Path of the Hive Queen

Path of the Hive Queen

by Tejoka

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A girl wakes up alone in the wilderness with no memory, climbing out of an egg. She has human knowledge that doesn’t seem to match her body. Now she needs to not only survive, but figure out the blue boxes, her biology, and how to build up and protect her hive, while balancing her Hive Queen instincts with the human parts of her mind. Her instincts want her to treat her progeny as expendable tools and destroy everything that might possibly one day be a threat. She’d rather not become an apocalypse. But she does need to secure resources and territory for her hive, and maybe a bit of conquest wouldn’t be so bad.

A fantasy adventure with litRPG elements and kingdom building, telling the story of a Hive Queen and her family.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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2nd Anniversary
Word Count (16)
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
Top List #1000
50 Review Upvotes
Royal Writathon October 2020 winner
Fledgling Reviewer (V)
Table of Contents
140 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Welcome to the World ago
Chapter 2: Finding Food ago
Chapter 3: What's in a Name? ago
Chapter 4: Let There Be Fire! ago
Chapter 5: Tricks, Traps and Exploration ago
Chapter 6: Companion ago
Chapter 7: First Hunt ago
Chapter 8: Leveling Up ago
Chapter 9: Preparations ago
Chapter 10: The Next Level ago
Chapter 11: There Are People ago
Chapter 12: Going Hunting ago
Chapter 13: Just Better ago
Chapter 14: Gathering Information ago
Chapter 15: First Contact Talks ago
Chapter 16: Is That a Dragon? ago
Chapter 17: Random Encounters ago
Chapter 18: To Civilization ago
Chapter 19: Human Hospitality ago
Chapter 20: Castle Defense ago
Chapter 21: Getting Out ago
Chapter 22: Still Alive ago
Chapter 23: Primitives and Monsterbloods ago
Chapter 24: Against All Threats ago
Chapter 25: Suspicious Activity ago
Chapter 26: Ready to Go ago
Chapter 27: Strategic Advantages and Space to Grow ago
Chapter 28: Two and Two ago
Chapter 29: New Beginnings ago
Chapter 30: Types and Abilities ago
Interlude: Embers ago
Chapter 31: Swarm Drones ago
Chapter 32: Visitors, News and Questions ago
Chapter 33: A Hive's Structure ago
Chapter 34: Scouting Mission ago
Chapter 35: To Grow Stronger ago
Chapter 36: The City of Trees ago
Chapter 37: Back Home ago
Interlude: Embers II ago
Chapter 38: Information and Deliberation ago
Chapter 39: Movements and Claims ago
Chapter 40: The Brazen Blades ago
Chapter 41: An Opening ago
Chapter 42: First Dead ago
Chapter 43: Adjustments and Open Questions ago
Chapter 44: Guests and Tests ago
Chapter 45: Small Discoveries ago
Chapter 46: Talks ago
Chapter 47: Resolutions, Ambitions ago
Chapter 48: Upgrade and Training ago
Chapter 49: Digging Deeper ago
Chapter 50: Underground Exploration ago
Chapter 51: Priorities and Tactics ago
Chapter 52: Next Time ago
Chapter 53: What Survived ago
Chapter 54: Musings, Responsibilities ago
Chapter 55: Delving ago
Chapter 56: Throw Down ago
Chapter 57: Boosts and Brooding ago
Chapter 58: Reconnaissance ago
Chapter 59: Class Choices ago
Chapter 60: The Storm ago
Chapter 61: Battle at the Camp ago
Chapter 62: Queen's Shield ago
Chapter 63: Conferring and Questioning ago
Chapter 64: Resorting to Violence ago
Chapter 65: Preparations, Plans and Personal Questions ago
Chapter 66: Covert Approach ago
Chapter 67: We Had a Truce ago
Interlude: Delvers ago
Chapter 68: Intentions and Communications ago
Chapter 69: Strengths and Goodwill ago
Chapter 70: Contacts ago
Chapter 71: Progressions ago
Chapter 72: Explosive Progress ago
Chapter 73: Hints and Proposals ago
Chapter 74: New Recruit ago
Chapter 75: Settled Satisfactorily ago
Chapter 76: Learning and Realizations ago
Chapter 77: Danger and Distraction ago
Chapter 78: Fight in the Forest ago
Chapter 79: In Person ago
Chapter 80: The Mirrored Halls ago
Chapter 81: Cataclysms Past ago
Chapter 82: Reactions and Goals ago
Chapter 83: Structure and Efficiency ago
Chapter 84: Autumn Coming ago
Chapter 85: Names and Reports ago
Chapter 86: Scouting ago
Chapter 87: New Visitors ago
Chapter 88: Contacts, Scouting and Field Testing ago
Chapter 89: Gnomish Confederation of the East ago
Interlude: Civil War ago
Chapter 90: Conferring ago
Chapter 91: Advancing Armies ago
Chapter 92: Preparing for Battle ago
Chapter 93: Defenses and Countermeasures ago
Chapter 94: Castle Defense, Take Two ago
Chapter 95: In the Southern March ago
Chapter 96: After the Battle ago
Chapter 97: Background Politics ago
Chapter 98: Considerations ago
Chapter 99: Allies of Convenience ago
Chapter 100: Anger and Advice ago
Chapter 101: Requirements ago
Chapter 102: Celebrations and Plans ago
Chapter 103: Settling ago
Chapter 104: Exploration and Advancement ago
Chapter 105: Unlock Requirements ago
Chapter 106: Reminders ago
Chapter 107: A Measure of Safety ago
Chapter 108: Settlements ago
Chapter 109: Finally! ago
Chapter 110: Peace ago
Chapter 111: Territory ago
Chapter 112: Options and Prices ago
Chapter 113: Celebrations and Payment ago
Chapter 114: Parley ago
Chapter 115: Things Have Been Going on ago
Chapter 116: (Never) Split the Party ago
Chapter 117: Breaking and Entering ago
Chapter 118: Shadows of the Past ago
Chapter 119: Directives ago
Chapter 120: Upgrades ago
Chapter 121: Kindred Spirits ago
Chapter 122: Transitions and Growth ago
Interlude: Civil War II ago
Chapter 123: Plans and Evolutions ago
Chapter 124: Awakening ago
Chapter 125: Progress and Tests ago
Chapter 126: Connections, Attention, Understanding ago
Chapter 127: Impressions and Potential ago
Chapter 128: Are We There Yet? ago
Chapter 129: Contacts and Conversations ago
Chapter 130: Elementary ago
Chapter 131: Fellow Monsters ago
Chapter 132: Resources, Distance and News ago
Chapter 133: Envoy ago
Chapter 134: Museum ago
Chapter 135: Recovery ago

