Hearing the sound of the car leaving the mansion, Victor breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly stood up and went to Hilda and checked her situation.
While the twins took their phones to call an ambulance but Victor stopped them as he didn’t want Nick to meet them on the way.

“Don’t call anyone. She will be fine.” He said,

Her situation was not good, but Victor knew that she would live. Players were very resilient. And have a way to help her.

His Merchant skill has just finished its cooldown, so He quickly operated it, and bought ‘Bottle of MINOR HEALING’ for 5000 COINS.

Secretly Taking it from the shop, he got a bottle containing Five round red pills. This is the cheapest kind of medicine in the System shop. It has a full healing effect on Players under level 15, a medium effect for levels 15-25, and a low effect for levels 25-30. It will not work for higher levels.

Victor quickly turned to face Hilda and the girls and took one pill from the bottle and fed it to Hilda, who realized what this is, and was very grateful to Victor. As she realized the pill’s value.

There was no visual effect, no red light, but Hilda who was still covered in blood and relatively weak was able to sit down with some help. She knew that she was about 50% healed. She would be able to walk by herself tomorrow and would be fully healed in a week.

“Young master, what is this pill?” asked Mina.

“It’s a secret product of my family, don’t worry. Hilda would be back to normal by tomorrow as her injury was very light,” He lied “Why don’t you take her to her room and take care of her,” he said.

The twins were hesitant. What if there was something wrong. Don’t they need a doctor?

“Or do you prefer to stay here with me and continue showing me your bodies?” he asked with a smirk
“Ahhh…” the girls had just remembered that they are nearly naked, so they quickly ran away to find something to cover themselves, leaving Hilda and victor alone in the hall.
As for Lily, she seemed to have disappeared somewhere while they were not looking.

“Call my father and tell him what happened, Nick might want to revenge.” Victor said to
Hilda in a serious tone. as if Nick would still be alive tomorrow.

“Understood, Is the pill a secret?” said Hilda,

“Not from my father.” He answered as he looked at the twins who returned after getting dressed and quickly helped Hilda to her room in the servants’ building.

“Tonight spend the night with Hilda, and be ready for our trip at 6 am tomorrow.” He told them as they walked away. They seemed to be asking Hilda if she really didn’t need a doctor.

Watching them leave, Victor looked at Lily who has just returned from the outside.

“How was the situation?”

“Jacob is not here anymore, and I did a preliminary check, and there seemed to be no bombs in the mansion, but I still need to do a more thorough search on the forest and the unused buildings.

“OK, Start searching, be careful. And if you find any recording devices leave them be as if you haven’t seen them, Just note their position. “ He said to her “I have a few things to do tonight, so if anyone asked about me tell them that I am very tired and went to sleep. And don’t let anyone into my room, I don’t want anyone to know where I am.” he said.

Lily nodded her head, but she seemed a little worried. So Victor slowly petted her head.
“Don’t worry, I am stronger than you think” he said.


Suddenly there was a sound of an explosion in the distance, both Lily and Victor smiled evilly as they knew what that was. Poor Nick has probably already become a Cooked Nick.

“Now go do your job,” He said with a frown. His plan may have been a little reckless, but this is the best for now. He has to tread carefully though. As there will be a family investigation after this.

“Understood,” she said before glancing at Victor “You too, Be careful, young master,” She said in a soft voice as she left.

First of all, Victor collected the clothes on the ground and inspected the belongings of Nick and his friends.
The two hooligans had nothing of value. As for Nick’s belongings, there were some interesting things.

There were a few bank cards, but Victor knew that those are worthless. No smart man would put his real wealth in a bank if he intended to hide them from the family.
Nick also had no phone so he probably hid it somewhere before he came.
There was also his yellow family token and the administrator ring Nick used to torture Hilda. This ring was signed by his father and given to Nick to manage Vein city’s shadow business, so it would only work on Theodore’s servants.
Victor would not take any of those, as he would be questioned about them when the family inquisitor arrives, so he left them with the rest.

What victor found interesting ware one strange ring, a set of 3 unidentifiable keys, and a glass vial containing some kind of a liquid. So he took those and left the rest on the entrance, tucked in a corner.

The 3 keys had a number and a logo of a storage company he knew. So it was probably where nick hid some secrets.

The strange ring was an artifact, Victor could feel it, so he used his appraisal skill on it.

Ring of the Minor Masters (F+)

Owner: None.

Brand slave tattoo on target grants abilities to Kill, Inflict pain, locate, communicate…

Requires the target to be a non-Player and not to resist the branding.

(41/50) Branded.

“Oh, so Nick is was building his own army.” thought Victor. The ring having no owner indicates that Nick had truly died. And this ring was interesting, but not in the way that stupid nick used it in. And this would make his job tomorrow a lot easier.

Victor quickly cut his finger and marked the Ring with his blood. Now it belongs to him. As for the slaves, he would check on them later.

After that, he looked at the glass vial. It had blue sparkling liquid inside, so victor opened it and took a quick sniff then closed it immediately with a terrified face.
“That was dangerous,” he thought, this vial contains an aphrodisiac, not one meant for women, but for men. Victor knew that it was meant to be used on him. He does not have a use for this now, but it would come in handy later, Victor smiled as he thought of the man he was going to use this on.

Taking a deep breath Victor took those things and put them in his pockets, Now it’s time to go hunt some snakes, he thought.

Victor left the mansion in secret after changing his clothes to a black sneaking suit and used the disguise skill to hide his presence.

When he reached the bottom gate, he saw that idiot guard sitting on his comfy chair reading some adults magazine with a perverted smile on his face.

Victor really wanted to smack him dead, but he knew that this was not the right time to do it. He needed him as a witness of Nick leaving the mansion. And killing him now would raise unwanted questions.

Nick probably planned to kill him too, after killing everyone else in the mansion to hide his track.

On second thought, He should leave such a lucky guard alive as he has already managed to escape death twice today while doing nothing.

Earlier, Victor thought that the guard was conspiring with Nick. But now he discovered that this guy was just a lucky idiot.

Every young master should have an idiot guard. So he will keep him and use him later.

He needs to punish him though, for letting the twins return to the mansion without a warning about Nick. But that would have to wait too.

Now, where did that snake go?


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