The Young Master in the Shadows

The Young Master in the Shadows

by AkaIchi

He has returned to the past. And this time he will live up to his role as a young master, which he lost in the past.
He will use all the resources of his family to his advantage. He will cheat the world it self.
He will get what he wants, and he will protect his loved one's this time.

If you decided to drop this story, I would really appreciate it if you left a comment at the last chapter you reached explaining Why.

And for those who keeps complaining about the harem... Ahmmm. This is a harem story, if you have a problem with that, don't read it.

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The Young Master

6th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
Table of Contents
273 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 01 : Reborn ago
Chapter 02 : Breakfast ago
Chapter 03 : The Reduction Rune ago
Chapter 04 : The Trip ago
Chapter 05 : The Girl ago
Chapter 06 : The Guy ago
Chapter 07 : The Ceremony (1) ago
Chapter 08 : The Ceremony (2) ago
Chapter 09 : The Results (1) ago
Chapter 10 : The Results (2) ago
Chapter 11 : The Results (3) ago
Chapter 12 : The Evaluation ago
Chapter 13 : Meeting Grandma ago
Chapter 14 : Scamming Grandma ago
Chapter 15 : An Unexpcted Reward ago
Chapter 16 : How it was done ago
Chapter 17 : Lily’s thoughts ago
Chapter 18 : Punishment ago
Chapter 19 : The Flight ago
Chapter 20 : Arrival ago
Chapter 21 : The Mansion ago
Chapter 22 : The Twins ago
Chapter 23 : Hug Pillows ago
Chapter 24 : Fate Weaver ago
Chapter 25 : Morning Routine ago
Chapter 26 : Linda ago
Chapter 27 : Fiancé ago
Chapter 28 : Troublesome ago
Chapter 29 : A Phone Call ago
Chapter 30 : Another Cliche situation ago
Chapter 31 : Not on the face ago
Chapter 32 : Aria ago
Chapter 33 : Only One ago
Chapter 34 : Purple ago
Chapter 35 : Shopping ago
Chapter 36 : Birthday Party ago
Chapter 37 : Scion ago
Chapter 38 : Pervert ago
Chapter 39 : Nick ago
Chapter 40 : A change of plans ago
Chapter 41 : Resovle ago
Chapter 42 : My Precious ago
Chapter 43 : Somethings to do ago
Chapter 44 : Hunting Snakes and Brewing Poisons ago
Chapter 45 : Getting Ready ago
Chapter 46 : The Mountain ago
Chapter 47 : Into the woods ago
Chapter 48 : Dungeon ago
Chapter 49 : Awakening ago
Chapter 50 : First Kiss ago
Chapter 51 : Tom ago
Chapter 52 : Evil Poison ago
Chapter 53 : Margret ago
Chapter 54 : Deal ago
Chapter 55: Crash Course ago
Chapter 56 : Cure? ago
Chapter 57 : Boss ago
Chapter 58 : Rewards ago
Chapter 59 : The Whimsical System ago
Chapter 60 : Arrested ago
Chapter 61 : Baron ago
Chapter 62 : A Pretty Boy ago
Chapter 63 : Alex ago
Chapter 64 : A Letter ago
Chapter 65 : The Questioning ago
Chapter 66 : Beaten ago
Chapter 67 : Massive Wealth ago
Chapter 68 : The Secret Rooms ago
Chapter 69 : Never Disobey Grandma ago
Chapter 70 : Luna ago
Chapter 71 : Lunch with Father ago
Chapter 72 : Plans within Plans ago
Chapter 73 : New Toys ago
Chapter 74 : The Girls ago
Chapter 75 : Alpha ago
Chapter 76 : Thief ago
Chapter 77 : Spiders’ Den ago
Chapter 78 : Bloodline ago
Chapter 79 : The Truth ago
Chapter 80 : Alex’s Cousins ago
Chapter 81 : Assault ago
Chapter 82 : Fate ago
Chapter 83 : Sebastian ago
Chapter 84 : Vivi ago
Chapter 85 : The Rising Star ago
Chapter 86 : The Black Widow ago
Chapter 87 : Home Again ago
Chapter 88 : Butler ago
Chapter 89 : Night’s Whispers ago
Chapter 90 : Boyfriend ago
Chapter 91 : Drugs ago
Chapter 92 : Naughty Boy ago
Chapter 93 : Buy a Car? ago
Chapter 94 : An Heir ago
Chapter 95: Confession? ago
Chapter 96 : Oliver ago
Chapter 97 : Pervert ago
Chapter 98 : Definitely a Pervert ago
Chapter 99 : Plans ago
Chapter 100 : A true gentleman ago
Chapter 101 : Zoe ago
Chapter 102 : Negotiations ago
Chapter 103 : Start a new Life ago
Chapter 104 : Alpha vs Baron ago
Chapter 105 : A Girl! ago
Chapter 106 : Saving Aria ago
Chapter 107 : Save the girls ago
Chapter 108 : A Night with Aria ago
Chapter 109 : Lara ago
Chapter 110 : Exhausted  ago
Chapter 111 : Charmed ago
Chapter 112 : Traitors ago
Chapter 113 : Choice ago
Chapter 114 : Confession? (2) ago
Chapter 115 : Night Visit ago
Chapter 116 : Romance the Vault ago
Chapter 117 : A Beginning ago
Chapter 118 : A Mess ago
Chapter 119 : An Appointment ago
Chapter 120 : 100 Beauties ago
Chapter 121 : Who is she? ago
Chapter 122 : Bloodlines Test ago
Chapter 123 : Another Dog? ago
Chapter 124 : Flirting ago
Chapter 125 : Got the Chicks ago
Chapter 126 : Deathly Choice ago
Chapter 127 : Fateful Encounters ago
