I Died and Got Summoned to Another World as a WHAT?!?!

I Died and Got Summoned to Another World as a WHAT?!?!

by lorddevin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the hero was summoned by the villain instead of the people who need him?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ep. 1 Prologue ago
Ep. 2 Summoned ago
Ep. 3 Interlude ago
Ep. 4 The Pit Part 1 ago
Ep. 5 The Pit Part 2 ago
Ep. 6 The Pit Part 3 ago
Ep. 7 Hunted! ago
Ep. 8 Exploration Part 1 ago
Ep. 9 Exploration Part 2 ago
Ep. 10 Exploration Part 3 ago
Ep. 11 Goblin Hunt ago
Ep. 12 Goblin Chief ago
Ep. 13 Escape Part 1 ago
Ep. 14 Escape Part 2 ago
Ep. 15 The Sewers Part 1 ago
Ep. 16 The Elemental ago
Ep. 17 The Contract ago
Ep. 18 The Sewers Part 2 ago
Ep. 19 Payback ago
Ep. 20 Betrayal! ago
Ep. 21 The Message! ago
Ep. 22 The Sewers Part 3 ago
Ep. 23 The Sewers Part 4 ago
Ep. 24 Ruby Part 1 ago
Ep. 25 Ruby Part 2 ago
Ep. 26 Meanwhile ago
Ep. 27 The Forge ago
Ep. 28 Self Improvement Part 1 ago
Ep. 29 Self Improvement Part 2 ago
Ep. 30 Skills Part 1 ago
Ep. 31 Gearing Up ago
Ep. 32 Skills Part 2 ago
Ep. 33 The Armory ago
Ep. 34 The Rat King ago
Ep. 35 The Cavern ago
Ep. 36 Negotiations ago
Ep. 37 The Princess ago
Ep. 38 The Gator ago
Ep. 39 Ruby's Swords Part 1 ago
Ep. 40 Ruby's Swords Part 2 ago
Ep. 41 Blue Flames ago
Ep. 42 The Tree Part 1 ago
Ep. 43 A dream?? ago
Ep. 44 Blind! ago
Ep. 45 Healing ago
Ep. 46 Company! ago
Ep. 47 The Tree Part 2 ago
Ep. 48 The Archmage ago
Ep. 49 The Forging ago
Ep. 50 Blitz! ago
Ep. 51 Preparations ago
Ep. 52 The Ice ago
Ep. 53 Playing with mana. ago
Ep. 54 The Demon Part 1 ago
Ep. 55 The Demon Part 2 ago
Ep. 56 The Demon Part 3 ago
Ep. 57 The Battle for the Forest Part 1 ago
Ep. 58 The Battle for the Forest Part 2 ago
Ep. 59 Soulscape Part 1 ago
Ep. 60 Soulscape Part 2 ago
Ep. 61 Soulscape Part 3 ago
Ep. 62 Return ago
Ep. 63 Evolution ago
Ep. 64 Revelations ago
Ep. 65 Information ago
Ep. 66 The Diary Part 1 ago
Ep. 67 The Diary Part 2 ago
Ep. 68 The Way Out? ago
Ep. 69 Ruins ago
Ep. 70 Escape! ago
Ep. 71 Ruby & Drog Part 1 ago
Ep. 72 Ruby & Drog Part 2 ago
Ep. 73 Underworld Part 1 ago
Ep. 74 Underworld Part 2 ago
Ep. 75 Movement ago
Ep. 76 Over the hills and through the woods Part 1 ago
Ep. 77 Over the hills and through the woods Part 2 ago
Ep. 78 Over the hills and through the woods Part 3 ago
Ep. 79 Over the hills and through the woods Part 4 ago
Ep. 80 Over the hills and through the woods Part 5 ago
Ep. 81 Slavers! ago
Ep. 82 The Knight Part 1 ago
Ep. 83 The Knight Part 2 ago
Ep. 84 The Knight Part 3 ago
Ep. 85 A New Plan Part 1 ago
Ep. 86 A New Plan Part 2 ago
