As the proverb says, no crying over spilt milk, Zach put away the thought of immortality for now. Even though the pill did not do what it was told, it still gave him an overwhelming amount of potential that he had wasted when he was young before meeting his master.

Even though cultivation was almost generic in the open sky realm, there were still many things kept hidden from the common folk like him who had no backing before meeting his master. He had taken many bad steps before meeting his master, but now he could eliminate them easily.

Even though he had reached martial emperor before the age of 25, it was still far from being enough to accomplish his lofty goal.

Working his little legs, Zach moved towards the cultivation space. His master would take at least a couple of weeks to a month to come. He better not waste that time.

Zach went to his personal cultivation space and sat crossed legged in a cultivation mat. He did not go straight to cultivation after that, though; but opened a couple of old scrolls from his spatial ring. In between the two scrolls, one holds the formula to the pill of immortality. Zach brought down the urge to throw it away, as his master would like to see it again.

While the other one holds something else entirely. A scripture that he had found along with the pill formula. After finishing decoding it, he had found out it was a scripture that could not be cultivated unless you are an immortal. Simply put, you gotta eat the pill first before even thinking about cultivating the scripture.

"The pill turned out to be trash. Let's see if this scripture is the same or not," he muttered, opening the scroll.

He had read everything about it before. The scripture was something called Immortal Soul Harmony, and it was not actually a regular cultivation technique of spirit Qi, or spirit body, but a mix of both of them.

There were three realms written on the scripture, and all the three realms follow the law of harmony as well as purifying the spirit Qi again and again. Which meant the cultivation of this scripture will be slow.

The Thousand Flames Sutra that he cultivated to the realm of the martial emperor had more features to it than this bland scripture, but there was only one line in the description of the scripture that piqued his interest.

He did not know if it was true or something else, like the pill, but if it was the truth; then this scripture might even be better than the Thousand Flame Sutra, and that too by a long margin.

It was said that this scripture could simultaneously cultivate two or more cultivation techniques with harmony. Yes, there were other ways to cultivate over one cultivation technique, but all of them were limited with heavy backlash or overly specified to very few cultivation techniques.

What he read was something entirely different. With each realm advancement in the scripture, he could actually practise more cultivation techniques, and it would create something else differently, accumulating all the advantages of the other cultivation technique. Moreover, it would cultivate his soul as well.

Ignoring the other fact, a good soul cultivation technique was something one could not buy even if he wastes all his fortune.

"There is only one way to find out," Zach said and started to utter the scripture with his mouth as well as resonated with his soul. A little impaling pain appeared in his soul, and if he did not have the powerful soul of a martial emperor, he might not even be able to cultivate it.

That was the way to cultivate the scripture. Chanting with much while resonating it with the soul. Just by chanting it causes pain to his soul—this was really a masochistic way of cultivation. His master would approve.

Zach continued as beads of sweat appeared on his baby cheeks and forehead. He continued to chant. It was told in the description he would only need to chant the full chanting once to reach the initial success, then he could cultivate other cultivation techniques with it.

Chanting once. How hard could it be? Surely, he would succeed easily with his powerful soul.

That was what he thought, but the reality was something else. The pain in his soul did not go away, but accumulated the more he chanted.

Even his body accumulated the pain as he felt pain even in breathing spirit Qi. His lungs were pumping the Qi faster with the air, as he started chanting faster though keeping in mind he was saying the right words. He had not even gone through half of the scripture.

This was really the scripture for immortals, or else any normal practitioner would die just from chanting for half an hour. Even the masochistic training his master made him look like child's play compared to this.

Zach held onto the chanting, gritting his teeth. He could feel his soul-shaking, as well as the spirit Qi, moving so swiftly that was not possible for a spirit grandmaster, much less a spirit apprentice.

The impaling pain reached new heights and Zach forgot even why he was cultivating this scripture. Only pain remained in mind. Yet, as his master put him through many types of masochistic training, it built an unyielding nature in him, even without him knowing. He held onto the chanting even though his soul cried in the piercing pain.

Now, there was only a small portion remaining. If he failed now, then he is not his master's disciple.

His breathing stopped, but the lungs did not. Zach shouted one word at a time, like some madman, even without understanding the meaning behind it.

And when he finished uttering the last word, the pain finally stopped as his body gave in. The pain that was accumulated in his soul broke into warm energy, bringing harmony to his body and soul. It was just like the euphoria of losing your virginity, not that he had lost yet in his 26 years of life. He actually wanted to lose it badly, but his junior sister dismissed it every time.

He had been moving around for the last five years with his entire focus on immortality. Such a thing entirely escaped from his mind.

"I succeeded," Zach muttered. "Now let's see the authenticity of this scripture."


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