Matthew, who had left his estate, had gone to find clues on where the golden eyed man had gone and how he had escaped. It wasn’t like he could just pick up and go, and Matthew knew this, so he could only conclude…That he probably had help!

If there were two, that could possibly mean two enemies, or more. Matthew wondered who this other person was, yet couldn’t help but think that they had at least a rank four cultivation base, to have all the guards fall asleep without any kind of knowledge to what happened at all…

Already checking the perimeters of Prince Liam, because he knew that he and Nate had allied themselves together in the past, Matthew found nothing…Well, nothing except a strange noise coming from the inside of the cold palace.

Upon looking through the small little holes in the building, all Matthew could see was Prince Liam seemed to be laughing or chuckling to himself in some strange, mad way, that made even Matthew back away from the area.

It looked like the cold palace was starting to get to Prince Liam…


Yet, whatever they did, even with people that specialized in tracking, they could not follow Nate's trials beyond the palace…Which could only mean that Nate, and the person that had helped him escape, had gone across the roofs and possibly even trees.

And the only thing that Matthew hoped, is that Steven pays particular attention to his Princess, and to never have her leave his sight!

Feeling this now, Matthew was extremely glad that Steven had taken the initiative to protecting her at the Rolland Estate...

As it was so late already, after finishing all this, Matthew decided to tell the Emperor about Prince Seth and Purple Haven the next morning…


Sighing to how much was happening, Matthew suddenly felt like rushing his marriage might not have been a great idea...

With Nate missing and another helping him, it was already nerve raking, but now there was also Purple Haven.

For the first time, Matthew felt like it would have been better to wait, even at least one more week...Or until Nate and his accomplice had been found.

He had already reported that he had found nothing of Nate to the Emperor, in which the emperor hadn't been happy to have lost the person who had tried to kill him, so it was time to go back home. Matthew understood the unhappiness, as he felt it too, as Band One was still detained for something that he didn’t do!

There was still no help on getting the innocent Band from being imprisoned, in fact, Matthew was starting to really wonder if their will be a way to help Band One out of his predicament at all!

Time for home…In which didn't hold his Princess at the moment...


The ‘servant’ that had let themselves inside Matthew’s estate had happily found themselves inside Matthew’s very own bed chambers, while its master was away.

They had been in the estate before but had never known where the Second Prince's bed chamber was specifically.

They touched a few items, because they felt that they had every right to. They brought out their own attachment, that had come from outside, and set it up out of sight. It was a strange device that would remind Sahara of one of those air purifiers from Earth, but of course, here it was a bit different. The person put their Cache Mint against a part of it and a clicking noise was heard, as the Cache Mint changed slightly from a silver colour, towards a cyan colour, showing that Sum had been used.

Nothing else was seen after the click had been made, but it was indeed working…Making the ‘servant’ smile in satisfaction.

…If one is denied a marriage, then one must make the marriage happen…That was the only thing that they could think now.

As it was, the royal decree had come to her father’s estate, stating a marriage between her and a Prince that she has never met!

But all that will come to nothing when she finishes what she has come here to do…


She was putting her future, her happiness and everything on the line. There was going to be no way out if this didn’t work…

But she didn’t seem to care. Since before she was fifteen, she had only wanted to be with the Second Prince, and now she had waited long enough. Through Isabella’s death, she had waited for him to notice her. She waited patiently while he was in prison, declining anyone else’s marriage proposal, just waiting on her Prince to be let out.

But, since some bitch had come along, she had to move things along and finally make what she had been waiting for all these years hers, but that hadn’t exactly worked out either…

What she had wanted and having it snatched away, she might as well go as far as she’s going now…She already felt like she had lost the most precious thing of hers and that this was her strategy of getting it back, even though it was going against the emperor…This was…Her last resort, her last plea, her last effort into making what should be hers, become hers!

It will be okay, she will be safe after this. Even defying a royal decree, she will potentially hold a child of the Second Prince…Do they dare to kill her and their royal blood, or put her in a dungeon? No! They can only let her become a wife of the Second Prince, she can only become his woman in the end!

She will be his Princess, she will make it happen! She will move a certain bitch aside and take what is rightfully hers, she will bare his children and be his only one!

And it will start to happen…Tonight!

Even though she felt slightly shy and inexperienced with the act that will take place, she had absolutely no intention of leaving!




Upon Matthew's return to his estate, he was exhausted, yet knew of his Princess not being there. He looked up at the night sky and felt the loss of her presence and the impatience to have it come back to him.

He wanted to see her, even if it was to watch her while she was sleeping. Being apart while she was here in their estate, was different to being apart while she wasn’t here.