Ep. 87 A New Plan Part 3 ago
Ep. 88 Out of the Woods Part 1 ago
Ep. 89 Out of the Woods Part 2 ago
Ep. 90 A Hero's Tale Part 1 ago
Ep. 91 A Hero's Tale Part 2 ago
Ep. 92 A Hero's Tale Part 3 ago
Ep. 93 Out of the Woods Part 3 ago
Ep. 94 Out of the Woods Part 4 ago
Ep. 95 Out of the Woods Part 5 ago
Ep. 96 Plots and Plans Part 1 ago
Ep. 97 Plots and Plans Part 2 ago
Ep. 98 A Hero's Tale Part 4 ago
Ep. 99 Emmy's Adventure Part 1 ago
Ep. 100 Emmy's Adventure Part 2 ago
Ep. 101 Emmy's Adventure Part 3 ago
Ep. 102 Emmy's Adventure Part 4 ago
Ep. 103 Myria's Tale Part 1 ago
Ep. 104 Myria's Tale Part 2 ago
Ep. 105 Myria's Tale Part 3 ago
Ep. 106 The Plains Part 1 ago
Ep. 107 The Plains Part 2 ago
Ep. 108 The Plains Part 3 ago
Ep. 109 The Plains Part 4 ago
Ep. 110 The Plains Part 5 ago
Ep. 111 A Hero's Tale Part 5 ago
Ep. 112 A Hero's Tale Part 6 ago
Ep. 113 A Hero's Tale Part 7 ago
Ep. 114 The Trials Part 1 ago
Ep. 115 The Trials Part 2 ago
Ep. 116 The Trials Part 3 ago
Ep. 117 The Trials Part 4 ago
Ep. 118 The Trials Part 5 ago
Ep. 119 The Trials Part 6 ago
Ep. 120 The Trials Part 7 ago
Ep. 121 The Trials Part 8 ago
Ep. 122 The Trials Part 9 ago
Ep. 123 The Trials Part 10 ago
Ep. 124 The Final Trial Part 1 ago
Ep. 125 The Final Trial Part 2 ago
Ep. 126 The Final Trial Part 3 ago
Ep. 127 The Final Trial Part 4 ago
Ep. 128 The Final Trial Part 5 ago
Ep. 129 Divine Revelations Part 1 ago
Ep. 130 Divine Revelations Part 2 ago
Ep. 131 Divine Revelations Part 3 ago
Ep. 132 Divine Revelations Part 4 ago
Ep. 133 The Final Trial Part 6 ago
Ep. 134 The Final Trial Part 7 ago
Ep. 135 Bones Part 1 ago
Ep. 136 Bones Part 2 ago
Ep. 137 Bones Part 3 ago
Ep. 138 Bones Part 4 ago
Ep. 139 The Final Trial Part 8 ago
Ep. 140 The Final Trial Part 9 ago
Ep. 141 Plains Battles Part 1 ago
Ep. 142 Plains Battles Part 2 ago
Ep. 143 Plains Battles Part 3 ago
Ep. 144 Plains Battles Part 4 ago
Ep. 145 Plains Battles Part 5 ago
Ep. 146 Plains Battles Part 6 ago
Ep. 147 Plains Battles Part 7 ago
Ep. 148 The Church Part 1 ago
Ep. 149 The Church Part 2 ago
Ep. 150 The Church Part 3 ago
Ep. 151 The Church Part 4 ago
Ep. 152 The Church Part 5 ago
Ep. 153 The Church Part 6 ago
Ep. 154 The Church Part 7 ago
Ep. 155 The Church Part 8 ago
Ep. 156 The Rebels Part 1 ago
Ep. 157 The Rebels Part 2 ago
Ep. 158 The Rebels Part 3 ago
Ep. 159 The Rebels Part 4 ago
Ep. 160 The Rebels Part 5 ago
Ep. 161 The Rebels Part 6 ago
Ep. 162 The Rebels Part 7 ago
Ep. 163 The Rebels Part 8 ago
Ep. 164 The Rebels Part 9 ago
Ep. 165 Second Battle for the Forest Part 1 ago
Ep. 166 Second Battle for the Forest Part 2 ago