Chapter 128 : What to do ago
Chapter 129 : What the…. ago
Chapter 130 : A Slut ago
Chapter 131 : An Upgrade ago
Chapter 132 : Punishment ago
Chapter 133 : The Paintings ago
Chapter 134 : Rita’s goal ago
Chapter 135 : Family’s Decision ago
Chapter 136 : A Discovery ago
Chapter 137 : Unnecessary Plans ago
Chapter 138 : Her Name ago
Chapter 139 : Trouble in the company ago
Chapter 140 : Windy ago
Chapter 141 : Scamming a Girl ago
Chapter 142 : Changed my mind ago
Chapter 143 : He Likes Men ago
Chapter 144 : Victor’s day out ago
Chapter 145 : Secret Confession ago
Chapter 146 : El ago
Chapter 147 : The Truth ago
Chapter 148 : Propose ago
Chapter 149 : Main Wife ago
Chapter 150 : In Love ago
Chapter 151 : The Demon ago
Chapter 152 : The Academy (1) ago
Chapter 153 : Oliver (2) ago
Chapter 154 : The Academy (2) ago
Chapter 155 : The Academy (3) ago
Chapter 156 : About Scions (1) ago
Chapter 157 : About Scions (2) ago
Chapter 158 : The Beggar ago
Chapter 159 : Oliver (3) ago
Chapter 160 : Troubling News ago
Chapter 161 : Confessions in the Night ago
Chapter 162 : About Dungeons ago
Chapter 163 : Mine ago
Chapter 164 : Pervert Son ago
Chapter 165 : The Secret ago
Chapter 166 : Intruders? ago
Chapter 167 : Intruders (2) ago
Chapter 168 : Rewards for who ago
Chapter 169 : The Wiren Family ago
Chapter 170 : PLAYERS(1) ago
Chapter 171 : PLAYERS(2) ago
Chapter 172 : PLAYERS(3) ago
Chapter 173: Watch and Learn ago
Chapter 174: PLAYERS(4) ago
Chapter 175: It’s a Trap ago
Chapter 176: An Accident ago
Chapter 177: Punishment(2) ago
Chapter 178: Damn you Alex! ago
Chapter 179: Avoiding her ago
Chapter 180: A new day ago
Chapter 181: A Test ago
Chapter 182: Real Estate Investment 101 ago
Chapter 183: Many Spies ago
Chapter 184: We meet again! ago
Chapter 185: SCION VS DARK SCION ago
Chapter 186: Sell ago
Chapter 187: Five Secret Organizations ago
Chapter 188: Evil Class ago
Chapter 189: Gifts ago
Chapter 190: Wedding Planning ago
Chapter 191: Young Master Abuse ago
Chapter 192: Delicious! ago
Chapter 193: Monica (1) ago
Chapter 194: Monica (2) ago
Chapter 195: Monica (3) ago
Chapter 196: Cheat! ago
Chapter 197: School ago
Chapter 198: Ranks ago
Chapter 199: Tetraquad City ago
Chapter 200: April ago
Chapter 201: Gary ago
Chapter 202: Robin ago
Chapter 203: Zena ago
Chapter 204: Public Auction ago
Chapter 205: Vibrate ago
Chapter 206: You Lied! ago
Chapter 207: Scamming Hana ago
Chapter 208: His Mother ago
Chapter 209: Victor Vs Sebastain ago
Chapter 210: As a young master soundly sleeps (1) ago
Chapter 211: As a young master soundly sleeps (2) ago
Chapter 212: As a young master soundly sleeps (3) ago
Chapter 213: As a young master soundly sleeps (4) ago
Chapter 214: Fates ago
Chapter 215: Eternal ago
Chapter 216: The Bead ago
Chapter 217: Victor’s Dilemma ago
Chapter 218: Punishment(3) ago
Chapter 219: Frozen ago
Chapter 220: Negotiations ago
Chapter 221: Negotiations (2) ago
Chapter 222: Psycho ago
Chapter 223: A New Pawn ago
Chapter 224: A Game (1) ago
Chapter 225: A Game (2) ago
Chapter 226: Margret (2) ago
Chapter 227: Disturbing News ago
Chapter 228: Jade Key ago
Chapter 229: Fake ago
Chapter 230: Fake (2) ago
Chapter 231: Fake (3) ago
Chapter 232: Fake (4) ago
Chapter 233: Fake (5) ago
Chapter 234: The Real Victor ago
Chapter 235: Another Crazy Reporter ago
Chapter 236: Marriage Announcement ago
Chapter 237: Mike ago
Chapter 238: Yin ago
Chapter 239: Alex Into Action ago
Chapter 240: Meeting Nova (1) ago
Chapter 241: Meeting Nova (2) ago
Chapter 242: The News (1) ago
Chapter 243: The News (2) ago
Chapter 244: Some Different News ago
Chapter 245: Alice ago
Chapter 246: The wedding must go on ago
Chapter 247: Harem King ago
Chapter 248: What did I do now? ago
Chapter 249: Devil’s fork ago
Chapter 250: The Toys ago
Chapter 251: The Skeleton Dungeon ago
Chapter 252: The Skeleton Dungeon (2) ago
Chapter 253: The Skeleton Dungeon (3) ago
Chapter 254: Fateful Trouble? ago
Chapter 255: The Nutcracker and the Golden Egg ago
Chapter 256: Soul Apples ago
Chapter 257: Soul Apples (2) ago
Chapter 258: The Sword in the Stone ago
Chapter 259: Explosions! ago
Chapter 260: First Quest ago
Chapter 261: Massacre ago
Chapter 262: Need to become stronger ago
Chapter 263: Deep fried ago
Chapter 264: Elvish ago
Chapter 265: Inverse Soul Apple ago
Chapter 266: The Lich Battle ago
Chapter 267: Boss Battle (1) ago
Chapter 268: Boss Battle (2) ago
Chapter 269: Rule the world ago
Chapter 270: That Ring! ago
Chapter 271: The Nutcracker in action! ago
Chapter 272: Mission ago
Chapter 273: Puppets? ago