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Typical, If a Bit Weakly Executed

Reviewed at: Chapter 69: Strengths and Goodwill

It's a fairly typical (in so much as there is any typicality to it) isekai'd into a swarm-monster nationbuilding story. The start is okay, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to improve from there.  Yes, there are parts of the style and story that get fleshed out better, but the plot seems to languish. 

Admittedly, both swarm stories and nation building stories are really, really hard to do because, in truth, a lot of it is the same things over and over again.  Doing it good requires being able to push the repetition into the background while continually coming up with new things to present to the protagonists to deal with. The problem is that 69 chapters + however many interludes in, and basically the same thing happens over and over again every 10-15 chapters. 


Do you like monster MCs and competent writing? This has both. Read this maybe.

Do you like getting in on a story that might get big early? This might. Read this maybe.

Do you like drowning the endless silence with anything you can sacrifice to the void? This has regular uploads. Read this maybe.

Now, by category:

Style, how it feels, it's nothing ground-shaking. Then again, this is the beginning. If it was immediately brilliant or trash, that'd be a clear indication of things to come, but this is "merely" pretty good, and my rating reflects that. 4/5 with potential to grow.

Story. Plot and pacing. It's on track for an intro. Only kept from 5 stars for the same reason you shouldn't give a 5-star restaurant review after the free bread's good. The pacing's good so far though, so 4.5/5, more courses to come.

Grammar, its technical brilliance, it's alright. No major misspellings, etc. I caught, and those tend to shatter my immersion, and there aren't comments I saw correcting the author, so they were removed pre-release or so soon afterward as to make the difference meaningless. 5/5 no mistakes.

Characters are rather flat, but depth comes from time, and this is a new story. We have several tropes that could become interesting and like 2 real characters with barely an inciting incident to bounce between them. I'd give it higher but the fact the main character creates fully sentient underlings means I have a sneaking suspicion they will stop being more than faceless hordes after a few dozen chapters. 4/5 keep the underling POVs they help.

We're only 23 chapters in at the time of review, and while it could get worse, and "Call no man happy until he dies", but as it is? It's pretty good and looks like it will get better. 

Disagree with one of my points? Leave your own review! More reviews mean more voices get a say, which means stories are pushed to the people who would enjoy them, and not to those who wouldn't. Feed the algorithm and everyone wins!

Ozack 91

It's not terrible but it's not great.

