Band Three placed his master, who had disheveled Band Three’s clothes in a disturbing way, onto the bed that the Princess was now residing in.

“Mmm?” He heard the Princess mumble.

As he silently stepped back, to try and get out of the room, he heard the Princess speak, “What’s wrong?”

“Sahara?” Matthew huskily asked.

“Not you, him!”

Band Three saw in the darkness, that she was pointing at himself, “Miss Have’s tried…With…Her…So, I brought him here.”

“Oh.” Was all she said tiredly, while yawning.

Band Three, already seeing his Master wanting the Princess, he dashed out, sighing when he put himself into a tree close by.


"What's going on!?" Band Three saw a flash of golden eyes and panicked for a moment.

"...Steven?" He asked.


Band Three nodded, "A…Problem occurred. It should be fine now."

What was he supposed to say!? No matter what he said, he felt like the Second Prince was losing face!

Steven stared at him, making Band Three gulp...He knew this Steven was at rank seven and he had seen him fight once at the estate...

"Are you here now?" Was all Steven asked.

"Yes, I will leave when His Highness leaves." Band Three stated.

"...Then I will go and rest. You mustn't let any harm come to Sahara!" Steven said, then jumped from the branch of the tree, landing on the ground.

Sahara!? What about His Highness!?

But, before he could say anything, Steven was gone.



"Ah!" Band Three moved back on his branch and finally noticed Naruto. "Naruto!"

The beast jumped on him and Band Three nearly fell out of the tree!

"Ah...Ah...Naruto!?" Band Three stuttered, he hadn’t been this close to the beast, only having watched him from afar…

Naruto ‘arf'd’ and then licked Band Three on his face and Band Three was that surprised that his footing slipped, and he fell to the ground!

Letting out a small groan, to clashing with the ground, Band Three saw Naruto jump around him...

This little beast!

He was going to kill this beast!

Band Three glared at the little beast, as he got up and stretched his neck.


Smiling sinisterly at the little beast, Band Three stepped and tried to catch it...

And this was how Band Three spent the next two hours. Naruto would lick him, bounce around and then run away from being caught...

Band Three was able to completely forget about his guilt over Miss Haves, almost like he liked this distraction of running around with Naruto…


Sahara, on the other hand, was still somewhat sleepy, honestly, she was tuckered out!

Having Matthew touch her like a lover was nice though, but she really did try and concentrate and check his body.

…As his hands traveled over her body, she saw that his blood stream seemed fine.

Then, his mouth over one of her special parts making her feel so good, she totally stopped thinking!

Sahara put her hands through his hair and Matthew looked up at her and smiled…

When he breathed out her name, Sahara was speechless. It was so damned sexy!

As he started to remove the rest of her clothes, she started to get reminded on the situation.

…Oh right…

It really was hard, because she wanted him anyway. Well, was there any point in getting rid of what was doing this to him?


Finally finding the culprit in his nervous system, instead of his bloodstream, Sahara could finally start getting rid of whatever it was that Matthew had taken. But seriously, the nervous system was a tad bit tricker then that of the blood stream. Sahara knew from her previous life, on how careful you had to be with your nerves…So, considering that she was tired as well, she took longer than she wanted too to fix the problem!


“Mmm, I’m here honey.” Sahara said, distractedly.

After Sahara had stopped taking out half of whatever he took out of him, she felt that perhaps she had taken too long…It wasn’t like the blood stream, where she could use a ‘sweat net’, it was more like she had to slow down the activation of the nerves. They looked like they were pulsating and moving, when Sahara was sure that wasn’t normal. She had to exchange what was pulsating the nerves into something that wouldn’t harm the body or nerves in return…But nerves are everywhere!


Sahara had started in his back, but really, she should have started closer to his brain and then his hands…It was a first experience to her, but she was sure that nothing bad was happening to Matthew as…

Yeah, all her clothes were now gone…And his…

Sahara sighed, and looked up at him…Will he even remember if they go all the way?

Honestly, how would it be fair!? If he wasn’t going to remember this…

…Feeling his touch everywhere, then his mouth lingering on hers…It was coming close into turning into something more…


Having thought that he might not remember this and it potentially being their first time together, Sahara went aggressive on Matthew!

…To gain more time, she pushed him off of her and decided that she was going to have to satisfy him to some decree...And, the easiest way to do that, and try and fix him at the same time…Was to use her hand.


After that…

Sahara was spent and he went all silent on her...

She didn't know what he was thinking, and it sort of made her mad! Well, she just worked hard to satisfy and cleanse him and all, and he’s not even saying a word!?