Ep. 167 Second Battle for the Forest Part 3 ago
Ep. 168 Fallen Fortress Part 1 ago
Ep. 169 Fallen Fortress Part 2 ago
Ep. 170 Fallen Fortress Part 3 ago
Ep. 171 Fallen Fortress Part 4 ago
Ep. 172 Fallen Fortress Part 5 ago
Ep. 173 Fallen Fortress Part 6 ago
Ep. 174 Fallen Fortress Part 7 ago
Ep. 175 Fallen Fortress Part 8 ago
Ep. 176 The Return Part 1 ago
Ep. 177 The Return Part 2 ago
Ep. 178 The Return Part 3 ago
Ep. 179 The Mines Part 1 ago
Ep. 180 The Mines Part 2 ago
Ep. 181 The Mines Part 3 ago
Ep. 182 The Mines Part 4 ago
Ep. 183 The Mines Part 5 ago
Ep. 184 The Mines Part 6 ago
Ep. 185 The Mines Part 7 ago
Ep. 186 The Mines Part 8 ago
Ep. 187 The Mines Part 9 ago
Ep. 188 Underground Again Part 1 ago
Ep. 189 Underground Again Part 2 ago
Ep. 190 Underground Again Part 3 ago
Ep. 191 Travel Part 1 ago
Ep. 192 Travel Part 2 ago
Ep. 193 Illium Part 1 ago
Ep. 194 Illium Part 2 ago
Ep. 195 Illium Part 3 ago
Ep. 196 Illium Part 4 ago
Ep. 197 Illium Part 5 ago
Ep. 198 Illium Part 6 ago
Ep. 199 Illium Part 7 ago
Ep. 200 Illium Part 8 ago
Ep. 201 Prisoner Part 1 ago
Ep. 202 Prisoner Part 2 ago
Ep. 203 Prisoner Part 3 ago
Ep. 204 Prisoner Part 4 ago
Ep. 205 Prisoner Part 5 ago
Ep. 206 Prisoner Part 6 ago
Ep. 207 Demon Lords Part 1 ago
Ep. 208 Demon Lords Part 2 ago
Ep. 209 Demon Lords Part 3 ago
Ep. 210 Demon Lords Part 4 ago
Ep. 211 Whose Idea Was This? Part 1 ago
Ep. 212 Whose Idea Was This? Part 2 ago
Ep. 213 Whose Idea Was This? Part 3 ago
Ep. 214 Whose Idea Was This? Part 4 ago
Ep. 215 Whose Idea Was This? Part 5 ago
Ep. 216 Whose Idea Was This? Part 6 ago
Ep. 217 Whose Idea Was This? Part 7 ago
Ep. 218 Whose Idea Was This? Part 8 ago
Ep. 219 Whose Idea Was This? Part 9 ago
Ep. 220 Whose Idea Was This? Part 10 ago
Ep. 221 The Rescue Part 1 ago
Ep. 222 The Rescue Part 2 ago
Ep. 223 The Rescue Part 3 ago
Ep. 224 The Rescue Part 4 ago
Ep. 225 The Rescue Part 5 ago
Ep. 226 The Arena Part 1 ago
Ep. 227 The Arena Part 2 ago
Ep. 228 The Arena Part 3 ago
Ep. 229 The Arena Part 4 ago
Ep. 230 The Arena Part 5 ago
Ep. 231 The Arena Part 6 ago
Ep. 232 The Arena Part 7 ago
Ep. 233 The Arena Part 8 ago
Ep. 234 The Arena Part 9 ago
Ep. 235 Reunions Part 1 ago
Ep. 236 Reunions Part 2 ago
Ep. 237 Reunions Part 3 ago
Ep. 238 Reunions Part 4 ago
Ep. 239 Reunions Part 5 ago
Ep. 240 Reunions Part 6 ago
Ep. 241 Reunions Part 7 ago
Ep. 242 Reunions Part 8 ago
Ep. 243 Reunions Part 9 ago
Ep. 244 Reunions Part 10 ago
Ep. 245 Reunions Part 11 ago
Ep. 246 Plans Part 1 ago
Ep. 247 Plans Part 2 ago
Ep. 248 Plans Part 3 ago
Ep. 249 Plans Part 4 ago
Ep. 250 Plans Part 5 ago
Ep. 251 Plans Part 6 ago
