Still not saying a word, the ‘servant’, who is of course is Miss Have’s, walked further into the room. “Let us talk more in your own chambers.”

Band Three looked at his Master and found this strange.

Matthew looked at Band Three, and also found this strange…

Why is she even here!?

Matthew knew that he had every right to throw her away, yet she knew of this secret conversation now...

“Your Highness, come, let us talk more in your chambers.” She said, lifting him up from the bed with her hand and wanting to guide him to his chambers.

Matthew looked back at Band Three and put his fourth finger up, out of Rose’s sight.

Band Three nodded and Matthew followed Rose.


The first finger, was the most crucial, meaning to kill. This would happen straight away.

The second finger, was the next most crucial, meaning to find a way to kill the person after they go out on their own, so they weren’t to make it further after finishing with his Master.

Of course, Matthew has rarely used the first two fingers, if he was to kill someone, he’d prefer to do it himself, but in any respect still prefers to have people live and tried not to ever get this far.

The third finger, was to watch closely, positioning themselves hiding within the same room as the person, even when they leave their Master, and then to report back with news within the day…At least four Bands were used, just in case…If one has to follow an item, then that leaves three. Yet, they would lose one, if one has to leave to follow another person, which may only leave two Bands left. So, they found four was the lowest of Bands to use with the third finger. And one of those Bands would most likely hold the ‘Stealth’ technique.

The fourth finger…Meant that their master was very suspicious of another. They were not to harm the other person unless a reason has surfaced, but they are a suspicious person, and the Master is not trusting them in the slightest. The fourth finger is also a watch, but one that shouldn’t require action, so they don’t have to be in the same room…A word is normally said if Matthew wants the Bands to come forward, but that word has hardly been used, and even changed before spoken even once…


Matthew hoped, more than believed, that Rose was doing something good…Instead of bad…

Not that he had given his consent to her being here and volunteering, but he really needed a moment to think about this properly…

He really wanted to say no...But he had a huge feeling that she will use this against him and he would have no choice but to accept her to play the part of 'bride' on his wedding day.

In return, she wanted a position...How could he change that? And what if he couldn't?

Did she want to relent to Sahara? Did she accept Sahara as his Princess now?


There was just no way that he would see Rose intimately, she seriously would be happier to go elsewhere and find someone that loves her!

As they had the short walk coming slowly to an end, Matthew tried to hurry his thoughts, but couldn't think of anything...

For the years of their friendship, he wanted her to be doing the right thing…But yet, he had his suspicions. And for some reason...He believed that their friendship has already come to an end, even before she had volunteered herself to help him...That was why he at least used four fingers, as he had been worried. Miss Haves had already gone as far as to plot against Sahara to the extent of getting someone else to say that they had an illicit affair and claim her wrongly of being pregnant!

He didn’t want to think that the Bands would keep their distance with this lady. He wanted them to keep an eye on her!


Upon entering his own chambers, Matthew already found a strange difference and stopped. He took a few breaths, trying to look around to what it may be, but couldn’t figure it out. His chambers seemed like as he saw it last, and he hadn’t eaten or drank anything for quite some time, so what was going on?

But he knew, he knew…Something strange was going on, and he felt really glad that he had put up that fourth finger now!

“Your Highness, let’s talk now. I will gladly put myself into the position of getting married instead of Miss Rolland, as long as you grant me a consort position.”

Matthew couldn’t figure it out, he felt his eyes feel a strange burning sensation and even his body start to…Relax? Or feel strange?

He couldn’t pinpoint what he felt like…


“Let me do this, Your Highness, I would be glad to be of service.”

She’s done something!

Without another word, Matthew turned and started to leave, making Rose widen her eyes in panic. She put her hands around him to make him stop, and Matthew hated the fact that it felt good. His body seems to like the touch of her…But he didn’t want it! He didn't want to close his eyes and only 'feel', he didn't want to 'feel' himself grow hot with lust that simply felt wrong!

Rose started to take his clothes off and Matthew cringed, he took one step forward, only for Rose to blow on his neck.

“Stop!” Matthew said weakly, he wanted to yell and wanted to jerk out of her embrace, but he could feel it now. He could feel desire run through him, even more rapidly than before! His whole body started to feel tingles wherever he was touched, and if the touch was too hard, like that of Rose's nails, Matthew felt like it was on the verge of being painful. His nerves were going haywire, like everything was felt in a more intense way...

