The second round is me versus Selona and Fallon versus Roland, then the winners of the two matches will fight in the third round. Whoever wins that fight will then face Kriton for the position of first captain. Based on what I have seen, the third round will be me versus Roland, who will probably be a tougher opponent than Kriton.

If Roland were in charge of Kriton's troop I don't think my troop could win. The only reason I can probably beat Roland is that while he is an excellent commander he isn't as good at training his troop. Originally I had planned to command the army myself during the invasion but now I am thinking Roland will be better for that role.

In fact I may even give him command of my squad, that way I can run around on my own. After all, that is where I will be the most useful and where I can kill the most monsters. A good general has to stay back where he can see everything, only fighting on the front when absolutely necessary.

That would drive me insane, sitting still while a battle is going on, I just can't do it. That is why I am convinced that I will make a horrible general, better for Roland to do it. This is also going to be an issue when the demon war starts, I need to find a general before then.

After all, thanks to the beastmen I rescued from the mines I already have an army of my own. In fact with this much time having passed there are probably even more than I know about. I don't really want to think about that though, instead I should focus on the here and now.

The nobles are currently eating lunch, a huge feast provided by the king. Everyone else is left to fend for themselves, which is to be expected since the nobles only care about themselves. Kriton and Drake are eating with the nobles, their troops and everyone else are eating whatever they brought with them.

Those who have to fight still are eating lightly, it isn't good to have a full stomach before going into a fight. It is only as I watch the others eat that I realize that since I left my backpack with Zimmy I actually have nothing on me. Not that I really need food, it just feels weird not having anything other than what I am wearing.

The hour passes quickly and as soon as the nobles return to their seats the judge calls Selona and me to the field. As my troop marches forward the start of the fight is announced, and Selona's troop scatters. They break into small units to maximize their mobility, about what I was expecting.


Forty-five of my troops form a hollow square with all sides facing outwards. The remaining five, the best archers, ready their bows, this is another classic tactic of the legion. It is designed to face attacks from all directions, perfect for countering Selona's mobility.

Now no matter where they attack from her troops will be facing troops ready for them. The box is made of two lines, the first is ready with sword and shield, while the second is ready with spears. This way the second line can attack over the shoulders of the first line so any attacker has to defend against multiple attacks.

The only way this was defeated in ancient times was by cavalry, which isn't a worry here. Although, I did train my troop in anti-cavalry tactics since who knows what the monster will have. Selona tries to adapt her tactics to deal with the square but it all ends up in vain.

Everytime she tries something she loses troops and by the time she realizes what she needs to do she has lost too many troops for it to work. The battle ends again without my troop suffering a single casualty to the dismay of the nobles. They don't like Selona because she is a woman, but they were still cheering for her against me.

As soon as we have cleared the field the fight between Roland and Fallon is announced. Predictably Roland overwhelms Fallon with tactics and the fight ends in about half the time that mine took. Just like Selona didn't challenge me, Fallon doesn't bother to challenge Roland.

So, after a five minute break, Roland and I are called to the field for the third round. Practically every voice is raised in support of Roland, it seems I have become less popular. However, I don't let that bother me, my troop will still win this competition.

"By five!"

My troop reforms into five lines of ten and starts advancing towards Roland's troop. As they pick up speed I can see Roland's troop getting into a defensive formation, exactly as I hoped. Just before they reach Roland's troop the front four ranks stop while the remaining six split and spread out to each side.

Before Roland can change his formation my troop has his completely surrounded. Then by applying pressure from all sides they squeeze Roland's troop together where they have less room to move and fight. This situation highlights the lack of training that Roland's troop has compared to others.

In just a few minutes Roland's troop is defeated and I am declared the winner. The crowd which had been cheering for Roland goes silent and I can feel all the hostile gazes locked onto me. When I take a look at Kriton he looks worried which makes me smile.

Without even bothering to leave the field I return with my troop to my side of the field and we stand at the ready. The judge instead of declaring another break calls Kriton's troop to the field. As expected, they want my troop to be tired when going against Kriton's.

However, compared to the runs in full armor, this barely counts as light exercise to my troop. The minute it takes Kriton to take the field is more than enough for them to catch their breath. I have been looking forward to this, I am going to completely crush Kriton.


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