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Now (most of) everything will be explained... Sasuga, Ainz-sama!

{A prison cell, Kami Miyako, a time unknown…}

Momon was laying down on his mat, as Kaire-sama had instructed him. The cell door had just been shut, the clicking sound of several bolts and the gentle hum of a magic barrier being established. The footsteps of the jail guard receded into the distance.


Momon got up from his bed.

I think they’re gone…

He ducked into a corner of his cell. He dispelled [Perfect Warrior], revealing himself as the undead Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown.

“[Perfect Unknowable].” He vanished.

I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but how on earth wasn’t I caught pretending by anyone? Just my luck! Honestly this whole situation… I felt so embarrassed asking Pandora’s Actor to teach me a bit of German, but I knew I needed it to stay in character as him. I was rather surprised when Narberal asked to learn a bit of German herself, but then again, I shouldn’t have been once I brought it up. I’ll have to talk to her when all’s said and done to make sure she doesn’t use it at inconvenient times. This acting thing is getting out of hand… me, Suzuki Satoru, a no-life salaryman and virgin, pretending to be an all-powerful overlord of death, pretending to be an over-the-top doppelganger minion pretending to be the all-powerful overlord of death pretending to be a powerful human hero. This is getting ridiculous. But this was good! I can talk to my Children without them deferring to my every whim and want, and I can coax things out of them they’d be too scared or ashamed to tell me directly. Why haven’t I done this more often in the last few years?

Okay, time to get the hell out of here.

[Detect Enchantment] shows that this cell is surrounded by a 4th tier teleportation hindrance spell. All too easy. [Dispel Enchantment]. [Dimensional Move].

Now that I’m out of the cell, I should try and find out more about the Black Scripture. They seem to be the most powerful thing the Theocracy has around, but I can’t just assume that. I took down two of their members as Momon, so I don’t think they stand a chance against Ainz Ooal Gown himself. Their Captain was quite powerful in comparison. He could take on the Pleiades and at least take a few of them with him. The rest? Weak. But it’s dangerous to assume that they don’t have any other secret weapons. If they have Ahura Mazda or the Ouroboros or even Longinus, that might be troublesome. They might not be able to affect me or the Guardians with World Items, but they could affect Nazarick itself or valuable assets like Nfirea or Jircniv. I need both of them alive, since they’re useful to me. Alright. Let’s get out of this prison. [Greater Teleportation].

Looks like I’m in a city. [Fly]. Looking down from up here, definitely Kami Miyako. Where is that… Yep, there it is. That rock I raised is still there. Now I’m over what looks like the temple district. Makes sense that it’s in the middle of the city. It’s a Theocracy after all. One, two… six cathedrals in a circle, of different colors, and a larger one in the middle. Either the dark cathedral there or the central one should have more information. I’ll start with the black cathedral. That’s probably where I’m more like to find the Scripture.

Oh, yep. I remember that one. The priestess with the group buffs. Divine Chant, I think? I’ll follow her for a bit. What’s this room she’s going into? An infirmary of sorts? Oh, there’s the two members I beat up. Seems they’re in bad shape. Are they that flimsy? Good lord… Oh, there’s the Captain, and I think I saw that girl with the purple glasses and the crystal ball there too, although she was in the backlines. Is that Thousand-Leagues Astrologer? Seems likely.

If I didn’t have my Emotional Suppressor, I very well might kill them all right now with my [Despair Aura]. They wouldn’t know what hit them. The problem with that plan is that neither would anyone else know. I need to spread my reputation, so the more dramatic and biblical things I do in public, the better. The Holy Kingdom proved that in spades. They went from hating me to practically worshiping me because I saved them with huge shows of might and magic. The Theocracy needs to see my power first-hand as well, so they can realize that their old gods and the legacies they left behind can’t protect them.

I was too emotional when I said I would completely destroy the Theocracy. They are too useful and have too much potential manpower and talent to warrant complete annihilation. I have believers in the Holy Kingdom, but there’s only so many of them. It would take decades, if not centuries, for their beliefs to spread naturally across the Sorcerer Kingdom. If I could win over the Theocracy too, that would reduce the time to a few years, maybe. I think once we conquer the Theocracy, I can have Baraja tour the country a few times, preaching and building churches. However, I do need make an example of this Scripture, though, since they forced me to fight and kill Shalltear. I can’t forgive them for hurting my Children. I won’t.

But what are they talking about anyway?

“How long will they take to recover, Divine Chant?”

“Just day or two, Captain.”

“I see. Good. We need their strength. I think this will not be the last time we cross swords with the minions of Ainz Ooal Gown.”

“Captain, I know these two were seriously injured, but we took control of Momon and Nabe retreated. It’s still a victory for us.”

“I know. But we can’t afford victories like this. The divine phrase calls this a “Pyrrhic victory.” Any more victories like this and we are finished.”

“I hear Grand Marshall Chardon is about to meet the enemy in battle for the first time, in the Draconic Kingdom. He’s a competent man, despite his impiety. I expect the Garde des Templiers to be marching through Arwintar within the month.”

“I appreciate your optimism, Divine Chant. Astrologer, what do you think?”

“It’s too early to say. I’m confident in the Grand Marshall’s ability to lead and in the spirit of his troops, but I’m not confident the Sorcerer King won’t interfere. That would be disastrous.”

“Regarding Blazing Star and Strongest Human, I’ll cast some more healing spells on them, Captain. Then we should let them rest quietly.”



Oh, who’s this coming in? A courier?