Ep. 252 Plans Part 7 ago
Ep. 253 Plans Part 8 ago
Ep. 254 Plans Part 9 ago
Ep. 255 Plans Part 10 ago
Ep. 256 Plans Part 11 ago
Ep. 257 Plans Part 12 ago
Ep. 258 Plans Part 13 ago
Ep. 259 The Party Part 1 ago
Ep. 260 The Party Part 2 ago
Ep. 261 The Party Part 3 ago
Ep. 262 The Party Part 4 ago
Ep. 263 The Party Part 5 ago
Ep. 264 Preparations Part 1 ago
Ep. 265 Preparations Part 2 ago
Ep. 266 Preparations Part 3 ago
Ep. 267 Preparations Part 4 ago
Ep. 268 Preparations Part 5 ago
Ep. 269 The Mine Part 1 ago
Ep. 270 The Mine Part 2 ago
Ep. 271 The Mine Part 3 ago
Ep. 272 The Mine Part 4 ago
Ep. 273 The Mine Part 5 ago
Ep. 274 The Mine Part 6 ago
Ep. 275 The Mine Part 7 ago
Ep. 276 The Mine Part 8 ago
Ep. 277 The Mine Part 9 ago
Ep. 278 The Mine Part 10 ago
Ep. 279 Return Part 1 ago
Ep. 280 Return Part 2 ago
Ep. 281 To The Temple Part 1 ago
Ep. 282 To The Temple Part 2 ago
Ep. 283 To The Temple Part 3 ago
Ep. 284 To The Temple Part 4 ago
Ep. 285 To The Temple Part 5 ago
Ep. 286 To The Temple Part 6 ago
Ep. 287 To The Temple Part 7 ago
Ep. 288 To The Temple Part 8 ago
Ep. 289 To The Temple Part 9 ago
Ep. 290 To The Temple Part 10 ago
Ep. 291 To The Temple Part 11 ago
Ep. 292 Inside The Sacred Mountain Part 1 ago
Ep. 293 Inside The Sacred Mountain Part 2 ago
Ep. 294 Inside The Sacred Mountain Part 3 ago
Ep. 295 Inside The Sacred Mountain Part 4 ago
Ep. 296 Inside The Sacred Mountain Part 5 ago
Ep. 297 Inside The Sacred Mountain Part 6 ago
Ep. 298 Inside The Sacred Mountain Part 7 ago
Ep. 299 Escaping The City Part 1 ago
Ep. 300 Escaping the City Part 2 ago
Ep. 301 Escaping the City Part 3 ago
Ep. 302 Escaping The City Part 4 ago
Ep. 303 Escaping The City Part 5 ago
Ep. 304 Escaping the City Part 6 ago
Ep. 305 Kechara Part 1 ago
Ep. 306 Kechara Part 2 ago
Ep. 307 Kechara Part 3 ago
Ep. 308 Kechara Part 4 ago
Ep. 309 Kechara Part 5 ago
Ep. 310 Kechara Part 6 ago
Ep. 311 Kechara Part 7 ago
Ep. 312 Kechara Part 8 ago
Ep. 313 Kechara Part 9 ago
Ep. 314 Kechara Part 10 ago
Ep. 315 Hunt Part 1 ago
Ep. 316 Hunt Part 2 ago
Ep. 317 Hunt Part 3 ago
Ep. 318 Hunt Part 4 ago
Ep. 319 Hunt Part 5 ago
Ep. 320 Hunt Part 6 ago
Ep. 321 Heading for the Summit Part 1 ago
Ep. 322 Heading for the Summit Part 2 ago
Ep. 323 Heading for the Summit Part 3 ago
Ep. 324 Heading for the Summit Part 4 ago
Ep. 325 Heading for the Summit Part 5 ago
Ep. 326 Heading for the Summit Part 6 ago
Ep. 327 Heading for the Summit Part 7 ago
Ep. 328 The Great Tower Part 1 ago
Ep. 329 The Great Tower Part 2 ago
Ep. 330 The Great Tower Part 3 ago
Ep. 331 The Great Tower Part 4 ago
Ep. 332 The Great Tower Part 5 ago
