Livia did not waste even a moment to come to Zach's abode, though it still took her ten hours, and by the time it was already night.

She found nothing unusual from the outside. The Mist palace was standing tall as she had remembered, glaring at her. This was actually not Zach's own place, but his master's. The Mist palace still looked as enthralling as when she first came, though it was mostly lonely. Not even a single soul could be seen anywhere near the building. This place does not need a guardian because without a pass, none can even dream of getting an entry. Luckily, she has a pass.

Livia brought out a silver badge from her spatial ring and led it within the formation. The complicated formation lit up instantly and opened a small entry point for her to enter.

According to her knowledge in this mansion, only Zach, his master and junior sister, stay; though probably only Zach was here now, or else he would not ask for her help.

Getting inside, Livia worked her spiritual sense to scan the building. She knew it was not the right thing to do in someone else's house, but she could not help it. It took her a couple of minutes to find the disarray in the huge building.

On one side of the building on the second floor, there was some disarray with broken plaster as well as the formation activated. That place should be it. With that thought, Livia went in. She did not even need to work on the formation, it just broke on its own with only a touch of her.

Inside the room seemed to be a workshop for pill making and other stuff, but none of the things were in the right place. Broken glass was everywhere on the floor as many pieces of the equipment were in disarray all over the place. Then her eyes drifted off towards a small unconscious figure on the floor.

A child?

She went nearer and found it was a naked boy of four or five, with white, glittering skin. Her brows were knitted as she looked at the face of the boy. A bad premonition came instantly on her mind, looking at the innocent pale face of the boy sleeping.

'Don't tell me, this is Zach's Kid?' she thought. The face of the boy has more resemblances to the Zach she knew than she needed to get to the hunch, but she never knew he had a kid, and that too this big. Although she had had little contact with him for the last two years, Zach did not seem like someone who would have a kid.

But looking at the boy, she could not help but shake her head. He smells like sunshine as she sniffed in. Although all kids smelt like sunshine, this one was overly addicting.

As her thoughts were running wild, the boy in her arm shook, squinting his eyelids slowly. His big eyes opened as they sparkled looking at her. It was clear as crystal eyes that had resemblances to Zach's oceanic blue eyes—there was no denying it for her now. This boy was really his father's son.

The boy blinked at her first, then said, "Mommy."

Livia's expression stiffened immediately. She was only a twenty-five years old, unmarried, self-established woman who practises spiritual art. How could she have a kid so early? If it was any mortal, then it would possibly be natural, but for her who had a lifespan of hundreds of years, it was something outrageous.

In the open sky realm, the girls like her who practise martial arts rarely married before turning hundred. Partially, because they did not have time to invest in their love life even with the long lifespan, and having kids kind of stalled their cultivation and mindset a lot. Most importantly, it was quite rare for a woman like her to fancy a man. All in all, it was practised in the martial realm throughout the ages.

She was preparing a suitable answer to explain this to the boy when the boy burst out in laughter.

Livia raised an eyebrow and looked at the boy. Did she miss something, or perhaps this boy was sly like Zach?

The boy's laughter did not last for long as he looked at his arms, motioning before his eyes. He sighed, as a light of wisdom appeared in the eyes of the five-year-old boy that anyone could tell was not natural. Moreover, the boy sighed like a mature man.

"All my effort for the last five years went to the gutter," the boy muttered. "I have regressed from Martial Emperor to the puny rank of Martial apprentice. Why is the universe so cruel!"

"Little boy, what are you talking about?" Livia asked, knitting her brows.

"Right, you don't recognise me," the boy said, and a mischievous smile appeared on his lips again. "Mommy, I want milk."

"I am not your mommy," Livia said, with a stiff face. "Is Zach your dad? Where is he? He called for help, but . . ."

Livia looked around with her spiritual sense, but found nothing else.

"You are looking elsewhere," the little boy in her arms said with an intellectual voice. The boy sighed and continued. "I'm the one you are looking for. I'm Zach. Fortunately, I have not died, though I have regressed a lot."

Livia looked at the boy and blinked. "What?" she asked. Even though she heard it right, she could not even comprehend it through the knowledge she had accumulated over the years.

"I know it's inconceivable and something outrageous, but I really regressed twenty years. Even my cultivation of a Martial Emperor was broken," the boy said again, sighing.

"This doesn't make sense," Livia muttered and her expression darkened. "How can something like this be possible? Did you use some dark spell to infect the soul of a child?"

