The Journey to find the New Golden Emperor (V5 Complete)

The Journey to find the New Golden Emperor (V5 Complete)

by TLCsDestiny

As someone is transmigrated, you learn most of the world through their eyes and who maybe close to her.
Sahara has lived and died once before, making her adapting nature look strange and unfitting. In this new world she is a father’s daughter and adopted grandchild to the same man…Go ahead and laugh, she did…
Sahara doesn’t want to put up with nonsense, like getting picked on just because she is smarter than the average person her ‘age’…I mean, she did transmigrate, so of course she’s smarter than what her body’s age should be!
Nonetheless, this world is a dog-eat-dog world, a world where only the strong survives, and so, there are times when a darkness inside of her is used to keep herself and her loved ones safe…

Over a century ago, there was a Golden Emperor, and a golden bridge that connected all the Haven’s together…Now there is no Golden Emperor and there is no Golden Haven…
To become the one and only Golden Emperor though, one must get the trust of all the Haven’s to accomplish that feat once again…
And so, we continue this journey as the strange occurrence of transmigration has happened…Which only leads to a fate that had started long ago…

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2nd Anniversary
Word Count (17)
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
114 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 1 **4.0 Version of Sahara** ago
CHAPTER 2 **A goal is formed** ago
CHAPTER 3 **Knowledge of the ‘outside’…** ago
CHAPTER 4 **Homeless…At Home!** ago
CHAPTER 5 **Almost like ‘Matilda’!** ago
CHAPTER 6 **This world’s way of Cultivation!** ago
CHAPTER 7 **I’ve Become my own Niece!** ago
CHAPTER 8 **Talon’s worry!** ago
CHAPTER 9 **Time Skip** ago
CHAPTER 10 **Father and Daughter** ago
CHAPTER 11 **The Elemental Side of Cultivation!** ago
CHAPTER 12 **First Encounter!** ago
CHAPTER 13 **Misunderstandings!** ago
CHAPTER 14 **Schemes and Pawns!** ago
CHAPTER 15 **Relief, followed by more interest!** ago
CHAPTER 16 **A Heart in the Depths of Winter** ago
CHAPTER 17 **The impending Car Accident** ago
CHAPTER 18 **Impending ‘Poison’ Death ** ago
CHAPTER 19 **A ‘Secret’ left behind** ago
CHAPTER 20 **A Bitter Past** ago
CHAPTER 21 **Homeless…Again!** ago
CHAPTER 22 **Purging the poison** ago
CHAPTER 23 **Braving the Wilderness** ago
VOLUME 2, CHAPTER 24 **Purple Haven** ago
CHAPTER 25 **Naruto’s Entrance** ago
CHAPTER 26 **Dual Wielding!** ago
CHAPTER 27 **Found Her!** ago
CHAPTER 28 **A Family Reunion** ago
CHAPTER 29 **‘This One’s Real!’** ago
CHAPTER 30 **Cutely Confusing** ago
CHAPTER 31 **Lost it!** ago
CHAPTER 32 **Skirmish** ago
CHAPTER 33 **Young Master** ago
CHAPTER 34 **A Golden Eyed Figure** ago
CHAPTER 35 **Doom Incoming** ago
CHAPTER 36 **Vengeance for Another** ago
CHAPTER 37 **Time To Play a Game** ago
CHAPTER 38 **All For Nothing!** ago
CHAPTER 39 **Borak’s Path** ago
CHAPTER 40 **Nuts!** ago
CHAPTER 41 **Divine Healer** ago
Volume 3, CHAPTER 42 **The Emperor’s Worries** ago
CHAPTER 43 **A Friendship** ago
CHAPTER 44 **Just a bit of…Nothing…** ago
CHAPTER 45 **Walking the Mile…** ago
CHAPTER 46 **The Innocent General** ago
CHAPTER 47 **Meeting Rose** ago
CHAPTER 48 **Branded By Kiss!** ago
CHAPTER 49 **Book Covers** ago
CHAPTER 50 **Just one little Action** ago
CHAPTER 51 **Take Two!** ago
CHAPTER 52 **How big is my Mountain!?** ago
CHAPTER 53 **Dispersion Meditation** ago
CHAPTER 54 **Finding a Friend** ago
CHAPTER 55 **Running out of excuses!** ago
CHAPTER 56 **Meeting the Crowned Prince** ago
CHAPTER 57 **Saharanapped** ago
CHAPTER 58 **Cruel intentions** ago