Ep. 333 The Great Tower Part 6 ago
Ep. 334 The Great Tower Part 7 ago
Ep. 335 The Great Tower Part 8 ago
Ep. 336 The Great Tower Part 9 ago
Ep. 337 The Great Tower Part 10 ago
Ep. 338 The Great Tower Part 11 ago
Ep. 339 Mage Knight Test Part 1 ago
Ep. 340 Mage Knight Test Part 2 ago
Ep. 341 Mage Knight Test Part 3 ago
Ep. 342 Mage Knight Test Part 4 ago
Ep. 343 Mage Knight Test Part 5 ago
Ep. 344 Mage Knight Test Part 6 ago
Ep. 345 Mage Knight Test Part 7 ago
Ep. 346 Mage Knight Test Part 8 ago
Ep. 347 Captain's Test Part 1 ago
Ep. 348 Captain's Test Part 2 ago
Ep. 349 Captain's Test Part 3 ago
Ep. 350 Captain's Test Part 4 ago
Ep. 351 Captain's Test Part 5 ago
Ep. 352 Captain's Test Part 6 ago
Ep. 353 Captain's Test Part 7 ago
Ep. 354 Captain's Test Part 8 ago
Ep. 355 Captain's Test Part 9 ago
Ep. 356 Captain's Test Part 10 ago
Ep. 357 Captain's Test Part 11 ago
Ep. 358 Captain's Test Part 12 ago
Ep. 359 Captain's Test Part 13 ago
Ep. 360 Captain's Test Part 14 ago
Ep. 361 Captain's Test Part 15 ago
Ep. 362 Captain's Test Part 16 ago
Ep. 363 Captain's Test Part 17 ago
Ep. 364 Captain's Test Part 18 ago
Ep. 365 Captain's Test Part 19 ago
Ep. 366 Captain's Test Part 20 ago
Ep. 367 Captain's Test Part 21 ago
Ep. 368 Captain's Test Part 22 ago
Ep. 369 Captain's Test Part 23 ago
Ep. 370 Captain's Test Part 24 ago
Ep. 371 Captain's Test Part 25 ago
Ep. 372 Captain's Test Part 26 ago
Ep. 373 Captain's Test Part 27 ago
Ep. 374 Captain's Test Part 28 ago
Ep. 375 Captain's Test Part 29 ago
Ep. 376 Captain's Test Part 30 ago
Ep. 377 Captain's Test Part 31 ago
Ep. 378 Captain's Meeting Part 1 ago
Ep. 379 Captain's Meeting Part 2 ago
Ep. 380 Captain's Meeting Part 3 ago
Ep. 381 Captain's Competition Part 1 ago
Ep. 382 Captain's Competition Part 2 ago
Ep. 383 Captain's Competition Part 3 ago
Ep. 384 Captain's Competition Part 4 ago
Ep. 385 Captain's Prison Part 1 ago
Ep. 386 Captain's Prison Part 2 ago
Ep. 387 Captain's Prison Part 3 ago
Ep. 388 Captain's Prison Part 4 ago
Ep. 389 Captain's Prison Part 5 ago
Ep. 390 Captain's Prison Part 6 ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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Style: the story leans very heavily on the 'status update / level progression' with these messages constituting as much as half the text of a given chapter. It makes these skill ups feel completely unearned and also irrelevant since a +1 to any stat, when the character has gotten 20+ in that stat as well as the ability to easily grind more in that stat, is completely pointless. And the writing never showcases the significance of the stats gained.