"Hell no," the boy who called himself Zach denied outright. "You know me. I might do stupid or dangerous things, but I do not hurt innocents."

The destruction from consuming the pill did not actually damage his home or anything else. It stopped just after destroying his physical body into oblivion. Not only that, after destroying his physical body, it started to build his new body on its own. Zach thought this was odd and magical, but he could not do a thing to stop it. The new body that was built was actually that of a newly born child, and it only progressed to this age in the few hours as his soul sucked into the body again. By then, Zach had passed out.

"By the way, Livia, do you have a fetish with kids or something?" the boy asked, grinning. "You can tell me now. I might consider fulfilling your guilty pleasure."

"Screw you," Livia shouted and threw the boy from her arms. She had not thought it was only a child and would get hurt from it. Though her mind moved quickly and was about to help him when she saw the boy floating in the air before coming down to the ground safely.

"You are a terrible mommy, Livia," the boy said to her.

"I am not your mommy," Livia shouted ragingly. This guy sure knows how to anger her. "Aren't you taking this situation too lightly?"

"Now, do you believe me? It's really is me," the boy said and touched his chin in deep thought. "Let me share something else, too. There is a birthmark below your left boob."

"Shut up," Livia screamed with a red face. "And how the hell do you even know that?"

"Did you forget, I treated your wounds in the sealed space of Hafthshan?"

Livia turned red and silent. She was only enduring it because this little guy before her saved her life back then and even helped her a couple of times.

"So what did you do?" she asked.

"I messed up," Zach answered in a single sentence.

"You told me you lost your cultivation, but how could you float just a moment ago?" she asked.

"Though my cultivation was wasted, I still have the spiritual sense as well as the powerful spirit body of a marital emperor," Zach said and started scanning his body again. "Wait, the spiritual Qi that I have accumulated throughout the years did not just get spirited away. It was still stored in my body, though far more condensed and pure."

"What does that mean?" Livia asked, picking her brows.

"That means I do not have to start from scratch again," Zach answered, though he did not look that excited. "It would take me two or three years of secluded cultivation to get back to being a martial emperor again."

The boy sighed again as if three years was a lot of time.

"Wow, are you really sighing at that?" Livia could not help but say, bringing her arms on her breast. "Do you even consider what type of monster you will be? You could literally become a seven years old martial emperor."

Zach did not seem even a little happy about the notion and opened his spatial ring to bring out an orb. This was the orb his master gave him for an emergency, as she was away most of the time. The current situation could be considered an emergency as well, though not that deadly one.

Without a second thought, he broke the orb as mist and smoke appeared out of it and within a few seconds, a voice entered his mind.

"What's the matter? I don't feel you in any danger?" It was the voice of a woman, slow and unnerving for Zach.

"Master, I need your help," Zach said hesitantly.

"Of course, you need me, or else why would you remember your master? You have not done anything stupid again, right?"

"You will see when you get here?" Zach said, laughing awkwardly. "Though I'm not in danger. I need your help immediately. Can you come quickly?"

"Let's see what I can do," the voice said in his ears. "Don't expect anything in the next two weeks."

"Good night, master. Hope you don't overwork yourself."

"Shut it. Your sweet mouth does not work on me."

The smoke disappeared as the broken orb turned into mist before disappearing into a naked gaze.

"So what happened?" Livia asked, as she did not spy on the conversation with her spiritual sense.

"Master said she would come, though it would take time," Zach said, sighing. "In the meantime, I should cultivate as well. I really hate this feeling of powerlessness."

Livia nodded. "Do you want my help in any case?"

"No, not for now. Thanks for coming though," Zach said and finally noticed he was standing naked before her, though he was only five years old now. There was no degeneracy in it. He worked his spirit Qi into the ring and brought out a robe that was too large for him. He started working to fit it on his body. "By the way, do not mention my regression to anyone else, not to the other eight of the group, and especially not to my junior sister."

"Got it," Livia said, looking away. She previously did not have the notion that Zach was naked. "You can count on me for this."

"I will call you if I need anything," Zach said, working through the large robes. "And if you want to fulfil your fetish, I really will not mind."

"Shut up." Livia's figure flew away, leaving only Zach alone in the huge palace.


There are two themes in the book. One is fun, more like a parody of the usual cliches and tropes of cultivation novels, while the other was the serious part.


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