“Captain! I apologize for the interruption, but the Cardinals request your presence.”

“I understand.”


I think I’ll follow the Captain. Chances are he’s got access to important information and off-limits places.

So… the main cathedral it is, then. Fair. Through the aisle, past the pews… This room here… Huh? One of them is casting [Moonlight]? They’re worried about doppelgangers, huh? A wise precaution. These must be the Cardinals and their Pontifex Maximus… Good.

”Captain, do you have a report of the status of the Scripture?” said one of the Cardinals, in blue.

“Blazing Star and Strongest Human will make a full recovery in a day’s time. Our forces will be fully operation in two.”

“Good. We have no response to our ultimatum, nor has the Sorcerer Kingdom made a move against us directly. The Grand Marshall’s last report placed him and his forces as closing with the enemy near a small town named Drendion, near the northeastern border of the Draconic Kingdom,” said another Cardinal, in red.


Cocytus has them well in hand. Who’s this? Another courier? [Moonlight] again. They must be paranoid. Good.

“Y-Your Eminences… The prison authorities would like to report that… that…”

“Spit it out! What?”

“Momon has escaped.”

The room sank into silent shock, and then horror.

“Impossible. He is under Kaire-sama’s direct control, we confirmed this! Where is she?”

“We informed her first. She’s alright, but she has no idea as to how Momon could have escaped.”

“How can a mere human defy an artifact of the Gods?”

“Now’s not the time, Dominic! We need to be on our guard! If Momon can come and go like that, he could be anywhere in the city, let alone the whole Theocracy! For all we know, he could be slaughtering more of our people!”

“This is dire. Very, very dire. Your Eminences, I suggest we deploy the Extra Seat.”

“The Extra Seat…? Yes… Perhaps she can stop Momon.”


Aha! A trump card! There was no mention of an “Extra Seat” in our intelligence reports!


“Are we all agreed then? We should have Thousand-Leagues Astrologer scry for Momon, and use the Captain and Certain Death to search for Momon, with the rest of the Black Scripture in support.”


Certain Death? That must be their trump card’s name.

“And we should be ready to activate the Lucifer Project as well. We should bring it here, to have it ready at a moment’s notice.”


Lucifer Project? That was also off the records. I should definitely keep an eye out for that.


“Yes. Captain, will you go to the Treasury and inform Certain Death of our plan?”

“At once, Your Eminence.”


Perfect! Not only do I found out where they keep their important things and magic items, but also their trump card.


{Fifteen minutes later…}

So… this is their treasury… Why does it seem familiar? Wait. Is this place from YGGDRASIL? It must be… I remember! Thrymheim in the world of Jotunheim! I went here before even meeting Touch-san… I remember getting PK’d here a few times before I left. I never found out if a guild lived here, but I guess I know now. Now is that their Certain Death up there? That’s their trump card? Black and white hair, mismatched eyes, like the twins and the Elven King… Didn’t the Elven King say something about a daughter in the Theocracy? Hmm, that scythe looks to be a Legendary-class item, a notch above Momon’s equipment. And is that a Cube of Rubik she’s holding? She must hate her life too! That was the worst lockbox system the shitty devs threw in! Its only goal was to make us suffer and waste money! You had only five minutes to solve the cube, or you lose it forever, and you had to buy the ability to reset it each time. I only managed to solve it once and all I got was a 10% damage resistance buff for 24 hours. Those shitty devs can go to hell.

“Oh, you’re back so soon, Captain. To what do I owe this pleasure? Any news on the girl who killed my father? Or are you just here to propose again? You know what my answer is, Captain.”

“That’s not why I’m here. Momon the adventurer has proven troublesome. He has somehow resisted the effects of the Downfall of Castle and Country and escaped.”

Escaped? Ooh, that’s new! No one’s ever done that! What do the grandparents have planned?”

“We have been assigned to find him.”

We? Ah, even better! This Momon is sounding more and more interesting by the moment! I hope he doesn’t prove disappointing.”

“We will have the full force of the Black Scripture behind us in battle.”

“I have an idea of how to find Momon, but I need to know a few things. Momon is from… E-Rantel, yes?”

“He is based there.”

“Do you have a map of the area?”

“I do. I expected us to be deployed to that area soon, so I’ve been studying the city and its surrounding with our current maps.”

“Oh my, aren’t you a thoughtful one, Captain? Any areas of interest near E-Rantel?”

“The Great Forest of Tob, the Great Lake, and Carne.”

“Carne… That’s where those weird goblins live, right?”

“Yes. Our sources also note it as the residence of Nfirea Bareare and his grandmother Elizabeth Bareare, the region’s most talented alchemists, and close friends of Darkness. Nfirea was involved in the Zurrernorn incident in E-Rantel, his Talent to wield any magical item being the key to their plan.”

“Zurrernorn… The undead cabal?”

“One of their agents and the defector.”

“Ah yes, Windstride… I remember her. She was a real twisted one! But anyway, we can start with Carne then!”


Certain Death rather flirtatiously pinched the Captain’s cheek, then playfully and gently slapping his.

“Oh, my precious, sweet, upstanding Captain… You’re almost cute when you’re confused like that! You see, there’s no need to hunt for Momon, when we can bring him to us! We’ll start at Carne! We’ll raze it to the ground, slaughter every single person in it, then rinse and repeat around the whole region until Momon decides to show himself!”


I need to return to Nazarick. Fast.

A note from Well Rounded Idiot

Another Scripture taking a shot at Carne Village... Won't they ever learn?

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