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Starts off strong, then becomes creepy

Reviewed at: Chapter 35 : Shopping

I enjoyed the beginning quite a bit, but it becomes too creepy later on.

The 'Villainous Lead' was well done for the first section of the story, but it then becomes the story of an MC who creepily mistreats his teenage slaves, acting like a sex-obsessed buffoon for the sake of hiding his acumen in public, but not in a way that really works.

Constantly we have situations where pretty young women are creeped out because it seems like the MC will force himself on them, only he tells them at the last minute that he will instead just lay his (reborn as youth) young head on their thighs as he sleeps.  This creepy, overbearing way of his seems to be the key to many a young woman's heart, as they all progressively fall for him...

Honestly, it would be way better if the MC acted his mental age and was better able to deal with his sex drive (rather than turning the story into a creepy romance), focusing more on growth, power and believable loyalty derived from treating people right.


Stopped Reading at the spanking bit

Reviewed at: Chapter 18 : Punishment

It is a lovely friday morning, and i decided to read some chapters, it started off with the mc waking up in the lap of a (12 year old ??) girl, then proceeding to spank her and call her "naughty" and "needed to be taught a lesson" .

Considering his mental age, and actual physical age(i cant imagine a 12 year old boy spanking another 12 year old girl, let alone someone that is supposedly hundreds of years old behaving like a creepy old pervert). 

I felt quite disguted, and immediatey stopped reading.

The story is fine in the begining, but based on what i read this chapter i will not be reading further.


Started off pretty good, then got progressively disturbing as the MC spanked, made feed him, sit on his lap, and more as it escalated, a 12 yo girl. I don't know who the hell thinks that's alright, and there were many other paths that MC could have taken that no one would have questioned. Hell, instead of both badly and creepily "pretending" to be perverted, he could have just said it was on a whim, he felt something for her situation, etc. instead of ruining something good with lack of reason and pedophilia of a reincarnated 200 year old. 


Old mc in a young mans body wants to have sex with ALL the underage girls.

Also there is an insane amount of sexism a woman that sleeps with a man before her wedding is a slut, but if a man has tens of women in his harem is super cool, apparently.

I'm forced to be somewhat ok with sexism in novels, because if Ii wasn't I would have stopped reading anything ages ago, but I draw the line at pedo MC.