It is the same story told with all the same mistakes. It just like every other story with a monster/ non human mc.

Starts good, trying to survive. Monster is stated to be explicitly not human but has some human trait. Monster gains pitiful strength and is suddenly looking for civilization.

Monster makes terrible decisions someone consequences follow but it is alright in the end.

I've read the same so many times and I am frankly sick of it. In the world we live in having a different skin colour is enough to make you the enemy and all others to gang up against you. This is true for humans , reptiles cats primates and so on. 

The only thing I've found unique about this story is the ability of the MC to rapidly birth fully sentient beings.

Style ; it's ok but the conversations sometimes feel redundant. Aside from those it's pretty nice.

Story: honestly I feel this is where the book falls short. It's very hard to look forward to. As at chapter 14 it just feels like a random group of humans blundering thier way to survival. The stakes are not high, the litrpg aspects I can tell straight away will very little meaningful impact on the story with its design.  Lastly and the reason why I gave this story a low score is that it doesn't deliver and I don't believe it will.


Grammar: pretty good, no mistakes noticed. At the same time I am no authority on the subject but I still feel it was pretty good.


Character: not bad but are stunted by the story. They also lack intrigue. There is nothing captivating or worth remembering about them so far. This is the only failing point I see.

Overall not a bad story. But it's the same with most others and doesn't improve much on Thier errors. 

Is it worth reading? Yes? Hopefully.


I recommend reading this! It's really good. The main character is relatable and I like that they want to be friendly with other races, like humans. It makes them more empathetic. I also think its interesting seeing all the different groups of people. They're friendly so far but I'm starting to see hints that their might be a group later on that isn't so friendly, which means that not everyone in their society agrees on how to treat certain people or groups of people. I'm at chapter 24 so far but I'm really hoping that a human, elf, or similar race ends up joining the hive. That'd be really cool.

TL;DR: I recommend reading this!

Dradel Lait

Bonus points for being a hive story

Reviewed at: Chapter 44: Guests and Tests

First of, I'm not an English native speaker, but if I didn't notice anything grammarwise then it's probably good.

The writing is good, and the story enjoyable to read. It doesn't fall into the ''this is an alien so my writing style have to be weird and unreadable'' trap.

The story is exactly what I'd ask from a hive-building fantasy setting story, and it's really good at it. None of the deeper lore is there yet, but the building pieces seem to have potential, and the power progression is satisfying. It's mainly a kingdom building/ classic litrpg growth. Much of the beginning is spent hunting for levels, and the latter chapters dipped into politics.

I'm being a tiny bit harsher on th character score, because while our protagonist is perfectly fine ( although probably nothing you've never seen, but then again there's only so much ways to write a hive queen), the secondary characters seem a bit one note. The story and the canon age of the characters are young, so I give it a chance, but as of now they do feel like we could switch all of their personalities around and nothing of note would change. Maybe it's for the better, since hive stories have a tendency to easily kill of secondary characters?


This is still early days for this novel, but what we already have is promising. LitRPG, but not the too much, half-of-very-chapter-is-tables-and-blue-screens kind. Not too much info about the world as of now or about where the plot will take us, but definitely worth it for those that like de genre.


So far, there's been some nice stuff. It's still early in the novel, so the MC hasn't been developed yet, and the setting is still mainly unknown at the time of writing this review. But, at the very least, I'm interested in seeing how effectively this story is executed. Just reat it.


I was pleasantly surprised at how this story is coming along. I was skeptical in the beginning since I've seen stories fainter before, but I've come to rather enjoy it as it's unfolded. 

I personally want more information about the world, but I enjoy the way the author has been partitioning it out through the chapters. 


I have seen a bit of criticism. Personally i think this story is showing some degree of promise, albeit its early days. The charecters are reasonbly engaging, and it is helpful to plaisibility that the Hive does not immediately triumph over all of its surroundings and neighbours. I feel that there are too many  stories where the MC triumphs too easily. Of course some people really like the over powered all conquering MC, personally i find that quite hard to take even in a fantasy world. Keep up the project.    ,  


Some good stuff so far. Still early days, but scratches that kingdom-buildy, minion master kinda itch. Character's are quite simple but well enough done so far, fights are alright aswell.

At the time of writing this review it's still at that early stage in the story where the mc isn't established and the world is still largely an unknown. So it could fall apart, or it could rise up to be outstanding depending on how the author pulls this all together. 

But from me atleast I'd like to see how well this story gets pulled off. Though I mostly just want to give this a bump cus I feel it deserves it. There ya go, I think I waffled enough to hit 50 words. 

Give it a try 

K bye