Even when his breathing was normal, he sat there, having put his back to Sahara when he had finished…

Ah…His back looked sexy anyway…He wasn’t like a macho man, but he did come across as strong, not only that, but he’s back ‘looked’ good…Was it that his skin showed minimal blemishes and looked like it’d be soft and smooth to touch? Or was it because it gave off the feeling of strength and for some reason that seemed to ‘look’ great to her…Weird…

Then, there was that normal ‘Prince’ type nobility aura hanging around, but Sahara didn’t feel that as strong as some other ladies probably would have, what got her more than that was his ram rod, strength looking, sexiness…Mmm…

But even though Sahara was slightly mad, she couldn’t say anything. It seemed obvious that he was trying to come to terms…With something…She just didn’t know what that was!


So…Sahara got comfortable and found herself relaxing, due to being utterly exhausted, as she was still tired from before doing all this hard labor of satisfaction!

…Yes, he was just trying to calm down! The love of his life was right there, naked, his for the taking…Who wouldn’t have trouble!?

He hadn’t been able to turn around, from facing away from her, even before getting dressed…If he had, he would probably drop what he was doing and climb back into the blankets with her! As it was, now that he’s seen her naked body, he could feel the lure that it has…She was heaven defyingly beautiful!


They’d come all this way, their marriage within two days…Surely, he could wait…He could wait…He can wait!

…But he really didn’t want too! He could still picture her naked form clearly in his mind!

To a certain degree, Matthew was in pain because of how much he was holding himself back!

Matthew could only sigh, as he finished redressing himself and was finally able to look at his beloved once again.

…Before Sahara fell asleep, she found him kissing her forehead and wrapping the blanket tightly around her. She vaguely heard him sigh, and then say, "Thank you..."

She swears that it wasn't a 'thx, for getting rid of that drug'...It was probably more of a 'thx, for jerking me off!'

Sahara let out a chuckle, still keeping her lazy eyes shut, "Feel better?"

Matthew had almost disappeared by then, but she heard that he stopped, and said, "We'll finish this on our wedding night, my beautiful Princess."

Then he was gone...

And Sahara slept in honey…


Matthew sighed, he couldn't tell what he was feeling at the moment. He was slightly satisfied, slightly embarrassed, full of desire and didn't want to leave...

He had never been pleasured that way before, well…He had only done it once…Or maybe twice…But never by another’s hand…

When he had been able to think properly again, from being fogged up because of the drug, he found himself unable to stop her…He felt like he should have, but it was practically too late! Not only had his head hurt slightly still, but his nerves had still felt crazy over what she was doing! He could only put it down to still being drugged!

At the time, she looked so brilliant and so beautiful, that he hadn’t been able to think more about what it was she had been doing, until it was finished…For the second time…


Then, he had felt bad that he had let her do that! Wouldn’t that be something a lady would do in a brothel!?

It was yet another reason that he had been unable to look at her for a while…He had felt so great and at such a loss, all at the same time!

Yet, with her having not saying anything and leaving him be, made him feel slightly better about it, making him able to even express his thanks…If there was a chance that she didn’t mind…And he said ‘Thank you’…It wasn’t like he would tell anyone about what they did intimately…Would she do that kind of thing again?

Sighing, Matthew put a hand to his head…

Then his eyes feel onto Band Three, who had taken up to sitting against the tree and patting Naruto, that was on his lap asleep.


Walking up to Band Three, Matthew found that Band Three already knew that he was there.

Softly, he spoke, "Master?"

Matthew couldn't believe it, normally his Bands are formal...Seeing Band Three unmoving, most likely because of waking up the little fox...All he could think is...That damned, little mutt!

It has my woman, my brother and now it's moving onto my Bands!

Band Three noticed his master’s eyes glaring down at the sleeping Naruto, "He's exhausted!"

Of course the little beast is exhausted, he had been running from me for what felt like hours! Hell, even I’m exhausted!


Taking a deep breath in, Matthew tried to calm himself down...How could he let a little mutt make him feel so angry!?

After a minute, Matthew looked around, "Where's Steven?"

"He saw me here, then said he will sleep." Band Three said, still absently patting the sleeping Naruto.

"And what happened...To Miss Haves?" Matthew asked, once again serious.

What she had done was more than drugging a Prince, she also came into his estate without an invitation and claimed to be a servant…She had taken this way too far!

Band Three gulped and guiltily looked away, "This...This servant angrily put her into a situation for what she has done and asks for punishment."

Matthew frowned, "What do you mean!?"

Band Three stood up, making Naruto fall to the ground, but he ignored the growl from the beast. "Your Highness, I alone, had made her understand the severity of what she had done."


Matthew looked at the now deeply bowing Band Three with wide eyes...


Silence came between Band Three and Matthew.

Band Three had gone to bow respectfully in front of Matthew and Matthew was now thinking...In the meantime, the beast now happily went to sleep in Sahara's ‘room’.

"To clarify, tell this Prince exactly what you mean, Band Three!"

Band Three lowered his head further, "I closed the doors and ordered a man to go in your bed chambers with her!"

"...I see." Matthew said, closing his eyes for a moment.

Why were there so many things happening!?

Now he had to figure out what to do with Miss Haves!


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