I have only one real tip for the author: read a book. A real one. A BOOK.

Not third rate Asian lightnovels.

Punctuation is spotty. The flow is inconsistent and jarring. Characters are superficial to a point that I would estimate the age of the author in his mid teens.

Also, it's creepy. As in "desperately needs to get laid" and "fanfiction written by a lesbian cat-lady" creepy.

Too soon, needs more foundations in every aspect.


Like a Cultivation novel, but not quite

Reviewed at: Chapter 59 : The Whimsical System

This story is very similar to the standard weak to strong cultivation novel that is mass produced and not worth the pixles people read them on. This story is technicaly not cultivation I just has a similar magic system and MC who fits the worst parts of the genre. Like cultivation novels the best part of this story is the early worldbuilding and establishing the ways the MC can gain power. 

There are several glaring issues with the story and some minor ones as well.

There are some grammar issues and spelling/word choice mistakes, at the time of writing this review. Not so many to be difficult to read but easily noticable and slightly disrupting to the story.

The characters are flat. The men are without any character, we are told after the MC kills/hurts them they are bad because in a previous life they opposed the MC/he discovered they were bad. The women are almost entierly either shallow and petty and gold diggers who are evil (again only as defined by MC's past life opinion) or they are sex objects to be won by the MC, they lose any character they once had after being won. The MC is of course a horrible person and a hypocrite. 

The story suffers a lot, there are several inconsistancies in physical descriptions, and in the setting and worldbuilding, also in describing the thoughts and intentions of characters. As far as the overall story goes it is common and overdone, Restart life with prior knowledge, gain power, extract revenge, justify revenge right afterwards with little to no explinations, harem gathering.

The style of the story is okay, nothing great but no glaring flaws either. Except in a few instances where it is bothersome to read stye does not affect a story, so my overall rating is not really affected by it.


The story starts strong with excellent worldbuilding, and I feel interested and I want to explore this world with the mc. I liked the family structure and how a lot of things were gray complex. But the biggest problem start showing up pretty early in the story. Mc is a man that lived hundreds of years in his past life and has experienced much. During the early chapters when we read about the mc past and find that he was kicked out of the family because he broke the family rules to save his best friend. At this point, I was thinking, okay, this guy sounds very selfless, knowing that he would get kicked out of his family if he broke the rules, but he still did it showed some character, which interested me. But what made me drop this novel(book? Idk) was it was kinda creepy at this point mc is 14 year old and he sexualizing others 14 years old girls. I would understand if they were 16-17 years old but not 14 years old. Mc just feels like a horny insecure guy. That keeps doing creepy stuff. I also feel that most of the side characters are so shallow which kinda makes the story quite boring and uselessly repetitive. The significant part for me that made me drop this was the insecure mc, who was so afraid of losing everything that he kept overreacting to everything. He had hide “his” women appearances and total control over every women he meets. It's like a guy trying to act confident and dominant but only comes off insecure, and it's weird and disgusting to read about.


The writing would constitute a series of war crimes against the English language were the Geneva convention applicable to writing. 
If you took every bad Xianxia translation and fed it to an AI, this is what it would produce. 
With that out of the way, the world building is interesting and the story has potential. It gets better over time


This is a power fantasy so to that point those who have too much spectations should stop now.

the novel is interesting, the premise is a mix of previously used things in a sort of novel manner and it is enjoyable.

The characters are mostly 2.5D, don't have qualms against any, the mc is particular but ok and more or less follows a stable approach (doesn't bend over backwards to fit every situation, have no sudden change of personality or things like that) but it is not perfectly written and there are every now and then a few parts that show rough edges in the writting (though this improves over the chapters and after chapter 50 you will not see it too much). All this errors do take 0.5 stars.

The only part that bothers me greatly is the grammar and that removes 1 full star. While latrs chapters are proofed most early chapters have a few grammatical horrors even in the titles. Author san, YOU SHOULD GO BACK AND FIX THEM. Sure english may not be your native language but you could run a fking proofreading program to filter them.

The rest is normal to good for a power fantasy, nothing incredible but it is very enjoyable.

Blas de Lezo

very imperfect novel with good ideas

Reviewed at: Chapter 137 : Unnecessary Plans

This novel is both infurating and fun.

It has plenty of things i would consider mistakes. Like a way too big of a cast for good character development and some bad deus ex machina moments.

At the same time there's good intrigue, interesting family dynamics, and the sexual tone is (up until ch.137) done pretty well.

Overall a novel that will sometimes make you go "why am i reading this" and others "why isnt there another chapter yet? ".

I do believe the author is getting better over time, and if he can remove some stuff (you know, bad things can happen). the novel can be REALLY good.