Already, they had a few precious moments in a few places and Matthew could only sigh…He'd taught her how to whip, well tried to. They had one spar together, impressing him on her skills, and even chased Naruto around once together...

He made his way to her chambers and lent against the door. He had watched her a few times now, and she was so adorable. He very much liked knowing of what he saw is what he would be getting. If she was angry, he knew…It showed ever so easily on not just her face but her eyes. If she was curious, she would open her eyes up in a way they were waiting…Like the rest of her. Then, if she was cheeky, she would bite her lip and give a half smile, her eyes sparkling beneath her lashes. When she was in deep thought, she'd blink and put her head to the side...

She had her own agenda, her own mind and her own ideas...Even her chuckling by herself sometimes, he had grown to love and adore...


Matthew sighed again and walked into his Princess’s chambers leisurely, like he had done it many, many times before...

He hadn’t found Nate and was worried, but he had been weak, and his cultivation base had been blocked. So, Matthew felt that he still had time to consider his options and wonder what Nate will do, now that he was free.

It was obvious that Nate didn’t seem to like this Emperor, and Matthew had already put some extra Bands to guard closely to him. Having the Emperor himself being able to be mind controlled was still etched deep into their thoughts and the Bands were told of this before they had left. But…Matthew also knew, he knew why he wanted the Crowned Prince to take control, because they had already been allied…So, again, Matthew thought of Nate’s primary goal…


If Nate was indeed like his father, that would mean that his dream was to become the Golden Emperor. He may even have Haven’s already behind him. So…What would he do…If he was to be free?

Sitting on his beloved's bed, Matthew suddenly had a bad feeling.

Remembering his first visit to Nate, after his capture, to his last…Matthew suddenly had a worse feeling…

To show him the sword, why did he suddenly want to see the sword again!?

He wants…To be the Golden Emperor, and then he wanted to see the sword, that was only wielded by a True Golden Heir, when he’d already seen it. And when he asked, he looked like…He looked different…Why did he look different?

Then…What if…I hadn’t of shown the sword…Would he still…Be there.

Abruptly standing up, Matthew yelled out, “Someone!”

It can only mean that Nate may have only been released just because someone had wanted to see the sword...Nate most certainly had help! And...This help may be someone who knows about the sword...Most likely...Another family member...



Matthew looked at Band Three and went silent for a moment, “Prepare…Prepare for me to enter the Rolland Estate secretly in two days instead. And…When they are supposed to send my Princess, send…Send someone else instead!”

“…Master?” Band Three asked openly, wondering why there would be such a change on his master’s own wedding day.

Matthew could only see that he is the target.

Nate would not be able to achieve his goal of becoming Golden Emperor if I were alive, and my sword is proof of who I am…Yet, how could I let them just come for me!?

“The…Marriage in two days will be a ploy to bring out the golden eyed man. He will come here…He will.”

Yes…Nate seemed adamant on Sahara, but me also…He won’t worry too much about Sahara until I’m gone…She should be safe. But, when he comes for me and the possible Sahara, instead, he will find a trap! And…If he doesn’t come, then it doesn’t matter, Sahara and I will still complete our marriage! It will just be completed at the Rolland Estate instead! I have to discretely get in contact with the Right Minister and plan this, so that the details don't come out to anyone else...As far as anyone else will be aware of, nothing will change...

“Send me!” A voice came all of a sudden.

Both Matthew and Band Three turned to the ‘servant’, that was standing at the door.

“Send me!” They repeated.


Matthew frowned, what was she doing here!?

Band Three moved, so that he wasn’t between them, then waited for instructions.

“I will enter your estate on her behalf, but you must repay me!” She said.

Matthew stayed silent, he hated that her words were actually helpful, because really, the person entering would be in danger…Yet she seemed so willing…Which seemed strange…

The bride shouldn't be a problem, as they were in the carriage all the way until they reached the 'husband's' estate, and then had a slight covering over her face after she exits the carriage, so she shouldn’t be seen. He could really choose anyone loyal to do the part...But now, if he didn't choose this person in front of him...Would she make the secret become known? Matthew felt frustrated but stayed silent.


She continued, not liking the Second Prince’s silence, “I will take her place, and you will…Grant me a position here.”

Frowning, Matthew could see that she was even serious, she was even happy with a consort position…

Why was she doing this!? Was she so willing to die? She had no questions upon why I came up with this plan, does that mean that she had no idea on who may come!? Yet...She was so eager! What would she want if I said no?

Matthew got a little confused. Her sister was the General’s wife, yet Rose would go as far as risking her life? She would go as far as going into another's estate and roam around and then interfere in an important conversation...They were so different! Rose was really coming across to Matthew…As shameless…


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