CHAPTER 59 **Gabriella’s Hate** ago
CHAPTER 60 **To Our Legs!** ago
CHAPTER 61 **Screams and Curses** ago
VOLUME 4, CHAPTER 62 **An Uproar!** ago
CHAPTER 63 **Who is that!?** ago
CHAPTER 64 **Marriage Prospects** ago
CHAPTER 65 **Master** ago
CHAPTER 66 **Ranking up** ago
CHAPTER 67 **A New Project** ago
CHAPTER 68 **The General’s Enthusiasm** ago
CHAPTER 69 **Sahara’s Unknown Popularity** ago
CHAPTER 70 **Cuddling, Pills and Currency** ago
CHAPTER 71 **Accepting the Voices** ago
CHAPTER 72 **The Barrier and Bridge** ago
CHAPTER 73 **The Pink Pill** ago
CHAPTER 74 **The Man, The bomb!** ago
CHAPTER 75 **He has my Permission!** ago
CHAPTER 76 **Happy Family** ago
CHAPTER 77 **I want that sword!** ago
CHAPTER 78 **The Golden Era** ago
CHAPTER 79 **The fall of the Golden Era** ago
Volume 5, CHAPTER 80 **Another Secret** ago
CHAPTER 81 **Looking into the past** ago
CHAPTER 82 **Part of the Crew** ago
CHAPTER 83 **Calm before the Storm…** ago
CHAPTER 84 **Revenge** ago
CHAPTER 85 **The Cycle of Hatred** ago
CHAPTER 86 **Befriending the Eunuch** ago
CHAPTER 87 **Ding! Ding! Ding!** ago
CHAPTER 88 **Emperor Father** ago
CHAPTER 89 **I’m not dead Yet!** ago
CHAPTER 90 **Poor Bugger** ago
CHAPTER 91 **The Messy Haven** ago
CHAPTER 92 **Advantages to Rank Six** ago
CHAPTER 93 **Escape and Entrance** ago
CHAPTER 94 **Talon’s Rising Anger** ago
CHAPTER 95 **Warm Words** ago
CHAPTER 96 **What Kind of Wedding is this!?** ago
VOLUME 6, CHAPTER 97 **Shameless** ago
CHAPTER 98 **Band Three’s Decision** ago
CHAPTER 99 **His Back looks good…** ago
CHAPTER 100 **What A Mess!?** ago
CHAPTER 101 **This is just…Ceremony…** ago
CHAPTER 102 **Cracking the Shell** ago
CHAPTER 103 **On tight Rope** ago
CHAPTER 104 **Thump!** ago
CHAPTER 105 **…They were gone…** ago
CHAPTER 106 **Her Survival Technique** ago
CHAPTER 107 **Nightmares** ago
CHAPTER 108 **A good place to Start** ago
CHAPTER 109 **Macca’s, Lollies and Nutella** ago
CHAPTER 110 **If only she could make a Computer** ago
CHAPTER 111 **Eggs and Fish** ago
CHAPTER 112 **Anger and Excitement** ago
CHAPTER 113 **Matthew’s Punishment** ago
CHAPTER 114 **A Sudden Attack** ago

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Yukitora-J L Wright

A bit of a slow start, I started to get really interested around chapter 7. Occasional breaking of the fourth wall. It's well written in terms of sentence structure, spelling grammar, etc but sometimes a little too verbose. I really like the story and plot though I'm not sure how close I feel to the main character... she's hard to connect with a little at times but then really relatable at others. I rally like some of the side characters like Matthew and Talon. Definitely worth a try and I look forward to seeing where the story goes next.


It's difficult to read. Some of the words aren't used properly, the syntax is odd and the occasional missing comma, make some sentences unreadable. Machine translation maybe?

Anyway, the story is interesting. The MC gets reincarnated into another world, but she doesn't behave according to her age. Despite losing a few decades, she still behaves as the mature woman of her past life.

Some of the problems I've found that were difficult to swallow were 

the first year of life as a baby living solo, then later on the adult prince and his fascination with her as a preteen girl.

They could easily be fixed, by making her a toddler, starting from the age of 3, not just a few months after birth.

While the prince thing, simply adjust her age to 14-15, and his to 18 or something similar. Closer to Romeo & Juliette, but still more palatable.

Tl;dr.  It's difficult to read from technique reasons, but  the creativity and novel point of view makes up for it.