How dare she!? How dare...


His thoughts were starting to fade, as he felt his body heat up through her slight, feathery touches…

“Your Highness.” Rose said, as he suddenly saw her in front of him, taking her own clothes off.

She was shy yet knew that this would help her progress faster. Her blushing figure would make it hard for anyone to ignore…

He felt the war between himself, his desire so strong yet against his utter unwill and want to not be doing this, his head started to ache more and more as the time went by! He couldn't think very well at all, like his mind was foggy, but his nerves felt everything! Even the under clothing that he still had on were a tease to him right now! Any small jolt and the breathing that he was doing rubbed his clothes against his skin very slightly, yet he felt it all, like it was the biggest thing on his mind!


And Rose, she couldn't wait to complete her plan, this was it! This is what she was here for! Nothing else can happen now! Even if she entered as a consort, she will own this place in no time! She was already getting excited...

Her future was only with this man, and this would only be their first night together of many nights!

Upon her clothes falling to the floor, she took his hand and Matthew closed his eyes.

What was that word…? That word for….

Sighing, feeling his desire going haywire, he remembered Sahara and all the built up want and need he had for her.


His mind seemed to forget…But there was one word that he knew, one word that he wanted to call out...

“Sahara…” Matthew mumbled, as he took Rose into his arms, and she took him in hers.




Band Three raced into his Master’s chambers, after he said some quick words, and left. He hoped he hadn't let things go too late, as he was sure that he had seen his Master stop short just inside his chambers and look around stiffly. But things had started to get desperate, having waited for the word from his Master, but never heard it...It was time to take things into his own hands!

When he heard his Master say their Princess's name, in that moment, Band Three finished his plans and directly left to save his Master.

He looked back, to see the doors that Miss Haves was still in, become shut behind him, and he raced towards the Rolland Estate, over the rooftops of courtyards or trees close by.

“Sahara?” He heard his Master say, while touching him in a weird place. It was already awkward for Band Three, to be carrying a big man over his shoulder…But now, he had to worry about prying hands!


“Please…Just wait a moment, Your Highness. I’ll take you to her, I’ll take you to Sahara.”

“Sahara.” Matthew worded out huskily, while moving around on Band Three. Luckily, it was late at night and people were unable to see their Second Prince in such disarray and being carried like this.

Band Three went faster, when he felt his Master hands on his own flesh and tried to concentrate. He couldn’t believe how strongly his Master had been drugged! That Miss Haves!

In the past, Miss Haves had never been any kind of threat, she had never shown the Bands any kind of problem. If Matthew had not put his finger up, the Bands would have probably not wanted to interfere in their relationship, but...Band Three was sure that his Master would not have wanted to have gone that far with Miss Haves, it was completely obvious, especially when he was calling for one person, while being with another. How could he let it go on!? If his Master had done what Miss Haves had wanted...


Luckily, he had been watching all this time, and not in the same room. To be honest, his Master had been lucky to put up the fourth finger, instead of the third, and kept them out of the room!

If they had been in the room, doing this would have been a lot harder, because they all would have succumbed to the scent…It wasn’t a liquid, it was a scent…Like it was in the air itself.

But, at the moment, as long as he got His Highness to the Princess, it didn’t matter. The doors were now closed to his master’s chambers and even though he didn’t have the authority, he had taken deeper measurements…

Miss Haves was not in that room alone!

A man will be placed inside there with her!


He knew that he may be in big trouble for this, but he knew of the recent confrontation with the Empress and Miss Haves, that many other Bands didn't. He knew that Miss Haves had changed in her personality, and that his Master only desired the Princess...But, he went as far as ruining Miss Haves’ reputation without permission...

To a degree, he did already regret it, but at the same time, he didn't want to take it back. As far as he was aware...Miss Haves shouldn't have been there to begin with!

As it was, Band Three still had no idea how Miss Haves had entered the Second Prince’s estate and why she was dressed as a servant…If she hadn’t have done something like that in the first place, she wouldn’t be losing her innocence to somebody else right now!

…Band Three told himself over and over again that it was her fault that Miss Haves got into this mess and that what he had done was ok…He told himself many times because of that guilt that never seemed to disappear…

The problem was, it had to be ‘alright’ because it had happened…He can’t take it back now…It was already done!


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