Story: the story is very basic, it pretty much only involves one character (the MC) and thus the entire rest of the world is undeveloped to the extreme. Thus, readers can't be brought to care about the rest of the world. The magic system is also the uninspired same-old which you could find anywhere else and which adds nothing to the story except to detract from reader immersion and slow down the story. 

Character: the story is so focused on what the MC is doing, in a sort of railroaded fashion, that there's effectively no character agency. There's also no critical decision points for the MC to make so we don't see how the MC operates under stress and what they're really like. It just runs like someone's recording the outcome of a game (and where no one cares about the player character themselves). We don't get to really see any character development of MC. There's almost no character development of anyone else. There's a few on the king and his advisors' side, but those only show up in interludes. 

Grammar: no spelling or grammatical problems that I could tell so full score on this one.


Fast plots makes story flaws invisible, apparently

Reviewed at: Ep. 10 Exploration Part 3

Unthinking murderhobo wish fulfillment, which wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for the two dimensional characters that fall flat when it comes to showing any depth. Somehow manages to fit in a surfeit of hackneyed tropes without bringing an original twist.

Story, style, and grammer flows well, but is rather simplistic. Quality is sacrificed for moving the story along faster, but that just emphasises how uncritical and shallow the story is. 

On the upside, there is plenty of room for improvement. 



It OK, but needs a peer review

Reviewed at: Ep. 224 The Rescue Part 4

It is a good first draft. It needs some editing with both the run on sentences and the paragraph structure. Event and upgrades seem to come and go really quickly, but the overall plot and story seem solid. The characters are likable, a little too one note at times. The MC seems like a solid guy but his personality seems to change from murder hobo to lovable hero fairly quickly. The main antagonist is a total ass and i just love to hate the guy. He seems a little too incompetent at times, but he is solid for what he is. A professional editor or a more experienced writer could really help improve this story. I would recommend to give it a chance. 

In my opinion it is too easy to level up and aquire skills in this world. The mc is constantly getting new skills and stats. I understand he is supposed to be unique and powerful, but he seems to get a new skill every other chapter. Most of them forgotten. Even if the current system is broken without the proper God to oversee it, it just comes off as too easily abused. Supposedly the mc wassome kind of gamer and he should understand how easily he could abuse the system by getting a bunch of random skills.



Needs revision very bad at the moment

Reviewed at: Ep. 8 Exploration Part 1

First 7 chapters and I can't be bothered to read more

The mc doesn't have emotions he doesn't have any wonder for his new their is no adventure

their is no descriptions of anything no facial expressions the the story has a cool concept but it's dry and the author currently doesn't know how to write good

right of the bat the mc goes from book reader to killing things with no mental preparation their is no build up no tense scenes he kills lv10 dire wolf that supposedly has the strength of a knight squad and that ruins the view we have of his strength



Interesting Premise Throttled by Run-On Sentences

Reviewed at: Ep. 2 Summoned

This story seems to have an interesting premise, and the author is clearly committed to it. (Having posted nearly one hundred chapters within four hours is a pretty strong showing. That said, I do worry about burnout.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish the second chapter. The writing is plagued by run-on sentences that could be two, or even three sentences if broken up. Some of them were almost long enough to qualify as light novel titles!

But, as constant an issue as this is, it's certainly fixable. I'll be continuing to keep an eye on this story in case the author does just that.


A Decent Story That Made It's Way To Good

Reviewed at: Ep. 180 The Mines Part 2

I have seen many a story judged harshly on its early chapters and given terrible reviews before the author gains his footing, and this has story fallen victim to that. Please fellow reviewers, read more than the first handful of chapters before making a decision, as these reviews early in the storys history will drasticly affect its future.

At first the story is sudden and always changing, with a little too much happening, every paragraph spread out between three skill-ups and two stat boosts, but as the story progresses, you can tell that the author gets more comfortable with the story and which way he wants it to go.

By ch.15 or so these problems have lessened considerably, though remnants of it remain, and the plot begins to steadily move on as we focus on the skills that have an impact and matter, rather than a million for every situation.

