Kalestra's Chosen (*Finished*)

by madpoet

Original HIATUS Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Hin and Xan are transported from Earth during a storm and wake up on the planet Kalestra.  They fight to find their bearings and their place in a prophecy. A place of magic and danger, where Dragons and the Fae hold an uneasy truce and have to work together to save and train the child who will hopefully save them all from an evil that waged war against them a thousand years ago. An enemy they thought they had thoroughly defeated. 


Co-authored by RR user sjourn. Some strong language.

**This is a first draft rendering**

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4th Anniversary
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A worthy read if your don't mind short chapters (up to C11)

This review is more to encourage than to really judge the work of the author since up to date there is only 11 chapters, the plot barely begin to show itself and we have yet to see the story ascend to ward its apex. HOWEVER the base appear to be quite good and promiing for the futur! 


Style: The story flow well and informations are brought efficiently without breaking immersion. Unfortunately, the chapters are really short which is frustrating for me whos delighted whith 20K word chapters. Nothing dramatic though, I believe it is just a matter of taste. I didn't count but I guess a chapter should have around 2K word (give or take 0.5K).


Story: Excellent starting, I'm actually delighted that so much is left for us to imagine in the beginning while I believe the author plan to unravel its mysteries slowly. 4.5, because the story is just started so its still  bit early to judge ;)


Grammar: 5/5 didn't notice anything


Character: Honestly I'm not sure wrether there is one MC or severals, what I'm sure off its a need for more screen time for them to develop a bit more f their character. It s still the beginning which can explain the confusion; 4.5 because its a bit early to judge too ;) 


Overall 4.5, I believe only style and grammar can be accurately rated at this point (chapter 11), I invite you to try it out if you're intersted! 


Keep going author!