zach said awkwardly. He went to the core of the formation in the side of the room and disabled it.

A tall figure of six feet came into the room with thick dresses on—giving the feeling that it was cold here. Even though the thick robes held her body, they could not hide her mature curves. From the hidden supple breast to the flexible, full back, she had everything a man would desire, but unfortunately, no man had anything that she had desired.

That was his master alright—Lian Xi—a thousand-year-old woman, though he could not put an age on her figure or the picturesque face that she let no one see, as she wore the veil all the time.

Her purple misty eyes looked around the room to find her dear disciple, though she should have seen through everything even when she was outside of the formation. She was just playing with him.

"Stupid disciple, where are you?" she asked with a thin smile. "Did your stupidity turn you invisible or something?"

"Master a little below," Zach said awkwardly, knowing his master was already seen through his appearance."

Lian Xi looked at the six-year-old boy and said, "I have no words for you. Surely, I expected something foolish, but seeing your state, I can only say, you have again broadened my imagination."

"Thank you," Zach said, and got a hit on his head from the wand in his master's arm.

"Master, this is child abuse," he complained.

Lian Xi ignored his complaints and walked towards the sittings in the cultivation space. She removed the thick dresses out of her body, revealing more of her curves. Though she had other robes—the mystic battle dress on, Zach could not help but stare at her.

"Dear disciple, do you want your master to gorge your eyes out?" Lian Xi said, resting her generous buttock on the chair.

"Master, you are not ageing at all," Zach said. It was about a decade since he had known his master, and she had not changed a bit in the meantime. Though she looked far exhausted now. Perhaps it was because of her journey and the secret things she was keeping to herself.

"Come in, let me look at you for a moment," she said.

Zach walked towards her with baby steps, and she caught his arm and pulled him on the table. She did not leave his palm and her brows knitted immediately.

"You have taken the Grand Rebirth Pill?" she asked, with a clear sign of shock in her eyes. Even for a thousand-year-old woman, something like this was not natural. She had seen many things, heard and read many things, but the case her disciple went through was entirely unique.

"I am not sure," Zach said, and considered bringing out the pill formula.

"Though I have not seen the grand rebirth pill, your case is something similar," she said and scanned even deeper through his cells. "Weird, even though you look like six years old, your bone age only appears even less than a month, yet it is more sturdy than a regular grandmaster level cultivator. And there's something more that I could not understand.

"Tell me exactly what you have been through."

Zach hesitated for a moment and decided to open about everything, even though he might get beaten badly for it if she knows about the crap he had pulled in the last five years.


Even though this is an eastern novel, immortality and a few other things are taken seriously.

The world is not the usual medieval, but more like a steampunk, though leans more on the direction of cultivation. The world will be introduced slowly.

If you appreciate the work, drop a few power stones. thank you.


The names in the book will be like this. 

Few Chinese names as well as western names. 

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