Around ch.50 is when the plot solidifys itself from the rather basic single villain in the beginning to an understanding about some of the the hidden powers that maipulate said villain and others -for the readers at least- , with a firm base of worlbuilding and character intro, bringing companions into the mix. *At this point the constant notifications are no longer an issue.

Near the end of what is currently released at around ch.70 to ch.100, the mc finally starts to actually face the current main villain and surround himself with trusted allies to watch his back as he ventures off into the world at large, finding the hints of those hidden villains the readers have long since known about.

The story itself, and how the author writes it, continue to grow in depth and improve in skill, and I look forward to its continuation, and for the author to continue to improve alongsde it.


As for the actual review part:

Style --- At first it relies entirely too much on statboxes and notifications, though this eventually fixes itself as the writer gets more experienced with this story, would give 4-4.5, but first impressions are everything, and it has missed the mark on that, so a 3.5

Story --- Similar to Style it has many problems at first and you can sum it up entirely as 'King stoopid, mc stronk' and thats that. It is only further in that we finally get to see the area outside our little cave, get new companions, more pov's as the world starts falling into place. At this time, ch.100, i would give it a 4, but overall, again, first impressions brings this down to 3.5

Grammar --- Absolutely impeccable, i have only noticed a single mistake so far, and it was a mere cap. error for a name, definite 5

Character --- again, rather basic in the beginning , stupid king, strong mc, oh look a smart mage! even stupider guards, weak ones too, there is little to no character development besides the mage in early chapters, but after finding the elemental, that acted as a catalyst to move the story forward and his character along with it, and others outside of his cave interact, yet again a 4 dropped to 3.5 from first impressions

Overall --- the total score would normaly be 3.5, but there are so few grammar mistakes, im making it a 4. this storys one big problem is the beginning but if you can make it past the first 15 ch. or so, its a decent read


Lonely flame in the void

The story is really good, I like how the MC doesn't make revenge his only goal but more focusing on discovering the new wourld that he is in .

The character are ,hhmm, how should I say this.They are your everyday isekai characters, nothing extraordinary, but some time they become likeable "I am talking about the fire spirit".

What I don't like is how the story is told in the present and from the MC point of view, but I guess it's due to me reading a lot of stories that have omniscient narrator and always told in the past.


Here, I am going out a spoiler of something that really messed up my mind about the MC, it's not really a big spoiler but ...












In one of the chapters , the MC is going to find some women that got ra*ed by goblins, without even asking them or something he decided to "end their suffering", I mean for those conscious womens who agreed (but only when the MC proceed to kill them) it's fine , but he also killed the unconscious womens without even them knowing.


The author could fix this easily by making all the womens conscious , making them asking for it, and showing some hesitation from the Mc side


Honestly not too bad a read. Good mindless binge.

The two biggest complaints I have are as follows

1. The chapter pacing is wrong. All the chapters are quite short which is likely an attempt to get more "chapters read" or some other statistic to get more readers. Dude, you have released 380 chapters in 6 days. I think it is fine if you grouped them together a bit.

2. The MC feels a bit too unrealistic. I can understand some survival skills, there is quite a lot of stuff on YouTube, but at the same time, it takes a lot to learn how to actually smith anything (I assume) so the MC having no practical experience and being able to make a katana in under a week broke my suspension of disbelief. Especially because we know he was a person who spent a large amount of his life reading and watching anime. 

These flaws are ignorable but can easily be a turn off for several readers. Otherwise an OK story. 

hikari izuki

A story to pass time, it's not that bad

Reviewed at: Ep. 12 Goblin Chief

I think this story deserve more, yeah it have some flaws, but it's not that bad. It's not a story you read too seriously, it's a type of story you enjoy to pass time I guess, no serious problem faced by the MC so far. The story is interesting if a bit lacking, hopefully it grows better as the story progress


Dont really know why people are giving bad review's.
I find the story quite nice, havent even noticed grammar errors so that is also nice.

Not my personal favorite as a master/slave = love relationship. ~~but eh, tickles other people's fancy.


Just happy to have something new to read.


Well done author.